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Tiatr Artistes to Perform for Anniversary Celebrations

Tiatr Artistes to Perform for Anniversary Celebrations

An attractive programme of comedy skits and songs will be presented by the popular artistes of tiatr stage namely Comedian Domnic and Luis Bachan, Comedian Pitush & Party, Comedian 64, Sheikh Amir, Bab Andrew and upcoming artistes Steffie and Shenaya Pereira at 4.30 p.m on 2nd January, 2010 at the Black Box, Kala Academy Panjim during the celebration of the Birth anniversary of the creator of Goan Tiatr – Lucazinho Ribeiro.

Mr. Ribeiro scripted and directed the first Konkani tiatr 'Italian Burgo' and staged in Mumbai on 17th April 1892 i.e 117 years back in Bombay. Tiatr Academy of Goa, which has been formed by the Government recently, is organizing this function for the first time in order to make aware the tiatr lovers of the history of tiatr and of those personalities whose contribution to tiatr stage was immense.

All tiatr artistes and tiatr lovers are requested to attend the function and pay homage to late Lucazinho Ribeiro who created a unique form of drama called Tiatr.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary
Tiatr Academy Goa


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‘Apurbayecho Kunvor’ – a touching tribute to Dr. Francisco Colaco

‘Apurbayecho Kunvor’ – a touching tribute to a beloved son.
Daniel F de Souza

Adorable Dr. Francisco Colaco needs no formal introduction to Goans, he is not only Goa’s eminent Cardiologist with a very humane heart but a passionately true Goan in every sense of the word. Whenever he speaks his heart out at any public function the audience listens not only with rapt attention relishing every word that comes forth, but with love and respect. And when he writes on any social issues, whether it’s the language or the land and its people he pours out his heart out with his pen. God has gifted him with special genius not only to diagnose bodily ills, but also ills that plague Goan society. Gentle, loving, warm, sincere and compassionate, Dr. Colaco is simplicity personified in letter and spirit.

I am not writing to profile this kind hearted doctor, but to highlight a gesture which many fathers who have gone through similar life situations would have loved to emulate. It was on that fateful day on 17th Nov 1996 that fate dealt a severe blow and snatched away his most beloved son Dr. Melvin Pablo Colaco after he suffered a brain injury in a road accident. He was dong his first year Residency at the GMC then. The tragic incident shattered the entire Colaco clan, for Melvin was the apple of their eye. He was a qualified Doctor who was pursuing his post graduate studies in Medicine at the GMC. He was loving, pious and obedient any parents would be proud of. Melvin was an exemplary boy, soft spoken, humble, very religious, without any vices and was extremely charitable and helpful towards his patients and the poor and the needy.

Melvin’s charitable nature was such that he would even forget himself to help others. He would even spend from his own pocket to buy drugs to his patients. It was but natural that he was adored and loved by all his colleagues and the Staff at GMC. But, Almighty God had other beautiful plans and wanted Melvin Pablo to adorn His Kingdom in heaven. And God did not think twice before He made his ultimate choice. For it is often said, those whom God loves, die young. It was exactly so with young Melvin Pablo in the prime of his youth, thereby plunging the family in grief and suffering. Something they will never ever be able to overcome or erase from their memory with passage of time.

Precisely 13 years after this tragic incident and after having gone through all the silent pain and suffering, the memory still languishes silently like an overlapping shadow. It is on this note that a VCD ‘Apurbayecho Kunvor’ (Beloved Prince) comes as a tribute to the memory of his son who lives in their hearts and memories. The inspiration for this VCD came in a dream, a dream so real, a dream unlike the others, and a dream like never before.

Explaining the sequence of his dream Dr. Colaco says; “ It all appeared so real. He was sitting on a white horse like the prince of the fables and I went to hold and embrace him like before…. believing he was there like before….only to realize it was just a dream. And I broke into tears…….and a song”. The next moment without wasting anytime he wrote the entire melody with the notes on a score. And later with the guitar he penned down the chords. Remembering those moments he says “I later penned down the lyrics in Konkani, the language about which I am passionate about, I have written lyrics for other authors but never like this. This was entirely my baby.”

Armed with the lyrics and the chords he rushed to show them to musical stalwarts like Allan Abreo, Felipe Fortes and Darryl Coelho, they all liked the creative work and encouraged him to move on ahead. Thus began Doctor’s journey in giving a concrete shape to his inspirational dream. It was not easy task though, he had his own share of ups and downs till the right moment came.

‘Apurbayecho Kunvor’ a VCD dedicated to his beloved son Dr. Melvin Pablo Colaco is now ready for release. It is a unique tribute many will treasure for its beautiful outpouring of touching lyrics and sensuous singing. It is bound to bring goose pimples to the listeners, especially to those who have known Melvin Pablo intimately, as the mellifluous voice of Dr. Colaco flows out spontaneously from the heart in a song for his son.

Seasoned keyboardist Darryl Rodrigues a name to reckon with on Goan music scene has created the unique background music and the music orchestration for the track with a equally sublime classical touch. Goa’s legendary Saxophonist Braz Gonsalves a long time family friend of the Colacos, makes his presence strongly felt with his artistry on the Saxaphone. The video is by Spirit and edited by ‘frezio’ with Presley Digital Innovations landing a touch while Aurville Rodrigues has recorded, mixed and mastered the VCD.

The VCD jacket includes a booklet with messages of consolation to the parents who may have lost their children under tragic circumstances and how to cope with it. The VCD is not for any commercial venture but purely for private circulation among family and friends.

The video is scheduled for release at a private function on 29th December 2009, at Daddy’s Home Auditorium’ Gogol Margao. This release function will be preceded by a music programme by artist-friends. Dr. Colaco is thankful to all those who played a role in giving shape to his dream tribute and especially grateful to his wife Fernanda, and daughters Elaine and Anabelle. A word of thanks also goes out to Rajan Narayan, Rev. Fr. Valmiki Gonsalves and Walter Menezes for their guidance.

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TAG to Remember Lucasinho Ribeiro

From: "Tiatr Academy Goa"

TAG to Remember Lucasinho Ribeiro

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) will for the first time celebrate the birth anniversary
of Lucasinho Ribeiro, pioneer of Goan Tiatr, who scripted, directed and staged the
first Tiatr "Italian Bhurgo" on 17th April, 1892 in Bombay. Lucasinho Ribeiro was
born on 2nd January 1863 at sokol Vaddo, Assagao, Bardez, Goa.


