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'Mahanand Monis Vo Soitan?' charms Kuwait's Konkani Audience

'Mahanand Monis Vo Soitan?' charms Kuwait's Konkani Audience

Report by: R.Rodrigues

Kuwait January 19, 2009: Francisco Gonsalves alias Franky meticulously enacting the role of the serial killer received admiration and applause from a capacity crowd at Kala Mogui Kuwait's presentation of Tony Dias' Konkani drama "Mahanand Monis vo Soitan?".
The audiences were engrossed to the story which had Bushka, Jane, Jessica, Shruti in role of the victims, Jaju as Police Inspector and Manohar Bhingue as the Home Minister. Filu Dias, Trindade, David D'Costa, Conny M, Filipe Almeida and Socorro de Santa Cruz playing their part to perfection and flawless clarity in unfolding the story with sound, scenes, and captivating performances to everyone's delight. Equally the singers both within the visiting troupe as well as Kuwait-based singers entertained on varied latest subjects relating to the Goan community and two of the actors did dual roles with equal flair and modulation camouflaging themselves.

Comedians Janet Almeida, Aurelio and Ambe added to the funny bone with their timely interjection of humour delighting the crowd. H.E. Shri Ajai Malhotra, the Ambassador of India was the chief guest and prominent Goans and KMK well-wishers Albano Pinto, Gaspar Almeida, Fr. Lionel Braganza, principal of IEAS (Don Bosco) accompanied him on stage along with Fr. Teo Fernandes who welcomed the large gathering. The Ambassador, In his brief introductory speech congratulated the organizers and also greeted everyone on the occasion of Pongal - the colourful festival of India.

Kala Mogui Kuwait felicitated Socorro de Santa Cruz, a prominent singer and actor who has contributed for nearly three decades on professional circuit; well known singer, writer-director-producer Rosary Ferns for his artistic talents on Konkani stage in Kuwait and Tony Dias for his mind-blowing innovative work specially grooming and encouraging young actors and talents.

[Pictures Album can be viewed at: ]

Mementos were also presented to the Carmelite priests, Fr. Melwyn D'Cunha and Fr. Teo Fernandes in appreciation of their services in Kuwait who will bid farewell soon. Speaking to this reporter, KMK President said "We thank all those who have contributed and coordinated to have this show in a short time's notice", watching fabulous Franky in the title role "Mahanand Monis vo Soitan?" he said we are human, must not become devil in our daily life.

Jet Airways-sponsored KWI-GOI-KWI air ticket was won by Manuel Goes for a housie game whereas two lucky winners won Coolpex-sponsored products. Al-Yasra Food Co. served free snacks to the audience. KMK's President Domingos Araujo and Event Co-ordinator Felix Fernandes (de Merces) together with their members & main sponsor: Kuwait Continental Hotel, co-sponsors: Jet Airways, Coolpex, Al-Yasra Food & Winners Restaurant, sponsors: Bombay Masala, Goa Textiles, Rock Music Center, Royal Plaza Catering Co., General Printers, Expressions-The Flower Shop & contributions added extra dimension. Sincere thanks was voiced to Da'iya Fencing Club Management, visiting and local artistes, supporters: Agnelo Rebello, Benny Rebello, Benny Vaz, Nicholas Rodrigues, Thomas Fernandes, Anand D'Souza, Rorry Miranda, Joaquim Rodrigues, Lawrence Cardozo, Laurie Miranda and Manuel F.X. Fernandes, the press and news media: Arab Times Publications, Kuwait Times Publications, The Times English Weekly, Al-Watan English Daily,,,,,, Goa's widely read Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter, The Goan Forum, Lino B.Dourado, William Fernandes, Gaspar Crasto, Agnelo Fernandes, Tony Coelho, Sunoj Nambiar, Dr.Jose Colaco, O'Heraldo, The Navhind Times, Gomantak Times, V-Ixtt & all Goan Internet Forums & Goan Magazines for the wide publicity given to all their events in Kuwait.
On Saturday, a farewell dinner was hosted to the Tony Dias' complete troupe at the Kuwait Continental Hotel where they stayed before their onward journey to London to present two shows in Wembley & Swindon. In Doha-Qatar, the finale show will conclude the troupe's tour according to latest information.

