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On the 147th birth anniversary of Costancio Lucasinho Ribeiro (2.1.1863) a function was held under the auspices of the Tiatr Academy of Goa, under the stewardship Mr Tomazinho Cardozo at the Black Box of the Kala Academy Panaji this evening.

Mr Ribeiro was the first musician director who staged the play "Italian Bhurgo" at the then Alfred Theatre in Bombay (now Mumbai) on 17.4.1892. Most of his dozen plays were translations not original scripts. The credit for orginal scripts goes to Joao Agostinho Fernandes "Pai Tiatrist" according to Mr Cardozo.

Mr Yuri Ribeiro the greatgrandson of Lucacinho accepted the portrait of Lucacinho Ribeiro presented by the TAG . Another caricature of Lucacinho Ribeiro was presented by noted cartoonist Alexyz to the TAG which was well appreciated by the motely audience.

Mr John Claro veteran tiatrist paid rich tributes to the memory of Lucacinho Ribeiro and elucidated in great details the history of this great man who unfortunately died at an young age on 23.1.1928

Mr Cardozo assured the members of the audience that TAG has formulated several schemes for promoting documenting " tiatr " and he appealed to the audience to promote these schemes to take tiatr to the national level.

Mr Cardozo also stated that the TAG has decided to celebrate the birth anniversary of Maria Regina Fernandes this year on 16th November, 2010 (b: 16.11.1880 died 20/12/1908) ). Indeed she was the first woman to appear on stage on 22.11.1904 in a play staged by her husband Joao Agostinho Fernandes at a time when no woman even from the Marathi theatre would venture on stage for fear of social ostracisation.

Director of Information Mr Menino Peres the Chief Guest on the ocassion pleaded with the audience to see the tiatrs instead of looking down upon tiatr as a means of cheap entertainment for the lowly placed in society.. He said the Government has been giving a lot of encouragement and it is now time opportune for Goans to grab this opportunity.

Vice President of TAG Mr Roseferns also spoke on the ocassion. The function was compered by Ms Cardozo and vote of thanks by Member Secretary TAG.

Prominent among the audience was Teotonio Pereira ex MLA Fr Conceicao Silva of Mandur Ana Maria Carolina Quadros Fernandes daughter in law of Joao Agostinho Fernandes and her daughter Sharmila Fernandes, Mr Octavio of Goa Social and Cultural Centre Mr Prajal Sakhardande Goa Heritage Association Premand Lotlikar, President DKA and others.

There was a brief entertainment programme but the ineffective sound system played spoilsport.

This writer earlier met both the spouse of late Joaquim Ribeiro ----one of the three sons of Lucacinho Ribeiro the others being ( Teofilo and Caetano Paul ) ---Ms Cecilia D Souza and her son Bernand D Souza at their residence in Staywell Apartments at Khorlim Mapusa.

Speaking to this writer, she said she was pleased that Tiatr Academy of Goa was remembering Mr Ribeiro her grandfather . To enable the youngsters to understand the contribution of this icon the TAG could have a library etc named after Lucainho Ribeiro felt Mr Bernard D Souza her son a musician. According to Cecilia the family lived in Mahim and later after her husband Joaquim Ribeiro retired returned to Khorlim Goa

When this writer visited the site of the house of Mr Ribeiro at Sokolwado Assagao just beyond the primary school, it was noted that the 3000m2 plot did not have any vestiges of the house. Accompanied by her son Bernard he said that the property is in dispute and there is nothing that remains of the house.

