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C.Alvares Remembered

C.Alvares Remembered

Kala Mogi Candolim and Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) organised a discussion on
‘C. Alvares’s Contribution to Tiatr Stage’ on 1st August 2010 at 5 pm at TAG’s Conference Hall to mark the 89th Birth anniversary of late C. Alvares.

Ciriaco Dias, a veteran tiatr artiste and a close friend of late C.Alvares spoke extensively on the life and the works of late C.Alvares. He informed that late C.Alvares has written 107 tiatrs besides acting in thousands of tiatrs during the span of almost 50 years that he served the tiatr stage. Although he was one of the greatest tiatr artistes of tiatr stage, he was not recognised by Goa Government when he was alive, he lamented.

Sharon Mazarello, a singer of repute who also sung duets with late C.Alvares spoke on the lyrics and songs of late C. Alvares. She remarked that the lyrics composed by late C.Alvares were of high quality and named the songs he composed for the films namely ‘Amchem Noxib’ and ‘Nirmonn’, which have become immortal in the recent times.

Expressing her experience as a co-singer of duets with Alvares she stressed that late C.Alvares was a perfectionist and that he took care of all aspects of presentation before coming on the stage.

Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG who coordinated the discussion stated that personalities like late C.Alvares should be kept alive in the minds of younger generations because they are the true icons of tiatr stage. He appealed to all tiatr loving people particularly writers and researchers to come forward and to do research on the tiatrs written and songs composed by the tiatr artistes of yesteryears like C.Alvares, Chris Perry, Alfred Rose, Minguel Rod, Alexinho de Candolim etc. He assured that TAG will support such projects whole heartedly. In the discussion that followed, Succoro de Santa Cruz, Irene Cardozo, Anil Kumar, Mathew D’Souza and others actively participated.

Earlier Irene Cardozo welcomed and later Joy Fernandes proposed a vote of thanks.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary
Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG)

- As forwarded to gaspar almeida, goa-world.com by TAG (with photos).

Workshop on Duets/Trios/Quartets

Workshop on Duets/Trios/Quartets

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) in collaboration with Kala Academy, Goa will organise a workshop on ‘Kantaram’ particularly Duets/Trios/Quartets. ‘Kantaram’ are an integral part of Goan Tiatr and the variety in ‘Kantaram’ i.e. Duets/Trios/Quartets form the unique characteristics of Tiatr.

Tiatr Academy of Goa and Kala Academy have observed that the Duets/Trios/Quartets sung on the tiatr stage are not as per the Duets/Trios/Quartets sung by the tiatr artistes of yester years. Tiatr Academy of Goa and Kala Academy intend to preserve the nature of Duets/Trios/Quartets as composed and sung by the lyricists and singers of tiatr stage in the past.

This workshop will be held on Sunday, 8th August 2010 from 10 am to 1 pm at the Black Box, Kala Academy, Goa. All tiatr artistes particularly the lyricists and singers are requested to attend the workshop.

The artistes are requested to confirm their participation on phone nos. 2230738/2230739 on or before 5th August 2010.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary

It's a Revenge Review not Tiatr Review

It's a Revenge Review not Tiatr Review

I, Comedian Agostinho, got to know you (I repent it now), for the first time, when I came to perform in Rosary Ferns' Tiatr at Kuwait. At that time, you were introduced to me as Veronic. But now in 2010, just as Temudo has become Temuz, the years have taken its toll and Veronic has transformed into VIKH (Poison). That poison has contaminated your whole body and changed you to a RABID MAD DOG. Your actions are enough proof, as you bark at anybody and everybody, for no valid reason whatsoever, even at religious catholic priests.

Hope you know that, or else confirm it soon, that your sole identity is, and you are known as a RABID MAD DOG in the whole of Kuwait.

Your dirty conscience started pricking, the moment you saw an almost houseful audience present for my hit show ADVOGAD. If there were very less spectators, you would have been very happy and would have enjoyed your sadistic pleasures from the core of your rotten heart.

The timings of my tiatr coincided with the live telecast of one of the best matches of the World Cup, between Brazil and Portugal , teams which are cherished and have a huge fan following amongst Goans. In spite of this, I take pride in revealing to a mad jealous dog like you, that my show was patronized by the likes of Mr. Gaspar Crasto, Mr. Britto, and scores of football lovers and football players themselves. This goes on to prove my worth. If any other Tiatr was to be staged that day at the same time instead of ADVOGAD directed by Kalcho Porcho Director, the ground reality would have been totally different.

I don't rest on my laurels. But it is a proven fact and a record (Please Rabid dog, note it down on your personal diary in red ink) that I am the only Konkani tiatrist to perform 18 times at Kuwait, 4 times in my Tiatrs viz., SIR, POLICE I , POLICE II & ADVOGAD and the rest of the 14 times under different Directors, including Kuwait based Directors viz. Laurente Pereira, Mario de Majorda, Rosary Ferns, Comedian Philip, Jose Rod, KGTS, etc.

Undoubtedly, this speaks volumes that my comedy and my Tiatrs are liked and relished by Goan Tiatr lovers and the legion of my fans, to whom I am grateful from the bottom of my heart, and thank them profusely for the support, love and affection showered upon me. May God bless them all. With all this support, I can tread like a Giant and crush a Rabid Mad Dog like you under my feet.

