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St. Francis Xavier Feast celebrated by Catholic Konkani Community in Kuwait

St. Francis Xavier Feast celebrated by Catholic Konkani Community in Kuwait

It was Sunday, 5th December 2010 and this day will go in the annals of the Holy Family Cathedral and the Catholic faithful in Kuwait. Reason: Just because something has always been done the same way does not mean that it can’t be improved upon. The meticulous arrangements for celebrating a feast dedicated to St. Francis Xavier who is the Patron Saint for Goans, Indians, Chinese, the Filipinos and the Sri Lankans alike. This happened for the very first time in Kuwait, when the Catholic Konkani Community put in a word across with the Goan and Mangalorean community Konkani speaking faithful. Atonishingly from a few individuals, almost all the Goan social, cultural and sports organizations joined in with some going as individual patrons to support the feast. The more-than-usual crowd of faithful thronged the HFC cathedral for the Konkani masses held at 3:15 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. celebrated by Fr. Gaspar Fernandes and Fr.John Harry D'Souza, and Deacon Sylvester D'Souza equally participating in the proceedings. The mass readings, arrangements, and the offeratory was done with the consent of all the participating clubs and individuals among themselves.

The Konkani choir has to be congratulated for the excellent hymns conducted to the accompaniment of music giving it a serene touch. After the two Eucharistic celebrations, holy pictures of St. Francis Xavier were distributed wherein a brief biography of the saint, the prayer printed in Konkani (romi as well as kanada script (konkani)) and English was a delight to carry home. An individually wrapped snack box was also distributed to sweeten the tastebuds for the evening. It has been decided that this feast will be celebrated annually and collectively by the Konkani speaking community and all are invited to join in to garner the blessings of the Almighty. The celebrations has received a warm outpouring of ‘tearful surprises and comments’ from the attendees as this was an unique opportunity for them to be part of the festive moods and joint prayers.

Among the Goans who contributed towards the success of this feast including AVC Overseas Sports & Cultural Association, Catholic Konkani Commuinity, Club 9, Colva United Centre, CRC Chinchinim Sports Club, Curtorcares United Club, Don Bosco Oratory, Goan Overseas Association, Goan Cultural Centre (GCC-Kuwait ), Goan Welfare Society, Kuwait Goan Association, Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonstha (KGTS), Navelim Youth Centre, United Goans Centre, and the families of Dominic Pereira, Francis Rodrigues, Gaspar Almeida, Tome Levino Gracias, Ulysess Menezes, Victor Almeida, Vincent/Ida Fernandes and John/Naty.  For pictures, please visit 

Photos by: Prem D'Costa

Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG) to Honour 11 Tiatr Artistes

TAG to Honour 11 Tiatr Artistes

Tiatr Academy Goa will honour 11 tiatr artistes of yester years who have done yomen service to the cause of tiatr. They will be honoured by presenting TAG’s prestigious Award ‘Lifetime Contribution to Tiatr’ at the hands of Shri. Digamber Kamat, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa on 14th December 2010 at 3:00 pm at Pai Tiatrist Auditorium, Ravindra Bhavan, Margao on the occasion of the celebration of Birth Anniversary of Pai Tiatrist – Joao Agostinho Fernandes. Shri. Titta Pretto, a veteran tiatr artiste of yesteryears will be the Guest of Honour.

The 11 tiatr artistes to be honoured are:

Master Vaz, Remmie Colaco, Maria Platilda Afonso e Dias, Anthony Inacio J.D’Souza, John Gomes (Kokoy), Richard Rodrigues (Rico Rod), Alegre Antao alias Star of Arossim, Tony Sax, Fr.Planton Faria, Antonio Moraes, Ronaldo D’Souza alias Paul Rommy

Details in brief of the contribution of these artistes are:

Master Vaz
Jose Lawrence Vaz popularly known as Master Vaz is one of the few living artistes who has acted in the tiatrs staged by pioneers in the field namely Pai Tiatrist Joao Agostinho Fernandes, Saib Rocha, Dioguinho D’Mello, Kid Boxer and others. He excelled in female roles. He did not restrict his talents to acting only but soon turned into a fine script writer as well as a lyricist. The lyrics of the opening song of the first Konkani film ‘Mogacho Anvddo’ was composed by him. He also penned the lyrics of another song for the Konkani film ‘Mhoji Ghorkarn’.