On an earlier ocassion this writer spoke to the next of kin of Caetano Paula a great grandson Yuri Ribeiro a DJ who resides at Pelewado, Ucassaim. He was happy to learn of TAG's function today and was proud to be there.

from the Black Box Kala Academy Panaji

+91 98221 58584 (24 HRS)


a) Ms Cecilia D'Souza grandaughter of Lucacinho Ribeiro and her son Bernard D'Souza
at their residence at Khorlim Mapusa Bardez Goa

b) remanants of house of Lucacinho Ribeiro at Sokolwaddo Assagao Bardez Goa

c) Costancio Lucainho Carridade Ribeiro (b 2.1.1863 d 23.1.1928)

d) Yuri Ribeiro great grandson of Lucacinho Ribeiro receiving the portrait from TAG President Tomazinho Cardozo

e) audience at the Black Box Kala Academy Panaji on 2/1/2010 seen also Ana Maria Carolina Quadros Fernandes daughter-in- law and Sharmila Fernandes grand-daughter of Pai Tiatrist (left second row)

+91 98221 58584 (24 HRS)
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Chaos and confusion in Colva over a Konkani CD

Chaos and confusion in Colva

The case of the CD that allegedly casts a priest and a politician in bad light is getting, as Alice says in Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, curiouser and curiouser with each passing day. Two days ago, South Goa Additional District Magistrate Prasanna Acharya issued an order preventing the media from reporting on the case. The order read, “I hereby direct all the TV channels broadcasting the issue…to discontinue the broadcasting of this story forthwith in South Goa district.”

The media reacted with understandable outrage to this attempt to prevent it from doing its discharging its duty. When questioned about this order, the ADM clarified that this order was with respect to the electronic media only and that it relates to a specific news item “in which the facts of agitation were wrongly quoted in the story”. He went on to state, “…the press is free to cover any story/news item with respect to Colva incidence (sic) except the story referred to in the order issued under section 108 of CrPC 1973 for the reasons mentioned in the order which is based on the police report.”

What exactly does this convoluted clarification mean? The media is free to report only a particular version of events? In a controversy as complex as this, with as many conflicting versions as there are participants, the authorities will decide what is the ‘true’ version of events, and prevent the media from presenting any other version or viewpoint?

This ham-handed attempt to muzzle the press is part of a pattern that has characterised the administration’s handling of the entire case from the very outset. The Margao Sub-Divisional Police Officer, DySP Umesh Gaonkar, has clarified, “…nowhere have I asked the Magistrate to direct TV channels to discontinue broadcast of the ongoing agitation.” Yet, taking cover under the tired excuse of maintaining law and order, the administration is trying to muzzle the press, and is now moving to ‘ban’ the controversial CD itself.

Certainly it is the duty of the administration and the police to maintain law and order, but they have abjectly failed to do so – not because of anything the press has done, but due to their own failure to act when needed. The time to maintain law and order was when the house of Colva panch and producer of the controversial CD Calvert Gonsalves was vandalised. The time to maintain law and order was when mobs beat up Tarun Bharat reporter Mahesh Konekar outside the house of Calvert Gonsalves. The time to maintain law and order was when violent groups blocked roads in Colva, inconveniencing locals and tourists alike. Instead, the administration is now pointing fingers at the media, and trying to prevent it from doing its job.

The case of the controversial CD highlights much that is wrong with the way the administration functions in Goa, particularly the dangers of political interference in the work of the police. The same problem was witnessed most recently in the case of the alleged rape of a Russian tourist in South Goa. Police officers, with loyalties to one or the other politician, have been neglecting their basic duties in their efforts to please their political masters. And the biggest casualty of this approach has been law and order, to the extent that Goa, at the height of the tourist season, has acquired the reputation of an unsafe tourist destination in the national and international media.

In fact, nobody has come out of the Colva episode with any credit. When it is common knowledge that the entire episode is the result of political rivalry between Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco and his one-time mentor Calvert Gonsalves, why are ordinary people letting themselves be used as cannon fodder in this proxy battle? If the CD is objectionable and defamatory, as alleged, why are people resorting to extra-legal means to tackle the issue? And why are the religious authorities remaining silent? The very least that should have been done was to counsel restraint and to preach against the use of violence. But the silence on the issue has been deafening.


