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Henry Fernandes keeping Goan Tiatr culture alive in Qatar

Henry Fernandes keeping Goan Tiatr culture alive

- Armstrong Vaz

Qatar-based Henry Fernandes has been keeping the Goan Tiatr culture alive. For the last 22 years, he has been a regular in the cultural scene in Qatar, lending voice for Konkani Tiatrs and also organising dance and other cultural events.

SOME DISCOVER the flair for acting at a very young age, some fade away as they move into adulthood. Some carry on gamely against all odds and all challenges. Qatar-based Henry Fernandes discovered his inborn talent for acting at a tender age of eight years. He sustained it over the years and has mastered the art over the years.

Konkani stage actor Henry Fernandes comes across as a person with grace, poise and all the attributes, which one associates with a top grade actor.

He has been a regular entertainer par excellence in the Konkani language dramas that have been staged by the Goan community. Awards and accolades have come many down the line for him. Awards and prizes, which have served as a motivation and encouragement.

One such award came in 1995 in Qatar for his role in one act play competition organised under the aegis of the United Stars. Fernandes was conferred the best actor prize at the hands of former chief minister of Goa Churchill Alemao who was chief guest for the competition at Al-Ghazal Club.
Fernandes has come a long way after taking a trip on the Konkani stage as a stage artiste in his school days. It all started at his alma mater St Anthony High School Monte de Guirim in Goa.

The break came in the form of a school play. Thereafter, there was no looking back for the ever smiling Fernandes. A complete different persona on stage from one you encounter in daily life.

Fernandes has also lent his voice to Konkani Tiatr’s singing songs here in Qatar. He for one remembers the first prize he received at Fr Agnel High School Pilar in 1977-78 for the all Goa singing competition. The song he nostalgically remembers he sang and got the first prize was Mhozo Put Padri (my son is a priest).

He was invited to sing the same song in three cities in Goa, which he sang along with the Tiatr group of renowned Konkani Tiatrist, late C Alvares. The lyrics, he recalled were written by his schoolmate from Canacona, south Goa. With the passage of time, Fernandes for once has forgotten the lyrics and only remembers the first stanza. Fernandes now is on the lookout for his long lost school mate whom he has found out is now working in Dubai. He now plans to retrieve the lost song from him and sing it again on stage.

The high point of his singing he said was singing the Rom-Rem-Rod trio of the older generation with late Luis Dias and Prince Jacob in Dubai, which got a tremendous response from Tiatr fans in the Tiatr ’Divorce’.

He said, "Acting for money is not my consideration. My aim is to entertain and make people happy with my acting. One act plays are occasion for Goans to intermingle and families to interact. They have to go with happy memories having watched a superb performance from the actors."

As singer and actor, he said he was inspired by watching and listening to Tiatrist and singer M Boyer in his younger days and tried to imitate him with his singing and acting. "M Boyer is my role model," he informed.

The last two decades has seen him mainly play tragedy roles. On reasons for preferring tragedy roles, he pointed out that he feels comfortable in portraying the roles. "Playing tragedy roles come naturally for me," he added.

As an actor after the script is handed over to him by the director, he for one works on the script and fancies himself creating a mental picture the role he will be depict in the drama. Accordingly, he suggests changes in the script to be best suited for the occasion and for the script and which can bring the best out of him.

A challenge he wish to take up in the near future is the acting role of a blind person. "It is my wish to don the role of blind person, hopefully the occasion will come," he added.

As for directing a play himself, he has not seriously dabbled in the task but has plans that will take some time to materialise, he informed.

On the personal front he feels the tragic death of his friend Luis Dais son of late Artides Dias four years back, was a great loss to the cultural scene in Qatar. "He was a great director and singer," he recalled.
For the last 22 years, he has been a regular in the cultural scene in Qatar, lending voice for Konkani Tiatrs and also playing his part in organising dance or any other cultural occasion.

Kala Manch ka Tiatr

Kala Manch ka Tiatr

March 9, 2009

Tiatr, in Konkani, means, theater.. Kala Manch wanted a new event that would involve MICians in theatrical art, so Tiatr was started.. The basic idea behind the event was to give new actors a stage, a platform and the jazz. Last semester was the first edition of Tiatr.. Participation was decent.. But the inauguration was kick-ass.. There were drums and a shankh.. MVK was asked to break a coconut to start the event.. You see, going back to our events.. MVK must ‘ve been happy by all this for sure!

Anyway, Tiatr comprised of:
-One Act Play
-Mad Ads
-Street Play

Now we shall come to the new edition of Tiatr that happened this semester.

The event didn’t have One Act play because Tiatr was scheduled for 4th March. This happened soon after A19 so time was too little for people to come up with One Act plays. Kala Manch didn’t get any participation calls. Sad huh? The MIC lazy-ness had caught on again..

Now what to do? No participation? The organizers start participating. The event is postponed for a day. Street Play had two teams showing up. The teams did a decent job though. I must tell you that this edition for Tiatr is also an audition for Utsav! Ummm well, whatever.. Now after this, mimicry had to happen.. That didn’t happen either.. Why? Yes, you guessed it.. MIC lazy-ness!

Then came day 2.. Mime didn’t have any participants because people didn’t know what mime is apparently.. So the organizers decided to show the people what mime is about.. The president Mister Jacob who has just risen from throat ki bimaari agreed to help the organizers.. Sweet boy, I say.. He made some dhik-chik sounds with his still painful throat.. The rest of the actors did a wow job as usual.. After this Mad Ads happened.. Non-stop non sense as always.. Full on fun! One out of the three teams backed out.. But the two teams did a good job anyway so cover up happened.. Our Kodali was the man-of-the-match according to me in this edition of Tiatr.. He participated in Street Play, Mime and Mad Ads.. He is becoming a super star I say!

Kala Manch is now international I must inform.. The president of Kala Manch is a Nepali boy called Prashit and the first lady of the club is Arya who is also from Nepal..

Pssst.. Another secret I shall share.. You know before the event, the Kala Manch banner was being painted in the lobby.. And there was a tiny paint stain on the floor.. A very big deal was made out of it by the new guy on the block.. What yaa! Whatever happened to the chilled out atmosphere of MIC! The new guy on the block was later seen laughing at the happy scenes in Mad Ads and Mime.. He openly appreciated Street Play too.. This is just FYI, implication is left to you..

Anyway, Tiatr is an event that shall happen every semester, so we ‘ll see how-it-goes next time..

For now, Kala Manch is busy with the upcoming productions.. One is called Blackadder, based on a popular British TV series by Rowan Atkinson.. The other is Scandal in Fairyland by Badal Sircar, a take on sensationalism in news through a fairytale story.. It all seems super exciting!