Congratulations to KMK for successfully organizing the event and giving a head start marking the commencement of the cultural activities for 2010 for the Konkani loving people.
"KMK continuously endeavour to strive to entertain and participate along with other Indian organizations. A number of events are presently in the final conceptual stages and more details will be announced through the press and internet media", a spokesman for KMK mentions.
"Sao Francis Xavier" a maiden Konkani audio CD album by Luis Vincente de Ribandar & Micky Fernandes was released at the hands of Fr. Teo Fernandes and KMK President Domingos Araujo in the presence of Producer Flavia Cardozo and Aurora Fernandes. The album consists of 12 songs and one bonus English number. A live rendition of "Bhavart-Bhorvanso-Mog"-one of the CD's Konkani song by
Micky Fernandes gave the whistle start to the evening's presentation.

The stage setting by Thomas Fernandes(Lekinson Arts) & Santan Rodrigues, sound system by Anand D'Souza (Illumination), music by teenager Framton De Sa and Kuwait-based Shahu, KMK's seasoned comperes Anjali & Sushil Amonkar and colourful graphic display on giant screen added to the success of the tiatr presentation. Rosary Ferns' solo and the lively duet by Kuwait's own mimicry king Edward Estibeiro depicting the mother and son craving for each other's affection, and the songs by Comedian Philip Pereira, Bab Agnel and M.Luis were sung well and received thunderous encore.

Report by: R. Rodrigues













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Red & Black Carnival Ball 2010 : Dubai

Red & Black Carnival Ball 2010 : Dubai - Be There!

"gilroy britto"

Bollywood stars to attend Goa Yuva Mahotsav at Bicholim

Bollywood stars to attend Goa Yuva Mahotsav at Bicholim

Entering into its 15th episode, Konkani Bhasha Mandal's Goa Yuva Mahotsav is
expected to be a star-studded event this time when it will be held at Bicholim on January 30 & 31, 2010.

We have invited Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi as the chief guest for the prize distribution function while efforts are on to confirm presence of Nana Patekar to kick-off the event, Dr Shekhar Salkar, chief coordinator of the festival, told reporters. The two-day long event, an extravaganza of youthful culture and creativity, will be held at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maidan, Bicholim.

Bicholim MLA and chairman of reception committee Rajesh Patnekar expected the participation of around 200 students and youths representing around 30 colleges and higher secondaries and 20 cultural organizations from all over Goa. The Mahotsav which began at Margao has traveled to every nook and corner of the state. The organizers said that this time the main venue is named after Konkani writer and famed journalist Chandrakant Keni. Patnekar said that the main stage is named after noted tiatr artist and sangeet natak academy award winner Padmashri M Boyer.

The other venues would be named after Fr Anton Pereira, Nilkanth Karapurkar, Krishna Laxman Moye and Vinayak Natekar. The Mahotsav will be spread over three venues besides a special hall for rangoli competition, which will have capacity to accommodate 4,000 people. The organizing committee is headed by Bicholim MLA Rajesh Patnekar, Dr Shekhar salkar is the chief coordinator and Suraj Komarpant is the working president of the mahotsav. Vidhyadhar Raut is secretary, Zaki Shaikh and Rupesh Thanekar are the joint secretaries. KBM president Prashant Naik, secretary Nityanand Naik and treasurer Rajendra Naik along with Chetan Acharya, Paresh Naik, Surel Tilve and Shirish Naik are assisting the local team in the organization of the event.

samir umarye

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The Day of January 16

The Day of January 16

But for a historic occasion whose 42nd anniversary is today, the Goa we know would never have come into being. Had it not been for the Opinion Poll of 16 January 1967, today, Goa would have been the most remote district of Maharashtra’s most backward region. It would have been even less developed than neighbouring Sindhudurg.
Goa is the only place in India where the issue of identity was resolved through a referendum. After it was liberated by the Indian Army along with Daman and Diu on 19 December 1961, two diametrically opposite views emerged about what should happen to this tiny territory.

The Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) led by the late Dayanand alias Bhau Bandodkar won the first Assembly elections and declared that Goa should be merged with neighbouring Maharashtra. The MGP felt that the culture and traditions of Goa’s majority Hindus was similar to Maharashtra, and that Marathi was the mother tongue of Goans. Konkani, they believed, was just a dialect of Marathi.
The United Goans Party (UG) led by Dr Jack Sequeira, wanted Goa to retain its own identity. It believed that Konkani was an independent language that remained underdeveloped as it was suppressed by Portuguese colonial rulers.