Congratulations Xavier Gomes

Congratulations Xavier

The Konkani stage artist-singer Xavier Gomes has left an indelible mark and deserves our admiration, appreciation and encouragement. He qualifies as the best composer and singer in the exalted category of Alfred Rose.

His themes and lyrics are thought-provoking, intellectual, and his style of rendering messages is neither critical nor sarcastic. He conveys his thoughts deeply with maximum of educative, philosophical, moral content along with social emphasis. The standard of Konkani stage is raised to a higher level with his compositions.

He has so far refrained and resisted the temptation to appeal to cheap basic instincts. He has left a message for everyone through his various songs, which are worth listening to and pleasurable to the ears.

Nelson Lopes, Chinchinim

[See Xavier Gomes sing.....on various themes]


Lucazinho Ribeiro – Tiatracho Rochnnar

Lucazinho Ribeiro – Tiatracho Rochnnar

● Tomazinho Cardozo

Goycho Tiatr Mumboint zolmank ailo mhunttlear aikonk vichitr dista. Punn Konknni bhaxechea mollar - magir tem sahtiya zaum, potrkarita (journalism) zaum, kadambori/kovita zaum, git-songit zaum vo drama zaum hache vixim chodd pavtt survatechim panvllam Mumbointuch suru zaleant. Karan Goykar chodd koruna aplea pottak lagon Mumboint nokri korunk vetale ani thoim tancher koslo koslo na koslo probhav poddon tea tea xetrant tannim survatechim panvllam marlim. Hech porim Goycho tiatr-ui Mumboit suru zalo. Hea nanvlovkik tiatracho rochnnar mhunttlear Lucazinho Ribeiro zannem poilo tiatr boroilo, digdorsit kelo ani Abrilache 17ver, 1982 vorsa Mumboint machier haddlo.

1982/83 vorsa Goychea sorkaran, Goyche Kala Akademy votin, poilech pavtt Tiatr-achim xembor vorsam monoilim. Ponjent boreantli bori ek kariavoll ghoddoun haddli. He somoyear tiatrantlea mhalgoddea tiatristancho bhovman kelo. Tea vellar Tiatrachea itihasa vhoir ek program machier haddlo. Hea program hachi ‘script’ boroupachi zababdari mhaka dili. Tea khatir tiatracho itihas kholayen xikpachi mhaka sondhi mell’lli. Lucazinho Ribeiro hannem poilo tiatr boroilo mhunn mhaka John Claro hannem Inglez potrancher boroilolea lekhan vorvim koll’llolem. To Assagao ganvcho aslo mhunnonuim mhaka khobor asli. Tea khatir hanv Assagao gelom. Lucazinho Ribeiro hachi konn punn famil asa kai mhunn chovkoxi keli. Mhojea borea noxiban mhaka mhojea eka ixttan Assagao, Sokol vaddeant ek Ribeiro mhunn famil asa ani te familint tiatrist aslo mhunnttat mhunn sanglem. Hanv Assagao Sokol vaddeant gelom ani thoim Lucazinho Ribeiro hachi nat-sun ravta mhunn mhaka koll’llem. Hanv Lucy, Lucazinho-chi nat-sun, hika mell’lom. Tinnemn mhaka zaiti mahiti dili ji mhati Lucy-k tachea sasupain diloli.

Tiatracho rochnnar ticho vhoddil asa mhunn kolltoch Lucy ekdom khoxi zalem. Tem umedhin bhorlem ani tannem mhaka Lucazinho Ribeiro hachem moddlolem ghor dakhounk vhelo. Ghor moddlolem punn vontthi asleot. Fuddlean bolkanv asa tache sope asle, ‘pillars’ asle punn nolle konsllon poddlole. Cholpi vatter thavn bolkavant vochpak 12 te 14 panvdde asle. Lucy mhunnolagli, “ Mhojo sasupai sangtalo ki Lucazinho hea bolkavant machi kortalo, chedram lavn podd’dde lamboitalo ani aplea vangoddchea bhurgeank gheun kariavolli kortalo.” Lucychea sangnnea voilean Lucazinho-k bhurgeach ponnar thavn sonskrutik kariavollincho khub mog aslo mhunn mhaka koll’llem.