Lucasinho Ribeiro is responsible to give birth to a unique dramatic form called
Tiatr in which the story of the play is divided into 6 or 7 acts and songs or
kantaran are sung in between the two acts which have no relevance to the theme of
the play. The first tiatr "Italian Bhurgo" that he scripted, directed and staged 117
years back was an adaptation of an Italian Opera. Joao Agostinho Fernandes, who is
popularly known as Father of Tiatr considered Lucasinho Ribeiro as his 'Guru'.

In order to keep alive the memories of this great tiatr personality, TAG has
organized a function to celebrate the birthday of Lucasinho Ribeiro on 2nd January,
2010 at 4.30 p.m. at the Black Box, Kala Academy, Panjim. The function will begin
with a programme of songs and humorous skits by popular artistes of the the Tiatr
stage. All tiatr artistes and tiatr lovers are requested to attend the function. It
is open to public.

Tomazinho Cardozo
Tiatr Academy Goa
Cell: +91 9822170102

TAKING CENTRESTAGE: Renowned tiatrists honoured by Goa Tiatr Academy

TAKING CENTRESTAGE: Renowned tiatrists who have earned laurels for their stage performances since the Portuguese era pose for a photo with Chief Minister Digambar Kamat after they were honoured in Margao by Goa Tiatr Academy with Life-time Contribution Awards.

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Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) to hold 2nd Konkani Literary & Cultural Sammelan

DKA to hold 2nd Konknni Literary & Cultural Sammelan

Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA), an organization working for the promotion and development of Konknni in Roman script will be organizing it’s Second Konknni (Romi) Literary & Cultural Sammelan on 20th & 21st Feburary, 2010 in Curchorem Ravindra Bhavan Hall.

In the meeting of the Executive Board of DKA held recently in Panjim, Tomazinho Cardozo was unanimously elected as the President of the Sammelan, Fr. Manuel Gomes was elected as a President of the Reception Committee and Walter Menezes as Secretary of the Sammelan.

Tomazinho Cardozo a former Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly, is the editor of the illustrated Konkani bi-monthly magazine, Gõykar and presently heads the Tiatr Akademi of Goa. A regular contributor to almost all the daily newspapers and periodicals in Konkani and English, he has penned over 22 books in Konkani, notable among them being ‘Kanttech Kantte’, ‘Ami Soglle Ek’ (tiatr), ‘Thembe’ (Stage songs), Manddo (folk songs), Jhelo (Short stories), ‘Polloilam tem Boroilam’ (Essays) and Paklleo (poems) besides two books of collection of English essays, ‘My Journey’ and ‘As I see It’. Associated with several cultural and social organizations, he has been the guiding light of Kala Mogi, Candolim which group has consistently participated and won laurels at various Konkani One-Act Plays, Tiatrs and Manddo competitions.

Fr. Manuel Gomes is the Director of the Diocesan Centre for Biblical Apostolate and Professor of Pastoral Institute, Old-Goa. A former Professor of Rachol Seminary and Rector of the Seminary of Our Lady, Saligao – Pilerne, he is an expert in Konknni and was one of the major contributors in the preparation of Konknni Lectionary,
‘Vachpam Grônth’. He has written / edited / translated more than a dozen books, the most famous being ‘From Roots to Fruits’ and the four coloured books on the Bible. He has also translated Sr. Usha’s popular books, Hidden Springs to Healing and Prayers for Healing. But his greatest contribution was that he gave to the Konknni speaking world, the long awaited Bible in Konkani in Roman script, the Povitr Pustok in 2006. He conducts several seminars on the Word of God throughout the length and breadth of Goa.

Walter Menezes is a writer and cartoonist. He has two books in Konkani to his credit: ‘Koddu Sonvsar ani her kotha’ (1987), a collection of short stories, which bagged the Konkani Bhasha Mandal’s Literary Award in 1988; and ‘Zoit ani her kovita’ (2008), a collection of poems bagged ‘Konknni Martir Floriano Vaz Pursokar’ of Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr this year. On the editorial board of Jivit, a monthly magazine in Konkani, he also contributes cartoons/comic strips to Gomantak Times under the title, ‘Out Of My Mind’.

The 2nd Konknni (Romi) Literary & Cultural Sammelan is an attempt to bring together all lovers of Konknni. This conference aims to create enthusiasm and love and to foster unity among the Konkani speaking people.

(Jose Salvador Fernandes)
Secretary, Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA)
(Mob: 9881810832)


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History Creator of Konkani Stage TONY DIAS

History Creator of Konkani Stage TONY DIAS

Kala Mogui Kuwait presents
The most awaited show of the year 2009, now touring
Gulf & the UK to entertain one & all with an award winning
performance by every artiste in 'CONNY ENTERPRISES' Tiatr

Written & Directed by Tony Dias

A true story of a serial killer that rocked Goa
Cast: Jessica, Jane, Bushka, Shruti, Filu Dias, Jaju, Franky, Trindade
Bingi, Socorro de St. Cruz, Connie-M, Filipe Almeida, David D’Costa,
Comedian Janet, Comedian Aurelio & Comedian Ambe

Music: Framton, Lights: Baltu, Stage Manager: Rodrigues

Supported by Kuwait-based renowned singers, mimicry artiste & musician:
Rosary Ferns, Comedian Philip, Bab Agnel & M. Luis
Mimicry by: Edward Estibeiro & Music by: Shahu

On 15th January 2010 at 4.30 pm
at Da'iya Fencing Club Hall

For reservation please contact Raja Stores – Kuwait City, Tel. 22412970
or organizers: 99391452, 97439165, 24726524, 66512602, 99458159
or email:

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Lost in transition - By Hartman de Souza

The feeble prevarication of Goa’s MP, Shantaram Naik, following his ridiculous comment in Parliament, is symptomatic of a deeper malaise. To those who have known this once-beautiful state from the ’60s and have seen it being systematically destroyed by politicians, Goa itself has been raped, and not just once, not just by one man, and not just last month.

In Goa, in the village bars one gets the pulse of everyday life. Goa’s MLAs, unfortunately, only communicate with their constituencies through their henchmen, cronies and contractors. There is not a single bar in the whole of Goa where you will not hear just who among Goa’s elected representatives has made money, how much and with what scam. In the bars, they’ll tell you that once in Goa even though the politicians were always corrupt, at least they gave fifty per cent back to the government; these days they just eat it all.