So Kala Manch is alive and kickin’!


Konkani Supporters :: Tiatr Academy

Konkani Supporters :: Tiatr Academy

Tiatr Academy, Goa (TAG) got its building at the Campal Trade Centre bang opposite the Kala Academy at Campal Panaji on February 16, 2010.

The organization aims to preserve and promote the traditional Goan tiatr, its songs, music, etc. Besides than that, Tiatr Academy also introduced several schemes like, promotion of tiatr through educational institutions, raising the standard of tiatr, preserving of tiatr literature, preservation of Tiatr material, insurance of Tiatr artistes, awards, promotion of tiatr music and so on.

Info source:

Jagar and Tiatr | Tiatr and Jagar Dance

Jagar and Tiatr | Tiatr and Jagar Dance

Tiatr and Jagar Dance - Jagar is the earliest form of drama in Goa and is supposed to be the forerunner of contemporary Marathi theatre. There are two forms performed by two different communities.

The first form is performed by "Perani Jagar" and is exclusively organized by the Hindu Perani community.

The theme tackles philosophical questions like the origin of the universe in the backdrop of mythology.

Jagar and Tiatr - The second form is known as "Gawda Jagar" is enacted by the Christian Gawda community in different villages in Goa in different styles. The theme is derived from the contemporary village life.

Tiatr is a form of entertainment unique to Goa. It primarily consists of 6 or 7 acts, each of roughly 15 minutes' duration, called Podd'dde, which are interspersed by 2 or 3 songs, solo, duo or duet, trio, quarter or group song.

The songs are disparate to the play but focuses on social, political or religious themes.

This unique blend of songs and plays makes Tiatr accepted among the masses. Tiatr and Jagar Dance is principally the two most important folk drama of Goa. Local talents and performances get recognized through these two programs and government encourages this sort of traditional folk drama.

The stories that they narrate are mostly those from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Nevertheless, with varying times, these dance dramas have remodeled themselves to include modern-day social issues as well.

Performed during the Shigmo, the Romat Dance is a thanks-giving observance. It is performed in a dance-cum-procession style by the people of northern and central Goa. It is an extremely crammed, clamorous and vibrant affair.

It is performed with huge banners, ceremonial umbrellas, festooned sticks. The procession proceeds towards a temple or to the house of the landlord to the earsplitting beats of huge drums called Dhols and Tashas.

Tiatr and Jagar performing arts - Performed by the Kshatriyas of Chandor, the Mussal Dance is performed as a celebration of Victory. It was first performed to celebrate the victory of Harihar, the Hindu King of Vijaynagar, after he defeated the Cholas in the early 14th century. The dance is so called because it is danced with Mussals (pestles). The dance constitutes 4 couplets while the main dance uses 22 couplets. Though the Kshatriyas finally converted to Christianity, yet they have preserved this cultural heritage. The Mussal dance is now performed on the second day of the carnival. offers information about Tiatr and Jagar performing arts, Tiatr and Jagar traditions and drama.

Tiatr Reviews by J P PEREIRA

Tiatr Reviews by J P PEREIRA

Published on: April 29, 2010
(The Navhind Times)

‘Fattlean Poi ’
‘Fattlean Poi’ is the latest presentation from Menezes theatre production. This ‘tiatr’ written and directed by Mario Menezes, is a scathing attack on the moralistic society, that only talks and criticises but does nothing to help the downfallen.

Darryl is in love with Liza. He is working on the ship. Liza is an orphan working as an accountant in a hotel. Darryl’s mother Genetra and brother, Dixon who is a police officer, are against this marriage. His father does not mind it, though. Inspite of the opposition, Darryl goes ahead with the marriage and ten days later, leaves to join the ship. Liza’s troubles begin and Travasso, a local goon is hired to get rid of her. The rest is to be watched on stage, in this beautiful presentation that points out to the hypocrisy in society, victimisation of women and false pride in individuals.
A fine script, good direction and continuity coupled with a nice set, keeps the viewer’s interest on. There is tragedy and lots of humour too. Rosy Alvares plays the domineering Genetra and Agnes, does a perfect act as the orphan Liza. Right dressing and a beautiful display of emotions, is what this tiatr is all about. Victor is Darryl, Mario de Vasco, the evil Dixon and Mario Menezes, the father. Lawry Travasso steals the show as the goon. A great performance. There is plenty of humour from Joana, as the vegetable vendor, who converses in English. Ben is great as her husband while Bobet plays a great supporting role too.
Augusto de Panchwadi provides the music, with good background score from Frampton, on the keyboards. Lawry sings the introductory song and there are good songs in between the acts from Rosy Alvares, Agnes, Joana (especially the humorous solo), Victor, Mario de Vasco and Mario Menezes.
The tribute by Rosy and Lawry to the late Edison, the young talent who recently passed away pulls at your heartstrings.
The show is educative and entertaining. See it with the family!

‘Chol-Ia London’
Roseferns presents another winner with ‘Chol-Ia London’. The craze of Goans to settle abroad and the reality that all is not the way it appears, has been presented well in this entertaining show.
There are two brothers, Antonio and Mariano. While Antonio is a farmer, Mariano dreams of settling in London. Isabel, Antonio’s wife and their son, Allen are supportive of the father while Nikhil, Mariano’s son is in London. Allen is married to a vixen of a woman, Asha, whose father runs a business in London. One day, a terrorists lands in Goa and due to false allegations, poor Antonio is accused of helping them. What happens later is to be watched on stage.
The tiatr is directed with lots of sleekness, the continuity is apt and the script leaves the viewer thinking.
The set looks good and there are twists in the plot, leading to a fitting finale. The cast has Roshan, great as the submissive Isabel. Watch her in the sequence where she challenges her daughter-in-law, who calls her uneducated. Antonette is the heartless Asha, displaying an evil streak. Victor plays Nikhil while Tari dons the role of Allen. Peter does a great act as Marian, impeccably attired and looking quite dignified. Roseferns, as usual, is perfect as Antonio. Costy plays three roles and does them very well. There is plenty of humour. Brian’s boisterousness is a perfect foil to the calm and controlled Sally. The two have the audience rolling with laughter.
The opening song is a treat. The special scenes, the characters and the lyrics sung by Antonette, Tony de Ribandar, Brian, Costy, Roshan and Victor are top rate too. Besides, the other songs by these actors, there are songs by Tari and Peter. A solo by Roseferns and one by Brian (a hilarious one) need special mention. A word of praise for the musicians. Anthony’s blasts on the trumpet, James’ perfect support on the keyboard, Angelo’s pounding bass and Ivor’s rolls on the drums adds plenty of punch to the music. The tiatr is a great entertainer and an eye opener. Don’t miss it!

