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DVD Review

Dharunn Vhoddil is the latest offering from FC Global Music. It is the DVD product of a tiatr filmed on VHS. This suspense tiatr is penned, directed and produced by the famous trio- Mendes Brothers comprising of Felix, Xavier and Derrick.
The DVD boasts of a star cast of C Alvares, Saby Coutinho, Antonette, Jessie Dias, Cajie, Titta Pretto, Alfred Rose, Rita Rose, Joe Rose, Betty Ferns, Mendes Brothers, William de Curtorim and Marcelino de Betim. Music is provided by Babush.

The story revolves around a family consisting of Nunes, his wife, three sons, a handicapped daughter, a daughter-in-law and a servant. Nunes is interested in amassing wealth. He is so obsessed with money that he breaks the oral promise given to his close friend Gordon Figueredo due to which the latter suffers severe loss. Gordon swears to avenge. Nunes on the other hand as a father is a terror and in his authoritarian style harasses his daughter in law for not bringing dowry. His cruelty reaches its climax when he kicks his pregnant daughter in law for robbing his money although the money is stolen by his own drunkard son. Nunes is murdered. The suspense as to who the murderer is well maintained as every one is confused regarding the suspect. It can be Gordon Figueredo or the married son or the drunkard son. The DVD is to be watched to know how the puzzle is solved. The use of Konkani proverbs in the tiatr adds glitter to the presentation.

Saby Coutinho acts the title role. Jessie Dias enacts the role of his wife. The three sons are performed by C Alvares, Felix and Xavier. Antonette is the daughter-in-law. Rita Rose acts as a handicapped daughter. Titta Pretto is in the role of a servant. Cajie a star of the yesteryears dons the role of Gordon Figueredo whereas his son Inspector Gerald is played by Joe Rose. Derrick is the constable Ninety Nine and Alfred Rose is the doctor. Betty Ferns is the comedienne.

The interlude in the tiatr comprises of popular songs rendered by Alfred Rose, Rita Rose, Joe Rose, Antonette, Mendes Brothers, Marcelino de Betim, Titta Pretto and William de Curtorim.

It is a treat to see the gathering of many old timers in this tiatr.

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