Most of the Christians and the bhatkars or landlords supported the UG. while the MGP’s base mainly comprised their landless Bahujan Samaj tenants who wanted economic liberation by becoming owners of the land they had been tilling for the bhatkars for generations. The Christian landless tenant classes, however, threw their lot with the UG.

But there were a large number of enlightened youth who, though they did not support the landlord class, felt that Goa’s identity would be lost if it was merged into Maharashtra. Some of them got together to start a Marathi daily, Rashtramat, to spread the anti-merger message among Marathi readers. Goa’s only Marathi daily then –Gomantak – was a strong supporter of merger.

As the debate gathered ground, Indira Gandhi, who was then the Prime Minister of India, decided to resolve the issue by holding an Opinion Poll, to fulfil her father Jawaharlal Nehru’s assurance to the people of Goa that their views would be taken into account while deciding their destiny.

The Congress Working Committee passed the Opinion Poll resolution at its meeting on 3September 1966. The Lok Sabha cleared it on 1 December 1966, while the Rajya Sabha approved on 7 December 1966. The President of India gave his assent on 16 December 1966. It was decided that the Opinion Poll would be held on 16 January 1967.
There were two options before the people of Goa, Daman & Diu – either remain a union territory or merge Goa into Maharashtra and Daman & Diu into Gujarat. They had to choose between a Flower – for merger – and Two Leaves – to remain a union territory.
Maharashtra’s politicians irrespective of party affiliation – Congress, Socialists and Communists – all wanted merger. Amar Shaikh the magnetic communist singer, brought his Lal Bawata Kala Pathak to perform and campaign for merger in the villages of Goa.

To counter this, Ulhas Buyao led a group of young artists to form the Jai Gomantak Kala Pathak, singing Konkani songs written by Manoharrai Sardesai, Shankar Bhandari and Uday Bhembre. He got an overwhelming response, so much so that pro-merger activists began disrupting Buyao's concerts in their strongholds.
In the end, it was the 120 public meetings addressed by Dr Jack Sequeira and other young Goan leaders, Rashtramat’s news reports and editorials by Chandrakant Keni, Brahmastra, a fiery column written by Uday Bhembre and an army of young activists that toiled to convince people why merger would mean Goa’s end. Educated people from the Hindu Bahujan Samaj began to realise that their future lay in Goa retaining its identity, rather than merging into Maharashtra.

On 16 January 1967, the Two Leaves symbol inched past the Flower, by just 34,021 votes. But it saved Goa. Let us celebrate this day as Asmitai Dis (identity day). For, even after statehood, the aspirations of independent Goa are yet to be realised.

(Editorial in January 16, 2010 Herald)

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Directory of Tiatr Artistes

Directory of Tiatr Artistes

Tiatr Academy Goa (TAG) has decided to publish a Directory of Tiatr artistes and the work of compilation of data of tiatr artistes is on. The time limit given to give personal details of the artistes on TAG’s prescribed form has experied. TAG has observed that many tiatr artistes have not yet submitted the required information.

Therefore TAG has extended the time limit of submitting the information on TAG’s prescribed form on or before 23rd January, 2010.

All tiatr artistes including musicians and persons involved in back-stage works such as Stage setting, Background music, Light Eefects, Make-up, Costumes, etc who have not yet submitted their details are requested to do so before 23rd January 2010.

The details may be sent to TAG’s Office, at S1/S4, 2nd Floor, A Block, Campal Trade Centre, Campal, Panjim, Goa.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary
Tiatr Academy Goa

Tiatr Academy Goa [tiatracademy at]

Link article:

Tiatr Academy of Goa
Panaji – Goa

Mr. Tomazinho Cardozo, President of Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) addressed the
Goa Press on 3rd July, 2009 in order to announce about the schemes and
activities of the TAG for the financial year 2009 – 2010.

The details are as under:

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) was officially inaugurated on 16th Februray, 2009 by
the Hon. Chief Minister of Goa, Shri. Digamber Kamat. Soon after the
inauguration, Code of Conduct due to Parliamentary Election was announced by
the Election Commission of India. Government could not transfer any funds to
TAG and the TAG could not do any activities. It is only when the Code of
Conduct was lifted by the Election Commission in the month of May, the TAG
started functioning.

