Friday, December 31, 2010

Vijay Kenkre lecture on “New Trends in Modern Theatre”

Vijay Kenkre lecture on “New Trends in Modern Theatre”

Tiatr Academy of Goa which makes efforts to take Goan tiatr to higher standard has organized a lecture on “New Trends in Modern Theatre” in collaboration with Kala Academy Goa, on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of the creator of tiatr Shri. Lucasinho Ribeiro on Sundary 2nd January 2011 at 3:30pm at the Black Box, Kala Academy, Panjim.

 Shri. Vijay Kenkre is one of the most creative directors of Marathi stage and his services are also sought by dramatic troupes from other languages. He is a well known theatre personality in the country and helps as a faculty in drama in numerous dramatic institutions in the country. He has also been requested to guide dramatic activities outside India too.

TAG is of the opinion that the lecture by Shri. Vijay Kenkre will help the tiatr writers, directors, actors, etc to widen their vision so that they can take tiatr on par with other stages in the country. Dr. Pandurang Phaldesai, Member Secretary of Kala Academy, will grace the occasion.

All drama lovers of Goa are invited to attend the lecture.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary

December 31, 2010
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lucasinho Ribeiro’s Birth Anniversary Celebrations

Lucasinho Ribeiro’s Birth Anniversary

Tiatr Academy Goa in collaboration with Kala Academy Goa will celebrate the 147th Birth Anniversary of Lucasinho Ribeiro, the creator of tiatr who staged the first tiatr “Italian Bhurgo” on 17th April 1892 in Bombay.
The birth anniversary celebrations will be held in Kala Academy, Panjim on 2nd January 2011 from 3:30 pm onwards.

At 3:30 pm a talk cum interaction is organized. A talk on “New Trends in Modern Theatre” will be delivered by the renowned theatre personality Shri. Vijay Kenkre at the Black Box, Kala Academy, Panjim. The talk will be followed by interaction with the participants.

At 6:30 pm the main function of birth anniversary celebrations will take place at the DMK Auditorium, Kala Academy, Panjim. Shri. Churchil Alemao, Hon’ble PWD Minister, will be the Chief Guest while Shri. Paresh Joshi, Vice Chairman of Kala Academy will be the Guest of Honour.

The formal function will be followed by the staging of the tiatr “Bhurgim Tim Bavlim Nhoi” written and directed by popular artiste of Konkani stage Shri. Roseferns.

Both functions are open to public. There are no tickets but few seats will be reserved. Seating will be done on ‘first come first serve’ basis.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary
Tiatr Academy Goa

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Meet the Artiste -- Sabina Fernandes

Meet the Artiste   --  Sabina Fernandes

The monthly programme, “Meet the Artiste” organized by Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) will be held on Tuesday 28th December 2010 at 4:30 pm at TAGs Conference Hall, Campal Trade Centre, Campal, Panjim. The tiatr artiste of this month is Sabina Fernandes.

During her studies as a child her favourite hobbies were music, dance and drama. In the year 1960 she had an opportunity to play a major role in an English Play entitled “Scattered Feathers”. In this play she acted so well that she got appreciation for her role from numerous people. It was in this show that Master Vaz, the famed tiatrist of that time spotted her and offered her an important role in his tiatr “Bapui”. It was her acting in “Bapui” which changed her life totally and she became one of the most popular actresses of the tiatr stage.

Although Sabina has acted in many tiatrs and impressed the audience with her acting abilities, she will be remembered by tiatr goers all over, for her 2 memorable roles, (a) in John Claro’s “Portuguez Kolvont” and (b) Aristides’ “Divors”. In “Portugues Kolvont” she was at her best and contributed her acting in making the tiatr very successful. Infact this tiatr had a run of over 100 shows which was a record at that time. In the tiatr “Divors” too she won the hearts of the audience with her acting abilities. This tiatr too had a successful run of more than 100 shows. Her acting in these two tiatrs impressed the tiatr audience and Sabina established herself as one of the most sought actress of tiatr stage.

Sabina is also a very good singer and has sung numerous songs particularly duets throughout her carrier with different singers of tiatr stage. However, her duets with her late husband Greg de Candolim were very popular among the tiatr audience. Greg-Sabina duets, which were witty and full of comedy, will always be remembered by the tiatr fraternity. Sabina has also acted in films. Her role in the film “Mhoji Ghorcarn” was very impressive.

Sabina, the most sought actress of that time, has the credit of acting in tiatrs directed by almost all topmost directors of that time. She has acted in the tiatrs written and directed by C. Alvares, M. Boyer, Alfred Rose, Remmie Colaco, Jacint Vaz, Kid Boxer, Saib Rocha, Prem Kumar, Master Vaz, Nelson Afonso, Aristedis Dias, Mike Mehta, John Claro, Roam Tony, Tony Sax, Wilmix, Mendes Bros, Valent Mascarenhas, etc.

She along with her husband late Greg de Candolim produced and directed 7 tiatrs. Some of the tiatrs written and directed by them are “Ximiritint Sacrament”, “Mhozo Titi”, “Gõycho Sadu”, “Avoichim Dukam”. She also produced audio cassette and lent voice to several audio and video albums. She has acted in over three thousand tiatrs all over Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka and Gulf Countries including United Kingdom.

She has won numerous awards including Goa State Cultural Award presented by the Government of Goa.

All tiatr lovers are requested to attend the function.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary
Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG)

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebrations of Birth Anniversary of Pai Tiatrist

Celebrations of Birth Anniversary of Pai Tiatrist

The Birth Anniversary of Pai Tiatrist – Joao Agostinho Fernandes will be celebrated by Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) on 14th December 2010 with a full day programme at the Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.
Joao Agostinho Fernandes is the tallest personality of tiatr stage who worked tirelessly not only to preserve tiatr but also to develop it in all its aspects. For his selfless efforts, tiatr lovers of that time spontaneously called him “Father of Tiatr”.

The whole day celebrations will be as follows:
In the morning of 14th December a workshop ‘Boro Tiatr koso borouncho’ i.e how to write a script of tiatr of good quality is being organized at the Conference Hall of Ravindra Bhavan, Margao at 10:30 am. Sahitya Academy Award winner Shri. Pundalik Naik will be the Resource Person and will guide the tiatr artistes in writing better scripts of dramas.

The main function will begin in the afternoon at 3:30 pm sharp. On this occasion 10 veteran artistes of tiatr stage will be felicitated. Shri. Digamber Kamat, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa will be the Chief Guest and honour the tiatr artistes of yester years. Shri. Titta Pretto, a stalwart o Konkani tiatr stage will be the Guest of Honour.

The formal function will be followed by staging the tiatr ‘Korta Ti Vatt’. The tiatr ‘Korta Ti Vatt’ is written and directed by Avito Fernandes and it has won the first prize for the 36th yearly Tiatr Festival organized by Kala Academy Goa.

The programme is open for public. TAG invites all the lovers of tiatr to attend the Birth Celebration of Pai Tiatrist – Joao Agostinho Fernandes in large numbers.

Those interested in attending the workshop, are requested to confirm their participation through phone nos. 2230738 / 2230739.
The afternoon function is open to public but they are requested to collect the entry passes from the counter of Ravindra Bhavan, Margao from 11th December onwards.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary
Tiatr Academy Goa

Saturday, December 11, 2010

St. Francis Xavier Feast celebrated by Catholic Konkani Community in Kuwait

St. Francis Xavier Feast celebrated by Catholic Konkani Community in Kuwait

It was Sunday, 5th December 2010 and this day will go in the annals of the Holy Family Cathedral and the Catholic faithful in Kuwait. Reason: Just because something has always been done the same way does not mean that it can’t be improved upon. The meticulous arrangements for celebrating a feast dedicated to St. Francis Xavier who is the Patron Saint for Goans, Indians, Chinese, the Filipinos and the Sri Lankans alike. This happened for the very first time in Kuwait, when the Catholic Konkani Community put in a word across with the Goan and Mangalorean community Konkani speaking faithful. Atonishingly from a few individuals, almost all the Goan social, cultural and sports organizations joined in with some going as individual patrons to support the feast. The more-than-usual crowd of faithful thronged the HFC cathedral for the Konkani masses held at 3:15 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. celebrated by Fr. Gaspar Fernandes and Fr.John Harry D'Souza, and Deacon Sylvester D'Souza equally participating in the proceedings. The mass readings, arrangements, and the offeratory was done with the consent of all the participating clubs and individuals among themselves.

The Konkani choir has to be congratulated for the excellent hymns conducted to the accompaniment of music giving it a serene touch. After the two Eucharistic celebrations, holy pictures of St. Francis Xavier were distributed wherein a brief biography of the saint, the prayer printed in Konkani (romi as well as kanada script (konkani)) and English was a delight to carry home. An individually wrapped snack box was also distributed to sweeten the tastebuds for the evening. It has been decided that this feast will be celebrated annually and collectively by the Konkani speaking community and all are invited to join in to garner the blessings of the Almighty. The celebrations has received a warm outpouring of ‘tearful surprises and comments’ from the attendees as this was an unique opportunity for them to be part of the festive moods and joint prayers.

