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First Children’s Tiatr Festival 2010

First Children’s Tiatr Festival 2010

Award Presentation Function

“Ami Soglle Ek” Sweeps Children’s Tiatr Festival

“Ami Soglle Ek” a tiatr presented by St. Anthony’s High School, Monte De Guirim won the First Prize for performance in the recently concluded First Children’s Tiatr Festival 2010. It was directed by Marciano Noronha. “Teacher Mhaka Palov Di” staged by Abhivyaktte - Panaji, directed by Shantaram Pawar and presented by Abhivyaktte - Panaji secured the second place while “Disha Konn Dakhoitolo” directed by Melvina Joseph and produced by St. Micheal Taleigao Socio Cultural Association bagged the third prize.

The Male Best Actor Awards first and second places were won by Netwin Antao and Edmer Barretto both from “Ami Soglle Ek” while Natasha Pereira of “Ami Soglle Ek” and Akshata Bharne of “Teacher Mhaka Palov Di” bagged first and second places respectively. Rojer D’Souza was adjudged the Best Male Actor in Negative Role while Gemma Fernandes won the Best Female Actor in Negative Role. Aloysius Fernandes, who acted as Santu, in “Ami Soglle Ek”, won the Best Comedian Award. The other details of awards announced are as under:

Best Stage Setting – Shantaram Pawar

Best Light Effects – Manuel Viegas

Best Background Music – Orwin Viegas

Best Make Up – Shantaram Pawar and

Best Costumes – Rockson

Best Lyrics Award was bagged by Peter Camilo for his song ‘Vonka Vonka’ while Best Script Award went to Mangala Nadkarni for the script “Teacher Mhaka Palov Di”.

Songs (Kantaram) which forms an integral part of the tiatr and which include solos, duets, duos, trios and quartets were also awarded for good performance. In the Best Male Singer category the first prize was won by Derwin Gracias while the second place was bagged by Aloysius Fernandes. Best Female Award, first place was won by Lia Noronha while the second award was bagged by Violet D’Souza. Odele Azavedo and Antonio Lopes bagged Best Duet Award while Lia Noronha and Nikita Machado got the Best Duo Award. The Best Trio Award was bagged by Lia Noronha, Alria Fernandes and Nikita Machado while the Best Quartet Award went to Gemma Fernandes, Joshna D’Souza, Aliston Pereira and Jovito Andrade.

Vitorino Araujo was awarded the Best Music Live Band Award while the Awards for Direction were secured by Marciano Noronha, Shantaram Pawar and Melvina Joseph respectively.

The Awards were presented by numerous dignitaries from the cultural field of Goa namely Sharon Mazarello, Felcy, Comedian Domnic, Anil Kumar, Alexyz, Fr. Bernardo Cota, Fr. Nevel Gracias, Satish Gawas, Mukesh Ghatwal, and Menino Pires, Director of Information & Publicity. The Award Presentation Function turned out to be an entertaining occasion due to comedy skits and comedy songs presented by Comedian Domnic, Comedian Luis Bachan and his party. The function was compared by Tina Costa.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary, Tiatr Academy Goa

[Text & pictures as forwarded to gasper almeida, on January 13, 2011]

First Children's Tiatr Festival 2010

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A FOND TRIBUTE - Rosary Menino Fernandes


Time To Shower Praises, but Death Bells Toiled.....

Yesterday just as I was reaching the office, my mobile range. The call was from an unknown landline.
I commenced with a ‘Hello’.

“LinoBab, did you get the news”

“About what?”, recognizing the familiar voice, I retorted.

“Rosary Ferns is no more, he suffered a massive heart attack”, for a minute, I felt still. Sensing a silence from my end, he continued “I myself could not believe it. That’s why after checking with a few others and confirming this news, I thought to inform you about it”.

For a few moments I felt as if I was lost! My mind raced towards Rosary Ferns..... Our friendship was simple. Wherever our paths crossed and we met at some public squares, we always communicated amongst us joyfully. That’s only was our friendly relationship. But his thought provoking tiatr writings and direction was always high in my mind. He was always seen as a great singer, tiatr writer, director and stage artiste.

That’s exactly the reason, his last tiatr presentation ‘Kuwait Soddun Vetana’ which has created history in Kuwait was attended by me on three different occasions enthusiastically. When the Mangalorean community staged the show for the second time, Konkan Kala Samithi-Kuwait organized the tiatr script and re-wrote it in the Kanada format by Lancy Rodrigues, Bondel, under the direction of Rosary Ferns and well supported by prominent artistes. I wrote a review in my weekly Konkani presentation for ‘Aitaracheo Katkutleo” section {now archived at}

Rosary’s works have been well recognized and appreciated by people from other Indian states as well. His well-acclaimed drama “Kuwait Soddun Vetana” was staged by Kuwait Canara Welfare Association for the third time and the Konkani speaking community (embracing) the Kanada script.  Not only this, recently Konkan Kala Samithi-Kuwait has also done an excellent DVD presentation which I have seen.
While I intended to do a small article on such an effort and focusing on this DVD, the news conveyed to me by my friend about Rosary’s sudden demise, sounded as if the church bells ringing in my ears!