Remmie Colaco
His career on tiatr stage began when he was picked up by C.Alvares, J.P.Souzalin, Minguel Rod, Jacinto Vaz, Dioginho D’Melo, John Claro, M.Boyer and others. As there were no female artistes then, he played the lead roles of a female and kept the tiatr stage alive and vibrant. He has grmaphone recors and Audio albums to his credit.

Maria Platilda Afonso e Dias alias Comedian Platilda is the Comedy Queen of the Konkani stage. She has acted comedy roles in tiatrs directed by all topmost directors of tiatr stage. She has also acted in Konkani films namely Mhoji Ghorkarn’ and ‘Girestkay’.Comedian Platilda has one gramaphone record of late Shri.Chris Perry to her credit. She has also sung in more than 100 audio and video cassettes/CDs/DVDs.

Anthony (Trio King)
Antonio Inacio J.D’ Souza, is the main member of the famed ‘Trio King’ of Konkani stage. The singing trio of ‘Conception-Nelson-Anthony’, was the most sought trio of the Konkani stage. Their political songs, mostly composed by Anthony, have created a lot of awareness among the people during the Konkani language agitation in 1986.

Star of Arossim
Alegro Roque Theodorio Antao popularly known as Star of Arossim was a multifaceted artiste of Konkni Tiatr stage. He was a writer, a singer, a director, an actor and an excellent bongo player also. He has written and directed 15 tiatrs, acted in hundreds of tiatrs, composed lyrics for the songs of Konkani films. He has several gramaphone records to his credit. He has played bongo & Congo for Hindi music too.

Antonio Moraes
He has written and directed more than 50 Khell-Tiatrs. He is an excellent player of trumpet, drum and base guitar. He has played music in innumerable Khell-Tiatrs as well as tiatrs directed by the stalwarts of tiatr stage. He has three audio albums to his credit and they are ‘Devacho Ghutt’, ‘Pormolit Fullam’ and ‘Ami Tiatrist’.

Fr.Planton Faria
Fr.Planton Faria has written, directed and produced 18 tiatrs besides writing 10 tiatrs which were aired on All India Radio. Fr.Planton Fariahas also contributed largely to Goan Literature. He has written a book on tiatr ‘Xanticho Dutt’.

Tony Sax
Tony Fernandes popularly known as Tony Sax from Vasco, Goa has been an actor with a terrific charisma. Tony Sax has done a variety of roles on the Konkani stage. He has been a hero, a villian, a polished father or a farmer. Tony Sax could do any of these roles with equal ease. Tony Sax has also been a good singer and has composed and sung a lot of solos and duets mostly of the decent type.

Rico Rod
Ricardo Vincent Rodrigues popularly known as Rico Rod is the roly-poly comedian of the Konkani stage.Rico Rod has been an ace composer, a thorough comedian, a very good character actor, a good singer, a playwright and a director, all in one.Rico Rod has recorded many of his songs on H.M.V Records and also on All India Radio. He has produced 3 audio cassettes on his songs. He has also acted in Konkani films ‘Sukhachem Sopon’, ‘Cortubancho Sounsar’ and ‘Mhoji Ghorkarn’.

John Gomes (Kokoy)
John Gomes (Kokoy) has been a very fine composer and a singer. He has composed more than 3000 songs. He has written many tiatrs and sung songs with topmost singers of tiatr stage.Kokoy has also been an All India Radio artiste and has produced 2 audio cassettes of his songs. His most important contribution to the tiatr stage is that he has done a lot of writing about Tiatr, its Song & Music. He has published books on Tiatrs and tiatr personalities.

Paul Romy
Romald D’Souza alias Paul Romy has been one of the few natural comedians seen on the Konkani stage. He has done comedy roles in hundreds of tiatrs directed by the popular directors of tiatr stage. Paul Romy has acted in Konkani films like ‘Bhuiarantlo Munis’ and ‘Boglantt’.

All tiatr lovers are requested to attend the function in large numbers.

Victor de Sa
(Member Secretary)

[Info as forwarded to gaspar almeida, on December 11, 2010]


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