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Dr Jose Periera shares knowledge of ‘khell’

Dr Jose Periera shares knowledge of ‘khell’

Published on: July 30, 2010 - 23:36

A rare archival collection on Khell by Goa’s foremost intellectual Dr Jose Periera was read out to a discerning lot. Dr Jose Periera used to write a long time ago, musical plays that were performed in the villages.
The enthusiast at the Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Porvorim got the opportunity to listen to this rare collection.
The story of ‘Konk Mauxi’ narrated from his collection is no longer available in the archives. Associate professor at the Goa University, Dr Rafael Fernandes while introducing the guest said that Dr Jose Periera was a man of great intellectual.
Dr Periera later spoke of what drove him to collect khell tiatrs. He points out to an incident when he heard the drum beating and feeling its vibrations in his body. This somehow encouraged him to interact with the Khell performers. The chance of talking to the performers gave him an insight into what ‘Khell’; the Goan drama was all about.

Such archival collection of tiatrs can be carried forward and preserved by performing, said Dr Pereira. Actors for ‘Khell’ dress in costumes of a horse tied to their body enact it, said Dr Pereira. He said this culture survived until it was taken over by the now sophisticated tiatrs. Mr Fernandes said that in order to preserve the rare archives, it could be converted into film too.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

C. Alvares’s Contribution to Tiatr Stage

C. Alvares’s Contribution to Tiatr Stage

Kala Mogi Candolim in collaboration with Tiatr Academy of Goa will organize an academic discussion on the contribution of C. Alvares to Tiatr, its song and music. C. Alvares, who was born on 1st August, 1924, did wonders on the tiatr stage by staging tiatrs of high quality. He was one of the most popular heroes of the Konkani stage. He specialized himself in composing and singing duets on various social issues existing in our society. Naturally he was called “King of Duets”.

He excelled in Konkani Cinemas too. Konkani cinemas namely “Amchem Noxib” and “Nirmonn” in which he acted the hero’s roles have been the record breaking cinemas in the history of Konkani cinema.

The special programme “Contribution of C.Alvares to Konkani stage – A Discussion” on the occasion of the birthday of late C.Alvares, will be held on Sunday, 1st August, 2010 at 5.00 p.m. at the TAG’s Conference Hall, Campal, Panjim, Goa.

Ciriaco Dias, a versatile tiatr artiste and colleague of late C. Alvares will deliver a talk on C. Alvares’s contribution to Tiatr while Sharon Mazarello, a Konkani singer of repute will talk on C. Alvares’s songs particularly the Duets. Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG will preside over the function.

Tiatr lovers are requested to attend in great number.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary


[as forwarded by TAG to gaspar almeida,]

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‘Vovllik’ of the First World Konkani Cultural Convention

‘Vovllik’ of the First World Konkani Cultural Convention

Poilo Vixv Konknni Sanskrutik Mahamell (The First World Konkani Cultural Convention) is being organized from November 25 to December 19, 2010 at Kalaangann, Mangalore. In this 25 days world level Konkani Cultural Festival over 60 cultural troupes from all over the world are participating. Goa being the ‘Mull Pith’ of Konkani, about 30 cultural troupes presenting all cultural forms from Goa namely folk music, tiatr, nattok, etc will be showcased in the festival.

The Goa curtain-raiser of this World Convention will be held on Sunday, July 18, 2010at 7.30 p.m. at the Conference Hall, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. On this occasion Shri, Digamber Kamat, Chief Minister of Goa will be the Chief Guest. Other dignitaries who will grace the occasion are Francisco Sardinha, M.P., Luizinho Faleiro, former Chief Minister, Eduardo Faleiro, Commissioner of NRI Affairs and Damodar Naik, MLA, Fatorda Constituency.

The Goa curtain-raiser is called ‘Vovllik’ meaning invitation. On this occasion a formal ‘vovllik’ will be extended to all the troupes from Goa participating in the First World Konkani Cultral Convention.

An exciting cultural programme has been arranged on the occasion in which a brass band from Honavar, a dance troupe from Mangalore and a folk troupe from Bhatkal will stage their robust performances. ‘Poilo Vixv Konknni Sanskrutik Mahamell’ invites all Goans to attend the Goa cuirtain-raiser ‘Vovllik’.

