Sunday, November 21, 2010

Regina Fernandes Remembered on Birth Anniversary

Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG) organized a workshop – ‘The Role of Women in Art & Culture’- on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Regina Fernandes – the first lady of the tiatr on Tuesday, 16th November 2010 at the Conference Hall of Ravindra Bhavan,  Margao, Goa.

Dr. Meenacshi Martins, artiste and social activist, who guided the participants, expressed the need of being self-confideni in order to achieve success in any field including art & culture. Art & culture is a wide subject and tiatr is a part and parcel of Goan culture. The popularity of tiatr among the Goan masses proves that tiatr is deep-rooted in the hearts of Goans. Exemplifying Regina Fernandes, the first woman to act on the tiatr stage, she said, ‘we all must have courage of conviction as Regina did almost 106 years back’.

Dr. Martins enlightened the participants with her experiences on the drama stage, on the silver screen and in television too. The qualities of hard work, discipline and determination are of utmost importance to be a good actor she said. Simplicity and humility are also important to keep ones feet on the ground when one becomes famous and attain celebrity status.

Answering numerous questions from the participants, four time best actress award winner in Marathi dramas produced by Goan directors for Maharashtra competion, Dr. Meenacshi Martins advised the participants first to believe in themselves to achieve success on the stage or on the screen. It is also very important for women, particularly in the presents, to learn some defensive skills in order to make use of it in times of need.

Besides young talents senior tiatr artistes namely Sabina, Jessie Dias, Clara, Christa, Rico Rod, Ben Evangelisto, Prince Jacob and others attended the workshop.

Earlier Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG welcomed and later Shri. Roseferns, Vice President of TAG proposed a vote of thanks. Irene Cardozo compered the function.

Tomazinho Cardozo
President (TAG)

Photos attached:

(1) Dr. Meenacshi Martins lighting the traditional lamp to mark the celebrations of birth anniversary of Regina Fernandes.
(2) Dr. Menacshi Martins offering floral tribute to late Regina Fernandes.
(3) Guiding the participants of the workshop, Dr. Martins speaks.
(4) Group Photo of all participants.


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