Among the Goans who contributed towards the success of this feast including AVC Overseas Sports & Cultural Association, Catholic Konkani Commuinity, Club 9, Colva United Centre, CRC Chinchinim Sports Club, Curtorcares United Club, Don Bosco Oratory, Goan Overseas Association, Goan Cultural Centre (GCC-Kuwait ), Goan Welfare Society, Kuwait Goan Association, Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonstha (KGTS), Navelim Youth Centre, United Goans Centre, and the families of Dominic Pereira, Francis Rodrigues, Gaspar Almeida, Tome Levino Gracias, Ulysess Menezes, Victor Almeida, Vincent/Ida Fernandes and John/Naty.  For pictures, please visit 

Photos by: Prem D'Costa

Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG) to Honour 11 Tiatr Artistes

TAG to Honour 11 Tiatr Artistes

Tiatr Academy Goa will honour 11 tiatr artistes of yester years who have done yomen service to the cause of tiatr. They will be honoured by presenting TAG’s prestigious Award ‘Lifetime Contribution to Tiatr’ at the hands of Shri. Digamber Kamat, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa on 14th December 2010 at 3:00 pm at Pai Tiatrist Auditorium, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao on the occasion of the celebration of Birth Anniversary of Pai Tiatrist – Joao Agostinho Fernandes. Shri. Titta Pretto, a veteran tiatr artiste of yesteryears will be the Guest of Honour.

The 11 tiatr artistes to be honoured are:

Master Vaz, Remmie Colaco, Maria Platilda Afonso e Dias, Anthony Inacio J.D’Souza, John Gomes (Kokoy), Richard Rodrigues (Rico Rod), Alegre Antao alias Star of Arossim, Tony Sax, Fr.Planton Faria, Antonio Moraes, Ronaldo D’Souza alias Paul Rommy

Details in brief of the contribution of these artistes are:

Master Vaz
Jose Lawrence Vaz popularly known as Master Vaz is one of the few living artistes who has acted in the tiatrs staged by pioneers in the field namely Pai Tiatrist Joao Agostinho Fernandes, Saib Rocha, Dioguinho D’Mello, Kid Boxer and others. He excelled in female roles. He did not restrict his talents to acting only but soon turned into a fine script writer as well as a lyricist. The lyrics of the opening song of the first Konkani film ‘Mogacho Anvddo’ was composed by him. He also penned the lyrics of another song for the Konkani film ‘Mhoji Ghorkarn’.

Remmie Colaco
His career on tiatr stage began when he was picked up by C.Alvares, J.P.Souzalin, Minguel Rod, Jacinto Vaz, Dioginho D’Melo, John Claro, M.Boyer and others. As there were no female artistes then, he played the lead roles of a female and kept the tiatr stage alive and vibrant. He has grmaphone recors and Audio albums to his credit.

Maria Platilda Afonso e Dias alias Comedian Platilda is the Comedy Queen of the Konkani stage. She has acted comedy roles in tiatrs directed by all topmost directors of tiatr stage. She has also acted in Konkani films namely Mhoji Ghorkarn’ and ‘Girestkay’.Comedian Platilda has one gramaphone record of late Shri.Chris Perry to her credit. She has also sung in more than 100 audio and video cassettes/CDs/DVDs.

Anthony (Trio King)
Antonio Inacio J.D’ Souza, is the main member of the famed ‘Trio King’ of Konkani stage. The singing trio of ‘Conception-Nelson-Anthony’, was the most sought trio of the Konkani stage. Their political songs, mostly composed by Anthony, have created a lot of awareness among the people during the Konkani language agitation in 1986.

Star of Arossim
Alegro Roque Theodorio Antao popularly known as Star of Arossim was a multifaceted artiste of Konkni Tiatr stage. He was a writer, a singer, a director, an actor and an excellent bongo player also. He has written and directed 15 tiatrs, acted in hundreds of tiatrs, composed lyrics for the songs of Konkani films. He has several gramaphone records to his credit. He has played bongo & Congo for Hindi music too.

Antonio Moraes
He has written and directed more than 50 Khell-Tiatrs. He is an excellent player of trumpet, drum and base guitar. He has played music in innumerable Khell-Tiatrs as well as tiatrs directed by the stalwarts of tiatr stage. He has three audio albums to his credit and they are ‘Devacho Ghutt’, ‘Pormolit Fullam’ and ‘Ami Tiatrist’.

Fr.Planton Faria
Fr.Planton Faria has written, directed and produced 18 tiatrs besides writing 10 tiatrs which were aired on All India Radio. Fr.Planton Fariahas also contributed largely to Goan Literature. He has written a book on tiatr ‘Xanticho Dutt’.

Tony Sax
Tony Fernandes popularly known as Tony Sax from Vasco, Goa has been an actor with a terrific charisma. Tony Sax has done a variety of roles on the Konkani stage. He has been a hero, a villian, a polished father or a farmer. Tony Sax could do any of these roles with equal ease. Tony Sax has also been a good singer and has composed and sung a lot of solos and duets mostly of the decent type.

Rico Rod
Ricardo Vincent Rodrigues popularly known as Rico Rod is the roly-poly comedian of the Konkani stage.Rico Rod has been an ace composer, a thorough comedian, a very good character actor, a good singer, a playwright and a director, all in one.Rico Rod has recorded many of his songs on H.M.V Records and also on All India Radio. He has produced 3 audio cassettes on his songs. He has also acted in Konkani films ‘Sukhachem Sopon’, ‘Cortubancho Sounsar’ and ‘Mhoji Ghorkarn’.

John Gomes (Kokoy)
John Gomes (Kokoy) has been a very fine composer and a singer. He has composed more than 3000 songs. He has written many tiatrs and sung songs with topmost singers of tiatr stage.Kokoy has also been an All India Radio artiste and has produced 2 audio cassettes of his songs. His most important contribution to the tiatr stage is that he has done a lot of writing about Tiatr, its Song & Music. He has published books on Tiatrs and tiatr personalities.

Paul Romy
Romald D’Souza alias Paul Romy has been one of the few natural comedians seen on the Konkani stage. He has done comedy roles in hundreds of tiatrs directed by the popular directors of tiatr stage. Paul Romy has acted in Konkani films like ‘Bhuiarantlo Munis’ and ‘Boglantt’.

All tiatr lovers are requested to attend the function in large numbers.

Victor de Sa
(Member Secretary)

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meet the Artiste – John Claro Fernandes


Meet the Artiste – John Claro Fernandes

‘Tiatr artistes must love the art of Tiatr, its Song & Music. If they really love it, the performance of the tiatr or of the song will definitely be of great quality’ said Mr.John Claro Fernandes - a veteran artiste of tiatr stage. He was speaking in TAG’s monthly ‘Kolakarak Bhett’ (Meet the Artiste) programme on 30th November 2010.

Speaking further Mr.John Claro Fernandes who has completed 80 years of age recently disclosed that production and staging of tiatr was a sort of mission for the tiatr artistes of yesteryears. There was no financial attraction at that time compared to the present times he stated.

Answering questions he informed that his most popular tiatr was ‘Purtugez Kolvont’ and that it was staged over 200 times. However, he further informed of the 15 tiatrs that he has written so far, he considered ‘23 Vorsam’ as his best script.

To another question, John Claro Fernandes responded that he acted in the tiatr only once and that too when the hero of the play could not attend the tiatr due to unavoidable circumstances, he (John Claro Fernandes) had no option but to act and save the day.

Mr.John Claro Fernandes who was responsible for unearthing the factual history of tiatr during the centenary celebrations of Tiatr in 1992 stated that he enjoyed writing and directing tiatrs and that it has given him fame, name and the greatest satisfaction.

Mr. John Claro Fernandes was presented a memento by Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo, President on behalf of Tiatr Academy of Goa. Earlier Shri. Tomazinho Cardozo, President, of TAG welcomed the gathering and Mr. Victor de Sa, Member Secretary proposed a vote of thanks. Shri. Joy Fernandes compared the function.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary
Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sharon to perform live at ‘The First World Konkani Cultural Convention”

Sharon to perform live at ‘The First World Konkani Cultural Convention”.

Sharon, popularly known as the “Voice of Goa “ and the ‘leading lady’ of the recent new Konkani
35 mm Celluloid Film “TUM KITEM KORTOLO ASLO?”, will be performing live at “The First Konkani Cultural Convention” on the 30th November 2010 at KALAANGAN, Mangalore, India.

The programme is among the many, organised by “Mandd Sobhann” to celebrate 25 years of its service to Konkani Art & Culture.

Sharon will be accompanied by a Brass Band from Goa, led by the International Musician “Theo Alvares”.

Singers accompanying Sharon on this Tour will include WILMIX, YOUNG CHICO, JESSIE DIAS, ALBERT-ANDREW (DUO), and  the MIL-MEL-NEL (TRIO).

