Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Marden Fernandes Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Marden Fernandes Lifetime Achievement Awards 

Konkani Musical Drama "Bhangarachem Goem"

Maharashtra Konkani Kala Sanstha [MKKS], an organization of Konkani tiatrists, musicians, artists and Konkani lovers in Mumbai presented a Konkani musical drama entitled Bhangarachem Goem (Golden Goa) with Lorna Cordeiro - the Melody Queen of Goa.
Lorna regaled the houseful audiences of six shows held all over Mumbai (Shivaji Mandir, Dadar, Rang Sharda (2 shows), Bandra, Tackeray Hall, Borivli, Sahitya Sangh, Girgaum).

At the function held at Sahitya Sangh, Girgaum on 25th January 2011, Marden Fernandes-Director of Thesus and Solar and Derick Lobo-Vice President of Glen Mark Pharmaceuticals were the Chief Guests. Lorna was presented by MKKS with Life Time Achievement Award of Rs 50,000/- at the hands of Marden Fernandes.
The spectacular show comprised of songs, comedy and dances ably directed by Neves Oliveira with the assistance of Evan Fernandes-President of MKKS.
Lorna kept the audience spell bound with the rendering of Dennem composed by Neves Oliveira and earlier hits of Chris Perry like Tuzo Mog, Sorg Tujea Dolleamni, Sorga Rajeant, Piso, Yo Baile Yo, Piso, Aikat Mhozo Tallo, Mhojim Kantaram and Calangute.
The musical accompaniment was by Norman Cardoso and his troupe from Goa. Neves Oliveira who composed most of the songs of the event, delivered Dev Boro and Amchim Kortubam.  Nustekaram was presented by Kenny, Carey, Betty Naz and Titta Pretto. Emiliano de Borda sang a solo Cezarean and a quartet Palk alongwith Evan Fernandes, Saby and Francis Fernandes.
Succurine delighted the audience with her Barbie Doll and Nhesop Atanchem Kenny rendered Part Time Lover with his particular style Natalanchi Bhett was a mando by Antonette and her group. Agnelo da Costa‘s Bhangarachem Goem and Daddy re Daddy were much appreciated. Evan Fernandes presented his solo Honrad Goenkar. Comedy was provided by Kenny, Hortencio and Ronnie.
Stage setting and lighting was spectacular. Francis Fernandes ably compered the presentation.

MKKS next venture is Carnival scheduled for March 6th, 2011.

(Isidore Dantas)

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