A meeting of all Tiatr artistes of Goa was also convened and their views were
also taken for planning for the year 2009 - 2010

The activities planned for the year 2009 – 2010 are as follows:

(i) Documentation of the history of Tiatr
(a) TAG has resolved to document the history and experiences in the
field of Tiatr by interviewing old artistes of Tiatr which includes
directors, actors, singers, musicians, persons involved in stage setting,
effects, background music, etc. etc. on VCDs and DVDs.

(b) It was also resolved to document the history of tiatr by publishing
books on
history, critical appreciation and on any other topics related to
Tiatr, its song and

(ii) Encouragement to production of Tiatr in villages
TAG has resolved to formulate a scheme to promote tiatr activities in
the villages among the children and youth by giving them the required financial
and technical support. Institutions / groups / dramatic troupes / etc
interested in promoting Tiatr culture among the children/youth in the villages
can take benefit of this scheme. The participating children/youth must be the
residents of that village and their age should not exceed 20 years. Maximum of
five senior artistes from the same village will be permitted to act in that

(iii) Promotion of Tiatr through educational institutions
TAG felt that the students in the schools and colleges must be made
aware of the Goan traditional Tiatr – its history and its importance in the
Goan society. Therefore it has been resolved to formulate a scheme to promote
Goan Tiatr through schools, colleges and other educational institutions by
organizing seminars, lectures, etc. for the students of educational

(iv) Raising the standard of Tiatr
(a) Improvement of the standard of Tiatr in all respects is the need of
the hour. Therefore TAG has unanimously resolved to organize
workshops/seminars, etc on various aspects of Tiatr such as Script writing,
Acting, Direction, Light Effects, Stage Setting, Back Ground music, etc. by
inviting knowledgeable resource persons in theatre art from other languages. It
has also been decided that TAG may collaborate with any other
institution/organization while conducting these seminars/workshops, etc.
(b) Another way to learn more about theatre art and to improve the
standard of tiatr is to witness high standard dramas from other languages and
gain more knowledge about the new trends in modern theatre. Therefore TAG has
resolved to encourage tiatr artistes to witness high standard dramas in other
languages which are staged in Goa by providing them the required incentives.

(v) Preservation of Tiatr literature
Tiatr literature needs to be preserved for posterity. This can be done
by publishing books of scripts of Tiatrs, One Act Plays and Lyrics of songs,
with or without music scores, etc. Therefore TAG has resolved to publish books
of scripts of Tiatrs, One Act Plays and Lyrics of songs, with or without music
scores, etc.

(vi) Promotion of Tiatr music
The TAG has observed that the number of musicians playing blowing
instruments such as Trumpet and Saxphone is decreasing day by day and that
these two instruments are very important in the music of the Tiatr. In view of
this the TAG has resolved to formulate a scheme to encourage youth and others
to learn to play blowing instruments particularly Trumpet and Saxphone by
providing them with financial assistance.

(vii) Reaching out to Goans all over the world
TAG is of the opinion that Tiatr Academy of Goa should reach out to
Goans living in different parts of the world through internet and through other
modern means of mass communication. Hence TAG has resolved to create a Web-site
of Tiatr Academy of Goa giving detailed information of TAG and its activities.

(viii) Promotion of Award Winning Tiatr
Kala Academy, Goa organizes Tiatr Festivals every year in Panjim only.
But the producers and directors of award winning tiatrs have no opportunity to
stage these award winning tiatrs in other parts of Goa. Inspite of having a
good standard these plays do not attract large audience because they have
mostly amateur artistes. Therefore TAG has resolved to organize festivals of
first three award winning tiatrs in other parts of Goa so that the people from
other parts of Goa too have the opportunity to witness these tiatrs. It is also
decided to organize these festivals in collaboration with other institutions in
case such institutions come forward to organize it.