CLARON MAZARELLO, the leading Film-Dance-Choreographer from South Goa, will also be accompanying the Troupe with his troupe of dancers.

Sharon promises a “treat of Goan Music & dance “ to Mangaloreans and the Konkani lovers who will assemble from different parts of India as well as overseas on the 30th November 2010.

[Sharon Mazarello can be contacted at ShaMaz Films (Goa),

T/1-C, Kurtarkar Nagar, Fatorda, Margao, Goa 403 602, India
Tel: +91 832 2742844 Mobile: +91 9822386237 Email: shamazfilmsgoa at

[As per press release forwarded by Shamaz Films Goa
to gasper almeida,]

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Regina Fernandes Remembered on Birth Anniversary

Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG) organized a workshop – ‘The Role of Women in Art & Culture’- on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Regina Fernandes – the first lady of the tiatr on Tuesday, 16th November 2010 at the Conference Hall of Ravindra Bhavan,  Margao, Goa.

Dr. Meenacshi Martins, artiste and social activist, who guided the participants, expressed the need of being self-confideni in order to achieve success in any field including art & culture. Art & culture is a wide subject and tiatr is a part and parcel of Goan culture. The popularity of tiatr among the Goan masses proves that tiatr is deep-rooted in the hearts of Goans. Exemplifying Regina Fernandes, the first woman to act on the tiatr stage, she said, ‘we all must have courage of conviction as Regina did almost 106 years back’.

Dr. Martins enlightened the participants with her experiences on the drama stage, on the silver screen and in television too. The qualities of hard work, discipline and determination are of utmost importance to be a good actor she said. Simplicity and humility are also important to keep ones feet on the ground when one becomes famous and attain celebrity status.

Answering numerous questions from the participants, four time best actress award winner in Marathi dramas produced by Goan directors for Maharashtra competion, Dr. Meenacshi Martins advised the participants first to believe in themselves to achieve success on the stage or on the screen. It is also very important for women, particularly in the presents, to learn some defensive skills in order to make use of it in times of need.

Besides young talents senior tiatr artistes namely Sabina, Jessie Dias, Clara, Christa, Rico Rod, Ben Evangelisto, Prince Jacob and others attended the workshop.

Earlier Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG welcomed and later Shri. Roseferns, Vice President of TAG proposed a vote of thanks. Irene Cardozo compered the function.

Tomazinho Cardozo
President (TAG)

Photos attached:

(1) Dr. Meenacshi Martins lighting the traditional lamp to mark the celebrations of birth anniversary of Regina Fernandes.
(2) Dr. Menacshi Martins offering floral tribute to late Regina Fernandes.
(3) Guiding the participants of the workshop, Dr. Martins speaks.
(4) Group Photo of all participants.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet to condole the death of Peter D’Costa

Meet to condole the death of Peter D’Costa

Well known artiste of tiatr stage, Peter D’Costa expired at a young age recently. He was an excellent artiste who could do any role including comedy roles. In his death the tiatr stage has lost a very good artiste of tiatr stage.

In order to condole the death of late Peter D’Costa, Tiatr Academy of Goa has organized a condolence meeting on Tuesday, 9th November 2010 at 4:30 pm at the Conference Hall of Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. Tiatr artistes and tiatr lovers are invited to attend the condolence meeting.

Victor de Sa
(Member Secretary)
Tiatr Academy Goa

Friday, October 22, 2010

Konkani Kadombori Karyaxalla

Konkani Kadombori Karyaxalla


Vincy Quadros hachea fuddarponnakhal Dalgado Konknni Akademi Kadombori karyaxalla ghoddun haddta. Aizver bottancher mezpa itle kadomborikar Konknni bhaxent asat. Hi ek bori sondi Dalgado Konknni Akademi novea ani umedi borovpeank dita. Hacho faido kaddunk amchi vinonti.

Hi karyaxalla Colva Residecny, Colva hanga 30 Otumbr 2010 disa sokallim suru zatoli ani 31 Otumbr 2010 disa sanjer somptoli. He karyaxallek margdorxon korunk nam'nnechi sahityakar ani Sahitya Akademi puroskar favo zaloli Xmt Hema Nayak margdorxon kortoli. Hea xivai anikui margdorxok yetole.

Tumi hacho faido kaddcho ani Konknni bhaxentle nove kadomborikar zaunche hich opexka. Dekhun aizuch tuji nanv nondnni korat Vincy Quadros - Mobile 9822587498 hanga vo Dalgado Konknni Akdemichea ofisant. Phone: +832 2221688.

Osli sondi chukun yeta.

Vincy Quadros
Vice President
Goa Konknni Akademi
Solution to Romi/Nagri Script Konknni
Email vincyquadros at gmail dot com

October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Poilech pavtti Konknni filmache itihasan Konknni film Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo? , hacho Ontor'raxttrik poile proig Kuveittchea desant zatole. Konknni filmachim 60 vorsam sorombhunk ani Konknni bhas bhailea desamni fankarunk ShaMaz Film (Goa) hannim hem film prosidd kelam.

Ontro'raxttrik Poilo Proig Sunkrar, Otumbrache 22ver, 2010 justuch sanjechiea 3:30 vaztam, Cinescape Metro (Farwaniya) hollant suru zatalo.
Film dakovpachi vellachi volleri oxi asa:
Otumbr 22, 2010 Sunkrar: 3:30 pm; 5:30 pm; & 8:00 pm ----3 proig
Otumbr 23, 2010 Son'var: 3:30 pm; 5:30 pm; & 8:00 pm ----3 proig
Otumbr 24, 2010 Aitar: 5:30 pm; & 8:00 pm ----2 proig

Filmachi kanni, digdorsponn ani utpoddon Sharon Mazerello hanchem zalear, Cinematoghraphy Domnic Dias-an kelam. Songit Baltazar Fernandes-an bosoilam. Hea film-an, Sharon Mazarello, Pradik Naik, Franky Gonsalves, Wilson Mazarrelo, Comedy Supremo Humbert, Comedian Eddison, Fermeeno Goes hancho aspav asa ani tankam khas sangat ditat Anjela Moraes, Rose Ferns, Menino de Bandar, ani her kolakar.

Tiketti sugur korunk mhavlle thollar vechem vo sompork korcho: Tel: 99391452, 99540232, 99276171, 99106617, 97883981, 66502572, 65825964, 66153265, 66512602, 99732917 or email:

Monday, October 18, 2010

TAG to Remember Late Dr. Rosario Rodrigues

TAG to Remember Late Dr. Rosario Rodrigues

Tiatr Academy of Goa will organize a special function to observe the Birth Anniversary of the most popular Khell-tiatrist of Goa Late Dr. Rosario Rodrigues on Sunday, 24th October 2010 at 10:00 am at Pai Tiatrist JAF Auditorium, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao. On this occasion Anil-Olga’s Popular Khell-Tiatr “Xim Mer Asonk Zai” will be staged.

Late Dr. Rosario Rodrigues was born on 24th October 1948 and hails from Benaulim in Salcete tuluka of Goa. He was a brilliant student during his childhood days but showed keen interest in dramas. Benaulim was famous for khell-tiatrists, literate as well as illiterate. Dr. Rosario would write down the scripts for those who could not write. Gradually he started writing his own scripts and lending it to others. In 1969 he formed his own troupe and wrote his first khell “MENAKXI”.

During those days there used to be competitions of khell-tiatrs. Two different directors would stage their khells for a competition and results were normally declared after show of hands. In 1971 Rosario brought a change and staged two khells on the stage. This was called a Khell-Tiatr as the khell was performed on the stage. He came up with khell-tiatrs of his own plays namely “AMI FATOR” and “EKUCH RATI”. Other directors also followed this pattern.

Each khell in the khell-tiatr was of one and half hour duration. “12 Vorsani” and “Patang”, “Patkin” and “Tem”, “Chedde Cheddvam” and “Ekleanuch Poila”, “Hindustani Cheddvam” and “Frank Sinatra” etc were some of his famous khell-tiatrs of one and half hour duration each. In 1976 Dr. Rosario Rodrigues started a new innovation on the khell-tiatr stage. Instead of two plays he staged a full length drama of 3 hours “FATTIM PAULO”. It was a big success. Other directors also followed this pattern.

There was a time when tiatrs were witnessed by high class and the literate people while khell-tiatrs by the masses. Dr. Rosario Rodrigues changed this too. He was instrumental in bringing khell-tiatrs on par with tiatrs so much so that the popularity of khell-tiatrs surpassed that of tiatrs. Rosario had many innovations to his credit in different fields of khell-tiatr.

He wrote and directed more than 75 dramas. He was responsible to take khell-tiatrs to each and every nook and corner of Goa and other parts of the country. He traveled to Mumbai, Pune, border areas of Karnataka, Maharashtra to stage his khell-tiatrs. He also staged performances in the Gulf.

This great personality of the khell-tiatr stage expired at a tender age of 58 years on 5th August 2003.