One of the strongest pillar of the Konkani stage has collapsed.
21 Tiatr (Dramas) have been written and staged and scores of songs on CD and VCD are produced by him. But one of his creative composition in the form of a Mando titled “Mogan Tujea Lasotam” (Am in Love with You), in my opinion and memory will last forever, sung with Veeam Bond Braganza.

Almighty Father! Our solemn prayers to grant our friend eternal rest in your Heavenly Abode.
I, together with the team, convey our deepest condolences to late RosaryFerns’ family.

Lino B. Dourado

[Translation in English by: Gaspar Almeida,  (7m:05s)
based on the original posting in Konkani 'Turturi Gavpa Vellar Mornnanchi Ghantt Vazli' on Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter as forwarded on January 13, 2011 by Lino B. Dourado
archived at]


Turturi* Gavpa Vellar Mornnanchi Ghantt Vazli.

Kal solkalim nigtoch offisan pavlolom. Mhozo mobile vazlo. Landline-i velean to fon ailolo. Hanvem hello mhonllem.

Linobab tuka khobor mevlea?

Kosli?, tallo vollkicho mhonntoch, hanvem vicharlem

Rosary Ferns, aiz sokollim kallzache attakan somplo, khinbhor hanv mono poddlom. Mhojea vatten avaz bond zalolo pollenv, tannem mhonllem. Mhojean hem sotmandunk zalem nam, dekhun; kaim zannank fon korun khatri khortoch, tuka hi dukhest khobor divnk fon kela.

Thoddo vell hanvunch xennololea porim zalom. Monn mhojem Rosary Ferns-a vatten oddun ghelem. Tachi ani mhoji vollok-ixttagott tondda purti astali. Vatter vo bhouxik svatter dodd'dat ten'na, ami eka-mekak hanstea mhukamollan zapoitale. Itlench amchem ixttagottichem natem. Punn tachea tiatr kolek mat hanv unch nodren polletalom. Ek vhodd gavpi, tiatr borovpi, digdorspi ani nattkist to aslo. Dekhunuch, tacho nimnno voznadik tiatr Kuwait Soddun Vetana, Konknni tiatr itihasan Kuwaitan tin pavtti rong-machier gazla, ani he tinui pavtti hanvem tacho tiatr bhouch umedin pollela. Mungllurche sonsthen, dusre khepek tiatr machier haddlolo tedna, Konkan Kala Samithi-Kuwait kharbareanchi, Kon'nod lipin borovpeachi, Lancy Rodrigues, digdorspi Rosary-chi ani tiatran khand marun bhumika kortoleanchi tust korun, hanvem tiatracho vimorson (review) mhojea Aitarachea Katkutleo vibhagan boroilo asa.

Rosary-cho vavr Bharotachea dusrea pranthanlea lokan vakannla. Tea pasot tacho Kuwait Soddun Vetana tiatr, Kuwait Canara Welfare Association-an, Kuwaitche rong-machier Kon’nod lipichea Konknni somudayek tisre khepek dakoila. Nhoinch itlench, halinch Konkan Kala Samithi-Kuwait Rosary-chea tiatrachi nazuz DVD prothixit (presentation) kel’li ti hanvem polletoch, DVD vixim thoddi-bhov turturi* mavlle thollar (internet-ar) kortololom hi mhoji itsa asli ti, okosmat mhojea ixttan dil’le mornnache khobren turture zagear, mornnacheo ghantto vazoilea vorim mhaka dislem.

Konknni palkacho anik ek khoddegant khambo kosllun poddlo. 21 Tiatr borun machier dakoileat ani sabar kantaram kessitir, CD-ir, VCD-ir ghaileant. Punn tacho mon bulgavpi ani portean-portean aikun dista, Veeam Bond sangata gailolo mando 'MOGAN TUJEA LASOTAM', mhojea ugddasan omor urtolo.

Deva! Amchea ixttak sorgincho visov divnk, amchim prathonam tuje thaim

Hanv ani Team, somplelea Rosary-chea kuttumbak dukhest bhuzvonn ditat.

Lino B. Dourado

[Turturi* - vakhanni]




Moga mogan tujea lasotam,
Uddtam bostanam sopnam sopnetam
Ulounk tujea lagim anv lojetam......................
Mog tuzo kortam khoxem sangonk chintitam...} 2

Moga mog tuzo kortam gupitu
Mog tuzo rigla re mojea kallzantu
Ek pautt dhi maka tujem utoru
Sodanch tujem rautolem ditam soputu...(repeat Moga)

Ganvchea festak tuka poilolo,
Fulam laun mojeaxim ailolo
Hath mozo kuddik tujea tenklolo........
Teach vellar mog tuzo kallzant riglolo...} 2

Moga mog tuzo kortam gupitu
Mog tuzo rigla re mojea kallzantu
Ek pautt dhi maka tujem utoru
Sodanch tujem rautolem ditam soputu...(repeat Moga)

Igorjen magnem kortam Devaku
Gopant mojea add mhunn mojea Franskaku
Mevona tor ghatt zato mojea kallzaku.....
Konnuch naka ankvar rautolem sasnaku..} 2

Moga mog tuzo kortam gupitu
Mog tuzo rigla re mojea kallzantu
Ek pautt dhi maka tujem utoru
Sodanch tujem rautolem ditam soputu..... (repeat Moga)

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