Tomazinho Cardozo

Photos courtesy:

DKA to commemorate its First President Day

DKA to commemorate its First President Day

Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) will commemorate the Founder’s Day - late Fr. Freddy J. da Costa, on 19th July, 2010, the eve of his birth anniversary.
Late Fr. Freddy J. da Costa was the first dynamic president of Dalgado Konknni Akademi. He was a multifaceted personality who had contributed immensely to Konknni journalism, literature, tiatr, education and culture. His writings reflected the social concerns of Goan culture and society. He was a socialist, a humanitarian who concretely worked for the social concerns of Goa.

As a priest, he involved himself in socio-cultural movements, and maintained public relations with peoples of all religions. He had a special interest for the development of Konkani in the Romi script. He always maintained that unity among Konknni writers and the development of Konknni was of moot importance.

The promoter and lover of Konknni in Romi script and the parish priest of Carambolim church Fr. Conceicao D’Silva will be the key note speaker for the function.
The function will start at 4.30 pm with a cultural programme in which Comedian Domnic, Luis Bachan, Socorro de St. Cruz, Sonia Fernandes and other tiatr artistes will partcipate. The formal function will be held at 5.00 pm. The function will be held at Tiatr Akademi Goa’s Auditorium, Campal, Panjim, Goa. All the Konknni lovers and members of DKA are requested to attend the function.

PHOTO: Late Fr. Freddy J Da Costa
as provided by DKA.

[Photo of the event].

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tiatr Academy Goa & Parish Youth of Carambolim organizes Tiatr Workshop

Tiatr Academy Goa & Parish Youth of Carambolim
organizes Tiatr Workshop

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) in collaboration with Parish Youth of Carambolim organised a workshop on Tiatr on Sunday, 11th July 2010 at the Parish Hall at Carambolim, Ilhas Goa. The Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Conceicao Silva inaugurated the workshop by lighting the traditional lamp in the presence of Tomazinho Cardozo, the President of TAG and Mr. Wilson Mazarello, a popular artiste of tiatr stage. In his speech, Fr. Conceisao Silva requested the youth to take interest in the Goan culture particularly in Tiatr, its Song & Music. He requested the youth to produce a tiatr by taking the required guidance as well as financial support from TAG.

Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG, who conducted the first session on ‘History & Format of Tiatr’ highlighted the historical facts on the tiatr stage in the form of quiz i.e. asking questions and getting answers from the participants about various aspects of tiatrs. He explained the characteristics of Tiatr and that of Khell-Tiatr and assured the participants to support their production activities of Tiatr or Khell-Tiatr or any activities related to it.

Wilson Mazarello guided the second session on ‘Direction & Acting’. Besides giving the knowledge of theoretical aspects of direction and acting, he organised practical demonstrations of direction and acting by directly involving the participants in acting.

In all 42 youth participated in the workshop. Certificates of participation were given to all the participants.
The office bearers of Parish Youth Association, Carambolim, namely: Cavin Caiado (President), Michael Carvalho (Vice-President), Emy Fernandes (General Secretary) and Danny Cardozo (Treasurer) also participated in the workshop. Edny Gonsalves compered the function.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary

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Saxtti dialect draws the laughs on Konkani stage

Saxtti dialect draws the laughs on Konkani stage

- by Joaquim Fernandes, TNN, 15 February 2010

PANAJI: When he takes to the stage, attired in Michael Jackson's trade-mark black outfit complete with gold trimmings, white socks, white glove, black shades and hat, there is an instantaneous applause. At his mimicry of Jackson's gesticulations, and his belting out the Konkani version of Jacko's pop hit 'Black or White', the applause swells.

It's as if the King of Pop himself is on stage. It is, however, not Jackson singing in Konkani, but new comic on the Konkani stage Richard of Raia enacting a role in Mario Menezes' “Beiman Kir”. Before Richard took over as 'Michael', the role was portrayed by Ben Evangelisto from Benaulim. Michael's 'girlfriend' is played by Joana, also from Benaulim.

It is no coincidence that all three comedians come from Salcete. Konkani comedy is now dominated by South Goa artistes. Tiatr Academy of Goa president Tomazinho Cardozo says, “Nowadays, there are only a few tiatr artistes in North Goa. There was a time, when North Goa dominated. When there are not enough tiatr artistes, how will you get comedians?” A renowned playwright himself, Cardozo says the proliferation of comedians in Salcete has nothing to do with the language.