All in all, cynicism is afoot in Goan society. One meets too many people between 18 and 30 in Goa who, perhaps in sheer disgust, have turned their back on the electoral process. The closer you look, the more you realise those in their ’40s have only been schooled in the business of making money; that those in public office first get back the money they spent in getting elected, then start raking it in for the next five generations. Those who complain are those in their ’50s and older, a strange mix of nostalgia and anger.

Goa is being raped by three men at the same time. One is tourism, a child gone wild, incapable of comprehending excess and refusing to forego the lack of regulation and restriction; two is the mining industry, an old stubborn man on pills, harping on the short-term excessive profit for company and shareholders, pretending not to see the desertification left for stakeholders. The third, the one engineering the rape, is young, brash, and strong as a bull. He goads the other two. His name is waste.

Along the coast, moving inland, garbage dumps proliferate in village after village. Margao has a garbage dump that will soon be a tourist site. As urban India walks along the coast covering field after field with concrete, cutting hill after hill and disrupting traditional water patterns, creating swamps that mix with sewage, in the hinterland, they are eating into the hills to get at the ore. When both sides meet, tourism from the east, mining from the west, not even God knows what will be in the middle.

Hartman de Souza is a theatre veteran based in Pune.

The views expressed by the author are personal

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"TEAG" by Kala Krida Mandal


When amateurs perform at the tiatr competition, they always seem to have a charm of their own. If one were to ignore certain nervous moments, considering that these artistes are merely hard working villagers from Poinguinim-Canacona, it was nice to see them having a blast although they were performing on stage for the first time.

Presented by the Kala Krida Mandal, Teag was performed by a group of artistes who learnt much of their acting skills under the able guidance of theatre stalwart R B S Komarpant.

Believing in the ideology of creating and promoting more new talent, rather than giving some great performances with professional artistes, Komarpant's work will surely go places. Garnering support from Anthony Pio Fernandes on the lights, the first glimpse of fresh elements used in this tiatr came out with the band - with Agnelo Furtado playing some interesting new tones on the keyboard. Furtado was ably backed by Anthony Fernandes on the trumpet, Cruz Coutinho on sax, Antonio Fernandes on guitar and Ivo Furtado on drums.

"Where else will these guys experiment if not here?" were the words of tiatr's showman Prince Jacob, further encouraging the amateurs with his loud applause. "This is the best place to make mistakes and learn from them," he added.

The story seemed long and winding, but in brief it was about the sacrifices made by parents for their children. As the play progressed and the family turned from impoverished to wealth, sets designed by Denzil D'Costa added the right colour and character to the contrasting lifestyles.

Wealth, they say, inevitably brings along unwanted baggage. Likewise, when money power gets to the head of the son of the house, his behaviour is not appreciated - even by the audience. And the mother, around whom the story revolves, inorder to please her son reluctantly agrees to have her xet-bhat' (landed properties) sold and house renovated from their ancient ethnic look to a modern pad. A teacher by profession, the mother also decides to resign from her job after her self-esteem is hurt by some politics.

While many think that mother would be supported and cared for by her son, the opposite happens. The play, which ends in a tragedy with the ungrateful son asking his mother to leave the house, has a clear message by the end thoughthat of one's responsibility towards aging parents.

Penned by Anthony Fernandes, Teag had stellar performances by Liberta Fernandes, Joliba Fernandes, Antonette D'Costa, Albino, Anthony Pereira and Jose Fernandes. The comedy, however, was written by Agnelo Furtado de Fatorda, who was well supported by his sidekick whose plans to put his master in problems keep failing with every changing situation, much to the amusement of the spectators. His master is called Bosteanv and is a tailora character with a black moustache, whitish hair and a physical defect that has him constantly thrusting his pelvic.

Cajie de Curtorim sang a decent solo on a reggae beat, while Seby Rebello sang a political solo predicting a BJP government next. William de Curtorim was conspicuous with his presence, singing one of his songs a la Young Menezes style (non-stop in the same breath). Rocky Dais while paying tribute to the previous generation of tiatrists in his self-composed song, tried to drive home the point that nobody could really to take on their sobriquets of tragedy king or melody king.

(Times of India, Goa Edition)

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Dispott’ttem Chintop

Pustokachem Nanv: Dispott’ttem Chintop

Borovpi: Xri Domnick P. Fernandes

Uzvaddavpi: Dalgado Konknni Akademi
Mol: 70/- Rupiya

Dalgado Konknni Akademin halinch uzvaddailolea panch pustokam modem Domnic P. Fernandes-achea Dispott’ttem Chintop he-ui pustokacho aspav asa. Hea pustokant Budh, Rag, Xikovnn, Udgar, Sot, Kuttumb, Bhirant, adi. oxea sabar vixoyancher ek-ek vollicheo mhonn’nneo asat. Hea pustokantli ek-ek mhonn’nni vachpeak kholayen niyall ani vichar korunk laita. Hea pustokantlim chintpam vachpeachea monache dolle ugte kortat. Khubxeo, kednach yeuzunk nasloleo gozali bhouch fixalkayen boroileleo vachunk melltat. “Kazar hem ekuch zhuz, zoim dusman dusmanaxim nhidta” oxem torechem chintop vachpeak eka khinnak hansoita, punn dusreach khinnak gombhirtayen vichar korunk laita. Dispott’ttem Chintop pustokant chintnanchem bhanddar aspavlolem asa.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiatr Review "Matiechem Bhangar Korunk' - By J.P. Pereira (Navhind Times)

‘Matiechem Bhangar Korunk’

Comedian Dominic along with Luis Bacchan has recently released their latest ‘tiatr’, ‘Matiechem Bhangar Korunk’, a family melodrama of love, sacrifice and ungratefulness.

Ms Preeti, a school teacher is being felicitated for her dedication to the school she is teaching at for plenty of years.
She loves her school, her students and her two brothers, Bholu and Ffloyd and won’t settle down with her fiancée Noel till Ffloyd, who is pursuing a course in Bangalore, finishes it. Ffloyd marries Tona, a vixen of a woman and brings her home with him without completing his education. Tona casts a spell of sadness to the formerly happy family and her husband does not have the courage to stop her. The play continues to depict how the family copes with Tona, until Preeti has to make a very difficult decision.

The ‘tiatr’ has a message of selfless love and fine performances from all the cast. Felcy plays Preeti and Aplon is Tona, the former makes you believe she is loving and caring, the latter convincing enough to hate. Sariton is perfectly cast as Ffloyd and so is Luis Bacchan who does a great humorous act as Bholu. Luiza, Albert, Andrew and Leslie support well. Dominic and Elias provide the additional humour.
In between the acts there are songs from Luiza, Felcy, Jr Rod, Andrew, Albert, Willie, Dominic and Luis Bacchan. A solo from the young Lascriya, Francis de Tuem and Elias deserve special mention.

