Friday, November 25, 2011

first regional conference on ‘Future of Konkani Language'

Panjim: Jagotik Konknni Songhotton (JKS) – Global Konkani Organization – is an organization formed to promote unity among all Konkani people scattered in different regions of India and in different parts of the world by respecting all scripts and dialects of Konkani language.

The first regional conference on ‘Future of Konkani Language’ was held in the conference hall of the Tiatr Academy Goa at Campal Trade Centre, Campal, Panjim on November 20. Three papers were presented and thoroughly discussed.

The first one was on ‘Status and future of Konkani language in Goa’ in which Goan Konknni Akademi vice president Vincy Quadro brought before the delegates the existing scenario of Konkani in Goa. Director of Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr Dr Pratap Naik SJ moderated the session.

The second was on ‘Scripts of Konkani language - Issues and solutions’ which was read by Eric Ozario from Mangalore. The session was chaired Dalgado Konknni Akademi president Premanand Lotlikar. The 3rd paper on ‘The status of Konkani at national and international level’ was dealt with by Tiatr Academy president Tomazinho Cardozo and the session was chaired by prominent Konkani poet Yusuf Sheik.

Every session was followed by an interaction between the participants and the paper readers, during which several suggestions came to the fore on the ways and means to preserve Konkani language.

Some important resolutions taken during the conference:

Sahitya Akademi New Delhi must give Annual Literary Awards for books in all scripts of Konkani and not in any one particular script.

Kala Academy must have a separate category for selecting books for Literary Awards in Konkani in Roman script.

Government of Goa must give option to teach Konkani in Roman Script in the educational institutions.

Government should amend the Official Language Act to give equal status to Konkani in Roman Script.

Earlier the conference was inaugurated by veteran Konkani literary figure Fr Vasco Rego, who urged everyone to make use of Konkani in one's day-to-day life, including different kinds of social events and occasions.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A song, well sung, well heard and well appreciated - gaspar almeida,

Rev. Fr. Dominic Santamaria

"Thou art a priest for ever, after the order of Melchiz'edek." -- Hebrews 5:6

. Fr. Dominic Santamaria ....
Birth Date : 17 April, 1945
Ordained Priest : 27 June, 1970
Joined the Vicariate : 27 October, 1973

Fr. Dominic Santamaria was born in Mapusa, Goa, on 17th April, 1945.
He did his priestly studies in the Holy Land Patriarchate Seminary located near Bethlehem. He was ordained a priest on 27th June,1970 by the Latin Jerusalem Patriarch Msgr. Albert Gori at the Dormition Basilica in the Holy City of Jerusalem.
His first assignment was at the Holy Family Church at Crater, Aden, Yemen.

From 27th October, 1973, he has been posted at the Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait.
He is the first priest to be incardinated in this Latin Vicariate.


Benedict XVI, the Supreme Pontiff, by the symbol of the glorious Cross, having specially considered his conspicuous services and zeal, is gracious enough to decide and to confer to Reverend Dominic J.B.A. Santamaria the dignity "PRO ECCLESIA ET PONTIFICE" and similarly to grant him the faculty to decorate himself with this ornament.
From the Vatican See, on May 26, 2005 sd/- ASSESSOR
On November 30, 2005, Fr. Dominic Santamaria was presented with the Cross of Honor ‘Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice’ in recognition of his dedicated service spanning three decades, to the Vicariate of Kuwait. The medal was conferred on him during a private ceremony by H.E. Bishop Camillo Ballin, MCCI, Vicar Apostolic of Kuwait at the Bishop’s House (Kuwait City).
Fr. Dominic Santamaria (center) with the award “Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice”
Fr. Dominic Santamaria (center) with the award. Pictured alongside him are
(L to R) H.E. Archbishop Mounged El-Hachem, Nuncio to Kuwait, H.E. Archbishop
Giuseppe de Andrea, Former Nuncio to Kuwait and H.E. Bishop Camillo Ballin.
“Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice” has its origin in 1888 as a token of the Golden Sacerdotal Jubilee of Pope Leo XIII. He bestowed the decoration on those who had assisted in the observance of his jubilee and on persons responsible for the success of the Vatican Exposition. The medal, cruciform in shape, bears the likeness of Saints Peter and Paul, the tiara and the Papal Keys, the words “Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice” and the name of the present Pontiff on the same side; it is attached to a ribbon of yellow and white, the Papal colors. Originally the medal was issued in gold, silver or bronze. It is awarded in recognition of service to the Church and the Papacy.

