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George Gonsalves: Serenading the Konkani stage

George Gonsalves: Serenading the Konkani stage

By J P Pereira

George Gonsalves, from Agassaim, is one of the best singers on the Konkani stage today. His deep well-modulated voice has enthralled discerning listeners of the Konkani stage. He is the son of Juliao and Lourdina Gonsalves and has loved being on-stage since the age of seven.

Juliao Gonsalves was a playwright staging ‘tiatr’ at the village level and the young George would sing and act in his father’s plays. After completing SSC at St Lawrence High School, Agassaim, George attained a degree in Fine Arts at the Goa College of Fine Arts, Panaji.

In between there were the performances on stage, in ‘tiatr’ by the late Jacinto Vaz and Danny de Ribandar. Later there were regular acts for nearly 14 years, in the Kala Academy tiatr competition, for various plays out of which he acted for John Crasto for five years. After a break, due to a busy schedule, he returned in ‘Thikann’ by Comedian 64 followed by ‘Mhaka Tuji Goroz Assa’ by Anthony San. There were also performances in plays by Pascoal Rodrigues, Dominic Carvalho, Ligorio Fernandes and Milagres de Chandor.

George has been a regular in operettas presented by Fr Peter Cardozo for the last 21 years. Playing the main role in these presentations during Lent, he was also cast in the highly appreciated ‘Padre Agnelo Onod Goyncho’. Besides shows in Goa, this opera was also staged in Bangalore, Mangalore and Mumbai. Presently, George acts for Alfie Productions, Divar and has been with the group for five years. He also sings for the ‘Mando’ Group, ‘Goenchim Noketram’ from Sarzora, Chinchinim, who have performed in Dubai, Delhi, Gujarat and Mumbai besides Goa.

George has the talent to write good lyrics. He has composed around 300 songs, including solos, duets, the ‘mando’ and ‘dulpods’. Besides these, he has also written plays and ‘zagor’. He has bagged awards for singing at the solo singing competition organized by the Kala Academy as well as prizes for duos and trios. ‘Goenkar’ was an audio album released by the talented singer. He also released video films titled ‘Seamen’ and ‘Khoinche Rukache Kantte’. The second named was a ‘tiatr’ by his father, Juliao Gonsalves, adapted by George for the video film.

A bit of advice for budding artistes, especially singers from George is try to compose your own songs. If you depend on others for your lyrics, there might not be a future. A bit of voice training and knowledge of music, would also help in singing well.
George is a teacher for art at the Perpetual Succour High School, Navelim. We wish you all the best and a great future on stage. Keep singing!!

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