Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Meet the Artiste -- Sabina Fernandes

Meet the Artiste   --  Sabina Fernandes

The monthly programme, “Meet the Artiste” organized by Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) will be held on Tuesday 28th December 2010 at 4:30 pm at TAGs Conference Hall, Campal Trade Centre, Campal, Panjim. The tiatr artiste of this month is Sabina Fernandes.

During her studies as a child her favourite hobbies were music, dance and drama. In the year 1960 she had an opportunity to play a major role in an English Play entitled “Scattered Feathers”. In this play she acted so well that she got appreciation for her role from numerous people. It was in this show that Master Vaz, the famed tiatrist of that time spotted her and offered her an important role in his tiatr “Bapui”. It was her acting in “Bapui” which changed her life totally and she became one of the most popular actresses of the tiatr stage.

Although Sabina has acted in many tiatrs and impressed the audience with her acting abilities, she will be remembered by tiatr goers all over, for her 2 memorable roles, (a) in John Claro’s “Portuguez Kolvont” and (b) Aristides’ “Divors”. In “Portugues Kolvont” she was at her best and contributed her acting in making the tiatr very successful. Infact this tiatr had a run of over 100 shows which was a record at that time. In the tiatr “Divors” too she won the hearts of the audience with her acting abilities. This tiatr too had a successful run of more than 100 shows. Her acting in these two tiatrs impressed the tiatr audience and Sabina established herself as one of the most sought actress of tiatr stage.

Sabina is also a very good singer and has sung numerous songs particularly duets throughout her carrier with different singers of tiatr stage. However, her duets with her late husband Greg de Candolim were very popular among the tiatr audience. Greg-Sabina duets, which were witty and full of comedy, will always be remembered by the tiatr fraternity. Sabina has also acted in films. Her role in the film “Mhoji Ghorcarn” was very impressive.

Sabina, the most sought actress of that time, has the credit of acting in tiatrs directed by almost all topmost directors of that time. She has acted in the tiatrs written and directed by C. Alvares, M. Boyer, Alfred Rose, Remmie Colaco, Jacint Vaz, Kid Boxer, Saib Rocha, Prem Kumar, Master Vaz, Nelson Afonso, Aristedis Dias, Mike Mehta, John Claro, Roam Tony, Tony Sax, Wilmix, Mendes Bros, Valent Mascarenhas, etc.

She along with her husband late Greg de Candolim produced and directed 7 tiatrs. Some of the tiatrs written and directed by them are “Ximiritint Sacrament”, “Mhozo Titi”, “Gõycho Sadu”, “Avoichim Dukam”. She also produced audio cassette and lent voice to several audio and video albums. She has acted in over three thousand tiatrs all over Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka and Gulf Countries including United Kingdom.

She has won numerous awards including Goa State Cultural Award presented by the Government of Goa.

All tiatr lovers are requested to attend the function.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary
Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG)

[As forwarded to gaspar almeida, http://www.goa-world.com/ by TAG]


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