- Photos by Riwon Gomes,
*(archived by the gaspar almeida)

(A Song sung at the Konkani Tiatr 'XIRLO' organized and presented by Kuwait Goan Association (KGA)).

All rights reserved.
Gaspar Almeida (

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

'Tragedy King' Mario Menezes and Troupe Arrives in Kuwait


Kuwait Airport was abuzz on the arrival of Mario Menezes & Troupe (artistes, musicians, singers and stage technicians) for the much acclaimed Konkani Drama ‘Xirlo’  who were warmly received by President of Kuwait Goan Association Salvador Dias and KGA Members along with well-wishers.
The troupe will perform on November 18 (Friday) at 3:30 p.m. at AlJeel Al Jadeed Arabic School, Hawalli (Opp. Canary Restaurant - Tunis Street). 

A commemorative Souvenir will be released to mark KGA 6th anniversary event supported by Goan, Mangalorean and Konkani communities.

KGA looks forward to welcome you all.   Enjoy the drama and be a part of our 6th anniversary celebrations!

 (KGA Press Release/16 November 2011)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Book Release: Goa Rewound


As Goa readies itself to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of its Liberation, Goa Chitra, the ethnographic museum at Benaulim, takes a look at the past 50 years and those to come in a different manner.
You are invited to Goa Chitra on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 5:00 pm, for the release of the book Goa Rewound, penned by Alexandre Moniz Barbosa. The book will be released by Justice Dr. Eurico Santana da Silva, retired Judge, High Court of Bombay, Chairman State Police Complaints Authority.

This will be followed by a panel discussion on the topic – Goa at the Crossroads: Is there Hope on the Horizon?, Eminent panelists Dr. Maria Aurora Couto, Academic, writer, Padma Shri awardee,  Damodar Mauzo, Writer, Sahitya Akademi Award winner, Fr. Manuel Gomes, Director, Biblical Apostolate, Pratima Coutinho, advocate, youth Leader will discuss the way forward for Goa and for its youth. The discussion would be moderated by  Savia Viegas, Writer, academic, Fulbright Fellow. The  Concluding remarks would be given by Aldina Gomes, educationist and Director, Goa Chitra.

About the book:
Goa Rewound takes a look at events that occurred post December 19, 1961 and journeys back into history to discover that many of these had their genesis in colonial policies. The issues dealt with in the book are related to identity crisis facing the Goan today.  The book is published by Broadway Publishing House and presented by Xavier Centre of Historical Research and Film Goa. 
For details and confirmation please call +91 832 2772910 / 832 6570877 or RSVP +91 98 50466165. Please note that the Goa Chitra Museum and the ongoing previews of the upcoming Goa Chakra museum will be from 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. only on 19th November 2011.
House No. 498, Pulwaddo, Benaulim, Salcete, Goa - 403716
mobile:+91 9850466165   / landline: +91 832 6570877

Victor Hugo Gomes
Synopsis: The past 50 years since Liberation have been fraught with storms and history-altering events. It has been a time during which Goans had to struggle – fight and shed their blood – to retain their identity. To acquire a better perspective of this struggle, one has to go back in time, to decades and centuries before December 1961.

Goa Rewound looks at mainly three areas that played a major role in changing Goan identity during the period the Portuguese ruled the territory – politics, language and religion. Rather than looking at history and recounting it, this book takes a fresh view of how events that occurred in Goa after Liberation have their genesis, not in policies of the local government or in ideas that emerged weeks or months prior to the events, but in colonial policies and laws that were enacted centuries earlier.

For instance one chapter argues how the rather ‘surprising result’ of the very first election of 1963 in the then Union Territory of Goa, Daman and Diu and the subsequent Opinion Poll outcome should not have created the ‘surprise’ they did as history would easily have shown that this was bound to happen. Another chapter takes into account the bloody language agitation of 1985-1987 that saw seven people being killed and the state brought to a standstill on various occasions, and looks back into history to show how the people were divided by the Portuguese on linguistic basis which led to this agitation. Similarly, though it is mistakenly believed outside Goa that Christians are a majority in the State, the 2001 census shows that the community comprises 26% of the population, yet it plays a major role and the Church in Goa is in a position to make politically and socially sensitive statements that get the government listening. Yet another chapter deals with the town of Cuncolim and how events that occurred in the village in the 16th century still reverberate today and influence incidents in the 20th century.