(The Navhind Times)

Tiatr Review "KALL" - By J.P. Pereira (Navhind Times)


‘Kall’, the latest presentation from John D’Silva recounts a story of how life takes a full circle and sooner or later, evil begets evil. Extremely well recounted, the play keeps the viewer engrossed till the very end.

Aliston is a womaniser, “…he changes his women just like he changes his shoes…” Girls who get into relationships with him feel they will make a great future with him but are invariably deserted. Janice, daughter of a taxi driver is trapped in Aliston’s net but realises her mistake soon enough. Fortunately for her, Wilfred asks for her hand in marriage but trouble strikes again, in the form of Aliston, who tries to dissuade him. What happens next is to be witnessed on stage in this sleekly directed play with not a single dull moment.

The script is impressive, the direction perfect and the actors lend excellent performances. Newcomer Alifa makes a great entry as Janice. The girl is pretty, acts and dresses well and has a fine stage presence. Meeta puts up a fine act. Joe plays Aliston, Peter plays Wilfred and Ignatius de Xelvon plays Abel. Good acting from the three.

The highlight of the play is the laugh riot created by the three comedians. While John excels in the role of the taxi driver the talented Netto is immensely funny as the bill collector and so is Remmie. For once, the comedians don’t dress like buffoons. A particular sequence of the barking dog, the tortoise and the singing competition had the audience double up in laughter. Philip de Sanvordem provides the music, Meeta renders the opening song and there are melodious solos from Xavier Gomes, Ignatius de Xelvon, Joe, Netto as well as a beautiful duet from Meeta and Peter.

“Tiatr – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

“Tiatr – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

"Tiatr” since the last quarter of the 19th century has been a platform to illustrate the unspoken whilst manifesting the ground reality,

The scripts were well written. The theme or message be it economic, social, religious, political ,satire or comedy was excellent. The efforts put in to put a “Tiatr” was mind boggling some of the scenes, settings etc, were even despite constraints, so meticulously designed that audience were held spell bound during the entire “Tiatr”

Credit goes to those living and dead Konkani playwrights of yester years notably those prior to the Independence of India and until Liberation of Goa . Even in the early years post Liberation and before the advent of TV in Goa in 1982-1983 the “Tiatrs” were of a good order.

It is true that several “Tiatrs” have been staged in the past thirty odd years, but with an exception of a few, many of these “Tiatrs” have either failed to create an impact on audience or they have not left an indelible mark on the audiences as was case with the early “Tiatrs”

It is also true that with the advent of TV the general degradation of moral values and the crass materialism that has set in every sphere of life; the demand for cinema and quality “Tiatrs” have considerable dwindled.

“Tiatr” has not been accorded the status of industry yet and to that extent it has been extremely costly to stage “Tiatrs” that will be well received by the audiences.

It is owing to this that unhealthy competition and commercialization too has crept in. In fact today’s “Tiatr” kow-tow to make them appeal to the audience demands as a mere entertainment or better still an affordable “pass time” event and not so much for its moral.

In the considered view of this writer with the setting up of the “Tiatr” Academy of Goa on 16.2.2008 for the first time the opportunity has come to the “Tiatr” fraternity to make the best use of the Academy to enrich “Tiatr”.

However a close reading between the lines of the Constitution of the TAG as notified clearly indicates that while today the emphasis of “Tiatr” is given more specifically to “Tiatr” with scripts written in the Roman/English script it is obvious that by the mid of next decade the emphasis will be on those scripts written in
“ Konkani” ( which means written in the official language of the State notified on 4/2/1987 i.e. in the “devanagari “ script.

Keeping this in mind it is of utmost importance that if the “Tiatr” Academy of Goa should look into the interests of “Tiatr” in the scripts written in Roman/English there is much that remains to be done.

To understand this look at the case of Konkani films like Nirmon Amchem Noxib even to this day there could be Houseful audiences if the same are screened. But at the same time Konkani films like "Alisha" and others screened at the International Film Festival of India and that have won national and international awards do not find any audiences when screened?

Therefore our pursuit for official recognition to Konkani in Roman script needs to be overemphasized, as it is already too late 23 years have passed by.

The Government understands the language of “satyagraha” “fast unto death” as in the recent case of demand for carving out a State of Telangana. Hence we need to pursue this ideal immediately to achieve our objectives.

Here are a few other areas that needs to be touched into .

The Marathi theatre has excelled very well since the middle of the last century .

There are innumerable workshops being conducted, on various aspects of theatre be it in a) set designing, b) role of actor c) costumes, d) make up, e) special effects viz pyrothechnics, f) hair stylist, g) theatre critics, h) script writers, i) musician j) acoustics, k) publicity, l) event management etc etc etc . This is almost throughout the year in the neigbouring state of Maharashtra.

This has not happened in the case of “Tiatr” though some feeble attempts have been made in the recent past. Unless we enthuse those that venture into the field of “Tiatr” we cannot achieve much.

Is it not necessary that we have “Tiatr” reviews critical comments as a matter of routine? Does it suffice merely if one records a “Houseful” “century” box office records?
Is it not necessary that we fine tune our dress code to make the actors more presentable especially before family audiences?
Is it not necessary that we refine some of our scripts to find acceptance with the upper strata and elite of society, rather than restrict it to a few?
Some of our “Tiatrs” have been provocative to a point that smacks of defamation of public oriented persons or institutions ot of persons in politics..

There have been instances in the past that near defamatory performances have resulted in some of the Konkani playwrights getting on the wrong side of law?

True all this may attract guffaws of laughter from an audience disillusioned with the present day life yet this unique and time tested performing art could not be permitted to throw order and decorum to the winds.

There are several instances where the audiences the “Tiatr” is intended to attract is unclear as a result the “Tiatr” dies an unnatural death.

With event management, publicity becoming a full fledged art “Tiatr” should utilize these services to advance their shows.

Why do we need to restrict our “Tiatrs” only to city halls ---can we not adopt stage settings with backdrops of historical places, heritage sites or ecological settings ?

Can the “Tiatr” fraternity not hold mega events to showcase and expose the rich talent amongst their fraternity?

Too much emphasis has been added on child prodigies. It must be remembered that a child should be allowed to have its freedom to enjoy its childhood and not moulded to surrender to the demands of stage craft all through.