‘Tin Horancho Raza’
‘Tin Horancho Raza’, a tiatr by Samuel Carvalho , presents a tale of fame and hardships faced by writers, actors and directors of Konkani drama and also discloses the dark underbelly of the tiatr world. The ‘Raza’ (king) mentioned in the title refers to the writer, director and actor.
The story revolves round various characters. Joe, a successful writer and director of Konkani plays, his selfish wife Flavia, daughter Zarina and his unfortunate parents. A successful director who is currently jobless, who is always in a hurry, a young actress who is used, her tough mother, three humorous characters and a politician. Their lives are intertwined to weave a story of deceit, false promises and the tiatr unfolds what happens behind the scenes.
If the details are true, then one sees a very sorry picture of the tiatr world. One only wishes, it were not so. The script is good and the setting, attractive. The cast has Chitra making a comeback on stage. She is perfect as the old mother. Cynette is cast well as the scheming Flavia while Meena, Sonia and Sybel are the ladies, playing the tough mother, the actress and the daughter respectively.
Neville is the successful director, Socorro de Santa Cruz, his ailing father, Samuel, the director in a hurry and Joaquim Cabral, the politician. Good performances from the four actors. The young Velbert along with Michael and Marcus play the three humorous characters and do make the audience laugh.
Joaquim Cabral renders the opening song. There lyrics, music and singing is top class. In between the acts there are songs by Sonia, Sybel, Chitra, Meena, Osvi Viegas, Xavier Almeida and an interesting trio from Michael with Velbert and Marcus. The play is definitely worth watching.

Joaquim Jack, writer director producer of Konkani Drama.

Joaquim Jack, writer director producer of Konkani Drama.

Early life
Born in small village Loliem, Goa did his school in same village St Sebastian High school, with a moderate Goan Catholic family, father was seaman and mother was housewife, he is an elder son in a family, second son died in a month and third born after 9 years. Joaquim jack was originally known as Joaquim de souza but in village his popular name is Jack. As a child he was brilliant student always stand 1st in school a shy boy but always hard working.

After completion of graduation he continued his own production of theatre group with production name "Rafelina Gloria Production", "Rafelina" is the name of his lovely mother who died with liver failure and Gloria is a name of his middle brother who died in a month. His one Act play are " Tunch nixtraie tuzi karma" ( Tit for tat)( 1988)wrote when is was in junior college, then "Duves" ( disease)( 1990), "Pustok" ( A Book)( 1992), Jiklo (1994) this play won many prizes and title for one act competition held during Christmas season, so to enter in commercial drama he started theatre production in 1994 and his first theatre drama was released on 22nd January 1995 at St. Sebastian chapel festival titled as “OLLOKH"( Recognizance)then he shown many shows all over Goa completing record of 46 show. On 21st Dec 1995 released another show titled as "KHURIS" (The CROSS) a story based on revenge of lost mother, one of the doctor cheat a poor lady pregnant her and left in shame, she gave birth to the child and when this doctor realized he will be in trouble of his marriage life, he plan to rid of trouble and planed a murder of the lady.

The “Khuris” is best show and completed 60 shows all over Goa which was splendour hit show lot of people talk about this show. So he continued his passion of writing and released shows every year, “THIKHANN” (The destiny), NOV 1996 a story based on twins brother and image of rape girl in the society. Joaquim jack first ALL INDIA RADIO play titled as VELL ( Time) a story based on a youngster lost his first love and became drunker “ROTH” (Walking stick), Nov 1997, which contain lot of Portuguese dialogue a story of Love child and adopted parent, and a child grown to adult he is eager in search of his biological parent. “BESAUV GHAL HEA FAMILICHER” (Bless this Family) AUG 1998, a story based on a Love marriage couple, they married against their parent wish and later on get divorce because of doubt, but it was a murder mystery, revenge of triangle Love, it was a super hit fabulous drama, Joaquim is still a waiting to make film of this drama if he found a producer. From the year 1999, Joaquim jack formed a Carnival folk group to perform carnival street play it consist of 3 set of play “VANKHANNI” (The Praise) 1999, this show was good but brought lot of bad luck and could not run show long it was a lost road due to fortune. “KIRR” ( Parrot) 2000,a story based on a deceived son to his own parent, This was a pretty show and performed 47 show all over goa, During December 2000 he joined Heritage village club for Animation department. Carnival play in 2000, “The first street play named as KOCHORO, KONN, SAMBALTA, (Garbage, Who, Saves) this 3 play brought lot of fame and performed 36 play in three days “KALLOKANT, SOVSAR, SANDLO,” (Darken, World, Lost) 2001, performed 42 plays in 3 days, KANKON, OSTOREACHI,SOBITAIE,” ( Bangle, Ladies, Respect),2002,performed 43 play in 3 days record break 0f 2002 era. KUMSAR,DEVACHO,SACRAMENT ( Confession, Gods, Sacrament) 2003,performed 42 plays in 3 days.

2003 is good fortune year to Joaquim jack, as drama is non profitable business, never made money for live he left Heritage village club job and joined P&O cruises for entertainment Department, But his theatre passion never left, his first ship was AURORA and the goan crew member asked him to perform dram on ship, so he wrote a play titled as “GOV BHOTIR BAIL KHATIR” the title sound sexy and rude but it was a meaningful story about crew member life on ship and their family, this is first goan Konkani drama perform on ship and created history by a professional writer Joaquim jack. This show viewed by 350 crew member including goan, Indian, British and other nationalities. A VHS is made of this drama and sold to buyers all the profit donated to the Orlim church by one Mickey Thomas Fernandes.

When he came on leave during carnival time 2004, KAZAR TARVONTEANCHE,SOMPLE ( Marriage, Seamens,End)2004 , performed 45 play and break old record. After finishing leave joined anther ship named “ADONIA” and shown drama “JIVIT TARVOTEANCHEM” mean Life of Seaman, performed on 1st Oct 2004, DVD made from this drama and sold all profit Rs 19500/- donated to DADDY”S HOME, gogol margao goa. This drama created anther history on Konkani stage world in 150 TIATR years, In this drama the first British T.V. and stage artist sang Konkani song and acted his name is Peter Barnett. The same Peter Barnett came to goa and created history and sang two Konkani song on Gomant vidha niketan hall and kala academy in JOAQUIM JACK drama titled as MOGACHIM MAIM (Lovely Mother) in may 2005, Again joaquim jack shown another show on ship AURORA, title as KITEAK UPARLEM (What’s the use?),29th Oct 2005, again created one more history first time two ladies acted on ship in Konkani Drama Mrs HAZEL D’SILVA from Chinchinim and other girl Miss SYLVIA FERNANDES from Raia.