The Salcete dialect of Konkani has been commonly used by Konkani comedians, who even poke fun at the Bardez dialect by mimicking it on stage. Konkani novelist, journalist and playwright Bonaventure D'Pietro, says the Salcete dialect became popular with the emergence of the new form of Konkani drama called khell-tiatr, which is popular in the South. Pietro, however, said that comedy in Konkani tiatr was pioneered by Bardez artistes. “In those days, even Salcete comedians would speak in the Bardez dialect,” says Pietro, citing the example of the late Anthony Mendes of Margao. “He was a Saxtticar, but on stage, he turned into a Bardezkar. You can see this in the film 'Amchem Noxib',” he says. That has turned around in recent years. Says writer-director of 67 Konkani tiatrs Roseferns, “A few years back, we had comedian Vitorino from Calangute-Bardez.

The audience loved him when he spoke in the Salcete dialect, which he did with difficulty. I think, it is the popularity of the Salcete dialect which is the reason for South Goa comedians dominating the Konkani stage now.” Cardozo is hopeful this will change. Says he, “There are still a few comedians in North Goa. There is Christopher (Comedian 64) from Divar and Mathew from Merces. Earlier, some of the best tiatr comedians were from the North. Jacint Vaz and Kid Boxer are examples. It is cyclic and as time passes, we may get more comedians from North Goa.”

Menezes agrees with Cardozo on that aspect. “Most tiatr troupes and major directorsare from South Goa. Only two or three troupes are from North. Since most artistes are from South Goa, comedians also come from the South. It must be a matter of convenience for the artistes,” Menezes said. Menezes lists out his top comedians which includes the brothers Jacob and Humbert, Agostinho, Selvy, Sally, Ben Evangelisto, John D'Silva, Ambe, Jesus, Janet, Joana, Anita and the siblings Dominic and Luis Bachan. Only the lastnamed are from North Goa (Ponda). Menezes too admits that North Goa artistes earlier dominated Goan comedy. Even now, he rates Sheikh Amir and Comedian 64 highly. Menezes opined that dialect could be an important reason for South Goa dominance. “The Salcete dialect is now preferred for comedy and Bardez comedians must be finding it difficult to speak it,” he said.

(The Times of India)

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The Konknni Compering workshop which was conducted by Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) recently evoked a good response with 73 participants, most of them were youth and college going students.

The workshop was held in two sessions. The duties and responsibilities of a compere was impressively spelled out by well known compere Dr. Ajay Vaidya. “The duty of a compere is to conduct a function in a disciplined manner. That’s why the person who
has accepted the responsibilty to be compere for any function he or she should report on the venue half an hour before the function and leave the venue half an hour after the function,” Dr. Vaidya said while guiding the participants in the workshop. He urged the participants to do the preparation and home work much in advance for the compering of any function.

In the second session, Xavier Fernandes, who has been booked as Master of Ceremonies for the next three years shared his various experiences in the field of compering. His experiences gave an insight to the participants that while compering the functions the compere should be ready for any eventuality.

The workshop was formally inaugurated at the hands of Dr. Ajay Vaidya and . Xavier Fernandes in presence of DKA’s president Premanand A. Lotlikar and secretary Jose Salvador Fernandes. Due to the demand of many more workshops in the field of compering, it was announced that DKA will hold its next workshop on compering in Margao very soon.

At the end of the workshop, certificates were presented to the participants at the hands of guests.

[PHOTO: Dr. Ajay Vaidya seen lighting the traditional lamp to inaugurate the Konknni Compering Workshop in the presence of DKA president Premanand A. Lotlikar, secretary Jose Salvador Fernandes, Tiatr Akademi Goa president Tomazinho Cardozo and speaker Xavier Fernandes].

Info source & photo:
Dalgado Konknni Akademi (Goa)

Konkani Musical Programme on National Integration

Konkani Musical Programme on National Integration

The scheme of Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) namely ‘Production of Musical Programmes on Patriotism/National Integration/Communal Harmony’ is gaining momentum as TAG is receiving more and more applications to stage shows on national integration.

Soccoro de Santa Cruz will stage ‘Bharat Amcho Des’ a Konkani Musical Show on patriotism and national integration on 8th July 2010 at 3:30 pm at Gomant Vidya Niketan, Margao. The show fully supported by TAG will also be staged on 12th July 2010 at 6:30 pm at Raju Gandhi Kala Mandir, Ponda and 27th July 2010 at 7:00 pm at Kala Academy, Panjim. The aim of TAG in supporting the production of such activities is to create love towards our country amongst the lovers of tiatr and its music.

The inaugural function of ‘Bharat Amcho Des’ will be held at Gomant Vidya Niketan at 3:30 pm on 8th July 2010 (today). Mr. Churchill Alemao, Hon’ble Minister for Public Works Department (PWD) will be the Chief Guest and Mr. Tomazinho Cardozo, President of Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG) will preside over the function.