There is no documentation of “Tiatrs” not even of those that have contributed to the evolution of “Tiatr” . It is here that one needs to lay emphasis.

Finally our endeavour should be to ensure that sooner than later “Tiatr” should be accorded the status of industry and those entering this industry should attract full time employment and not as most do it at present as a part time vocation.

As we celebrate the 138th birth anniversary of Joao Agostinho Fernandes "Pai Tiatrist" on 14th December 2009 let the "Tiatr" fraternity give a solemn pledge to work to pursue these issues.

+91 98221 58584 (24 HRS)


XIV Catholic Charasmatic Convention - 27-30 Dec. 2009

The 14th National Catholic Charismatic Convention is being held in Vasai, near Mumbai. This email is being sent to you with a request to keep it in your prayers & also for information for those who would like to be there. Brief contact details are -

Tel : 0250-2312723
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Your Servant in the Lord's Service
Joseph Dias, General Secretary, The CSF

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The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (The CSF)
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The CSF is India's only ISO 9001:2000 certified NGO for " undertaking community development programmes for human rights, social service, medical aid, education, charity & relief " of the laity, supported by the clergy. The certification is by the joint accredition service of Australia & New Zealand

Goa seen through Mando/Dulpod lyrics

Dear Goykars,

The lyrics Mando-Dhekni-Dulpod tell us something about the life and times of the people of Goa. If “Tarya Mama” and “Ghe re Saiba” tell us what one was prepared to pay for the ferry service from Raia or Loutolim in Salcete of the Velhas Conquista to “Shiroda” in the Antruz Mahal of Sondekar Raja while “Undra Mhojea Mama” spoke of the unequal battle between the colonizers and the colonized, the narrative of the “Voilea, Voilea Dongrar” is clear about the Devadasi or Kolvont, Mogrem.

A reading of the lyrics of the “Original compositions” at the 43 Mando Festival organized by the Goa Cultural & Social Centre [co-organizers with AICU-Goa of the apparently NRI Cell inspired debate on Church properties and the Concordat some months ago] is quite indicative of the social context of our ballads and songs.

Mariano Almeida of Curtorchim Sallkam [Lotus of Curtorim, Salcet] wrote these verses for the Dupod after their Mando “Sopna ani Xitna”:
3. “Goenkar festa fuloita konna kustari?
Puvozanchim battam vinkun danv marta ganttari!”
[How does a Goa finance his celebrations?
He sells ancestral property and migrates beyond the hills!]

6. “Monis zala axecho; poixo korta choriecho.
Koxei pori vodd zavpacho; dusreank sokoll uddovpacho.”
[Man has become greedy and amasses wealth by stealing.
He wants to get big and destroys others in the process.]

7. “Avaz yeta teng, teng , reng teng, reng teng. Narkasur yeta.
Avaz yeta dumb,dumb, du-dumb dumb, dumb, dumb; Konn-re to bomb galta.”
[The sound crescendos tang, tang, rang tang, rang tang. The Narkasur cometh.
The sound changes to doom. Doom, do-doom doom, doom doom.
Someone has planted a bomb.]
The Diwali eve bomb blast at the Narkasur [god of hell] parade at Margao in October, 2009, is implied here.

Fr. Cypriano D’Silva wrote for the Vell’lechim Sallkam [Lotus of Velim, Salcet] thus:
“Montichea dongrar voile munis ravtai; bhangar ghalun gelear suri dakhotai.
Bailea munxeancher koddok lailear dollo; Fonde, Moddganv, Vasku, bomb na futt’tolo.”
[The migrants living on Monte hill threaten to rob if gold you wear.
If surveillance is strict, to bomb Ponda, Margao or Vasco they will not dare.]

Mathew D’Souza of Merces Firgojecho Saad [Merces Parish Call, Tiswadi] penned his dulpods thus:
1.“Kaiborim sobit disot adlim tim ghoram?
Bolkanvan bosun khobranim vell sarit horam.
Atanchea ghoranmim rokddinch bond zata daram; Computer, internet vapddun vell sartat poram.”
[How beautiful were the houses of yore?
Chatting in the balcony we spent hours or more.
The doors of modern houses quickly do shut; The new kids spend time on their computers or internet.] 3. “Purtugez tempar itleo nasleo kirmi, chorio; Atam chintlearuch koplak podtat mirieo.
Bhaile zaun bhitorle, bhugeanch hatant surieo.
Toxench ganva-ganvant redde-bhoilam dhireo.
Bhurgeam, bhailancher zatai bolatkaru;
Goemche paddu poddta; sogloch kabaru.”

[So much thieving and crime was not there in colonial days; It creases one’s forehead to even think of these dangerous days.
Migrant and locals alike, young hands sprout a knife Every village has bullfights and buffalo strife.
Women and children are subjected to rape.
Goa’s gone ….there is no escape.]

Fr. Thomas Lobo hits the nail on the head for Dulerchim Sallkam [Lotus of Duler, Mapusa-Bardez]

1.Mega projects yevunk ganv-ganvanim konne dili porvangi?
Bhailea lokan ghetlim thoim flettam; ravchea adim mevlim ration karddam!
Doria prayo asleot kaiboreo, konne teo vibadd keleo?
Chollunk vatt na, torui pott bhorona. Soimba kodden amcho khell cholona.

[Who permitted the construction of Mega Projects in every ward?
The outsiders buy ‘flats’ and, even before occupancy, get their ration cards!
Who has screwed up our beautiful beaches?
Our greed does not end even when there is no space to walk on the beach.
One cannot play with Nature, and win.]

Dr. Elvis Gonsalves penned the following dulpods on the other burning issues in Goa, Casino culture, price rise and environmental damage.

2. Are monxea, kiteak aikonaim? Dongor, zadam katrunk bienaim?
Devan sobit sonvsar dilolo vibaddlear nisonttonn zatolem hem tum somzonnaim??”
[Hey Man, why don’t you hear
To cut trees and hills why do you not fear?
Why do you destroy God’s gift of a wonderful world?
That your deeds will ruin you is foretold.]

3 Are Santan cholleam sangatan; Casino ugoddla Digambaran.
Voi re Salaza, poddla pagar; Casino-nt vochon khelumia jugar.
Na, Na, Na Na, Casino-nt tumi vochum naka.
Bhurgeam-ballanche tumi pai; Oxe poixe ogddai naka.
[Hey Santan, to Digambar’s Casino lets go scramble.
Yes, Salazar, I have my pay packet, let’s go gamble.
No, No, No, No do not go to the Casino in haste.
You are the father of my children, you have no money to waste!]

