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Joaquim Jack, writer director producer of Konkani Drama.

Joaquim Jack, writer director producer of Konkani Drama.

Early life
Born in small village Loliem, Goa did his school in same village St Sebastian High school, with a moderate Goan Catholic family, father was seaman and mother was housewife, he is an elder son in a family, second son died in a month and third born after 9 years. Joaquim jack was originally known as Joaquim de souza but in village his popular name is Jack. As a child he was brilliant student always stand 1st in school a shy boy but always hard working.

After completion of graduation he continued his own production of theatre group with production name "Rafelina Gloria Production", "Rafelina" is the name of his lovely mother who died with liver failure and Gloria is a name of his middle brother who died in a month. His one Act play are " Tunch nixtraie tuzi karma" ( Tit for tat)( 1988)wrote when is was in junior college, then "Duves" ( disease)( 1990), "Pustok" ( A Book)( 1992), Jiklo (1994) this play won many prizes and title for one act competition held during Christmas season, so to enter in commercial drama he started theatre production in 1994 and his first theatre drama was released on 22nd January 1995 at St. Sebastian chapel festival titled as “OLLOKH"( Recognizance)then he shown many shows all over Goa completing record of 46 show. On 21st Dec 1995 released another show titled as "KHURIS" (The CROSS) a story based on revenge of lost mother, one of the doctor cheat a poor lady pregnant her and left in shame, she gave birth to the child and when this doctor realized he will be in trouble of his marriage life, he plan to rid of trouble and planed a murder of the lady.

The “Khuris” is best show and completed 60 shows all over Goa which was splendour hit show lot of people talk about this show. So he continued his passion of writing and released shows every year, “THIKHANN” (The destiny), NOV 1996 a story based on twins brother and image of rape girl in the society. Joaquim jack first ALL INDIA RADIO play titled as VELL ( Time) a story based on a youngster lost his first love and became drunker “ROTH” (Walking stick), Nov 1997, which contain lot of Portuguese dialogue a story of Love child and adopted parent, and a child grown to adult he is eager in search of his biological parent. “BESAUV GHAL HEA FAMILICHER” (Bless this Family) AUG 1998, a story based on a Love marriage couple, they married against their parent wish and later on get divorce because of doubt, but it was a murder mystery, revenge of triangle Love, it was a super hit fabulous drama, Joaquim is still a waiting to make film of this drama if he found a producer. From the year 1999, Joaquim jack formed a Carnival folk group to perform carnival street play it consist of 3 set of play “VANKHANNI” (The Praise) 1999, this show was good but brought lot of bad luck and could not run show long it was a lost road due to fortune. “KIRR” ( Parrot) 2000,a story based on a deceived son to his own parent, This was a pretty show and performed 47 show all over goa, During December 2000 he joined Heritage village club for Animation department. Carnival play in 2000, “The first street play named as KOCHORO, KONN, SAMBALTA, (Garbage, Who, Saves) this 3 play brought lot of fame and performed 36 play in three days “KALLOKANT, SOVSAR, SANDLO,” (Darken, World, Lost) 2001, performed 42 plays in 3 days, KANKON, OSTOREACHI,SOBITAIE,” ( Bangle, Ladies, Respect),2002,performed 43 play in 3 days record break 0f 2002 era. KUMSAR,DEVACHO,SACRAMENT ( Confession, Gods, Sacrament) 2003,performed 42 plays in 3 days.

2003 is good fortune year to Joaquim jack, as drama is non profitable business, never made money for live he left Heritage village club job and joined P&O cruises for entertainment Department, But his theatre passion never left, his first ship was AURORA and the goan crew member asked him to perform dram on ship, so he wrote a play titled as “GOV BHOTIR BAIL KHATIR” the title sound sexy and rude but it was a meaningful story about crew member life on ship and their family, this is first goan Konkani drama perform on ship and created history by a professional writer Joaquim jack. This show viewed by 350 crew member including goan, Indian, British and other nationalities. A VHS is made of this drama and sold to buyers all the profit donated to the Orlim church by one Mickey Thomas Fernandes.

When he came on leave during carnival time 2004, KAZAR TARVONTEANCHE,SOMPLE ( Marriage, Seamens,End)2004 , performed 45 play and break old record. After finishing leave joined anther ship named “ADONIA” and shown drama “JIVIT TARVOTEANCHEM” mean Life of Seaman, performed on 1st Oct 2004, DVD made from this drama and sold all profit Rs 19500/- donated to DADDY”S HOME, gogol margao goa. This drama created anther history on Konkani stage world in 150 TIATR years, In this drama the first British T.V. and stage artist sang Konkani song and acted his name is Peter Barnett. The same Peter Barnett came to goa and created history and sang two Konkani song on Gomant vidha niketan hall and kala academy in JOAQUIM JACK drama titled as MOGACHIM MAIM (Lovely Mother) in may 2005, Again joaquim jack shown another show on ship AURORA, title as KITEAK UPARLEM (What’s the use?),29th Oct 2005, again created one more history first time two ladies acted on ship in Konkani Drama Mrs HAZEL D’SILVA from Chinchinim and other girl Miss SYLVIA FERNANDES from Raia.

Again DVD is made as duplication delayed to received from Goa, less DVD are sold and Rs 2500/- profit made which is donated to St. Sebastian church, Loliem. On 2nd DEC 2006 he joined on OCEANA and performed one more drama titled as “KORCHEA ADHIM CHINTAT”( Think twice before you do Something Wrong) again one more history is created Two British girl on one Mumbai girl performed on ship in Konkani drama, Miss NIKKI BARRET (UK), Miss LINZI BEAVERS(UK),Miss SWEELLAN FERNADES (Mumbai) this show was great hit 40,000/- profit made from this drama donated 20000/- to daddy’s Home and 20000/- to LAR DE SANTA TEREZINA a abandon child home, In 2008 another show was released “ HO MHOZO KAIDO” ( This is my Law) wrote and produce by JOAQUIM JACK in the of ANTUSH D SILVA, the drama was hit and big budget production. Now joaquim jack is concentrated on job and working as Sound and light technician for P&O Cruises.UK. For English theatre.

And looking to make Konkani film and looking for producer. This is his e-mail address and his cell no is +919823524699. If anyone like to make film or Drama business you are free to contact him. He is recently married on 12 AUGUST 2009 to Selza Pereira, from Cuncolim and now settled at Navelim, and living in Flat With his Brother Agnelo, Anty Juzelina, and Wife SELZA..

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