‘Bharat Mhozo Des’ a musical show directed by Soccoro de Santa Cruz features well known singers of tiatr stage namely Anthony San, Sonia Fernandes, Aniceto Lourenco, Andrew D’Souza, Albert Cabral, Shaik Amir, Clarissa Fernandes and others.
The music is provided by Louis Cotta and the light effects are by Praveen.

Tomazinho Cardozo
Tiatr Academy Goa

8 July 2010

TIATR REVIEW: Fattlean Poi

Fattlean Poi
khasgi jivitacher nodor marunk apoita

Ek monis tore-torecheo chuki kaddun, sobhemazar dusreank kikont korunk proitn kortana, toch monis teach chiklant ani toslech poristhitint asunk xeokta mhonn tannem visrunk favo na, oxem Mario Menezes aplea 'Fattlean Poi' tiatrant xiddkaita.
Aplo dhaktto bhav Daryl (Victor) ek tarvotti zaun, eka asromantlea onath cheddva Riza-chea mogan asa mhonn David (Mario de Vasco), ek pulis inspektor nosaiyen bhorta. Tem ek fulgoddem mhonn tacher gharannem ghalun, tachi vatt soddunk to aplea bhavak suchoita.

Ponn Rizacho apnnem niz mog kela mhonn Daryl aplea bhavak spoxtt korta ani aplim ghorchim aplea moga add aslear-ui, apunn Rizak kosoch soddchona mhonn sangta.
Logn uprant zorui Daryl-acho bapui Daniel (Mario Menezes) gharant sun ailea mhonn sontosta, toruiastona tachi avoi Jenetra (Rosy Alvares) Riza-k vaitt nodren polleta. Ani Daryl tarvar vetoch, eka gundda Travasso (Lawry Travasso) udexim aple sunek jivexim marunk fuddem kaddta.

Ponn Riza-k marpacho proitn kortana, Travasso okosmat zokhmi zata ani Riza tacho jiv salvar korta. Kel'lea upkara khatir, Travasso aplem vankddem panvl fattim gheta. Aplo ek 'plan' na iesesvi zalo dekhun, Jenetra aple sunek gharant-uch naka zal'lo vaur diun, bhorpur sotaita.

Titlea mhonnosor, agbott tufanak sampddun, Daryl sangata her soglle tarvotti ontorle mhonn fon ieta. Rizak lagon aplo put apleak na zalo mhonn sangun, sasumaim aple sunek ek 'ponvoth' mhonn somzota ani gharantlem bhair ghalunk khottpott korta.
Tea vellar, Jenetrachea patthlea jivitar nodor marun, nigttench kazar zal'lem tedna ticho ghorkar obsoegak sampddun koso somplo ani tiche hal lohu korunk apunn tiche lagim koso logn zalom, tem Daniel tika kolloita. Punn aplea-i jivitant toxench kitem ghoddlolem mhonn Jenetra sudhronk proitn korta kai? Na! Urfattem, Jenetra aplech nirnnoya pormonnem fuddem veta ani Rizak gharantlem bhair ghalta.

Tea vellar, Rizak konn pavta? Tem konnachea gharant asro gheta? Rizak ticho ghorkar porot mellta kai? Soglleam addmelleam modem tancho ekvott zata kai? Tem sogllem tiatrachea dusrea bhagant bhes bore toren polleonk mellta.
Komedi babtint, Balchao (Ben Evangelisto) Elema (Joana) ghov-bail koxim eka mekak sangat diun, lokak bhorpur hansoitat. Balchao Daryl ani David-acho titiv mhonnttoch, aple potinni sangata to Daniel-achea gharant pennem korta ani dispottim bhaji-pallo vikhun, aplo disvaddo zhoddtat. Rizak lagon gharant zatoleam kestanvank udexim
Balchao ani Elema-cher-ui kedna-i far ieta. Ponn tim dogam-i sogllem hanstea tonddan ghetat ani fokan’nam korun sogllem sobhoun vhortat.

Kantaram vixim, Ben Evangelisto ani Joana-anchem 'Poder', Agnes ani Mario de Vasco-chem 'Kazari Bhoinn', Lawry Travasso-chem 'Susti Zainakat', Mario Menezes-Mario de Vasco-Victor-anchem 'Kaide Kosle?' ani Joana-chem 'Khodd'dde Tiatrist' boro sondex ditalim.