4. “Margai choddlea ti margai; Xembor rupia dal ani donxim rupia chai Vostu zalea marog; Fokot munis mat sovai.”
[The price rise has gone through the roof Rs.100 for a kilo of dal and Rs. 200 for tea is enough proof.
Everything costs money by the heap;
Only men are going cheap!]

Mog asundi

Miguel Braganza, S-1 Gracinda Apts,
Rajvaddo, Mapusa 403507 Goa
Ph +91-9822982676;91-832-2255913

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Five Konkani Books released by Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA)

Five Konkani Books released by Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA)

Dalgado Konknni Akademi President Premanand Lotlikar has said the Akademi has now taken the responsibility to print the scripts of tiatr in a book form.

Speaking at a function organised to release the five literary books in Konkani at a city hotel Woodlands here on Friday, Lotlikar has appealed to the tiatrists to submit their scripts to the Akademi for printing them in a book.

On the occasion, Lotlikar outlined plans drawn by the Akademi to come out with a book on invitations and congratulations in Konkani in Roman script so that the language is used in everyday life. "We have come across people facing problems to print invitations in Konkani. The Akaemi will soon come out with invitations in Konkani which will be made available with printers and other individuals", he added. He was replying to Prince Jacob, who maintained that tiatrists does not receive any financial assistance to print the tiatr script in book form.

Similarly, he said the Akademi will soon release a CD on Konkani songs on congratulations and happy birthday to popularize Konkani in the homes of Konkani speaking people.

Speaking on the occasion, Vice-President of Ravindra Bhaavan Shridhar Kamat underlined' the need to protect and popularize brass musical instruments and Mando as an art form amongst the people. "Let us find out the problems why brass musical instruments do not attract the younger generation. Similarly, Mando need to be given a boost by establishing instructions to impart the art to the younger generation", he said.

In his address, the Vice president of Goa Konkani Akademi Vincy Quadros stressed on the need for all the three organizations Goa Konkani Akademi, Tiatr Akademi and Dalgado Konkani Akademi to come together and do introspection on how to develop Konkani language.

The five books that were released on the occasion were Dispott'ttem Chintop (Reflections) by Domnic P Fernandes, Gupi (Children's literature) Adaptation by Bonaventure D'Pietro, Padri (Non-Stop Tiatr) by Prince Jacob, 14 Doyalleo Kornneo (Short Stories) Mrs. Brenda Menezes and Rong (Collection of one act plays) compiled by Jose Salvador Fernandes.

Secretary, Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA)
(Mob: +91 9881810832)


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

“ Mega Konkani Musical Show ”

“ Mega Konkani Musical Show ”

Tiatr Academy Goa in collaboration with Ravindra Bhavan Margao will celebrate Pai Tiatrist – Joao Agostinho Fernndes’s 138th Birth Anniversary on 14th December, 2009 at Ravindra Bhavan Margao. On this occasion a “Mega Konkani Musical Show” will be staged in which Konkani songs and comedy skits will be presented by popular artistes of Tiatr stage.

“Mega Konkani Musical Show” will commence at 3.30 p.m at the Pai Tiatrist – Joao Agostinho Fernandes Auditorium in which practically all the top artistes of Tiatr stage will participate. The comedians - Domnick & Luis Bachan, Agostinho & Selvy, Ambe & Janet, Ben Evangelisto, Sally & Joana ani John D’Silva & Nato will entertain the people with comedy skits while singers – Wilmix, Sharon, Felcy, Francis de Tuem, Jr. Rod, Salvador, Nafisa, Lawrie Travasso, Rosie Alvares, Annie Quadros, Cajetan de Curtorim, Peter, Roshan, Marcus Vaz, Xavier Gomes, Mil-Mel-Nel, C. D’Silva, Ave, Tony, Menino Mario, Osvy Viegas, Anthony San, Sucorro de Santa Cruz, Aniceto & Ignatious
will present variety of Konkani songs – solos, duets, trios, etc. The music is provided by Norman.

Mr. Digamber Kamat, Chief Minister of Goa will be the Chief Guest on the occasion and will present “Life –Time Contribution Awards” instated by Tiatr Academy of Goa to 13 artistes of yester years who have contributed selflessly to the cause of Konkani Tiatr. The artistes to be felicitated are: Shalini, Ophelia, Anthonette, Titta Preto, Lorna, Ciriaco Dias, Caiti, Luciano Dias, Anita, Clara, Filipe de Sanvordem, Filomena Braz and Comedian Dias. Tiatr Academy of Goa invites all tiatr lovers to attend the “Mega Konkani Musical Show” the entrance for which is free.

Tomazinho Cardozo
President - Tiatr Academy Goa
tiatracademy at gmail dot com


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

State planning central cultural policy to boost art, culture: CM

State planning central cultural policy to boost art, culture: CM
59 receive Gavrau Puraskar award


In all 59 artistes today received prestigious art and culture ‘Kala Gavrau Puraskar’2009 at the hands of chief minister Digambar Kamat at Kala Academy.

Talking on the occasion, Chief Minister disclosed that the State is planning to implement central cultural policy in-order to boost the art and culture in the state.

“Goa is very much famous for its art and culture. Imposition of this policy will further encourage the young and the upcoming talent in the field of art,” Kamat said.
Kamat applauded the award winners for their huge contribution in this field.

“These are artist who dedicated their entire life for art and culture without self-interest,” he added.

Art and Culture secretary, Sanjay Srivastava said that it’s a great honour to have such large number of artist in a small state like Goa.

“It’s only because of their contribution that our state in known for art and culture across the world,” he said.

The art and culture department has awarded ‘Kala Gavrau Puraskar’ to nearly 180 artists across the state since 2006.

These entire 59 artists are felicitated for their excellence in the field of
drama (18), folk art (11), music (13), tiatr (6), theatre (5), literature (2) and fine art (2).

