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Tiatr Review - Amchoch Dhorm Kiteak Alta

Tiatr Review - Amchoch Dhorm Kiteak Alta
By J P Pereira

Simon Gonsalves has written and directed this Lenten play, which points out the various evil deeds we do, while still trying to depict ourselves as good Christians with high moral values.

There are two families in the play–one rich, the other middle class. The rich man has committed many atrocities, his wife although God fearing has something to hide and their son is a loafer. The other family consists of a father and his two children. The daughter is in love with the rich man’s son and the son seems unsure of what he is doing. Also in the play are parish priests and a Hindu neighbour (to the rich man) who has suffered a great tragedy. Watch the play to know what happens in the lives of these people.

The play has a nice script, good direction, plenty of special scenes and lots of humour too. Betty Alvares as the rich man’s wife and Bushka as the daughter perform very well. Justino as the girl’s father, Jacinto as the rich man and Simon as the confused son put up a fine act as well. Franky acts well as the wayward son, but tends to shout and scream at times.

The pick is Ignatius de Xelvon, perfect as the tragic Gurudas and Dominic gives a realistic performance as a parish priest. Xavier Gomes plays the other priest. Ambe, (great act as the free loader) Selvy and Sally provide plenty of humour.

Augusto de Panchwadi provides the music. Bushka renders the introductory song well and in between the acts there are songs by her, Xavier Gomes and Marcus Vaz. A solo by Abel and a trio from Simon-Xavier-Marcos needs special mention.

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[Simon Gonsalves seen 2nd from left at the Award Ceremony of KGTS in Kuwait]

Rico Rod, a lifetime of achievement

Rico Rod, a lifetime of achievement

Published on: March 18, 2010 - Navhind Times

by J P Pereira

When the Tiatr Academy, Goa, organised the first Popular Tiatr Festival, veteran Rico Rod was requested to inaugurate the festival.

This popular actor, with his impeccable comic timing, has carved a niche for himself among lovers of Konkani ‘tiatr’.

Born on 22nd January, 1933, Ricardo Vicente Rodrigues, son of Luis Filipe and Anna Conceicao Rodrigues assumed the name Rico Rod for the stage and wowed the audience with his acting, singing and direction–his forte being comedy. Hailing from Chinchinim, Rico completed ‘Segundo Grao’ and continued his education in English. As a young boy, he would love to perform at school functions. The Parish Priest arranged for him to sing with professionals and an amateur performer was introduced to the Konkani stage.

Rico then decided to try his luck in Bombay and securing a job there, he tried to meet all the big actors of the Konkani stage. On one occasion an actor had to urgently leave for Goa and Rico was asked to replace him. This was a comedy role and he did it well.

Soon there were roles in dramas by the late Seby Coutinho, the late Champion Alvares and so many others. The late Alfred Rose was a source of encouragement. He would write special roles for the young actor and Rico Rod attributes his success on the stage, to the Melody King. Tiatr also enabled him to tour places like Nairobi, Mombasa, Uganda and others where Goans were found.

Rico Rod wrote and directed his own ‘tiatr’. The first was ‘Nanv Naslolo’. This was followed by ‘Paichem Vhoddponn’, ‘Prachit’, ‘Goenchem Udok’, ‘Bailek Lagon’ and ‘Duspott ani Ekvott’. In ‘Torui kiteak sotaitai’, he played five different roles surprising the audience with his versatility and was named ‘Prince of Comedy’ a title the veteran never used in his career as a ‘tiatrist’.

He produced the film ‘Kortubancho Sounsar’, a love story with lots of comedy and Rico Rod did a fine imitation of Oliver Hardy, which had the audience in splits. Unfortunately the film was not a success. However the audience will remember him in films like ‘Amchem Noxib’, ‘Sukachem Sopon’, ‘Mhoji Ghorkarnn’, ‘Jivit Amchem Oxem’ and ‘Bhuierantlo Mhonis’.

He has recorded for HMV and songs like ‘Dorji’, ‘Duddvank Lagonu’ and ‘Johny Johny’ besides others were very popular. He also presented plays on the radio in Bombay. Today, Rico Rod is a happy man. His career was a success and brings back good memories for the actor. His five children are well-settled, he lives with his wife Matilda at Chinchinim and manages his own business. We wish you good health Sir and thank you for the contribution you have made to the Konkani stage.

Condolence Meeting - Seby D'Souza

Condolence Meet

Tiatr Academy Goa mourns the sad demise of tiatr artiste Seby D’Souza who expired recently. Mr. D’Souza was a script writer, director, actor, lyricist and singer also who won the hearts of tiatr lovers in Goa and abroad for his excellent performance. He also acted in Konkani films namely “Nirmonn” and “Kortubancho Sonvsar”.

Tiatr Academy Goa has organized a condolence meeting on Friday, 26th March 2010 at 5:00 pm sharp at the Conference Hall of Tiatr Academy, S-4, Block – A, 2nd Floor, Campal Trade Centre, Opp. Kala Academy, Campal, Panaji Goa. TAG appeals all tiatr artistes and tiatr lovers to attend the condolence meet in order to pay our respects to the departed soul.

Tomazinho Cardozo
Tiatr Academy Goa
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tiatracademy at

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