In order to keep the memories of late Dr. Rosario Rodrigues alive to the modern generation, TAG celebrates his birthday on 24th instant. Tiatr lovers and well wishers of Late Dr. Rosario are requested to attend the celebrations along with family members and friends.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary
Tiatr Academy Goa



For the first time in the history of Konkani films an international premiere of the Konkani film “Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?” produced by ShaMaz Films (Goa) will be held in the State of Kuwait to give the much needed international exposure for the Konkani films. Come, join in and celebrate the 60th anniversary of Konkani cinema.

The Konkani film will be released as an International Premiere on Friday, October 22, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. at Cinescape Metro (Farwaniya) owned and managed by Kuwait National Cinema Co. (KNCC). The detailed screening schedule is as follows:
Oct. 22, 2010 Friday: 3:30 pm; 5:30 pm; & 8:00 pm ----3 screenings
Oct 23, 2010 Saturday: 3:30 pm; 5:30 pm; & 8:00 pm ----3 screenings
Oct 24, 2010 Sunday: 5:30 pm; & 8:00 pm ----2 screenings

The film has screenplay, direction and is produced by Sharon Mazarello with cinematography by Domnic Dias and Music by Blathazar Fernandes and featuring Sharon Mazarello, Pradip Naik, Franky Gonsalves, Wilson Mazarello, Comedy Supremo Humbert, Comedian Eddison, Fermeeno Goes and special appearances by Anjela Moraes, Roseferns and Menino de Bandar, among others.
For your ticket reservations please log on to or contact Tel: 99391452, 99540232, 99376171, 99106617, 97883981, 66502572, 65825964, 66153265, 66512602, 99732917 or email:

[as forwarded to gasper almeida,]

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mapusa Nagrikancho Ekvott Panel for Mapusa Municipal Elections

Mapusa Nagrikancho Ekvott Panel for Mapusa Municipal Elections

MNE’s Five Candidates in Mapusa Municipal Election Fray

Mapusa, Oct 26: WOMEN POWER is in the limelight with the Mapusa Nagrikancho Ekvott [MNE] introducing five candidates – four of them ladies -- for the elections to the Mapusa Municipal Council Elections which will be held on October 31 this year.

The candidates are : Jacinto D’Souza (Ward No.3 – Karaswado) , Jeanette Gomes (Ward No.4 – Camarcazana), Freeda Coutinho (Ward No.6 – Feira Alta), Samira Swar (Ward No.8 – Angod) and Angela Sequeira (Ward No. 15 – Morod).

“These five candidates are members of the MNE and were chosen because of their active participation in the MNE-involved activities selected for their commitment towards fulfilling the aims and objectives of our organization, ” said MNE convenor Advocate Antonio Lobo.

Drastic restructuring of the cluttered and filthy Mapusa Municipal Market, bad roads, ineffective garbage collection, lack of sewerage system for Mapusa (which is now already in stages of implementation – thanks to the MNE’s efforts in this direction), overflowing drains and gutters, menace of stray dogs and cattle are some of the issues being highlighted in the MNE’s Manifesto that promises relevant solutions through its candidates being elected to the Municipal Council.

Jacinto D’Souza (35), a structural engineer by profession, is facing the municipal hustings for the first time and has pitched his hat into the fray to strengthen the overall development of the city’s infrastructure which includes the much-needed roads, sewage system and garbage collection.

“ There is also the slum area in my ward where hygiene desperately needs to be improved through cleanliness programmes to prevent deseases like malaria, typhoid and so on. Lack of sanitary facilities in my ward has led to people defecating/urinating in open spaces. So I will convince the PWD to build proper public toilets in this regard.”

“Malaria cases have been noticed to be increasing in my ward over the years and this menace has yet to be effectively dealt with through proper concerned actions by the Mapusa Municipality, which I intend to do on being elected to the municipal council, ” he said.

Jeanette Gomes (63), housewife and also first-time candidate, recalls how 15 years ago former Chief Minister Dr. Wilfred D’Souza had requested her to contest the Mapusa Municipal Council Elections. “The present candidate in ward No.4, who is contesting against me – Marlin D’Souza (BJP) – was my opponent then and had asked me to withdraw in her favour due to our friendship – which I did.”

“Though she (Marlin D’Souza) won the elections and was followed by her husband who is the present councilor, not much has been done to bring about improvements in the ward. There is a great need to deal with the garbage problems, bad roads, overflowing drains and gutters and insufficient street lighting to meet the needs of the ward’s 1991 voters. If I am elected, I intend doing something positive in this regard – including house-to-house garbage collection which is being presently done only in selected areas despite the entire ward paying taxes for this,” said Gomes.

Freeda Coutinho (46), a self-literate housewife with training in programmes like computers, tailoring, cookery and hotel management under her belt, is focusing on her area’s problems like garbage collection and hygiene and asking people to avoid dumping garbage indiscriminately, creating foothpaths over open drains which pose a hazard for schoolchildren and passers-by, chocked drains with foul water overflowing on roads used by pedestrians, also posing a health hazard for nearby residents, improper street lighting, lack of which causes vehicular accidents and robberies that have been occurring in the ward.

There is a need for police patrolling in this ward during night hours to prevent occurrences of criminal activities” she said while point out that huge potholes on badly-tarred and uneven roads cause accidents and injuries to pedestrians including schoolchildren, besides proper vehicle parking facilities needed to prevent illegal parking that causes traffic bottle-necks, zebra crossings marked and traffic police to be posted during school hours for safety of schoolchildren at heavy traffic roads, polluted water released into the drains by residential buildings and residents that could get into the potable water system pipes run alongside these drains. Too many buildings constructed without proper hygiene systems in place where labourers defecate and urinate in open places, building and raising heights of drainage walls, while also converting the lane going down to Alankar Cenema from the Mapusa-Bicholim main road at ‘Distikars’ to be made into a One-Way” she said.

Samira Swar (38), a B.Com graduate and housewife, said “My ward No.8 has a four decades-old water pipeline which is corroded, insufficient in size for providing adequate water supply to the 1,342 voters and others in the ward, and where a new pipeline has not yet been laid – despite having been approved by the PWD about six to seven years ago.”

“The power supply system here is problematic with chronic short-circuits and power tripping occurring almost daily, especially during the monsoons, and which – according to the electricity department – can be solved through the installation of a fused-based power supply system. Garbage collection is a big problem as it is not being done systematically but instead being carried out sporadically, while potholed roads need to be filled-in to prevent accidents and harm to pedestrians.”

Swar also highlighted the need for an exclusively-reserved marketing space in the Mapusa Municipal Market for Goan vendors from Bardez-Taluka. “About 75 per cent of this space is taken up by non-Goan vendors and , sadly, local vendors are being denied their space to market their products. So this marketing space will fulfill that need,” she added.

Angela Sequeira (48) Social worker and a house-wife, highlighted the need for a joggers park in the uncultivated agricultural land towards the Mapusa river as there is no facility for the local residents, especially the senior citizens to tend to their leisure except all round commercial activity. The very active and heavily used one-and-half kilometer Morod road is heavily pothole ridden and rendered unusable during monsoons. This road is being filled-in with rubble and powdered metal aggregate which has been a temporary solution for years. Indiscriminate parking causes bottle-necks where traffic is sometimes held up for hours together. One of the reasons for the frequent damages to the Morod road is that the gutter is at a higher level than the road, leading to water accumulation and thus leading to faster deterioration of the road surface, generating chronic dust pollution in the area.

“The main nallah which runs through the market, the storm water drainages and open gutters need to be covered with concrete slabs -- are chocked with filth that provide a breeding place for mosquitoes besides stinking to high heaven, the main consequence of unplanned development,” she said. The door to door garbage collection according to her is ineffectively implemented when all residents are paying taxes for the same. “The Mapusa Clinic road at Feira Baixa needs to be made a one-way” she adds.

Highlighting the background of the MNE, its convenor Adv. Antonio Lobo said it was basically formed by citizens of Mapusa and neighbouring areas of Bardez, who were concerned about the inefficient functioning of the Mapusa Municipal Council in meeting the needs of the population in their jurisdiction.

“The MNE came into being about three years ago and, since then, it has been interacting with the municipal council ( the chairperson and the chief officer) in highlighting the problems and suggesting solutions. However, these interactions have been stonewalled by the municipal council’s lack of suitable response and commitment.”

“Mapusa is growing at a hectic pace as far as ‘development’ is concerned and the new Outline Development Plan (ODP) formulated by the Goa Government is focusing on massive concretization of Mapusa in which much-needed open and green public spaces for parks, exhibition grounds, jogging tracks, auditoriums and playgrounds have been left out. When the MNE met the Goa Chief Minister and other elected representatives connected to Town & Country Planning and PDA, the ODP committee inserted – in the final ODP – a mere ten-meter-wide joggers track bordering the Mapusa river to seek to placate the MNE.