Again DVD is made as duplication delayed to received from Goa, less DVD are sold and Rs 2500/- profit made which is donated to St. Sebastian church, Loliem. On 2nd DEC 2006 he joined on OCEANA and performed one more drama titled as “KORCHEA ADHIM CHINTAT”( Think twice before you do Something Wrong) again one more history is created Two British girl on one Mumbai girl performed on ship in Konkani drama, Miss NIKKI BARRET (UK), Miss LINZI BEAVERS(UK),Miss SWEELLAN FERNADES (Mumbai) this show was great hit 40,000/- profit made from this drama donated 20000/- to daddy’s Home and 20000/- to LAR DE SANTA TEREZINA a abandon child home, In 2008 another show was released “ HO MHOZO KAIDO” ( This is my Law) wrote and produce by JOAQUIM JACK in the of ANTUSH D SILVA, the drama was hit and big budget production. Now joaquim jack is concentrated on job and working as Sound and light technician for P&O Cruises.UK. For English theatre.

And looking to make Konkani film and looking for producer. This is his e-mail address and his cell no is +919823524699. If anyone like to make film or Drama business you are free to contact him. He is recently married on 12 AUGUST 2009 to Selza Pereira, from Cuncolim and now settled at Navelim, and living in Flat With his Brother Agnelo, Anty Juzelina, and Wife SELZA..

Feeling nostalgic about village tiatr

Feeling nostalgic about village tiatr


Lucasinho Ribeiro’s staging of the first modern Konkani tiatr on April 17, 1892 marked the beginning an epoch in the history of tiatr. Today being Tiatr Day, ‘The Navhind Times' takes a look at one aspect of tiatr—the staging of tiatrs by locals of a village to be performed in the village itself, which is on the wane and highlighting steps being taken to reverse the trend.

Tiatr has retained its vibrant nature with the nurturing of this form of theatre at a village level. The whacky tiatr writer, the melodious singer, an actress full of verve, have all known to have discovered yet another aspect to their personality when they that to the stage in front of a familiar audience.

Misha D’Souza from Calangute remembers that as recently as three years ago attending a tiatr written by a local and staged by the people of the village for the chapel feast in their ward. A face is all smiles as she recalls how the slips made by the actors always draws noisy whistles from the audience. And yes, the time when the boy dresses up as a girl for a scene is attracts whistles that mean to say, “O my, you could never have looked better”. A village tiatr has all the ingredients to kindle the most classic feeling of congeniality. The loud promptings sometimes leaves an actor into a tinge of embarrassment as he repeats the same. It’s these performances that make you the cynosure of villager’s eyes as they sometimes address you by the name of your character.

Cut to years ago, and the stalwarts of the tiatr stage will tell you how commercial viability was a concept unknown hitherto. With patromax lamps doing the present day task of stage lights, these un-ticketed shows had actors screaming their dialogues as there was no sound system.

The actor with a loud voice was an asset says Tomazinho Cardozo, a tiatr writer and the president of the Tiatr Academy of Goa. The people sitting on the on the ground and often fields was a thin dividing line between the actors on stage and the audiences whose stories were being told by different people.

But things have long changed. Tiatrs still run to packed shows in villages but the striking difference is that the tiatrs are performed by commercial troupes. The tiatr at the village level is a place from which future stars grow informs Tomazinho terming the development as a sad trend that needs to be reversed. He says, “Since the last 25 years tiatrs at a village level has declined, as a result commercial performances reap huge income. All most all the shining artistes of the tiatr stage are products of the tiatr at a village level. I myself began my journey into tiatr by writing tiatrs for the village”.

Prince Jacob’s latest tiatr ‘Aiz hanv, Faleam tu’ introduces lead actress Rosy Travasso, a talented lass whom Prince Jacob scouted during a performance at a khell tiatr during the Carnival.

Says tiatr writer, Roseferns who began his tryst with the tiatr world by writing scripts for school drams and tiatrs that were staged for the village Church feasts says that “the different reactions we get from the people you have grown along with is different from feedback you receive being part of a commercial troupe. We used to stage a lot of tiatrs with the boys and girls of the village eagerly lending their hand in making it a success. In those times tiatr troupes from Bombay used to come and perform in Goa.

It was difficult to stage a tiatr in a village but we used to always pull off one which used to meet with tremendous success. We had problems of entertainment tax (which was later removed), licenses etc. We had no light effects; instead the two bulbs hanging from above served a similar purpose. Today, people do not have time to help in putting together a tiatr. Everyone is so busy”.

Tiatr has an effervescent presence till today. But the need to nurture it at a grass root level is important to get the best. Tiatrs whereby locals act are performed but that’s no enough. The tradition needs to be revived. The Tiatr Academy of Goa has offer schemes offering financial and technical assistance to those willing to organise a tiatr where the people of the village act in it. Besides, there are also offering schemes to schools and colleges to produce tiatrs.

Published on: April 17, 2010
The Navhind Times


Tiatr - Goa

The Konkani tiatr, a dramatic art form, unique to Goa has flourished and thrived for over a hundred years. Tiatr has been sustained entirely by popular support as it has never been extended any patronage and help either by the Portuguese colonial regime or successive governments in post liberation Goa.

Tiatr shows are invariably housefull particularly when a new tiatr is launched. Tiatrist have achieved a high degree of professionalism in recent years with elaborate sets, lighting and other technical aspects. But the success of the tiatr is mainly due to the fact that the themes chosen are topical and contemporary.

What distinguishes the tiatr from other dramatic forms, is the songs on topical, burning, controversial issues that are interspersed through the performance. These musical interludes which are very satirical are independent of the main theme of the play. The songs are irreverent and gently or at times even savagely poke fun at the government.

Konkani tiatrist have been unsparing of public authorities and have consistently exposed their follies and subjected them mercilessly to ridicule. While tiatr has always relied a great deal on satire, it has most of the time been clean, good fun and there is almost never any malice.

Tiatrist have always demonstrated a very high degree of social awareness. Most of the themes of tiatr are concerned with social problems confronting the people.

Tiatrs have focused on the drug problem, alchoholism, the false sense of values of Goans who strike it rich in the Gulf, the fall in values that lead to the neglect of parents, the problems of inter-caste marriage and the like.

There is a very healthy sense of irreverence in the themes and the dialogues in tiatr and the high and mighty including ministers and even priests. The tiatr as a dramatic form has been traditionally the exclusive preserve of the Christian community.