The artists specially belong to the rural areas of Goa.
‘Kala Gavrau Puraskar’2009 winners are- Satyawati Chopdekar, Nicolau Colaco, Gopika Fadte, Premavati Parab, Gurudas Gawade, Joao Fernandes, Hari Gawade, Dayanand Lolienkar (folk art), Suganda Natekar, Shashikant Prabhudessai, Shobha Jadhav, Narcinva Panchawadkar, Chandrakanat Prabhudessai, Gokuldas Gatwal, Gokuldas Shikerkar Srinivas Prabhudessai, Raghuvir Shenvi, Pradeep Pai Kane, Rajaram Naik, Kashinat Parab, Vaman Gawandi, Prabhakar Kalangutkar, Meenakshi Amonkar, (drama), Dinoo Chari (music), Caetano D’souza (Tiatr), Vinayak Phadte (bhajan), Vibhavari Mahambre (music), Sudha Amonkar (literature), Anand Chodankar (music), Vinayak Diwari (music), Mashnu Patil (literature), Vassant Mashelkar (fine art), Shankar Gaonkar (bhajan), Pascoal Rebello (tiatr), Laxmikant Bhagat(fine art), Fernandes ( tiatr), Sakharam Malvankar (music), Shrinivas Shenvi (theater), Babni Gawade (folk art), Anand Mhaskar (music), Naresh Amonkar (drama), Francisco Fernandes (music), Datta Gurav (Bhajan), Vinayak Gawade (folk art), Gopalkrishn Phal Dessai (theater), Gopal Bandodkar, Tukaram Gawade (folk art), Marshall Fernandes (drama), Wamankumar Dessai (theater), Seby Boy (theater), Andrew D’Souza (tiatr), Venkatesh Angle (drama), Shamba Chodankar (music), Asha Bhonsule (drama), Madhav Ghatwal (music), Luciano Fernandes (tiatr), Antonio Cardos (tiatr), Ramdas Datta (music) and Volley D’Mello (tiatr).

[As archived by gaspar almeida,]

Remembering Constancio Fernandes (1909-1980)


CONSTANCIO FERNANDES (1909 - 1980) Renown Goan Artist, Sculptor,
Poet, Violinist and Thinker. Born in Margao, Goa, and educated in Portuguese and
English. Attended J J College of Arts in Mumbai for some time. Executed sculpture works in Marble, Bronze and Cement in erstwhile Bombay and later in Goa. Some of his
well known works are a bronze bust of Padre Jose Vaz (displayed in the Margao Church
Square) Abade Faria a black stone larger-than-life statue next to the old Secretariat (accordng to belle lettriste Nora Secco de Souza)


The statue of Abbe Faria near the Secretariat is made of bronze and was sculpted by Ramchandra Pandurang Kamat.


Cecil Pinto


Monday, December 7, 2009


Every song they ever made?


A Day in the Life
A Hard Day's Night
A Taste of Honey
Across The Universe
Act Naturally
All I've got to Do
All My Loving
All Together Now
All You Need Is Love
And I Love Her
And Your Bird Can Sing
Anna (Go To Him)
Another Girl
Any Time At All
Ask Me Why
Baby It's You
Baby You're A Rich Man
Bad Boy
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
Blue Jay Way
Can't Buy Me Love
Carry That Weight
Come Together
Cry Baby Cry
Day Tripper
Dear Prudence
Devil In Her Heart
Dig A Pony
Dig It
Dizzy Miss Lizzie
Do You Want to Know a Secret
Doctor Robert
Don't Bother Me
Don't Let Me Down
Don't Pass Me By
Drive My Car
Eight Days a Week
Eleanor Rigby
Every Little Thing
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey
Everybody's Trying to be My Baby
Fixing a Hole
Flying (instrumental)
For No One
For You Blue
Free As A Bird
>From Me To You
Get Back
Getting Better
Glass Onion
Golden Slumbers
Good Day Sunshine
Good Morning, Good Morning
Good Night
Got To Get You Into My Life
Happiness is a Warm Gun
Hello, Goodbye
Helter Skelter
Her Majesty
Here Comes The Sun
Here, There And Everywhere
Hey Bulldog
Hey Jude
Hold Me Tight
Honey Don't
Honey Pie
I Am the Walrus
I Call Your Name
I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
I Feel Fine
I Me Mine
I Need You
I Saw Her Standing There
I Should Have Known Better
I Wanna Be Your Man
I Want To Hold Your Hand
I Want To Tell You
I Want You (She's So Heavy)
I Will
I'll Be Back
I'll Cry Instead
I'll Follow the Sun
I'll Get You
I'm a Loser
I'm Down
I'm Just Happy to Dance with You
I'm Looking Through You
I'm Only Sleeping
I'm so tired
I've Got A Feeling
I've Just Seen a Face
If I Fell
If I Needed Someone
In My Life
It Won't Be Long
It's All Too Much
It's Only Love
Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Komm Gib Mir Deine Hand
Lady Madonna
Let it Be
Little Child
Long Tall Sally
Long, Long, Long
Love Me Do
Love You To
Lovely Rita
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Maggie Mae
Magical Mystery Tour
Martha My Dear
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Mean Mr. Mustard
Money (That's What I Want)
Mother Nature's Son
Mr. Moonlight
No Reply
Norwegian Wood
Not a Second Time
Nowhere Man
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Octopus's Garden
Oh! Darling
Old Brown Shoe
One After 909
Only A Northern Song
P.S. I Love You
Paperback Writer
Penny Lane
Please Mister Postman
Please Please Me
Polythene Pam
Real Love
Revolution 1
Revolution 9
Rock and Roll Music
Rocky Raccoon
Roll Over Beethoven
Run For Your Life
Savoy Truffle
Sexy Sadie
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
She Loves You
She Said, She Said
She's A Woman
She's Leaving Home
Sie Liebt Dich
Slow Down
Strawberry Fields Forever
Sun King
Tell Me What You See
Tell Me Why
Thank You Girl
The Ballad of John And Yoko
The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
The End
The Fool On The Hill
The Inner Light
The Long And Winding Road
The Night Before
The Word
There's A Place
Things We Said Today
Think For Yourself
This Boy
Ticket to Ride
Till There was You
Tomorrow Never Knows
Twist and Shout
Two of Us
We Can Work It Out
What Goes On
What You're Doing
When I Get Home
When I'm Sixty-Four
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Why don't we do it in the road
Wild Honey Pie
With a Little Help From My Friends
Within You Without You
Words of Love
Yellow Submarine
Yer Blues
Yes It Is
You Can't Do That
You Know My Name
You Like Me Too Much
You Never Give Me Your Money
You Really Got a Hold on Me
You Won't See Me
You're Going to Lose That Girl
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Your Mother Should Know
The Beatles video from Albums:
Please Please Me
With The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night
Beatles For Sale
Rubber Soul
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles - White Album=
Yellow Submarine
Abbey Road
Let It Be
Past Masters Volume 1
Past Masters Volume 2

(As forwarded by R. Crasto)

Music concert at the Goa Velha

Music concert at the Goa Velha
Dec 3, 2009 evening saw a very interesting music concert at the Goa
Velha church grounds.

