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BOGLLANTT - super hit Konkani film of 1973


Boglantt is the super hit Konkani film of 1975 which is presented in DVD format by Leonoras-a Group of Ventures, Goa. The film stars Prem Kumar and Rita Rose in the lead. It has been produced and directed by Muthu Krishna Das.

The story which is adapted from "No Vacancy" tiatr of Prem Kumar goes as under:
Money is the root cause of all evil. Maria’s husband is on death bed who requests his brother Tyron to take care of his wife Maria and son Cedric after his demise. Tyron is an avaricious man who in his penchant for amassing wealth forgets parenting and as a result his children are ill bred. He forcibly hunts out Maria and Cedric. Both of them leave for Mangalore. But unfortunately due to incessant rains, Cedric falls sick and is tended by Dr Henry who provides shelter to both of them. Cedric graduates with honours but is jobless. One day Cedric at the risk of his life manages to rescue Marylyn from the clutches of hooligans. Marylyn manages to provide him a job in her father-George’s home. In fact George is a family friend of Cedric but Tyron has lied him that he is dead. Tyron reaches Mangalore and is shocked to see Cedric working as Manager with George. With the abetment of a cabaret dancer, he tries to create rift between Cedric and Marylyn who are in love. Marylyn’s necklace is robbed and Cedric is blamed for that. Cedric goes to question the cabaret dancer about the reason for blaming him for the necklace robbery, only to find her in a pool of blood. Fate plays a cruel game on Cedric and his mother. Cedric is arrested and Maria dies in a tragic accident. The DVD is to be watched to see how the story unfolds.

Two parallel stories run in the film, one of harassment and the other of tribulations. Director Das presents a real story and some incidents are very touching. The acting of Prem Kumar, Betty Naz and Saby Coutinho is superb. There are catchy tunes as the musical score is provided by noted Alfred Rose who created a record by recording all the eight songs of the film in one day. The film boasts of a hit song in Nimannem Besanv. The film is shot mostly in Karnataka and has Mangalorean and Goan actors.

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