Tiatrists come from all sections of society. Besides the regular commercial shows, tiatrs are invariably held to commemorate every church and chapel feast in the State.

Though a popular entertainment form, tiatrs have always catered to the family. Though the dialogue can be very earthy it has none of bawdiness of the Marathi tamasha, which it resembles in many ways.

Even the harshest critics of tiatr acknowledge that it was this dramatic form which kept the Konkani language alive during Portuguese colonial rule, when Konkani was suppressed. Tiatrists played a major role in the struggle to make Konkani the officials language of the State.

Konkani Film: MOG ANI MOIPAS


The Navhind Times / May 25, 2010
More in: iWATCH

The late Wilfy Rebimbus had written the story and composed the music for this film, produced by Capt Merwyn Pinto and directed by N L R Sahyadri in the year 1977.

‘Mog ani Moipas’ a celluloid film for the big screen, was released in Goa, Mangalore and many other parts.
This was a story of two lovers, poor girl and rich boy but here the villain was the boy’s rich mother who objects to her son’s choice. Good sense did prevail in the end but at a great cost.
The cast had Ozzy Sequeira, Mick-Max, Lynn Fernandes, Diana Fernandes, Edward Quadros, Dr S J Monteiro, Nalin Kumar, John Pereira besides other actors. Filmed in picturesque Mangalore, the best part of the presentation was the music and the beautiful songs, all great hits and enjoyed even today.

Sao Joao Festivities in Salvador do Mundo (Bardez, Goa)

Tiatr Day 2010

Tiatr is a powerful means of mass communication: Eduardo


Commissioner for NRI Affairs, Eduardo Faleiro said that the tiatr is a part of the cultural heritage of the Goan people and it is also a powerful means of mass communication.

Faleiro was speaking after felicitating six senior tiatr artistes for their outstanding contribution towards development of tiatr state in Goa. He said, the tiatr is not just a successful form of entertainment, it is a grassroots imitative that has survived and thrived over time.

He congratulated the Kala academy for celebrating Tiatr Day and for holding one act play competition to promote and encourage young talented artists in this field.
Speaking further Faleiro said that attendance at tiatr performances has increased greatly over the years. Tiatr has also been a regular feature of the Global Goans Conventions which are held abroad every year for expatriate Goans whether in Muscat, Toronto or elsewhere.

Anthony Fernandes (Roseferns) renowned tiatrist also spoke on the occasion.
Faleiro also presented prizes to the winners of 35th Tiatr competition and 8th Canataram singing competition.

Faleiro said that tiatrists from Goa compare favourably with the best dramatic performers anywhere in the world. However, we do live in the age of specialization. The tasks of the script writer, director and actor are different and required different. Some of the leading tiatrists have specialised in one or the other area of tiatr and this specialisation is necessary it tiatr is to attain even greater heights, he added.

Earlier, Paresh Joshi, vice chairperson of Kala Academy welcome the guests.
Teotonio D’Costa compered while Dr Pandurang Phaldesai, Member Secretary proposed vote of thanks.

Well known tiatr artistes Luis Bacchan and Domnic, Pitush and Agnel staged skit and C D'Silva and group presented canto and cantaram.

Promoting Tiatr & Tiatrists since 1994

"Padmashree M Boyer hanchea kantarancho ugddas"

Remembering M Boyer

Konkani singer Bab Andrew D'Souza in collaboration with Tiatr Academy of Goa will stage a musical programme in different parts of Goa. The musical programme entitled "Padmashree M Boyer hanchea kantarancho ugddas" will be staged on April 22, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. near KTC Bus Stand, Cuncolim. The same show will be performed at Goa Velha (Zuari) on April 28, at Taleigao on May 6 and at Ravindra Bhavan, Sanvordem on May 23.

The programme will consist of memorable songs sung by the late M Boyer. They include Ixttagoth, Goyche Convent, Mainchem Dudh, Dothik Lagon and his comic renditions namely Kombo-Bokdi-Mazor, Choug Put, and others.

Popular artistes from the tiatr Stage namely Albert Cabral, Soccoro de Santa Cruz, Aniceto Lourenco, Comedian Domnic, Comedian Luis Bachchan, Shaik Amir, Sonia and others will participate in the programme.

The musical arrangement is done by Luis Cota. The musical show is directed by Bab Andrew D'Souza. The programme is open for the public.

Live PHONE-IN programme on Tiatr

Mogall Ixttamno ani Ixttinino,

There is a live PHONE-IN programme on Tiatr with the Tiatr Academy of Goa President, Tomazinho Cardoz, answering your questions on Tiatr in Goa and the world over.

At the 118th "Tiatr Dis" celebrations at the Kala Academy, Tomazinho-bab walked awy with the award for the Best Director for his direction of the Tiatr ACCIDENT [Eksidentt] presented by his home production KALA MOGI- Candolim. The tiatr also won the Best Tiatr award.

Some details are in GT [In Brief on page 4 - 19th April 2010] and in oHERALDo [page 5 near Shata Mishra's birthday advertisement]

Phone Doordarshan 0832-2222125 for details.

Ravo nhaka. Fon kor 2222 125 aiz sanje just 6 tem 7 vosta.

Mog asundi


Miguel Braganza, S-1 Gracinda Apts,
Rajvaddo, Mapusa 403507 Goa
Ph +91-9822982676;91-832-2255913

"Cake" - creating a bit of mystery!

"Cake" - creating a bit of mystery!

No celebration is complete without a cake. Pascoal Rodrigues presents a drama of love and misunderstandings in a family, creating a bit of mystery with the title Cake.

Joe and Kezia are in love, get married and have a son, Brenson. Joe has been celebrating Valentine's Day with his wife for many years, but every time with two cakes. One is a mystery the other is for their love. But one day, Kezia begins to doubt the reason for the mystery cake. Brenson falls in love with Abigail, marries her and returns to his parents along with Ashwayne, Abigail's brother. And Joe's life is thrown into turmoil. The play then continues to reveal the true identity of the brother and sister and the reason behind the mystery cake.

A nice story but the narration is inconsistent. There are some good dialogues and the actors play their parts well. Jessica is the scheming Abigail, a role she does in style. Maria acts well as Kezia. Godwin as Brenson does a fine role and so do Ave as Ashwayne and Pascoal as Joe. It is good to see Socorro back on stage with plenty of humour well supported by Ashok. The new girl, doing the comedy does a fine job too.

Godwin renders the opening song and in between the acts there are songs by Jessica, Ave, Godwin and a couple of new faces. Two solos by veteran Minglu and one by Pascoal need special mention.
The play is worth a watch!