Everyone on stage was into rendering Konkani music: local artistes,
Fado singer Sonia Shirsat, the guitar-strumming journalist Sigmund de
Souza. The lady with the impressive stage presence and powerful voice,
Marushka Rebello. So was The Saskia Laroo Band (with her Dutch and
American players) and Harikumar described as "one if the most exciting
violinist in the country today."

Here are some photographs from the event:

The event venue: com/photos/ fn-goa/415648404 2/

All decked up, the St Andre's Goa Velha church: com/photos/ fn-goa/415635886 6/in/set- 7215762292797274 6/

Saskia Laroo, the live-wire, focussed on her Konkani notes: com/photos/ fn-goa/415648094 8/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415569808 7/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415645008 6/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415644823 4/

Marushka Rebello, the face to watch, the voice to keep tuned to: com/photos/ fn-goa/415566995 1/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415566860 7/

The setting: com/photos/ fn-goa/415561927 3/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415638753 4/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415637476 2/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415562242 9/

To get a better feel of the event, check out some of these moving images:

[*****] Undream mojea mama... an old Konkani song, with a new twist com/watch? v=b-Q1rOj5zJ4

Here's Fado singer Sonia Shirsat, singing in Konkani: com/watch? v=gMOmK_AlquE

You'll find more videos getting uploaded at com/user/ fredericknoronha

Kudos to Armando Gonsalves

(As forwarded by Miguel Braganza)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiatr Review: Amchi Bhumika Sompta


The world is a stage and we are the performers. Oldrin Sequeira, in his maiden presentation titled ‘Amchi Bhumika Sompta’, presents the tale of a man who is a stickler for the truth but ends up messing his life as well as that of his family.

Mr Sapeco, a widower with two children, Kenneth and Lizzie, is a businessman. Kenneth hates liars and is ready to cut off all relation with anyone who tells lies. Mitsy, the only daughter of Sapeco’s friend, marries Kenneth and the household is extremely happy. One day Mitsy tells Kenneth that she wants to visit her father and instead goes to see a friend due to some emergency. When this is revealed to Kenneth he accuses Mitsy of lying without even asking for an explanation and cuts of all relations with her. The father intervenes and using the support of another lie tries to bring about a reunion between the estranged couple.

The script has some good lines and the presentation is quite sleek. In fact, Oldrin scores in the direction extracting good performances from the entire cast. Tracy does a wonderful act as Mitsy. Watch her emote, especially in those scenes depicting pain and helplessness. Olga is Lizzie, also playing the hearted sister well. Mini Mario is perfect as Sapeco and so is Anil Pednekar in a subdued performance as Kenneth. Oldrin and Anthony de Verna lend good support.

Jane, Marcos and Pedda provide the humour. The comedy plot is based on retired Kuwaitkar who now runs a Bar in Goa. The sequences of these three - Cyril Almeida and Marcus with Oldrin - are extremely funny.

A D Diniz has given good music for the opening song by Olga as well as other songs by Jane, Anil, Coney-M, Marcus, Inas and Mini Mario. Solos by Oldrin and Cyril Almeida need mention. The play has a different story and is definitely worth watching.

(Navhindtimes. com)

Pai Tiatrist’s Birth Anniversary

Victor de Sa
Tiatr Academy Goa

Press Note

Panjim: 06 / 12 / 09

Pai Tiatrist’s Birth Anniversary

Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG) in collaboration with Ravindra Bhavan Margao will celebrate the birth anniversary of Pai Tiatrist – Joao Agostinho Fernandes on 14th December, 2009 at Ravindra Bhavan Margao. In the past Joao Agostinho Fernandes’s birth anniversary was observed on 21st December which was a mistake. In fact late Joao Agostinho Fernandes, who contributed to the development of Tiatr in all aspects and was popularly known as Father of Tiatr, was born on 14th December 1871 and was baptized on 21st December 1871. This is the 138th birth Anniversary of the Pai Tiatrist.

TAG has planned a whole day programme on the occasion. In the morning at 10.00 a.m. a discussion on “Tiatr – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” will be held at the Conference Hall of Ravindra Bhavan in which prominent tiatr artistes will share their experiences on tiatr and its song and music. The discussion is organized so that the Tiatr artistes have an opportunity to express their views on various aspects of tiatr such as script, direction, acting, background music, light effects, lyrics, etc.

A mega musical concert by prominent artistes of tiatr stage will be staged at 3.30 p.m in Pai Tiatrist-Joao Agostinho Fernandes Hall.

At 4.30 p.m. senior artistes of Tiatr stage, who could not be honoured with the State Cultural Award due to various reasons, will be presented with TAG’s “Life Time Contribution Award” for their services to the development of Tiatr. The artistes who will receive the “Life Time Contribution Award are: Anthonette Mendes, Lucian Dias, Clara Correia, Filipe de Sanvordem, Filomena Braz, Titta Pretto, Ophelia Cabral, Ciriaco Dias, Shalini Mardolkar, Caiti, Lorna, Anita Pereira and Comedian Dias. Shri. Digamber Kamat, Hon. Chief Minister of Goa will be the Chief Guest and Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG will preside over the function. The mega musical concert will resume after the Award function. All tiatr artistes and lovers of tiatr are invited to attend the function.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary - TAG

Friday, December 4, 2009

"Jagor" is a 100% Goan film

Jagor is a 100% Goan film

Jagor (Konkani) an issue based film but not preachy; dealt with the issue of farming land. The problems like pollution, SEZ, encroachments, environment which are dealt in the file are every where said Mr. Damodar Naik, who is the writer and producer of the film. He was addressing a press conference held in the media centre in IFFI, Goa, 2009, today.

All credit goes to Mr. Sangram Singh Gaikwad, the director of the film for ensuring that the film does not become a documentary or preachy said Mr. Naik. This is a 100% Goan film. All the actors, technicians and crew members are first timers. This film served as a platform for new talent and contained to bring out a good piece of work, Mr. Naik said.

Government of Goa may think of some subsidy particularly for Konkani filmsotherwise they may not be financially viable appealed Mr. Naik, who is also a member of Legislative Assembly of Goa. The lead actor Vardhan Kamat, actress Lalan Desai, director Sangram Singh and cinematographer, Sharmad T. Pai Raiturkar were also present at the press conference.



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