About the Author: The writer is primarily a journalist, having spent over 20 years in the profession. He is currently Assistant Resident Editor, The Times of India, Goa Edition. Prior to this he was Assistant Editor with Goa Today. 
 He has written extensively on political, development, social and environmental issues affecting the state of Goa and as such has an in-depth knowledge of the State, its history, culture, heritage and its current politico-socio-economic state of affairs.He also has two books to his credit, the novel ‘Touched by the Toe’ that is set in XVI century Goa and has translated essays by Jose Inacio Candido de Loyola from Portuguese to English and published in a book entitled ‘Passionate and Unrestrained’. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Konkani Tiatr "ARXEANT HANSLO ARXEANT RODDLO" atam VCD-cher pollounk tumcam sondhi

 Atam VCD-ruppan tumcam sondhi meuta, chukloleank Salu Faleiro-chi kherit Konkani mogian bhett.  Tumchi jahirati/anus/advertisement ghalunk sondhi asa. Fuddli khobor kadd hea tiatr-achea Boroinar-Director: 66992063 or email: .VCD-ichi ugttanim zatoli 18ver Novembrachea 2011 Kuwait Goan Association-a asrea khallea Mario Menezes-achea tiatr "Xirlo" hachea priogachea vellar.

atam VCD-cher pollounk tumcam sondhi

Salu Faleiro Kuwait dhesant zaitim ek ankhi Natkulim dakoum tumchea kalzan rigla, tumcho poipass jikla dakoum bore dekave anik atam tumcheach adharan fuddem sorla tumchea mukar haddunk aplo poilo Tiatr ek DVD rupan zo veglech toren revdaila apli ikmoth uzar korun, zachem naum zaun "Arxeant Hanslo Arxeant Roddlo". 
Hea tiatr-ak machie-chi mandavoll kherit ponnim keloli Thomas "Leckinson", Sound System-achi vevostha khelea 'Judas' anik tumkam suvadik sogitt ditele Shahu Almeida - Keyboards, Faustinho - Trumpet, Denis - Bass Guitar, Philip - Lead/Rhythm Guitar anik Drums - Rocky.   Ho tiatr zalolo  April-ache 21ver 2006 Kuwait dhesant.
Hea tiatr-an bhag ghetlo asa: Jessica, Irene Vaz, Jr. Sylvester Vaz, Jr. Chico, Anil Pednekar anik sogleam-che audicho Jesus Antao, tech porim tankam sangat ditat Kuwait-che naum-voste artistes: Marcus Vaz, Querobina Carvalho, Sylvester Vaz, Adrian Goes, Andrew Fernandes, Comedian Philip Pereira, Laurente Pereira, Mario de Majorda, Laurie Miranda, Luis de Molkornem, Michael D 'Silva, Ignatius de Xelvon, Zoro Coelho, Jacinto Noronha, Bab Agnel, Anthony Carr, M. Luis, Alex & Michael, Steven, (Somplolo) Rosary Ferns ani (Somplolo) Sanny de Quepem.

-You heard this first at

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Konkani Film Producer Arnold D'Costa

Some reviews about Arnold D'Costa's films
as produced from Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter
A truely pure love
 - J.P. Pereira (The Navhind Times)
Arnold D'Costa's feature film 'Vizmit', which won 4 awards at the 4th Goa State Film Festival is now released on DVD by V P Sinari & Sons, Panaji. A story of a young girl whose, mother wants her to be a nun. She however is in love with her classmate in college and when the boy meets with a serious accident, she makes a vow to Mother Mary, offering to join the convent if her lover lives, without even giving a thought as to what might happen to the feelings of the boy who is deeply in love with her.
The film then continues with the troubles she faces, till the vow is fulfilled.
The story is nice but the depiction of the statue disappearing and later talking to the girl seems too far fetched and could be shown as a vision. Mahesh Rane, the director has given the film a sleek touch but the script is average. Dominic Dias has photographed the film beautifully, lovingly capturing the Goan locales and Agostinho da Cruz's backing music is pleasant and so are the songs.
The cast has Devi Chandrashekhar playing the main role. A beautiful performance from this pretty girl who emotes well, with the right ex-pressions. No doubt she bagged the award for best actress. Others in the cast are Bhushan, Dolla, Vishal, Willy and many others. Netto and Hortencio provide some humour.
A good effort, the film is a must watch.
KANTTEANTLEM FUL - Konkani Telefilm
- Review by Daniel F. de Souza (Exclusive to

Maiden Konkani Film Venture:
For Margao-based farm owner Arnaldo D'Costa his first venture into Konkani feature films may sound a little out of place for many, but, personally for him it was a fulfillment of a long cherished dream. Originally from picturesque Chandor in South Goa, Arnaldo returned to his roots in the year 1996 after a long and successful stint in the Gulf. His first venture 'Kantteantlem Ful' released under the banner of "D'Costa Tele-Film Productions" has already become the talk of town and is drawing a steady crowd wherever it has been screened.