Aiz Hanv Faleam Tum - Zantteamche upodre spoxtt korta

Aiz Hanv Faleam Tum
Zantteamche upodre spoxtt korta

Xikop gheun, zannvayen ani duddvamni bhorla dekhun, tujea o-xikxit ani nennar aslolea avoi-bapaik kikont korun, tankam azilant ghalop sarkhem na. Az tuzo-avoi-bapui zantto toso, faleam tum-i teach bhesar pavtoloi mhonn Prince Jacob aplea 'Az Hanv, Faleam Tum' hea tiatrant dakholl korta.

Veg-veglle kuttumbache dekhave machier dakhoun, thoimsor ghoddtolea torekvar ghoddnitancher ani zantteamchea onnbhovacher uzvadd ghatlolo amkam mellta.
Ek tiatrist, Roy de Zuari (Jr Reagan) aplo novo tiatr borounk proitn kortana, taka vatter asromantli ek madr (Hazel Fernandes) taka bhett'ta. Ti taka 'Asro' hea asromant vhorta ani thoimsor asloleam zantteamchi ollokh korun dita.
Zantteam modhem Roy-ak Alu (Prince Jacob) ani Salu (comedian Humbert)-chi ollokh mellta. Toxench, Antonio de Pombasa (Cajetan de Curtorim) sodanch kuxal ani hatant gitar gheun, kantaram gaiit aslolo taka bhett'ta.

Punn tanche modhem Jose (Joe Rose) eka kodelir bosun, sogllo dukhest ani chintest aslolo Roy polleta. Aplea puta Kevin (Bernard Fernandes)-achem chintun, fuddlem xikop korunk taka Canada dhaddun, apnnem vhodd chuk keli mhonn Jose Roy-ak sangta. Ani tea tharavak lagon, apunn azilant koso pavlom, tem Jose tea tornatteak 'flashback'-a udexim spoxtt korta.

Anink eka kuttumbant apli sunek Melisa (Annie Quadros) bhurgem na dekhun, tichi sasumaim Maria (Diana Fernandes) tika kenddtta ani ghorkar Oswald (Simon Gonsalves)-a ani tiche modhem futt ghalunk proitn korta. Vangddach, logn zal'le aple dhuve Fiona (Rosy Travasso)-k aplea sangata dovrun, tika aplea ghova sorxil'lem pois dovrunk Maria soglle proitn korta. Sorv-xevttim apunnuch ghor soddun, azilant koxi pavli, tem sot Maria spoxtt korta. Dusrea eka ghorabeant Albert (Joe Rose) ani Celine (Annie Quadros) aplea lognacho bhangara utsov monoitana ani Mumboi aslolea aplea bhurgeanchi vatt polletana, okosmat kallzacho atak ieon, Albert thoinch sompta. Punn aplea bhurgeamcho novean ekvott zaunk, Celine aplea ghorkarachea mornnacho ghutt tanche koddlean lipoun dovorta.

Punn to ghutt, ghuttuch urta kai? Bhurgeank tem sot koxem ugddapem zata tem tiatrachea dusrea bhagant bhes bore toren dakhoilolem asa.
Komedi babtint, Prince Jacob, comedian Humbert ani Cajetan de Curtorim azilant eka-mekak boro sangat diun, lokak bhorpur hansoitat.

Kantaram babtint, Cajetan de Curtorim-achem 'Pinzreant Suknnim', Annie ani Hazel-anchem 'Ostorechem Gulamponn', Prince Jacob ani Humbert-anchem 'Infernachi Khobor', Jr Reagan-achem 'Suropai Cheddvachi', Joe Rose-achem 'Bhavart-Visvas' ani Humbert-Jr Reagan-Prince Jacob-anchem 'Tiatristancho Durupeog' aikopa sarkhim aslim ani boro sondex ditalim.

P Agekar

Goan stars from Kuwait to tour Europe & Canada

Goan stars from Kuwait to tour Europe & Canada

Famous Goan stage artiste Cajetan de Sanvordem and musician Shahu Almeida based in Kuwait are selected to perform in Mariano Fernandes' latest Konkani tiatr 'Soglleank Nomoskar' going on tour to Portugal, Germany, England and Canada in the month of June 2010.

The drama which releases in Bombay will be staged at Portugal on 13th June, Germany on 15th, at Swindon's Wyvern Theatre (morning and evening shows) on 23rd June, and at Copland High School, Wembley High Road - Middlx - Wembley on 27th June.

Presented by Konkani Dramatic Association, and written & directed by Mariano, the drama involves Cajetan de Sanvordem in one of the leading roles with top artistes Aplon, Olga, Tracy, Joana, Francis De Tuem, Jr. Rod, Comedian Domnic, Comedian Luis Bachchan, Anil Pednekar, Marcus, Mini Mario, etc, making the star cast of the troupe.

The musical score for the tour will be provided by Maestro Shahu, alone.

Kala Academy Award winner for Best Actor and Konkani Bhasha Mandal's Best Singer Award winner Cajetan Pereira is popularly known as Cajetan de Sanvordem.
Born to Jose Salvador and Maria Magdalena Pereira at Sanvordem-Goa, Cajetan first came into spotlight when he was just 8 years of age whilst singing in school and village dramas.

Cajetan's first appearance on Kuwait's stage was in P. Jose de Colva's drama 'Aiz Maka Faleam Tuka' in Keefan Hall in 1977, followed by Konkani dramas directed by Jenifer Rod, Aleixinho de Maxem, Benny de Aldona, and the list goes on. Initially he used to sing solos in each and every drama in Kuwait as well as act, specially when the role was based on expatriate topics.

Together with Marcus Vaz and Xavier Gomes, the famous trio Cajetan-Marcus- Xavier was created waves which enjoyed tremendous popularity in Kuwait as well as other Gulf countries and Goa.

Cajetan has acted in countless dramas. Prominent among them are of Late Fr. Freddy J. Da Costa, M. Boyer, Remmie Colaco, Anthony San, H.Britton, Jose Rod, Roseferns, Jess Fernandes, Patrick Dourado, Vitorino Pereira, A. Morais, R. Morais, Rosario Dias, Chrismeena, Rosary Ferns, Marcus Vaz, Laurente Pereira, Mario de Majorda, Michael D'Silva, Xavier Gomes, Bonaventure D'Pietro, Jessy Dias, Jenifer Rod, Aleixinho de Maxem, Benny de Aldona, J.P. Parra, Tony Call, Mendes Bros., F.X.Pereira, F.Cardoz, Simon Gonsalves, Joe Ferrera, etc.