“The Kadamba bus stand, which was constructed about 20 or more years ago, is a ‘shame’ and needs to be relocated to another area to ease the traffic congestion caused by its usage as also inter-state transport hub where buses and trucks stop over in their movement from places such as Bangalore, Pune, Kerala etc.” Lobo said, adding that the growing number of vehicles like cars, buses, autorickshaws, motorbikes and scooters too has added to the congestion – coupled with roads badly in need of repair and lack of proper traffic management that hamper the smooth flow of traffic.

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It is not ENOUGH that GOOD, HONEST citizens contest elections.
It is not ENOUGH that GOOD, HONEST citizen voters elect good, honest representatives.
Wherein, even a dishonest person is forced to be good, honest n disciplined, or to QUIT.

Only through PPS can such 'good, honest n disciplined system of governance' be identified and accepted.

for a date in 2012

Display the 'PPS' sticker on your vehicle today, to reject political madness tomorrow.

This is to announce that MNE [MAPUSA NAGRIKANCHO EKVOTT] has 5 candidates in fray as a PANEL in the forthcoming Mapusa Municipal Elections sheduled for 31st. October, 2010. It will be a peculiarity to note that 4 out of 5 candidates are WOMEN.
The joint visible campaign of the MNE for the Panel will commence from Tuesday (19 Oct) or Wednesday (20th October)

This is for your kind information.

Thank you & Cheers


Monday, October 11, 2010

Sad Demise - Comedian Peter da Costa (Pedru Menino da Costa)


Peter D’Costa’s Death Condoled

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) has condoled the untimely death of the popular Comedian of Tiatr Stage Shri. Peter D’Costa who expired on 11th October 2010 at his residence in Colva.
Peter D’Costa was a good comedian and always tried his level best to make the performance of the tiatr lively and entertaining. He was at his best when it came to mimic certain famous personalities of the tiatr field. He would send the audience into peels of laughter by his dialogue delivery and appropriate body movements. Tiatr stage has lost an intelligent comedian. TAG conveys its condolences to the bereaved family and prays to the almighty that his soul rests in peace.

Tomazinho Cardozo
President, TAG.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


By Dale Luis Menezes

If one were to ask me about a history book that I had read, on Goa (or for that matter on any other subject) that was so interestingly well written, my answer, without batting an eye-lid, would be Selma Carvalho’s "Into the Diaspora Wilderness". I was expecting to find random biographical sketches of Goans who undertook long and arduous journeys to unknown and distant lands, but what I got was more than I had expected: a history book that I read like a thriller-novel!

Selma Carvalho has spent most of her life in the Diaspora and hence she is able to bring a personal touch to this volume on Goan migration to the African colonies (of the British primarily), the Gulf, Europe and America. Along with the numerous stories of persons of extra-ordinary courage that Selma deftly etches against the background of the history of the region concerned, she also weaves her own personal story with equal eloquence. By placing the seemingly insignificant history (of a Goan) against the history of a region, Selma might have very well ushered in a change in analyzing Goan history and the way we perceive it. This book tells us the stories of those men and women who were nearly forgotten by everyone, including history. The focal-point is the humble Goan who comes from an equally humble village.

In this book, Selma assesses the political climate and economic condition of each region in which her stories are based. The reader will surely be awed by the fact that many Goans had a major part to play (politically and economically) in each of these regions. Reading through the pages one finds that racism is also a major element. This is natural as Selma has intimately experienced being a ‘brown’ person in the Gulf, in America and in the UK. She has walked the precarious tightrope of racism. Selma has a rare gift of the sensitivity of a writer as well as the spirit-of-inquiry of a historian. No one has ever portrayed the pathos of the expats with such haunting and heart-wrenching detail.

This book has certain lines and passages that are sure to stay with anybody who reads them for a long, long time. Selma is at her literary best when narrating her own migration story. After living in the Gulf for twenty-eight odd years, she had to leave that place – a place to which, she never belonged. And when she felt homeless and lost, this is what she said, “I bowed my head to hide the tears. Would I ever be back? I didn’t know. With a thud on my passport, the young immigration officer stamped me out of the country, my place of abode for 28 odd years. I was a stranger just passing through.” Sure, all of us who have left our home and family behind and are based elsewhere can empathize with the predicament of Selma.

A new look and perspective is seen in the pages of this book regarding the much mocked as well as envied tarvotti (one who works on a ship) and the Gulfie (one who works in the Gulf). This book records the chronicles of such Goans likes the ayahs, butlers and cooks and people engaged in other odd jobs in distant lands, and trying to plug their experiences and contributions to the mainstream history. Though all these stories begin in Portuguese India, one is startled to find the extent to which the British colonizers have shaped them. The English-speaking and meat-eating Goan Catholic was so indispensable for the British administration, particularly in Africa. In fact, the Portuguese appear only fleetingly which goes in to underpin the much neglected and overlooked influence of the British in the Goan Diaspora. Most of the records that Selma has utilized to write this book are lodged in various libraries across England and this should come as no surprise in the light of the abovementioned facts.

The most surprising of stories in this book are the ones of Goans in Kenya. Pio Gama Pinto, very much politically active before and after the independence of Kenya, became that country’s first martyr. Needless to say, he was from a Goan extraction. Kenya’s second vice-president, Joseph Zuzarte Murumbi, belonged to a Goan-Maasai ancestry. His father hailed from Guirim, a village in Goa.

Selma’s voice and prose flows like music and she has the words to keep the reader hooked-on to the book. But when Selma moves to the UK with her husband and daughter, her story ends abruptly and the last few chapters seem to be loosely strung together. This book could have also done with a better cover rather than a collage of nautical maps which gives it an appearance of a geography text-book. But these complaints dwarf in front of the immensity and magnitude of the work put in by Selma.

In one of the chapter titled, The Exiled Intellectual, Selma talks about the Goans who having an intellectual bent of mind, sought success in other lands, yet who were always longing to come back home. This longing, Selma says, is advantageous as, “Goa at least will never be bankrupt for its artistic sons of the soil, whether in Goa or in the Diaspora, refuse to abandon her.” Comforting lines not only about sons but daughters as well (like you Selma) who refuse to abandon dear Goa. With her voice and intellect, Selma shouldn’t stop at just one book. Into the Diaspora Wilderness is a must-read!

Name: Into the Diaspora Wilderness
Author: Selma Carvalho
Published by: Goa 1556, Saligão and Broadway Publishing House, Goa
Price: Rs. 295/-
ISBN: 978-93-80739-02-1

A version of this article appeared on Gomantak Times
dated 06-10-2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

‘MUSICIAN’ – a new Konkani Video Film shot in Kuwait

‘MUSICIAN’ – a new Konkani Video Film in Kuwait by Shahu Almeida

Musicians usually specialize in particular types of music although there can be the opportunity to move between the genres. The job requires high levels of skill, expertise and dedication. Most musicians do their job as they have a passion for music.

Kuwait based Goan musician Shahu Almeida, first Goan musician to play a one-man band in dramas, has been playing a variety of music right from his young age. He ventures his skills into direction and singing in a Konkani songs video (DVD) album comprising select Goan artistes based in Kuwait.

The album, entirely shot and produced in Kuwait is scheduled to go public on 1st October 2010 at Kuwait Medical Association Hall, Jabriya, Kuwait.

For decades Konkani language songs 'Cantaram' on radio and on stage have been taking their cues from real life. Konkani singers are quick to get across their views, on life and day-to-day issues, with stunning boldness, criticism and satire.

However, in a video film, the challenge any videographer faces is to create a video that keeps the ‘watcher’ captivated. It requires an extra effort spent on special effects and specialized editing techniques. Those who are new to the business may not have time to develop such techniques as they refine more basic capabilities—like learning to shoot efficiently or streamline their editing workflow—before finding the specialities. Ignatius Fernandes, the editor of the film realizes the time and burden that these demands add to a typical edit and has covered it up with a very decent cinema-photography.

‘Musician’ doesn’t have creative elements to boast of but it definitely portrays fabulous artistic quality in both Shahu the musician and Ignatius the videographer. The DVD has sparkling quality in clarity.

Being shot in Kuwait, many would expect the unexpected with Ignatius to exploit what the structural beauty of Kuwait City has to offer. Still, Shahu and Ignatius have done a tremendous job. Shooting a video-film in a country like Kuwait, known for it’s strict legislation for outdoor filming, is difficult indeed. But Ignatius, the young, budding filmmaker shows great potential and professionalism with a more than average creation.