Mhaka ek tori Lucazinho Ribeiro hachi fottu zai aslo. Tanchea ghorant asa zalear ek kopi dhi mhunn hanvem magnni keli. Tea vellar ami fokot Lucazinho Ribeiro hachem nanv aikolem punn tacho fottu poriant pollounk naslo. Tanchea ghorant ekui fottu na mhunn mhaka Lucy-n sanglem. Lucazinho-chen ghor tor moddon poddlolem. Lucy adim Mumboint ravtalem tea khatir tem mhunno laglem, “ Mhaka dista Mumboint amche eke pettent Lucazinho Ribeiro hachea mornnachea vorsachea ugddasak Regist chhaplolo to asa so.” Hanvem Lucy-k vinonti keli ki to Rejist tannem Mumboi vochon haddcho mhunn.” Lucy jem khub umedhir aslem tannem rokddench amchem magnnem svikar kelem. Tem Mumboi ghelem ani Lucazinho hachea mornnachea vorsachea ugddasak chhaplolo rejist mhaka haddun dilo. To rejist azun popriant mhoje lagim asa. Tea rejista vorvim Lucazinho-cho fottu amkam pollounk mell’llo, to koso distalo ani to koso nhestalo tem pollounk mell’llem.

Joao Agostinho Fernandes, zaka ami ‘Pai Tiatrist’ mhunn pachartanv to Lucazinho Ribeiro Tiatrachea mollar poilo man favo zata mhunn sangta. 1943 vorsa jedna Joao Agostinho Fernandes hachea fuddarippona khal Mumboint Tiatrachi ‘Golden Jubilee’ somorombhli tedna Joao Agostinho Fernandes hannem ek lekh boroilo. Ho lekh ‘Ave Maria’ hea 28vis Novembr, 1943 disachea ankar chhapon ailo. Joao Agostinho lekh survat kortana oxem mhunntta, “ Jedna hanvem Tiatrachi ‘Golden Jubilee’ somorombhpachi zababdari ghetlea tednam tiatr zolmant haddpak poilo man konnank favo zata tem boroun dovorpachem mhojem kortovea asa.” Tea uprant to Lucazinho Ribeiro koso Mumboint ailo, eka Italiachea dramatic pongddan ‘back stage artiste’ mhunn sirvisek ravlo, koso tannem “Itilian Bhurgo” ho tiatr boroilo ani apleak ani dusreank gheun Abrilacher 17ver, 1892 vorsa machier haddlo tachi bariksanen khobor dita. Anui lekh sompoitamna Joao Agostinho oxemn mhunntta, “ Dubhavnastana tiatr mollar Lucazinho Ribeiro haka poilo zago favo zata. Hanv taka mhoji tokli bagoitam kiteak to mhojo margdorxok (guide) ani ‘Guru’ ani takach lagon hanv azun poriant dekhivont tiatr machier haddtam.” Joao Agostinho Fernandes hachea hea nivedhana (statement) vorvim Lucazinho Ribeiro tiatracho rochnar mhunn nischit zalem ani Lucazinho Ribeiro-k tiatr mollar favo tem sthan favo zalem. Joao Agostinho Fernandes hachea khalteponnan kedem vhodd vhoddponn asa tem mol korunk zaina.

Tiatr Academy Goa Janerache 2rer Lucazinho Ribeiro hacho zolm-dis somorobhta. Hi kariavoll Kala Akademy-chem Black Box hantun 4.30 vorar zatoli. Soglle tiatr mogi he kariavollik hajir zaum-ea ani Goykaranche avddicho Tiatr zolmank haddpi Lucazinho Ribeiro haka man dium-ia.

(As forwarded to gasper almeida,
by the writer on 01/01/2010)

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