Cajetan has also played a lead role in the first Konkani E-Cinema 'Black Nhesop Atanchem Fashion' produced by T-Bush Films (yet to be released in cinemas in Goa).

Besides acting and singing Cajetan is a public figure in social activities. Time and again, he has been elected to several Indian organizations. He is the President of United Friends Club, a football association and Ex-President of Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonstha (KGTS). He is also the President of Guardian Angel Club of Sanvordem (Kuwait), Head of Cultural Cell of Goan Welfare Society (GWS), and an active member of Kuwait Indian Football Federation (KIFF).

Apart from being a flamboyant actor, Cajetan is also a versatile compere. His voice, diction, flair and linguistic abilities, especially with his mother-tongue Konkani makes his presence felt vibrantly at Goan cultural programs and social gatherings. He is also good in penning slogans in Konkani. Cajetan's cursive 'handwriting' skill should be seen to be believed and his sense of humor heard to understand the simplicity of life.

Shahu may be recognized more in the genre of dramas. But behind his simplicity, is the unmistakable halo of his talent as a star musician of Goan bands in Kuwait. Shahu shines amongst the stellar bracket of Goa's top-notch musicians with his indispensable contribution towards the art. With his penchant and passion for innovative, brilliant music, Shahu continues on what he loves to do best – hypnotize his listeners to a magical sway.

In his last performance in Kuwait, Shahu captivated the audience at the KGTS Konkani musical held at Hawally AC Auditorium. He led a group of musicians orchestrating on his favorite keyboards as well as on the saxophone.

With his ability to play different instruments, Shahu leads a band in Kuwait called 2..S#arp with whom he has performed in other Middle-East countries like Qatar, Bahrain, etc.

With 2..S#arp, Shahu's music spans a broad range of harmonies, from Goan and foreign-inspired music to more modern trends with mixtures of Goan dulpods and ethnic elements. The group is quite popular among Goans in Kuwait. They have even played alongside Goa's topmost band Forefront and many other local bands.

Few however know that Shahu, a dynamic talent with his keyboard, began his tryst with music drumming his way into the hearts of his school-mates at his school's Annual Gatherings, propelling him into the musical horizon forever. He is the alumnus of St. Francis Xavier H. School Macazana and Guardian Angel College, Sanvordem.

Evolving into an ace drummer, he had the rare and splendid opportunity of honing his musical skills under the baton of Chris Perry, the eternal icon and consummate genius of Goan music and playing alongside his son Errol Perry who died recently. With music flowing in his veins, his drum beats reverberated in many well-known Goan bands of the nineties such as 'Ultimate', 'Magic Touch', 'The News', 'Human Status', 'Black Lace', etc, to name a few. Shahu disclosed that he played in over 1000 weddings as a drummer with these groups.

But it was his evolution into a keyboardist that shot him into instant fame. Interestingly, Shahu switched over to the keyboards not on his own volition but at the suggestion of Fr. Livio D'Mello under whose cudgel he played for the choir at St. Francis Xavier's church, Macasana. From then on there was no looking back.

Shahu has indeed come a long way with his association with music spanning over a decade. His musical creativity was elevated further after his arrival in Kuwait in October 1999. He began with a bang in Kuwait-based director Jose Rod's unmatched Broadway hit 'Tujem Nanv Vhodd Zaum' which was staged all over the Middle East and back home in Goa.

Shahu has also played dramas in Muscat, Doha, Bahrain, Bangalore, Darjeeling, etc, and performed for top directors such as Prem Kumar, Roseferns, Jacob, Menino de Bandar, Pascoal Rodrigues, C.D. Silva, John D' Silva, Ben Evangelist, Rosario Rodrigues, etc, apart from all the directors in Kuwait.
He also did a short musical stint playing live music at Dubai's famous Viva Goa hotel.

Shahu’s most challenging one-man performance was in Mini Mario's 'Kiteak Ho Bazar Cholta?' staged in Kuwait in 2007. "I had to pick-up the notes on the troupe's arrival on the morning of the show and I can proudly say that I played to perfection without suitable rehearsals," says Shahu, adding further, "with handy musical notes, I can play non stop music for over 8 hours.

The young maestro can be aptly described as a consummate artist with an alluring passion and drive for music. Undoubtedly his heart thumps 'musical' beats all the way through, for when it comes to music he is simply indefatigable, endowed with an amazing genius and coupled with a prodigious memory for music.

Shahu reached the highpoint of his career when he was roped in as the music composer by the doyen of Konkani stage, the legendary Rosario Rodrigues – Shakespeare of Konkani stage, wherein his captivating rhythm set aflame many of the unforgettable hits like 'Hanv Kallukant Sandlim' where Shahu pioneered the unique 'one man band' concept providing the entire spectrum of music on a single keyboard! Under the ace director's able tutelage Shahu had a free rein toying with refreshing, innovative ideas which enabled him to break new grounds pushing forward the frontiers of Goan music.

With sky being the limit, Shahu went on to produce innumerable chart busting scores for numerous hit dramas and musicals which gained him popularity.

Music apart, Shahu is an intensely endearing and an adorable human being who attaches great value to friendship and family ties. Blessed with a wonderful wife (Clemmie) and a cherubic son who is named Aerosmith, and daughter Acasia, Shahu is a devoted husband, a doting father and a dutiful son.

Sensitive and devout to the core, Shahu is a member of the Holy Family Cathedral Church choir (Kuwait). Time and experience have greatly enriched Shahu's remarkable musical abilities and today he continues to add increasing complexity and refinement to his astounding gift of music which is sure to hold the audience in Europe and Canada and Kuwait and Goa in a thrall for years to come!

:::Tickets for the show in England:::
There will be 2 shows at Swindon, one at 11.30am and the other at 6.30pm. Tickets may be purchased from Augustine: 07745773919, Francis: 07895522073, Tutush: 07854011148, Vintur: 07591028977 and Cipin: 07727617537

Tickets for the Wembley show can be purchased from Francis: 07908591759, Antonio: 0208 4529406 & 07988896904, Damacian: 02083761609 & 07940501196, Johny 0208 7693168 and Judy: 0208 7632606 & 07920443077.

- By gaspar crasto.

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'Rajkaronn' - amdar-montreanchi kotha

amdar-montreanchi kotha

'Politics is a dirty game,' oxem Inglezint mhonnlolem asa. Rajkaronnant poddttoch monis aplem monisponn visrun, apleachench chintun, kiteim korunk xokta. Rajkaronnank lagon zaiteam tornatteamcho fuddar bigoddla, kitlech kuttumb nisontonnachea margar pavleat.
Oldrin Sequeira-an boroun, sador kel'lo tiatr 'Rajkaronn' amchea kaim amdar-montreancher lokx oddun, rajkaronnant choltolea kaim vaitt sonvoim-ancher uzvadd ghalta.

