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'Ek Rikami Bazu'- Awareness through Drama

'Ek Rikami Bazu'- Awareness through Drama

Navhind Times / 2009-06-26

'Ek Rikami Bazu'- Awareness through Drama

A cancer support group 'Muskaan' in collaboration with the Kala Academy organised a show of the award winning Marathi play 'Ek Rikami Bazu' on June 21, 2009 at 5 p.m. at the Dinanath Mangueshkar Kala Mandir, Panaji.
This play dealt with the various aspects of the very occurrence and consequences of having a malignant lump in the breast.
In an episodic form, it narrates the story of Ritu, during both the pre and post operation stages of breast cancer. The play is like a kaleidoscope of Ritu's life: situations, memories, feelings and the people who come and go during this difficult period.
It also deals with the physical and psychological changes that occur because of the cancer not only in her but also to the people around her. Designed and directed by Aniruddha Khutwad, the story's adaptation, light and music was done by Pradeep Vaidya.
Breast cancer is on the rise in Goa. 'Muskaan's' main objective is to create awareness about the prevention and early detection of cancer. It carries out camps to educate women on self-examining their bodies for early detection of breast cancer.

A Riverting Political Drama 'Mhaka Kiteak Poddlam'

A Riveting Political Drama
'Mhaka Kiteak Poddlam'

Navhind Times / 2009-06-26

A 'tiatr' from Roseferns, is a scathing attack on the influx of outsiders and their dominance over Goans today. A futuristic look at the political situation in Goa, where there is every chance that a migrant might become a minister or even the Chief Minister.For once, a sincere reference is made, and highlighted, to the late Dr Jack de Sequeira the great Goan politician, Father of the Opinion Poll. All blue blooded Goans need to respect and remember this man. It was because of him, we can proudly call ourselves Goans.

Anton (bab) is a freedom fighter. His son, Brian is to all appearances an honest and dedicated cop. Brian's wife Preeti loves and respects her father in-law and husband. Sister Valerie, a missionary working in Orissa, comes down to Goa on a visit and stays with this family. Yadav is a minister in the government of Goa and his son Santosha wants to stand for elections to the assembly. The evil Yadav and his criminal son have wrapped the voters of their constituency, round their little finger with the power of money.

Roseferns is to be complimented for reminding Goans, especially the younger generation, of the late Dr Jack de Sequeira and the role he played to save Goa, during the opinion poll. The script has good dialogues and beautiful references to the Holy Bible. The cast has Roshan as Preeti and Antonette as Sister Valerie. The ladies perform well. Antonette returns later with a fine comic performance.

Roseferns is confidence personified as the dignified Anton (bab) while Tari
impresses as the rash and boisterous Santosha. Victor is good as the cop and Peter plays another perfect character as the minister, Yadav. Sally, Saby and Brian along with Tony provide lots of humour. Watch out for the opening scene at 'Khareband'.

The music is catchy. Roseferns sings the opening song. Great lyrics and rendered well! Other songs are performed by Peter-Roshan, Antonette, Maythan, Victor, Tony de Ribandar and Brian. Tari's solo and the first duet by Peter-Roshan need
special mention.



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