A bold step forward:
Arnaldo D'Costa, basically a name unheard of either on the dramatic stage or the konkani film segment in Goa, has rather taken a very bold step forward and ventured into a field where even Angels would perhaps fear to tread considering the risks involved. And this is one area where Mr. D'Costa deserves all praise from all konkani speaking masses and the so-called lovers of their mother tongue. It is hoped that the konkani lovers will fully support this bold venture and encourage D'Costa Tele-film Productions' to produce more such films in konkani in future.

Aim to Produce a good Konkani Film:
Speaking to this writer Producer of 'Kantteantlem Ful', Arnaldo had this to say, " for a long time I had been toying with the idea of producing a good konkani film. In fact I had been working on the story for quite a long time. When I returned to Goa in 1996 and started work on my farm I got the real break to look seriously into the filmmaking and giving concrete shape to my dream. I penned the story and the dialogues for the film and dramatist Ida D'Costa assisted me in doing the screen play." According to Arnaldo D'Costa, once the plot and script was ready he got about the work of selecting his artists and the Director to direct the film. On the advice and recommendations of the Goa Kala Academy, he appointed Goa's reputed director Dnyanesh Moghe to direct his first
venture. The actual paper work for the film which began in March 2001, took 3 months to complete. The film went on the floor on 6th November'2001 and Arnaldo was able to complete the entire shoot for his film within a record time of 18 days having taken the last shot on 23rd November 2001. The entire film is shot in different picturesque locales in Goa whereas a small part had to be shot outside Goa.

Professional Technical Team:
The entire technical team including cameramen, lights, dubbing etc for the film shooting was engaged from Mumbai who are professionals in their respective fields working with the Hindi Film Industry. And the professionalism is evident in the film.

The entire budget for 'Kantteantlem Ful' has touched around 10 lakhs, which the Producer says has actually exceeded his earlier projected budget by a couple of lakhs. However, his only wish is that the Konkani lovers cutting across the borders and boundaries will appreciate his efforts and support him so as to encourage him further to bring out more such telefilms in future.

Goa Government's assurances:
When the producer approached the Government of Goa for a subsidy to produce the Konkani tele-film he returned empty handed, but, the only silver lining in this case was that the Parrikar Govt., was kind enough to waive off the Entertainment Tax for the film. The Goa Konkani Academy also could not come to Arnaldo's help as it had already allotted its budget for the year to other artists. However they have assured him that they would consider his request in future.
About the Actors:
Speaking about the telefilm, this soft spoken and modest Producer said "All the actors in my telefilm rendered me all assistance and full co-operation during the shooting schedule, without their support things could have been difficult. For instance Rose Ferns, Chitra Afonso, Annie Quadros, Imran Mohammed (Hero), Suchitra Narvekar (Heroine), Smita Shirodkar, went out of their way to make time for the shooting schedules and adjusting the timings so well between their other live stage shows and the film shoot". He concludes, 'However, I felt disappointed when some senior and respected Konkani stage artists backed out from my telefilm just because I could not allot them prominent roles."

Beta-Cam Format:
Processed on the Beta-Cam Format, 'Kantteantlem Ful' was premiered at the Kala Academy on 20th January' 2002 and presently the film is being screened in the major towns of Goa. Thereafter the Producer has plans to exhibit the film in the far-flung villages of Goa as also to go to the neighbouring konkani speaking regions outside Goa. Offers and enquiries are already pouring in to screen the film outside Goa.

3 Shows booked for screening in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.:
Arnaldo informed this writer that, shortly he should be proceeding to Abu-Dhabi where 3 shows have already been confirmed. He would not hesitate to visit the other Gulf States if favourable offers come his way from Goan Clubs and Institutions based there. For further enquiries in this respect, Arnaldo could be contacted by email at

A love story with a difference:
Coming back to 'Kantteantlem Ful' it's a love story between Remo, a rich catholic boy and Veena a lower middle class hindu girl. The love story blooms while both are studying at the Law College. However, the love story begins to fade no sooner the boy learns that his love Veena is carrying his child. What happens next ? The story goes through a steady line of emotions, tragedy, guilt, and display of courage and conviction. Veena ably played by Kala Academy professional Theatre artist Suchitra Narvekar, refuses to terminate the pregnancy and brings forth a bubbling new life, a baby girl. Fate however continues to torment Veena leading her to take a hasty decision.