Rajkaronnant choltolea broxttachara-add zhuz manddunk virodhi pokxacho fuddari Devika (Tracy) vavurta. Tika aple vatten oddun haddlear odhik borem zatolem, oxem chintun, mukhel montri (Ali) ani tache dog chamcha, Raj de media (Philip) ani dhondekar Franklin (Franklin) tika bhett diun, aplim porbim patthoitat.
Punn sota khatir-uch apunn sodanch vavurteli mhonn 'iron lady' Devika tankam spoxtt korta. Devikacho ekttoch put, Joshua (Oldrin) aplem xikop purem korun, IPS officer zata ani tachem 'posting' Gõyantuch zata. Tichi dhuv Sakshi (Senida) aplem fuddlem xikop purem korun, nokrek lagta.

Vikalleam okdamchea dhondeant misoll aslolo dhondekar Franklin Joshua-ak sampoddta. Punn tacho vhoddil thoimsor ieon, mukhel montri ani potrkarachea adaran Franklin-ak rokddich suttka favo zata ani boltoch opradhi tharta. Potrkar Raj aplea ixtta Franklin-ak samballunk, aplem potrakarachi zobabdari visrun, aplea potrar vegllich batmi chhapun, sot lipoun dovorta.

Devika rajkaronnant misoll zaun, aplea kuttumbachi zobabdari visrun, aplea bhurgeank vell diunk visorta. Durlokxak lagon, tichi dhuv vaitt ixttanchea sangata bhonvta ani choriamni 'rave parties-ank vikallim vokhtam gheta.
Sorkar IPS officer-cho sotkar korunk ievjitana, promanikponnan jieupi Joshua sot uzvaddak haddunk proitn korta. Punn sot uzvaddak ailear, mukhel montreacho, potrakaracho ani dhondekaracho fuddar kallokant poddtolo, hem chintun, aplea putak jivexim marunk Franklin Devika-k suchoita. Vangddach, to tiche dhuvek 'kidnap' korta.
Devika koslim panvlam marta kai? Panvlam martoch, tichea kuttumbacho xevott koso ani koslo zata kai? Tem sogllem tiatrachea dusrea bhagant polleonk mellta.

Komedi babtint, Kenny, Saldy, Jane ani Anthony eka-mekak sangat diun, lokak bhorpur hansoitat. Toxench kantaram vixim, Connie M-an gailolem 'Tiatristank Odhik Man', Roque Dias-achem 'Khore Konknni Mogi', Bonny Dias-achem 'Duddvank Lagon' ani Roque-Bonny-Connie M-hanchem 'Opradheank Xikxa' aikopa sarkhim aslim ani boro sondex ditalim. Digdorspi Uloita: Oldrin Sequeira 18 vorsanche pirayer Konknni machyer paim ghalo ani poilech pavtt Seby de Majorda-chea 'Savlli' tiatrant nachlo. Tea uprant, bhava Elvis Sequeira-achea 'Mhozo Rekad Di' hea tiatrant nachunk sondhi mell'li.
*Mhozo poiloch tiatr 'Amchi Bhumika Sompta' machier haddlo ani boro ievkar mell'lo.

*Somajik vixoyancher lokx ghalun, vegllech nodren tiatr sador korunk mhozo anvddo.

*Spordha (competition) asa dekhun az tiatr chalu asat ani te spordhek lagunuch tiatracho dorzo vaddla. Tiatr unchlea panvddear pavla.

*Loka koddlean novea digdorspeank ut'tejon mellona. Digdorspeachem ani kolakaranchim nanvam polleon, lok tiatrak dhanvta. Toxem zaunk favona.

P. Agxekar

"Konkani Classics Revisited",

Lilting rhythms of Konkani classics revived

Goa's beaches are not the only irresistible attraction the state has to offer - its music has always held a special charm. Liltingly melodious with catchy rhythms and a wonderful mix of west and east Konkani music is wins hearts everywhere. Saregama revisited the heritage collection of ageless classics of Konkani music and brought to life once again rare musical gems.

After releasing the album titled "Konkani Classics Revisited", the chief guest for the occasion, president of Tiatr Academy, Mr Tomazinho Cardozo said that he was happy to see an album with hits by Konkani stalwarts like Frank Fernand, Alfred Rose and M Alphonso. However, expressing his distaste for remixes because he felt that songs lost authenticity, Mr Cardozo made it a point to mention that he had clarified with Mr Felix Correia who recreated the music on whether he had retained the originality of the scores. Mr Correia had done his best to maintain originality. The album has given young Goan talent a platform. He requested Saregama to recognise young talent from Goa and thus prove to the world that Konkani music is not far behind.

About the Album: Konkani Classics Revisited

Volume One rediscovers the great master Alfred Rose, and his evergreen hits like ˜Janet and Linet', 'Viva la Goa', and 'Ye Johnny Ye'. Sung by none other than his daughter, Alria Rose D'Souza, along with other talented singers, this is the first time these remixed songs are being released in the CD format. The original music score and lyrics are by Alfred Rose. Compilation of songs and music recreated by Felix Correia.

Volume Two brings us the music of three other great Goan music masters, Chris Perry, Frank Fernand and M Alphonso. Sung by Kyra Pais and others, this CD contains popular songs like "Ambeanche Pan", "Mog Boom Boom" and "Marialena".


‘Documentation of Tiatr, its Song & Music’

Press Note
‘Documentation of Tiatr, its Song & Music’

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) has formulated schemes for the preservation of Tiatr, its Song & Music through appropriate documentation. The first scheme is ‘Documentation of Tiatr, its Song & Music’ through research work. The research can be on any aspect of Tiatr, its Song & Music. Adequate remuneration will be paid to the research writer and the book will be published by TAG. The application in the prescribed form should be submitted to TAG on or before 30th June 2010 while the manuscript can be submitted by 15th December 2010.

The other scheme is ‘Preservation of Tiatr Literature in the book form’. This scheme provides for the publication of books of scripts of tiatrs, lyrics of songs with or without music, scripts of one act plays etc. The prescribed application form along with the manuscript should be submitted to TAG on or before 30th June 2010.

Scriptwriters of tiatrs and one act plays, lyricists of songs/music composers are requested to take the benefit of these schemes. No application to this effect will be accepted after 30th June 2010.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary
Tiatr Academy Goa
"Tiatr Academy Goa"

26 May 2010
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