'Oh My Love' mogache torekvar rupkar dakhoita

'Oh My Love'
mogache torekvar rupkar dakhoita

‘Oh My Love' hi Sandy-n bhair kaddloli Konknni kantaranchi VCD mogachea veg-vegllea rupancher atthaploli asa. Mogacho vixoy gheun, te visiddint torekvar kantaram aikhunk melltat. Survek, Sandy 'Khium Asa Tum' hea kantarant aplea mogeak koso ani kitlo axeta tem spoxtt zata. Tea uprant Aurvile 'Nach Bai Nach' aplea mogeak nachunk koso fuslaita, tem sidh zata. Eksurponn ek pidda ani monxeak ti holu-holu nattak korunk xeokta mhonn Ethel aplea 'Eksurponn' hea kantaran sangta.

Toxench, fottkirea mogacher patieunk upkarona ani toxem kelear eka cheddvachem jivit koxem koddu ani niraxiponnan bhorta tem Sonia 'Fottkiro Mog' hem kantar gavun sidh korta. Hanv mogak axelam ani zor apleak mog mell'lo, tor apleak sogllench mell'lem mhonn Eddie aplea 'I Wanna Love' hea kantarant sangta.

Tea uprant Sandy-n gailolem 'Oh Cheddva', Aurvile ani Trisca-chem 'Bhurgeponnacho Mog' ani Lavina-chem 'Kazaracho Ghutt' mogache veg-veglle rong dakholl kortat. Sorv-xevttim, apunn ekttea cheddvacho mog kortalom punn okosmat dusrean to mog ani kalliz koxem chorun vhelem tem Sandy 'Kalliz Chorun Vhelem' hea kantaran sangta. Soglleam kantarancho nad ani sur ekech dixtten gel'lo melltalo. Punn siddint kantaram sangata tore-toreche dekhave dakhoileat te nazuk asat ani polletoleak apunnui tea-tea kolakara sangata thoim asa, oxem dista.

Soglle aple ikmotin 'Oh My Love' hi visiddi uzvaddak haddli dekhun, V Ixtt Sandy-ik
porbim dita ani tache fuddle ievzonnent sogllo ies anvddeta.


'Tin Horancho Raza'

'Tin Horancho Raza' tiatristancher atthaploli kotha

Devan dilole gunn vapddun, thodde tiatrist thokos gheun vhoir sortat ani ghor-sonvsar kortat zalear, dusre apunn boroinnar ani digdorspi mhonn somzun, dusreanchea adaran porzolltat ani aplea oslo anink konnuch na mhonn gorvan bhonvtat. Ek tiatr lokamche avddicho ani 'hit' zatolo zalear kolakaram sangata kantoristanchi-i goroz mhonn Samuel Carvalho 'Tin Horancho Raza' hea aplea tiatrant spoxtt korta.

Ek tiatrist zaunchi khoxi asli dekhun, Joe (Neville)-achim avoi (Chitra) ani bapui (Succor de Santa Cruz) sogllo thokos gheun, aplea ektteach putak ek tiatrist kortat. To bekar ason-ui, fuddarak apleak adaracho zatolo mhonn somzun, tim taka logn'-ui korunk fuddem sortat.

Punn logn' zatoch, aple ghorkarn' Flavia (Synetra)-k lagon, Joe aplea avoi-bapaik visorta, tankam kikont korta ani apli bail sangta teach pormonnem doryant aplem voddem tanddta. Ek dis Joe-acho bapui gombhir piddek sampoddta. Tacheo don-ui 'kidneys' pidd'ddear zatat ani fokt aplem nanv sambhallunk, Joe taka Apollo hospitolant bhorti korta. Punn dor disa ilaza fattlean chodd khorch zatolo, hem chintun, ani tacho avoi-bapui gorib mhonn voizank fott marun, Flavia aplea sasupaik ghara haddta.

Aplo tiatr hanga-thoim dakhoun, aplea zanttea avoi-bapaik toxench aplea kuttumbak Joe-ak vell diunk mellona. Apli vaddti dhuv Zarina (Cybil)-achea xikxonnacher-ui lokx ghalunk ani favo to artik adar diunk Joe chukta.
Tacheach durlokxak lagon, Joe-acho bapui sompta. Toruiastona, tachea monar uzvadd poddona. Aple bailechea sangnnea pormonnem to aplem jivit fuddem vhorta. Aplo tiatr Paris-ak vhorunk melltole axen, Joe aplea eka kolakar Sonia (Sonia)-k aplea tiatrantlem bhair kaddta ani aple dhuvek eka famad tiatrista thaim nachunk sondhi dita.