Getting back to the so called 'Review', let me clarify that my troupe and myself arrived at 2 p.m. and were all set to perform by 3.30 p.m. Since the venue was new to most of the people, they were finding it difficult to find the same and were phoning my organizers that they are on their way. As such, I had to wait for the contractor's green signal and hence the delay. This fact was announced a couple of times by your good friend, Mr. Rosary Ferns, which you failed to hear, understandably, because you are turning deaf due to your old age. How about sponsoring you a HEARING AID DEVICE?

And yes, sadly, the GOAN STD TIME was, is and will be followed for ages by our susegado Goans. It is beyond our realm to change it, try as we may. And I can assure you, cent per cent, that the GST will be followed at your last voyage, your funeral, wherever held on Earth.

Regarding the storyline; Rape IS NOT a cheap topic. It is a hot topic, as there have been so many rape and murder cases in Goa , which have brought a bad name to all upright Goans. Through my humble writing, I have tried to show its ill effects on the victims and to educate and expose the unscrupulous ADVOGADS who try to shield such perpetrators. For selfish people like you, who bury their heads in the sand like ostriches and who believe in 'One for oneself, God for all', rape is a cheap topic, but it will become hot one day if someone rapes your immediate kin or your aged wife.

I humbly agree that I am an immature Director. But I can shout from my rooftop, that, in spite of being an immature Director with only 8 productions, I have scored a double century within a span of 13 months from its release, my super duper hit POLICE, a feat rarely achieved, not even by more mature directors.

I may be immature, but not an educated illiterate like you, who is turning senile by the passage of time.

Before I clarify about the songs, please identify my actors correctly, or get your vision corrected. You called JAJU Juju and Salu D'Souza was reported as Salu Faleiro, so much for your corrupt knowledge !!

The Trio on religious amity, sung by JAJU-XAV-SAL, was my subject but composed by Xavier Gomes. The Duet sung by Selvy-Anita was also my idea, composed by Francis de Tuem, and once again, the Duo sung by Roma & Steffi was also my subject, penned by Benny Rebello.

I state without fear, that the story idea, writing and direction is totally my baby. Every word in the comedy sequences is my property. I am the father of my tiatr 'ADVOGAD', and the credit should rightly go to the father first, then the children. No child takes birth without parents, one father and mother, not in your case though, because your words and actions make it amply clear that you were born of several fathers, or else have a DNA check and let us know the results.

I reiterate that I have never begged of any contractors to stage my shows, neither in the Gulf nor in the UK. My original contractors in Kuwait have always been Chequino, Mario and Tom. Xavier approached me quite a few times asking for the contract of my tiatr. I requested my above mentioned contractors, and with their permission and blessings, allowed Xavier to stage the show. It is the contractor's sole responsibility to do all the arrangements, legal formalities etc. in order to stage the show.

Everyone does it with profit motive, there is no gain without pain. I appreciate and thank Xavier for his efforts wholeheartedly. You have done the same, but with an ulterior motive. You did get free passes for yourself, your greedy family and your cronies, and you expect more next time, stinking parasite.

There is no question about my 'disappearance'. You could have said that if I had disappeared without performing. But, as usual, you are in a dirty habit of fabricating and making cock and bull stories.

I had to leave early, and I duly explained it to my artistes, only to accompany Comedienne Anita, who had to rush as she had to join B.Ed. classes. My good friends, Comedian Philip and Mario fully agreed to see to my artistes' comforts, which were mutually agreed beforehand. I asked some of my artistes if I could accommodate them at your place, but they flatly refused, thank Heavens for that. They said, they would rather spend their days at the Kuwait Church Compound, then in a stinking flat belonging to an ungrateful pervert like you. So much for your reputation! ! !

It is indeed intriguing to see you putting your fingers in every pudding and pie. You criticize every tiatrist inspite of being a NON ENTITY in this field. Script a Tiatr and stage it yourself before teaching us the traits. Show us if you have BA_ _ S, or else come down to Goa and I will employ you as a stage Helper (you will need training even for that), and I will pay you your dues.

A few more words about your 'Revenge Review'. Your good friend Mr. Rosary Ferns was supposed to sing a solo, which he did. He was informed well in advance about his slot, but even after my Musicians played the Intro about 4 times, Rosary was nowhere and people were booing, thus leaving a bad remark on my show. What kept you back in writing about this? A bottle of liquor? A few Dinars? Or a gift for your wife?

Before I wind up, please let me know if you have any personal grudge against me. Going by the things that you wrote, it is definitely personal vendetta and you have an axe to grind. As far as my memory goes the only grudge can be that you had requested me to bring 500 pork sausages and 4 packets of salted cashew nuts whilst coming to perform for Rosary's show. I brought the same eatables for you, but when I asked for the money, you fumed and got wild. Can this be the reason? You were pally with me before that, but fell off with me for reasons better know to you, which is typical of you, changing colours like a chameleon.

Your attitude and behavious towards others smells of polluted blood in your veins. Although you are a Rabid Mad Dog, you are not even of a top breed like Poms, Alsatian, etc. But a mixed blooded PARIAH DOG roaming the streets. The day is near when the MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES will shoot you and leave you to rot. R.I.P.

By Comedian Agostinho
Writer / Director of ADVOGAD tiatr

August 2, 2010

[Goa-world.com Moderator's note: All comments on this subject to be forwarded to goaworldtoday@yahoo.com .
Excellent response Comedian Agostinho Temudo. May your action be an inspiration to all other Tiatrists who are abused by such bloggers - in the name to gain some cheap fame as well to pleasure their croonies - as you rightly put it for 'sadistic pleasures' even after getting free entry passes.]




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