Report: Gasper Crasto

[As forwarded to]

Konkani CD "Gheyat, Punn Diyat"

The well renowned Bab Andrew proudly presents to you, his fourth Konkani album “Gheyat, Punn Diyat”. The music album which was earlier released in Qatar and Bahrain has catchy tracks by well known Bab Andrew, Andrea, and Andson, Aaron. They are well supported by Albert Cabral, Marcus Vaz, Francis de Tuem, Tony de Ribandar, Alias & Tommy(Jr Nelson). It is well knitted with good solos, duets, duos, Trios, and a well sung Chouko by the family.
In the opening song Bab Andrew tells us about the consequences we face we we don’t return our debts in time. A well sung solo which also suggest us to save something for our unseen difficult times instead of enjoying our life. The second song is by Marcus Vaz who brilliantly come out with the importance of wearing a rosary and a scapular, which is rarely worn by the people in thes modern times. The third is a Albert-Andrew duo that sings highly about the priests and the sacrifice the make for
the society and instead of appreciating that some people just makes a mole out of an anthill and depicts them as a nuisance in the same society. A very catchy tune and great lyrics. Then there is beautifully rendered solo by Andrea on ‘Niddukai’. Then come Francis de Tuem with his typical style. Here he sings about the malpractices at the “Fatorda Stadium”. Bab Andrew sings “Fokannam” with his daughter Andrea and his two sons - Andson and Aaron. A humorous 'chouko' by the family which is very rare these days. Further to that Tony de Ribandar sings a well knitted solo “Bogsonnem” wherein he sings about the care we should take while we discipline our children. Great lyrics indeed. Then come a duet with Andrea which highlights the importance of marriage vows taken on the wedding day. Alias renders a solo “Fotkiro” on the hardships faced by a people who stands as surety for others in need and ends up paying the debt themselves. Once again Albert-Andrew comes out with the religious values in the duo “Miss” demonstrate there is nothing more holy than the holy mass. In his song “Fond Vikinaka” Tommy (Jr. Nelson) speaks about the recent trend of buying the grave in the cemetery. And goes on to say that if everybody does this all our cemeteries will fall short and there will no place left for all of us. And finally the last song is a political trio sung by Bab Andrew-Albert-Tony de Ribandar. The music is superbly composed by Norman Cardozo and this Album is recorded at “Audio Masters” by Aurville Rodricks. His three previous released albums namely: SONVSAR KONNACHO, MAIM PAIK SAMBALL, and CHEAR SOTAM (VCD) were well received by the audience. And this album too is a must for all household.

[Review by Mickey Fernandes]


Monday, September 27, 2010

Konkani tiatr “Kal ani Aiz” to be staged on 29th September

“Kal ani Aiz” to be staged on 29th September

“Kal ani Aiz” a Konkani tiatr written by Tomazinho Cardozo will be staged on 29th September at 7:00 pm at the DMK Auditorium of Kala Academy in the 36th Tiatr Festival organized by Kala Academy Goa.

Goa is going to complete 50 years of its liberation in the next year 2011. Is Goa developed in the true sense of the word during the last 50 years? This is the question asked by many Goans when they compare the situations in the Goan society in the Goa of the past and of the present times.

Tomazinho Cardozo’s “Kal ani Aiz” deals with issues on social, political, religious and economic fields that are faced by the Goan society during the last 50 years and highlights the rapid changes that have taken place in the Goan society.

Mathias Mascarenhas and Irene Cardozo arein the lead roles lead roles while Anthony Carvalho, Sheik Amir, Simonia Cardozo, Jocelyn Mesquita, Larisa Fernandes, Shivanand Naik, Assis Cardozo, Tukaram Naik also feature in the play. Child artistes namely Karan, Josepha, Violet and Vhorty also act in important roles. Sucorro de Santa Cruz, Sonia, Maria Cardozo, Joao Cardozo, etc participate in singing which forms an integral part of Goan tiatr.

The music is provided by Louis Cota, stage setting by Timoty Dias, background music by Joy Fernandes, light effects by Dnyaneshwar Morajkar and costumes by Simonia Cardozo. The play is produced by Kala Mogi Candolim and directed by Tomazinho Cardozo.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Revealing the History of Konkani Cinema

Revealing the History of Konkani Cinema
By Tomazinho Cardozo

If one has to gather authentic information about Konkani Cinema one must read the book “Konknni Cholchitram” written by well-known writer Isidore Dantas.
The book, written in Konkani in the Roman script, begins with information about the production and exhibition of the first Konkani celluloid film “Mogacho Anvddo” by producer-actor AL Jerry Braganza under the banner of ETICA Films way back in 1950. In fact, this book was published in 2010 on the occasion of completion of 60 years of Konkani Cinema.
One cannot forget the contribution of late Andrew Greno Viegas who single-handedly published the first book on the same subject titled “50 Years of Konkani Cinema” on the occasion of the golden Jubilee of Konkani Cinema in the year 2000.
Isidore Dantas’ “Konknni Cholchitram” gives detailed information about celluloid Konkani films produced during the last 60 years. In all there are 31 celluloid Konkani films produced till date. The films released as late as December 2009 find place in this book. These productions are done Konkani cinema aficionados from Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. In brief the book can be considered a kaleidoscope of Konkani cinema from the Konkan region.
Mr Dantas has taken a lot of pains in giving detailed information about every film. He has made it a point to give the story of every film in brief besides including other technical and even financial aspects of the film. The success stories of film have also been included. The book is decorated with numerous photographs from every film. Besides, it carries lyrics from every film together with musical scores. This is the greatness of this book.
Mr Dantes has also added a chapter enlightening readers on the valuable contribution of Konkani-speaking filmmakers, artistes, technicians, musicians, singers, etc, to Indian Cinema. He has listed 48 personalities which include Goan actress Ermelinda (Sudhabala), Mangeshkar sisters, Shyam Benegal, Girish Karnad, Bhaskar Chandravarkar, Ashok Saraf, K Vaikunth, Domnic Dias, Varsha Usgaokar, Remo Fernandes and Hema Sardesai. He has also featured new entrants to the film world namely Freida Pinto, Iliana D’Cruz and Genelia D’Costa.
The book is dedicated to late Frank Fernando, who composed memorable music for the Konkani films “Amchem Noxib” and “Nirmonn”. The production of this book has been funded by George Pinto besides many others. The credit page records the valuable advice given by Ben Antao, Cecil Pinto and Francis Rodrigues.
The book was released on April 4 in California, USA on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Goa Sudharop, a NGO working for the promotion of Konkani language, culture and Goan identity. The book, “Konknni Cholchitram” will be released in Goa on September 21 at 4.30 p.m. Hotel Mandovi, Panjim.


Promoting Tiatr & Tiatrists since 1994
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Tomazinho Cardozo a former Speaker of the Goa

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


KONKANI COMEDY AND MUSICAL SHOW: Friday, 8th October, 10.30 am to 1.30 pm, at the Ruwi Parish Hall. Goa Konkani comedy king Agostinho, famous comedian Selvy, Goa's number one singer Marcus and singer Francis de Tuvem who was well appreciated last year will form a team of artistes coming from Goa. Additionally, locally based singers and musicians will perform. Please see the above poster attachment for details. Tickets RO 5 and RO 3 available with the below-named persons.

TIKETTEO MEUTOLEO RUWI IGORJECHEA KOCHERINT, TOSECH E-PERRY 99676472, ANTHONY 99232150, LOUIS 94052985, ROCKY 99382698, BONNY 99008931, HERMAN 99013135, DOMINGOS 99430190, DOMINIC 99474503 ANI STEVEN 99517369.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TAG to support Non-Commercial Tiatr Troupes

TAG to support Non-Commercial Tiatr Troupes

In the meeting of the Executive Board of Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) held on 8th September 2010, it was unanimously resolved to give financial support to Dramatic Troupes participating in the yearly Tiatr Festival organised by Kala Academy Goa.

The financial assistance to be given to each troupe is Rs.10,000/-. The purpose behind this scheme is to help the producers of Tiatr to improve the quality of stage setting, light effects, background music, costumes, make-up and direction. TAG is of the opinion that this financial support will help the tiatr producers to stage a better performance which will lead in the improvement of the standard of Tiatr.

In fact the participants of yearly Tiatr Festival had sent a memorandum to the President of TAG explaining thereby the need of financial support to the participating troupes as it is given to commercial tiatr artistes for participating in the Popular Tiatr Festival organised by TAG.

In order to explain the details of the scheme to the participanting troupes of the 36th Tiatr Festival, a meeting of all concerned is called on 15th September 2010 at 4:30 pm at TAG’s Conference Hall.

The representatives of the participating troupes are requested to attend the meeting.

The scheme will be made applicable to all the participating troupes of the 36th Tiatr Festival organised by Kala Academy Goa which is due to commence from 21st September 2010 at Kala Academy.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary

As forwarded to gaspar almeida, by TAG.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


From: Domnic Fernandes []
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Dear netters,

The following Konkani article was written for Anjuna parish 3rd quarterly magazine ‘San Miguelicho Avaz’, which was released yesterday. I thought I would share it with you all. Rough English translation follows after Konkani version:


Devan munxeak aplea sarko rochla and taka muki kuddiche sande dileat zoxe porim – hat, paim, nak, kan, dolle, mendu, jib, adi.