Aple dhuvek tiatrantlem bhair kaddlem dekhun, Sonia-che avoi (Meena)-k khont zata, punn tache dhuve Zarina-cher aplo dollo dovrunk visornaka mhonn ti Joe-ak xiddkaita. Punn Joe apleach tiatrachea vavurant buddlolo asta. Sorv-xevttim, ek tiatrist koso Joe sasnank fottovta. Koso? Tache soglle kolakar xevott meren taka sangat ditat? Tachea kuttumbachea vangddeanche hal koxe zatat? Tem sogllem tea tiatrachea dusrea bagant polleonk mellta.

Ek tiatrist koso, kitlech tiatr boroun ani sador korun, dusreank soglle torecho adar diun, xevottak apunnuch koso fottovlo tem Samuel Carvalho aple eke attvech toreche bhumikentlean tea tiatrant bhes bore toren dakholl korta.

Komedi vixim, Michael ani Marcus eka-mekak sangat diun, lokak bhorpur hansoitat. Toxench, kantaram vixim, Aniceto-chem 'Bhogsonnem', Sonia-chem 'Jivit', Anicet/Succor de Santa Cruz-anchem 'Salam Purtugez serkarak', Xavier Almeida-achem 'Nirmilelem Dista', Chitra/Meena/Synetra-anchem 'Tegi Bhoinnieo' ani Cybil-achem 'Tin Vostu' aikopa sarkhim aslim ani boro sondex ditalim.

-1984 vorsa Patrick Dourado-chea 'Noketr' tiatrant poilech pavtt machier choddlom.
-1997 vorsa thaun svotache tiatr borounk survat keli. 'Hem Tumkam Soglleank' zaun asa mhozo poiloch tiatr.
-Az meren hanven sat tiatr machier dakhoileat. Mhaka tiatracho bhorpur mog ani somajik vixoy gheun, monant ievzota tem hanv boroitam ani machier sador kortam.
-Mhoje tiatr machier dakhounk vetana, 'stage setting'-acher hanv chodd bhor ghaltam.
-Mhojea tiatrant lokak sogllench mellchem, oxem chintun hanv zaiteam kolakarank gheun, mhozo tiatr dakhounk proitn kortam. He khepek mhojea tiatrant 18 kolakar asat.


::Tiatr Review :: 'Chol-ia London'

::Tiatr Review :: 'Chol-ia London'

Goُychem daiz sambhallunk ulo marta

Poromporik ani purvozanchea vevsaiyancher visor ghalun, il'le subez poixe melltat mhonn Goykar pordesant, odhik korun London-ak dhanv martat. Pordesant dhanv marli mhonn kaim vaitt na. Thoimsor il’lez subez poixe komaile mhonn koslich horkot na. Punn zaite amche Goykar Goyant aplem aslem-naslem dusreank vikhun, thoinch pennem korunk ievjitat. Fuddarak hem oxench chol'lem zalear, Goyant Goykaranchem mhonnonk kainch ek urchem na ani Goykarponn holu-holu somptolem mhonn Roseferns aplea 'Chol-ia London' hea tiatrant spoxtt korta. Oxikxit Anton (Roseferns) ani tacho xiklolo bhav Marian (Peter) sangatan jietat khore, punn aplo ekttoch put Nikhil (Victor) London-ak asa, hem chintun, Marian-ui London-ak vochpachim sopnam sopneta. Punn Anton-ik toslem mon na. Tachem kalliz-mon Goyant rombhlolem asa ani Goyantuch ravun, aplo ghor-sonvsar korunk to chinta. Aple ghorkarn' Isabel (Roshan) ani put Aaron (Ulhas Tari) sangata jieon, to aplem purvozanchem xet umedhin roita.
Aplo bapui London-ak ek dhondekar dekhun ani apunn unchlea kuttumbantlem mhonn somzun, Aaron-achi potinn Aisha (Antonette) gorvan bhonvta ani aplea sasupaik-sasamaink man diunk visorta. Tanche modhem zaitech pavtt hanga-thoim ttanv-ttinv zata.

London-ak vochun, aplea puta sangata thoinch pennem korpache bobke martana, aplea bhava Antonachea hatantlean sogllem bhatt-bhens apleachem korunk ani tea uprant tem vikhunk Marian bharim vavurta.