From here on the story takes a different turn keeping the viewer engrossed in the plot as it unfolds and the little baby growing into a young teenager under the loving care of her foster parents, a wealthy childless Muslim couple. Veena in the meantime continues with her life like any other woman courageously facing the society and making an attempt to lead a normal life while she continues with her legal profession. Her marriage to advocate Ashok Naik (played by Sandeep Kalangutkar) brings her face to face with truth during the course of her professional stint. Young Linfa Carvalho a 12 year old kid from Vasco who plays the child artist and Ageema Fernandes who plays the role of a teenager show a lot of promise and abundant acting talents. Smita Shirodkar as the mother, Annie Quadros as the good neighbour and friend excel in their respective roles. So do Chitra and Roseferns in altogether different roles as a Muslim couple. Seasoned Marathi stage artist Alka Velingkar playing a small role as the 'mauxi' is very realistic.

Film's Direction, Photography & Musical Score:
The direction, photography, colour and dubbing are good not forgetting the crystal clear sound track and some soothing musical score. 'Kantteantlem Ful' in my opinion certainly brings a new dawn to quality konkani telefilms and sets a path and standard in filmmaking for others to follow and even improve further. And the scintillating musical score for the film has been composed and arranged by none other then Music Maestro Agostinho Da Cruz.

Goa-World.Net thanks:
Daniel F. de Souza
Arnaldo D'Costa
Gaspar Almeida


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mickey Pacheco will be the Chief Guest at 3 different venues between 4 to 5 p.m. today!

Mickey Pacheco, ex Tourism Minister and present MLA of Benaulim Constituency
will be the Chief Guest at the finals playing in 3 different venues in and around
Benaulim Village.


Mickey Pacheco will be the Chief Guest at the finals playing in 3 different venues.

United Club of Utorda playing 2 finals today

<Right click -> Save as> to download star_tip_hat_md_wht.gif!
Researched by:   Lapitt,

Thursday, October 27, 2011



Goan Welfare Association will be organising Comedian John D’Silva’s new Konkani Musical Show “VOLLOKH” on 04th November 2011 at Al Ghazal Club Hall (QP) at 4.00 pm onwards. The Goans will be celebrating concluding ceremony of World Goa Day 2011 on 4th November.

The cast in the Konkani musical show will be Natty, Mita, Joe, Anicet, Peter De Pedda, Socorro De St. Cruz, Nato and Comedian John D’Silva.
Recently, John D' Silva is bestowed with the Tittle “THE EMPEROR OF KONKANI STAGE” by Magazine, Hello Margao, Hello Panjim, for his immense contribution in the field of Tiatrs. In a short span of years he has achieved a landmark  in the Tiatr field.

John is the first Tiatrist to enter “Limca Book of Records 2010” for acting, writing, directing and producing 25 Tiatrs having a double alphabet in their titles and thereby taking Tiatrs to the greater heights and popularising it throughout the world. And for achieving this great feat, he was congratulated in the Goa Legislative Assembly. He is the first one to receive the first “YUVA SRUJAN PURASKAR” Award from Art and Culture, Govt. of Goa for his immense contribution in the tiatr field.

As his Tiatr are always written with Thought provoking dialogues, powerful moral and message, the script of his Tiatr "BOVALL" was selected by Goa Konkani Academy and "Bovall" Tiatr Book was published. He is the first one to enact triple role in his VCD film "Fugddi" and double role in VCD film "Lofdde".

He is the first one to release his 25th Tiatr "Nattok" in London and Germany and thereafter to stage it through out Goa. When he made his debut on the konkani stage, he was doing serious roles like Villain and other characters with negative shades, but in the year 1999 he switched to main comedy role in his Tiatr "UMANNEM", which was a huge Hit and thereby creating  a Great Record on the konkani stage. And today, he is regarded as the Top most comedian and one of the best writer of the konkani stage. John D’Silva is an household name in Goa, as his mere presence on the Konkani stage  sends peels of laughter among the  audience. In the month of September 2011 he performed in London in Fr. Lucas Rodrigues Tiatr "Mhaka Zabab Zai" and after returning back from London his new Konkani Musical Show (VOLLOKH) will be released  today, 27th October in Goa.
The same will be staged in Qatar on 4th November. Official Airline is Qatar Airways.
More details  can be obtained from 55550491, 55804898, 66828980, 55529397, 33004799, 55325923, 55605755, 66586858, 66597619, 55844253, 55218480 and 55530823. Tickets are available at Designers Tailors - Tel: 44325478, Goan Art Tailors – Tel: 44421233 and Kebab King Restaurant – Tel: 44433118 / 44433 (Airport road) .
Resrv. Qrs. 75/- per head and Non-Resrv. Qrs. 50/- per head.

Info source: Team


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