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State planning central cultural policy to boost art, culture: CM

State planning central cultural policy to boost art, culture: CM
59 receive Gavrau Puraskar award


In all 59 artistes today received prestigious art and culture ‘Kala Gavrau Puraskar’2009 at the hands of chief minister Digambar Kamat at Kala Academy.

Talking on the occasion, Chief Minister disclosed that the State is planning to implement central cultural policy in-order to boost the art and culture in the state.

“Goa is very much famous for its art and culture. Imposition of this policy will further encourage the young and the upcoming talent in the field of art,” Kamat said.
Kamat applauded the award winners for their huge contribution in this field.

“These are artist who dedicated their entire life for art and culture without self-interest,” he added.

Art and Culture secretary, Sanjay Srivastava said that it’s a great honour to have such large number of artist in a small state like Goa.

“It’s only because of their contribution that our state in known for art and culture across the world,” he said.

The art and culture department has awarded ‘Kala Gavrau Puraskar’ to nearly 180 artists across the state since 2006.

These entire 59 artists are felicitated for their excellence in the field of
drama (18), folk art (11), music (13), tiatr (6), theatre (5), literature (2) and fine art (2).

The artists specially belong to the rural areas of Goa.
‘Kala Gavrau Puraskar’2009 winners are- Satyawati Chopdekar, Nicolau Colaco, Gopika Fadte, Premavati Parab, Gurudas Gawade, Joao Fernandes, Hari Gawade, Dayanand Lolienkar (folk art), Suganda Natekar, Shashikant Prabhudessai, Shobha Jadhav, Narcinva Panchawadkar, Chandrakanat Prabhudessai, Gokuldas Gatwal, Gokuldas Shikerkar Srinivas Prabhudessai, Raghuvir Shenvi, Pradeep Pai Kane, Rajaram Naik, Kashinat Parab, Vaman Gawandi, Prabhakar Kalangutkar, Meenakshi Amonkar, (drama), Dinoo Chari (music), Caetano D’souza (Tiatr), Vinayak Phadte (bhajan), Vibhavari Mahambre (music), Sudha Amonkar (literature), Anand Chodankar (music), Vinayak Diwari (music), Mashnu Patil (literature), Vassant Mashelkar (fine art), Shankar Gaonkar (bhajan), Pascoal Rebello (tiatr), Laxmikant Bhagat(fine art), Fernandes ( tiatr), Sakharam Malvankar (music), Shrinivas Shenvi (theater), Babni Gawade (folk art), Anand Mhaskar (music), Naresh Amonkar (drama), Francisco Fernandes (music), Datta Gurav (Bhajan), Vinayak Gawade (folk art), Gopalkrishn Phal Dessai (theater), Gopal Bandodkar, Tukaram Gawade (folk art), Marshall Fernandes (drama), Wamankumar Dessai (theater), Seby Boy (theater), Andrew D’Souza (tiatr), Venkatesh Angle (drama), Shamba Chodankar (music), Asha Bhonsule (drama), Madhav Ghatwal (music), Luciano Fernandes (tiatr), Antonio Cardos (tiatr), Ramdas Datta (music) and Volley D’Mello (tiatr).


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Remembering Constancio Fernandes (1909-1980)

[courtesy: www.oheraldo.in]

CONSTANCIO FERNANDES (1909 - 1980) Renown Goan Artist, Sculptor,
Poet, Violinist and Thinker. Born in Margao, Goa, and educated in Portuguese and
English. Attended J J College of Arts in Mumbai for some time. Executed sculpture works in Marble, Bronze and Cement in erstwhile Bombay and later in Goa. Some of his
well known works are a bronze bust of Padre Jose Vaz (displayed in the Margao Church
Square) Abade Faria a black stone larger-than-life statue next to the old Secretariat (accordng to belle lettriste Nora Secco de Souza)


The statue of Abbe Faria near the Secretariat is made of bronze and was sculpted by Ramchandra Pandurang Kamat.


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