Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Cake" - creating a bit of mystery!

"Cake" - creating a bit of mystery!

No celebration is complete without a cake. Pascoal Rodrigues presents a drama of love and misunderstandings in a family, creating a bit of mystery with the title Cake.

Joe and Kezia are in love, get married and have a son, Brenson. Joe has been celebrating Valentine's Day with his wife for many years, but every time with two cakes. One is a mystery the other is for their love. But one day, Kezia begins to doubt the reason for the mystery cake. Brenson falls in love with Abigail, marries her and returns to his parents along with Ashwayne, Abigail's brother. And Joe's life is thrown into turmoil. The play then continues to reveal the true identity of the brother and sister and the reason behind the mystery cake.

A nice story but the narration is inconsistent. There are some good dialogues and the actors play their parts well. Jessica is the scheming Abigail, a role she does in style. Maria acts well as Kezia. Godwin as Brenson does a fine role and so do Ave as Ashwayne and Pascoal as Joe. It is good to see Socorro back on stage with plenty of humour well supported by Ashok. The new girl, doing the comedy does a fine job too.

Godwin renders the opening song and in between the acts there are songs by Jessica, Ave, Godwin and a couple of new faces. Two solos by veteran Minglu and one by Pascoal need special mention.
The play is worth a watch!

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