Amkam don hat dileat ami koixtt korun jieonk, Devachi xeva korunk ani Taka donui hathanim dhumpavnk. Amkam don paim dileat ami Dev-bhirantichi vatt cholonk ani Tachea mondirant vochon Taka nomoskar korunk. Amkam ek nak dilam vaitt-borem hungonk. Don dolle dileat sobit ani boreo vostu polleunk, Rochnnaracho rupkar tantuntlean chitravnk ani Povitr Pustok vachunk. Mendu dila vaitt-borem chintunk, Devacho niall korunk ani Tachem raj fankaravnk. Don kan dileat borem aikonk - kanar vaitt sadovta tem ami eka kanan aikonk zai ani dusrea kanantlean bhair uddovnk zai, ani jib dilea sot tem ulovnk ani Devachem utor porgottunk.

Heam kuddichea sandeam modekat amchi jib ekuch hathiar zacho jitlo upeog zata titli tachi dhar vhaddtta. Amchi jib ek dhakttulo sando zo donantlem ek rochta – sumell vo vegllochar; borem vo vaitt. Amchi jib hadd nasleli dekun ami tika zai toxe vapurtanv - dekunuch mhunnttat: “Kaddli jib, laili tonddak!” Hakach lagon zaite pavtt ragan uloilelem utor chukichem zavnk pavta; karann, rag ek dhoxea jeant bhejea poros jib rostin vavurta. Aiz-kal choddxe khun jibeche ruzvatik lagon ghoddttat. Kitle kazari ghorabe amche jibek lagon moddon poddonk nam zait? Dekun ghoddtta zalear tujem tondd bond dovor, punn dolle ugtte jeant tujean subej polleunk zatelem ani unnem ulovnk.

Devan amkam sonvsarant jieonk Sumurtiche Dha Upodes dileat. Devache Sumurticho Attvo Upodes amkam fott marunk ani peleachem nanv ubovnk advarta. Aiz-kalcho sonvsar bhov motlobi. Fottingponn vaddot asa. Fott marop amcho dhondo zala. Fotti viret kainch cholonam, zanv eka ghorabeant vo amchea dhondeant. Amchi jib vaprun ami heo fotti martanv. Toxech dilele soput ami kainch nhoi korun negar vetanv ani Devachem nanv gorje viret amche jiber haddun Taka okman kortanv. Peleachem borem dekche suater amchi jib vaprun ami taka xirap soddttanv ani tachem vaitt zavnk anvddetanv. Ghoddtta zalear vonddavnnechea vonttantlean doiallponnanchim utram uloi. Sodanch sot uloi ani Dev jerul tuka sasnnanchea sukacho visov ditolo.

Amkam sonvoim jib vaprun dusreancheo gozali korunk. Hea sonvsarant gozaleam poros paixtt anik kainch nam. To/tem oslo/oslem ani toslo/toslem mhunnon ami peleak kikont kortanv ani tacho abru-man uboitanv. Amchea ghorcheancheo, seza-samareancho ami gozali kortanv ani tanchea kuttumbar kallo dag ghaltanv fokot amchea jivak borem dista dekun. Internet-ar pasun gorje viret ami peleacho abru-man uboitanv. Amkam dista peleacho abru-man uboilear ami jiklet oxe; hem chintop sarkem nhoi. Peleachem vaitt chintche bodlek ghoddtta zalear taka borem mag; taka xirap soddinaka ani tachem padd ghalinaka. Varear ublolo kapus portun hatan einam. Ugddas dhor amchea dhor eka kortubacho ixeob ami Devak divnk zai.

Tuka zai dusreanim tuji thoknnai keleli? Tor tum aplich voddvik kednanch korinaka. Ami dusmanancho mog korunk zai ani nhoi kanttallo. Kanttallo mogan bodolta jednam amchem vaitt chinteleank ami borem anvddetanv. Amkam soglleank bhogsonneanchi goroz dekun ami sodanch peleak bhogsunk zai.

Devak rozar kelearuch ani sodankal ghorant Saibinnincho ters kelearuch puro nhoi; ami amchea peleachem borem chintunk zai. Igorje misak gelearuch ami bore Kristanv zainanv. Dekunuch Povitr Pustok mhunntta: Zorui tuvem peleak vaitt kelam ani tachem lagim tum uloinam zalear misachi bhett sodd ani poilem tujea dusmana lagim bhogsonnem mag ani tednanch ki tuji misachi bhett Devak manovteli. Oxem ami kortat kai? Zorui dusmanank bhogxinanv zalear ami Amchea Bapachi adnea pallinanv.

Devan zonn ekleak rochla ani taka apli zababdari dilea. Zorui pelean patok adarlam zalear to aplea patkanchem farikponn ditolo – ‘korit to bhogit’. Ghoddtta zalear tujea peleak sozmai ani to vaitt rostear cholta zalear taka nitt rostear haddunk tozvit kor punn nhoi tachi ttika marun ani tacho abru-man ubovn. Ami moddvoll zavn dusreachim patkam dhuvunk favonam. Devan amkam sangonk nam dusreacheo chukleo kelear ani dusreachim patkam voir kaddlear Apunn sorgar vortolo mhunnon!

Setembrache 8ver Kristi sonvsar Ankvar Moriecho zolm dis monoitat. Hea mhoineant amche jibek ami talem marum-iea ani ti fokot Devachem borem utor porgottunk vaprum-iea. Tujea lagim ghoddta zalear peleachem borem chint ani borem kor; tachem padd ghalunk ani taka sokol uddovnk tozvit korinaka. Amchea dolleant vanso astannam ami dusreachea dolleantlem kuskutt kaddunk bhonvtanv; hem sarkem nhoi. Borem uloi ani boreo korneom kor. Oxem kelearuch ami sasnnanchem sukh bhogunk pavteleanv.

Soglleank khuxealborit Mont Saibinninchem fest anvddetam!

English translation:


God created man in His likeness and gave him main body parts like hands, legs, nose, eyes, brain, tongue, etc.

He gave us two hands to work hard, to serve Him and to incense him with both hands. He gave us two legs to follow the God-fearing path, to go to His temple and to adore Him. He gave us a nose to smell good and bad things. He gave us two eyes to see beautiful things, visualize Him through them and to read the Holy Bible. He gave us brain to differentiate between good and bad and to spread the word of His Kingdom. He gave us two ears to hear good things – whenever we hear bad things, we must listen to them in one ear and throw them away through the other ear; and he gave us a tongue to speak the truth and to preach the word of God.

Among all the above-cited parts, our tongue is the only weapon which grows sharper every time we use it. It is a small organ which creates one of the two – good or bad. Our tongue is boneless which is why we use it liberally; that’s why they say in Konkani: “Kaddli jib, laili tonddak’ (Use it the way you want!) This is why many a times a word spoken with anger turns out to be wrong, for anger is a state of mind in which the tongue works faster than the brain. Nowadays, most murders take place because of arguments. Similarly, many a families have split because of our tongue. Therefore, if possible, keep your mouth shut but eyes open so you can see more and speak less.

In order to help us live, God provided us with Ten Commandments. The eighth Commandment forbids us to tell lies and defame our neighbor. Today’s world is very tricky. Cheating is on the increase. Telling lies has become our business. We can’t do anything without telling lies, be it in our homes or in our businesses, and we do this by using our tongue. In the same way, we easily deny given promises and offend God by taking His name in vain. Instead of thinking positive of our neighbor, we use our tongue to curse him and wish him bad. If possible, utter words of sympathy. Always speak the truth and God will definitely accept you in His paradise.

It’s our habit to use our tongue and gossip about others. In this world there is nothing worse than gossip. We make a mockery of our neighbor and defame him. We speak ill of our relatives, neighbors and paint a black mark on them. Why? Just because we feel good! We even defame our fellow netters on the Internet unnecessarily. We think if we defame our neighbor, we win; this is wrong thinking. Instead of thinking negative of your neighbor, if possible, wish him/her well; don’t curse him/her and wish him/her bad. Once you let cotton escape from the grip of your hand, it’s difficult to get it back. Keep in mind we are accountable for every deed of our life.

Do you want others to speak highly of you? Then never praise yourself. We must love our enemy and not hate him/her. Hatred turns into love when we wish well to those who think ill of us. We all need forgiveness; hence, we must always forgive our neighbor.

It is not enough to pray to God and to say rosary every day; we must be concerned about our neighbor and think well of him/her. Similarly, we do not become good Christians only by attending a mass in the Church. This is exactly why the Holy Bible says: If you hurt your neighbor and you are not in talking terms with him/her, leave the mass offering and first beg pardon with your enemy and only then your mass offering will be acceptable to God. Do we do this? If we are not ready to forgive our enemy we are not fulfilling the will of our Father.

God created each human being and assigned him with his/her own responsibility. If your neighbor committed a sin, he will pay for it – one has to pay for his/her mistakes. If possible, try to make him/her understand and if he/she is following the wrong path, try to correct him/her and put him/her back on the right path but not by criticizing and defaming him/her. We should not become washer men and try to wash others’ sins. God did not tell us that if we become tale-bearers He will take us to heaven!

