Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Children’s Tiatr Festival 2010

First Children’s Tiatr Festival 2010

Award Presentation Function

“Ami Soglle Ek” Sweeps Children’s Tiatr Festival

“Ami Soglle Ek” a tiatr presented by St. Anthony’s High School, Monte De Guirim won the First Prize for performance in the recently concluded First Children’s Tiatr Festival 2010. It was directed by Marciano Noronha. “Teacher Mhaka Palov Di” staged by Abhivyaktte - Panaji, directed by Shantaram Pawar and presented by Abhivyaktte - Panaji secured the second place while “Disha Konn Dakhoitolo” directed by Melvina Joseph and produced by St. Micheal Taleigao Socio Cultural Association bagged the third prize.

The Male Best Actor Awards first and second places were won by Netwin Antao and Edmer Barretto both from “Ami Soglle Ek” while Natasha Pereira of “Ami Soglle Ek” and Akshata Bharne of “Teacher Mhaka Palov Di” bagged first and second places respectively. Rojer D’Souza was adjudged the Best Male Actor in Negative Role while Gemma Fernandes won the Best Female Actor in Negative Role. Aloysius Fernandes, who acted as Santu, in “Ami Soglle Ek”, won the Best Comedian Award. The other details of awards announced are as under:

Best Stage Setting – Shantaram Pawar

Best Light Effects – Manuel Viegas

Best Background Music – Orwin Viegas

Best Make Up – Shantaram Pawar and

Best Costumes – Rockson

Best Lyrics Award was bagged by Peter Camilo for his song ‘Vonka Vonka’ while Best Script Award went to Mangala Nadkarni for the script “Teacher Mhaka Palov Di”.

Songs (Kantaram) which forms an integral part of the tiatr and which include solos, duets, duos, trios and quartets were also awarded for good performance. In the Best Male Singer category the first prize was won by Derwin Gracias while the second place was bagged by Aloysius Fernandes. Best Female Award, first place was won by Lia Noronha while the second award was bagged by Violet D’Souza. Odele Azavedo and Antonio Lopes bagged Best Duet Award while Lia Noronha and Nikita Machado got the Best Duo Award. The Best Trio Award was bagged by Lia Noronha, Alria Fernandes and Nikita Machado while the Best Quartet Award went to Gemma Fernandes, Joshna D’Souza, Aliston Pereira and Jovito Andrade.

Vitorino Araujo was awarded the Best Music Live Band Award while the Awards for Direction were secured by Marciano Noronha, Shantaram Pawar and Melvina Joseph respectively.

The Awards were presented by numerous dignitaries from the cultural field of Goa namely Sharon Mazarello, Felcy, Comedian Domnic, Anil Kumar, Alexyz, Fr. Bernardo Cota, Fr. Nevel Gracias, Satish Gawas, Mukesh Ghatwal, and Menino Pires, Director of Information & Publicity. The Award Presentation Function turned out to be an entertaining occasion due to comedy skits and comedy songs presented by Comedian Domnic, Comedian Luis Bachan and his party. The function was compared by Tina Costa.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary, Tiatr Academy Goa

[Text & pictures as forwarded to gasper almeida, on January 13, 2011]


  1. I would like to congratulate the Tiatr Academy of Goa for having the vision and foresight to org .a Children;s Tiatr Festival.This festival has shown that Goans have art and music in their blood, and we only need opportunity and guidance.So many new faces and singers have been spotted and won the top prizes.Tis competition gives the best a chance to shine unlike commercial tiatr's where children are given a small role or used just for amusement.




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