Chintlolim sopnam purim zainant tim polleon, aplea putacho adar gheun, Marian aplea bhavak eka fasak sampddaita ani akantvaddeank sangat dita mhonn tacher ek boglantt ghalun, Anton bonddkonnint poddta. Oxem zal'lem astona, atam purvozanchem bhatt, xet apleachem zatolem mhonn somzun Marian sontosta. Punn boltench ghoddta.
Sot uzvaddak haddunk ani nit melloun gheunk Isabel aplea putacho adar gheta, punn to aple potinni sangata bhonvddek gel'lo aslolean, Aisha-k lagon, Antonik bhorpur sonschem poddta.

Sampoddlolo opradhi boltoch mhonn kolltoch, Anton-ik xevottak suttka favo zata. Dusre vatten, aplea avoik okman korta dekhun, Aaron ragan Aisha-cher ek thapott fuloita. Tea ragan, mobail-ar Aisha aplea bapaik sogllem kolloita ani tabortob taka Goy apoita.

Goy ietoch, Aisha-cho bapui aple dhuvek koxe porim vaddoilem ani Anton-in apleak koso adar kelo, tem sangta. Tea uprant, to Marian-ak tachea puta vixim zaitench kolloita. Aplo put Nikhil, konnank na kolltam, London-ak logn' zalo ani taka ek put asa mhonn aikhun, Marian dukhi zata. Taka atak ieta ani tachem moronn mirmireanchem zata. London-ak vochpachim Marian-achim sopnam sopnanch urtat.

Kantaram vixim, Peter/Roshan-anchem 'Tiatrist', Tony de Ribandar-achem 'Sogllech Patki', Ulhas Tari-chem 'Sotavnni', Roseferns-achem 'Mosteponnam' ani Victor/Tony/Ulhas Tari-anchem 'Goyche Pulis' aikopa sarkhim aslim ani boro sondex ditalim. Vinodhi bhumikent, Brian ani Sally eka-mekak sangat diun, lokak bhorpur hansoitat. Goykaram modhem zagrutai vaddunk Roseferns-an anink osle tiatr machier haddche.



TIATR REVIEW: Ami Jikle vo Harle?

TIATR REVIEW: Ami Jikle vo Harle?


Many times Goans harbour a feeling of regret. Did Goans really benefit from the liberation? Or was it better under the Portuguese rule? In his latest tiatr, "Ami Jikle vo Harle?", Tony Dias presents a tale of dreams many Goans had when they fought for liberation.

This is also about those Goans who had a premonition, that this tiny gem-Goa would one day see a lot of corruption and its fallouts.

There is Mr Figueiredo, a rich land lord who does not want Goa to be liberated. His son Armando and daughter-in -law Isabel support the freedom fighters. Goa finally is liberated from the clutches of the Portuguese but soon finds itself trapped into a web of corruption, rape, misuse of power and rampant availability of drugs. Goans, who had expected jobs in the administration, watch helplessly as non-Goans grab the best employment opportunities. The Goan youth opt for Portuguese passports and leave the land to work abroad. Besides these problems, there are many others that the people have to face. Watch it all on the stage.

The direction is top-notch. There are beautiful settings. The cast is near perfect which all goes into making this play worth watching. The opening scene in a setting of an Indo-Portuguese styled house is a treat to the eyes. The wedding scene and the special effects of the tiger and the goat are well done. The cast has veteran Clara, cast as the elderly spinster. She does a good job. The young Andrea is pretty, has a good dress sense and executes her role, as the young lover in style. Filu plays Isabel and later a reporter. Willie Silveira is back and is cast opposite Andrea. He plays a fine role of the young man in love but wants to seek employment abroad. The pick of the cast is Premanand Sangodkar, perfect as Mr Figueiredo. He has great acting skills and dialogue delivery. It is great to watch him. Ronnie acts well as the minister, Filipe Almeida plays various roles well, Trindade and Rocky Dias are the freedom fighters. It is good to see Janet, back on stage, providing the humour along with Jane, Valencia, Caetano, Piety, Jeson and Aurelius. Ambe is superb with a perfectly natural act that is packed with humour.

A D Diniz and his band provide the music. In between the acts there are songs by Filu, Valencia, Janet, Filipe, Cielo, Trindade and Francis. Solos by Felcy, Abel (good voice and modulations), Nazario, Ignatius de Xelvon and a trio from Ignatius-Felcy-Abel need a special mention.