On September 8, the Christian world celebrates the birth day of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Let us lock our tongue in this month and use it only to preach good word of our Lord. Let us not defame and destroy our neighbor; instead, let us think well of him/her. Let us not try to find fault with others and try to remove the speck from others’ eyes when there is a log in our eyes; this is not correct. Speak well of others and think good about them. If we do so, only then we will earn eternal peace.

Wish everyone happy Mount Mary’s feast!


Domnic Fernandes
Gaumvaddy, Anjuna,
Bardez, Goa

Photo of Domnic Fernandes by Joel D'Souza


DHA MANDAMENT - Konkani Song by Marcus Vaz
and Xavier Gomes
produced by v.p. sinari

konkani song saibin (IVY)

Isidore Dantas' Konkani Book Launch

Monday, September 6, 2010

Drummer Boy John Fernandes

Drummer boy
Published on: September 4, 2010
The Navhind Times

By J P Pereira

JOHN FERNANDES: John Fernandes is one of the talented young drummers in Goa today. Hailing from Maddel, Margao, he is the son of Francis Antonio and Caitana Fernandes.

His father was an ace drummer himself, playing for the ‘Young Stars of Goa’ theatre group, brass bands and the popular ‘Radio Serenaders’. As a young boy, John would accompany his father, playing the bass and snare drum at feasts and funerals while simultaneously completing his education at the Holy Spirit High School, Margao.
At the age of 8 years, John played for a ‘tiatr’ by Rocky Dias. This was an amateur show, but also the beginning of a long career. First there were the village dramas and soon the commercial stage. In ‘Battli’ a non-stop show by Pascoal Rodrigues, the young man got his professional break.

John has played for well known music directors like Josinho, Carlito, Augusto de Panchwadi, Agnelo Dias, Anthony de Velim, A Moraes, John de Nuvem, Thomson, Babush and Norman Cardozo and for dramas by directors like the late C Alvares, late Rosario Rodrigues as well as Felcy, Jose Rod, Tony Dias, Simon Gonsalves, Filipe and Janet, Ben Evangelisto, Milagres de Chandor, Mini Mario and many others. Lately he has played for ‘Mahanand’ the impressive presentation from Tony Dias, a ‘tiatr’ titled ‘Denvti’ by Comedian Ambe and is presently playing for ‘Goem Soddun Paulem Ghanttar’ the hit, from Peter-Roshan, that is running to packed houses.

John is a regular in bands that back the singers, for audio albums. He plays for recordings of Manfa Music, with Chris Corriea and other music directors. Edwin D’Costa gave him his first break for audio recordings and since then, there have been numerous albums, some recorded in Mumbai, for which John has backed with some stylish drumming, especially the rolls. He has played for dance bands like Genesis, Major Strings and is presently playing for Saby’s (of the Wings) new band. With great pride he mentions of the musical shows he played for, the late M Boyer and also for the legendary, late Chris Perry, who had presented a grand musical evening at the Kala Academy open air hall, Panaji.

John is quite happy with the progress made in music, for dramas. By emulating the dedication shown by the veteran musicians, there is even more scope for improvement. Taking a break from professional music, John was abroad for some time and worked at the ‘Pizza Hut’ as a pizza maker. Presently he is full time into music and lives with his wife Maria. We wish you all success John and a great career in drumming.

Tiatr ani Tiatrists

Saturday, September 4, 2010

From tiatr to cinema

From tiatr to cinema

Sharon Mazarello, a household name in Goa, famous crooner, is now all excited as she sets out to promote her first Konkani film, ‘Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?’ (What would you have done?), written, produced and directed by the lady herself.
Sharon who is a professional singer in tiatrs for the last 25 years tried her hand at writing and that is how this movie idea eventually was born.

“This story is actually a tiatr script which I had submitted at the Kala Academy’s competition and had staged. It received a good response. That is when I submitted the same script to avail of the film financing scheme of the Goa government. Actually we (my husband, Wilmix, son, Claron) had submitted three scripts but this got selected. That is when the process of writing a story began,” stated Sharon while speaking at the launch of the music of the movie at the FM radio station, Radio Mirchi. ‘Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo? is slated to be released on November 1.
The music album was formally released by the president of the Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG), Mr Tomazinho Cardozo who stated that Sharon’s venture into Konkani cinema would help take Konkani music to a wider audience.

The music for the film has been created by Balthazar Fernandes (ex-assistant to Kalyanji-Anandji) while Wilmix has penned the lyrics and set it to tune. The cinematography has been done by Domnic Dias.

The cast of the movie includes Sharon Mazarello, Pradip Naik, Franky Gonsalves, Wilmix, Comedy Supremo Humbert, Effie Fernandes, Roseferns, Menino de Bandar, Comedian Edisson, Fermeeno, etc.

The music album will be formally released in the market next week. Till then Radio Mirchi will play the songs on their radio station.
Speaking more about the movie, Sharon added that it was a woman centric film. “In our society we always blame a woman even if she is not at fault. My film deals with this aspect,” added Sharon who refused to reveal more about the film as it would then lose out on the suspense element.

Commenting further, she mentioned that this film has achieved many firsts. Through this film, Sharon has started a blog ( and has become the first Goan tiatrist to do so. This blog has interesting snippets related to the movie, its cast, and crew. There is also a section on Wilmx and Sharon - a real life couple - and their love and their journey on the Konkani stage. There is detail data about their work and their achievements.

“We also wanted to do away with giving press kits and by having this blog we are actually saving on a lot of paper,” adds Claron Mazarello.
This will also be the first Konkani film to use professional choreography involving Goan fire-dancers.
‘Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo? also came across a few hurdles prior to its release. It was stalled by the censor board for using two names -‘Parvati’ and ‘Tulsi’ in a comic scene. “We didn’t realise they are mythological names; we were only trying to make a comic remark on TV serials. We changed those names as we don’t want to hurt any sentiments,” says Sharon.

Currently Sharon is working on two more scripts and is considering films as the next step. She says, “I will continue acting on stage but films are what that I am focusing on as of now. It is indeed a wider and a bigger platform,” concludes Sharon.

From Bollywood to Konkani films, making sweet music

From Bollywood to Konkani films, making sweet music

Having worked as assistant music director for Bollwood greats like Kalyanji Anandji and being a part of musical masterpieces like ‘Meri desh ki dharti’ and ‘Pal Pal dil ke pas’ Balthazar Fernandes, aka Baltu, from Goa speaks of his tryst as a first time music director for a Konkani film. He looks back on his journey in Bollywood.
‘Tum kito kortolo aslo’ is your first Konkani film as music director. Tell us something about the music?

This will be my first Konkani film as music director, but I have earlier worked as assistant music director for Frank Fernand for Konkani classics like ‘Amche Noxib’ and ‘Nirmon’. The music for this film has been composed for an orchestra. Around 40 local musicians are part of the ensemble. The music has a Goan feel with a lot of Goan music elements like harmony, counter-point, counter-melody and chorus.
What was the reason for such a massive music set up?
It is different when you listen to music played by an orchestra. I wanted to show how orchestra music is possible for a film. To get type of music, you need to play in an orchestra. In India there are not many orchestras. In fact you can count them on your fingers tips.
What Bollywood assignments are you currently working on?
I now have fewer assignments. Now just about anybody gets into music direction. In many cases, the music is created by one man on the keyboard. Till today, whenever I listen to an orchestra, I have tears in my eyes. It is not the same when you hear other music.
Many Goans have played pivotal roles in Bollywood in the early 70s. Sadly, not many have got recognition for their contribution. Comment.
Indian music is different. It is based more on melody. The rhythm is important. On the other hand Goan music has counter harmony and harmony which not many understand. I worked as an assistant music director for Anandji-Kalyanji, but my name never appeared in the credit scroll. The payment was not good either, and that is what compelled me to quit after working with them for 11 years.
Do Goans still dominate the music scene in Mumbai like they did once before?
Now there are many educated musicians on the scene. They know how to write Indian music. They do it in a simple style. A lot of students are also studying counter point. There are many Goans but there are also many musicians from other states.
What have you to say about the lack of originality on the Goan music scenario?
Goans are talented; unfortunately something has gone wrong. Music is there in our blood. Goans will appreciate music more than the others do. The Goan school of music or Church schools where solfege was taught are no longer there. Music is neglected in schools. The entire system of education has changed.
Could you suggest steps to bring about improvement?
We have to teach music right from the primary level. Children must not learn by rote. Be it drama or church, they must be given a chance to perform in public. This is what I would advise them.
Could you tell us something about your own journey in the music industry?
I learnt in the Goan school of music. If not for it, I would not have been what I am. I learnt the violin from foreign teachers in Mumbai. I later taught brass bands in schools. Then I got a break in the Hindi film industry.
What was it like to work in the Bombay film industry?
To be frank, I did not enjoy it. It is not my kind of music. But you got to earn your bread.
Do you have plans of relocating to Goa?
Yes. Although, I am stationed in Mumbai, Chorao is my native place. I come every six months to Goa. On my visits, I do a lot of music with the church and the children from my village.


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