Those who have nostalgic memories of the good old days should watch this drama. Many will agree with Mr Figueiredo. To the others, the show is definitely worth watching.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Khell, Khell-Tiatr & ‘Non-Stop Drama’

Khell, Khell-Tiatr & ‘Non-Stop Drama’

What is Khell, Khell-Tiatr and ‘Non-Stop Drama’? This is a question that is asked by many lovers of Khell-Tiatr. The question has arised becauses the present artistes stage Khell-Tiatrs and Tiatrs which do not conform with the traditional Tiatr as well as Khell-Tiatr.

In order to understand the exact nature of Khell, Khell-Tiatr and ‘Non-Stop Drama’, the Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) called a meeting of veteran Khell artistes which was attended by Patrick Dourado, Vitorino Pereira, Ligorio Fernandes, and the present Khell-Tiatr artistes namely Roseferns and Mario Menezes.

According to these veterans, the Khell was always performed on the ground and hence it was known as ‘Zomnivoilo Khell’. It was truly a form of folk art. ‘Zomnivoilo Khell’ consisted of three ‘Parti’ (playlets) and each ‘Part’ (playlet) comprised of 8 to 10 small songs i.e. ‘Cantos’. The entire story of the ‘Khell’ was narrated to the audience through the songs. Each ‘Canto’ consisted of 2 verses and one chorus. Each ‘Part’ would be of 45 mins to 60 mins duration. The comedy was related to the story of the ‘Parti’.

Somewhere in the late 1950s, Antonio Moraes performed the Khell on a stage. Since then, the ‘Zomnivoilo Khell’ came to be known as ‘Khell-Tiatr’.

Each Khell-Tiatr consisted of two ‘Parti’ having two different themes-one before the interval and the second after the interval. Each ‘Part’ consisted of 10 to 12 songs i.e. ‘Cantos’ and the story of the ‘Khell-Tiatr’ used to be told through the songs. Many a times very few dialogues were said and mostly these dialogues were based on the lyrics of the songs. A ‘Khell-Tiatr’ of two ‘Parti’ can be actually referred to as a musical drama having two different stories. Comedy in the Khell-Tiatr was related to the stories of the two ‘Parti’

In 1976, Rosario Rodrigues, for the first time satged a Khell-Tiatr by setting the entire plot on just one theme instead of two ‘Parti’. He called this presentation of one story from the beginning to the end as Non-Stop Drama. On an average it had 20 to 30 ‘Cantos’ in the beginning. The comedy was fully interwoven with the theme of the play.

As per this information from the veteran Khell-Tiatr artistes, it is clear that the roots of Khell-Tiatr or ‘Non-Stop Drama’ lie in the traditional folk drama called ‘Zomnivoilo Khell’.

In reality, Khell, Khell-Tiatr or ‘Non-Stop Drama’ all means a musical drama which exists in all other languages. The veteran artistes who attended the meeting requested TAG to make efforts to preserve this musical form of Konkani drama called ‘Khell-Tiatr’.

TAG will make efforts to preserve and promote the Khell-Tiatr in its traditional form.

Tomazinho Cardozo
Tiatr Academy Goa

Friday, July 2, 2010

65 students of Carmel College attend Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG) Workshop

Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG) organises Workshop on Tiatr

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG), in collaboration with Carmel College of Arts, Science & Commerce for Women, Nuvem organised a one-day workshop on Tiatr on 25th June 2010 at the auditorium of Carmel’s College. In all 65 students participated in the workshop.

The first session on ‘History and Format of Tiatr’ was guided by Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG. The students were made aware of the history of tiatr and the original format due to which a tiatr is considered a unique dramatic form.

The second session on ‘Script & Lyrics Writing’ was conducted by Joe Rose, a popular tiatr artiste. Mr. Rose who himself is a scriptwriter and lyricist, besides giving theoretical knowledge about script and lyrics writing, also enriched his presentation with personal experiences of writing scripts and composing songs.

The post lunch session on ‘Direction & Acting in Tiatrs’ was conducted by Fr. Nevel Gracias, a writer and director of tiatr. Besides, theoretical aspects, Fr. Gracias stressed on practicals as far as acting is concerned.

The presentations were substantiated with entertainment programme presented by Ben Evangelisto and Janet which included solo singing, duets and acting.

Earlier the workshop was inaugurated by the Principal of the College, Dr. (Sr.) M. Aradhana A.C by lighting the traditional lamp in the presence of Tomazinho Cardozo, Joe Rose and the Head of Konkani Department Queenie Viegas.

During the valedictory function, the participants of the workshop were awarded with certificates of participation. Mr. Agnelo proposed a vote of thanks.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary
Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG)


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