(ix) Remembering Tiatr artistes of yester years
Tiatr stage produced great tiatr personalities in the past. These
pioneers of tiatr are no more with us. Their contribution to the Goan tiatr is
immense. Unfortunately today’s younger generation do not know anything about
In order to make our younger generation aware of their contribution and
sacrifices the TAG has resolved as under:
(i) To commemorate their jubilee birth anniversaries i.e. 75th
, 100th, 125th, etc birth anniversaries by organizing special functions and
appropriate programmes.
(ii) To give financial support to troupes/ institutions for
producing special programmes on the lives of particular artistes or a programme
of the tiatrs staged and songs rendered by those artistes in the past.
(iii) To celebrate the Birth Centenary of A. R. Souza Ferrao TAG
has resolved to stage more shows of the tiatr “Gouyo Put” written by late
Souza Ferrao, directed by Anil Kumar at Panjim, Mapusa, Ponda, etc.
respectively in collaboration of A. R. Souza Ferrao Cultural & Charitable

(x) Provision of financial assistance to troupes going to Bombay/Poona
Goan Tiatr was born in Bombay. There was a time when the Tiatr culture
was more prominent in Bombay than in Goa. Dramatic troupes from Bombay used to
come to Goa to stage their tiatrs. In the recent years the scenario has
completely changed. There are very few tiatr artistes left in Bombay today.
Hence dramatic troupes from Goa go to Bombay and stage their shows in Bombay
and Poona. Many a time staging tiatrs in Bombay/Poona by Goan dramatic troupes
is not a financially viable proposition.
Therefore TAG has resolved to give financial support to the tune of Rs.
25,000/ - to any dramatic troupe going to Bombay/Poona to stage its tiatrs
there provided that at least five shows of the same tiatr are staged during
that trip.

(xi) Promotion of Folk Songs
Mando/Dulpods and other folksongs is a part and parcel of our culture. These
folksongs have always found place on the tiatr stage. Therefore TAG has
resolved to promote Mando/Dulpods and other folk songs by giving incentives to
deserving folk artistes and folk troupes.

(xii) Encouragement to Script Writers and Lyricists
In order to encourage the script writers and lyricists to write scripts and
lyrics of high standard, TAG has decided to organize literary competitions for
Script writing and for Lyrics writings and to give awards for best script and
best lyrics writers.

(xiii) Museum & Library
There is a lot of Tiatr material in the form of manuscripts, hand written
lyrics, printed books, old HMV records, CDs and DVDs etc, scattered here
and there with government authorities as well as with private individuals.
Unfortunately required care of this valuable material has not been taken.
Therefore the TAG has resolved to collect this material if possible and
preserve it for posterity by establishing a Museum and a library of TAG on a
long term basis.

(xiv) Insurance for Tiatr artistes
The TAG felt that many tiatr artistes face a lot of financial problems in case
of accidents. Therefore it was resolved to insure all artistes of the Tiatr
stage under Group Insurance Cover. Such insurance will be beneficial to tiatr
artistes in case of an accidental death or accidental injury takes place.

(xv) Directory of Tiatr artistes
In order to have up to date information about the Tiatr artistes living in and
out of Goa TAG has resolved to publish a directory of all Tiatr artistes on
(xvi) ID Cards for Tiatr artistes
There was a request to issue an ID Card to interested Tiatr artiste. TAG has
resolved to issue such ID Cards to bonafide Tiatr artistes only.

(xvii) Awards for excellence.
Awards play an important role in the lives of artistes. Those on the stage, if
awarded, get encouragement to perform better in future and those who are no
more active on the stage feel proud because their contribution to the Tiatr
stage is recognized. Therefore the TAG has resolved to institute the following
(a) To give awards in all departments of Tiatr such as acting, direction,
singing, script writing, stage setting, light effects, back ground music, etc
by organizing a Tiatr festival of commercial tiatrs every year.
(b) To give awards to audio albums of Konkani songs i.e. for the best
singers (male & female), for the best lyricist, for the best musician
and for the best Audio album.
(c) Life time achievement awards to tiatr artistes of yester years.

(xviii) Formation of Sub-Committees
Numerous sub-committees are formed in order to implement the schemes formulated
by TAG. Functioning in full swing will take place after the TAG gets the
required staff.
(xix) Office Premises for TAG:
TAG will have Office premises of its own soon. Hon. Chief Minister, Shri.
Digambar Kamat has made a provision of 1.5 crores of rupees for the purchase of
the premises, to do interior decoration, to purchase office equipment and to
purchase a vehicle for TAG. The process for acquiring an office premises to
TAG is going on.

Tomazinho Cardozo
Tiatr Academy of Goa

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"Goan Carnival" in Mumbai

"Goan Carnival" in Mumbai

Goan Review Art Foundation (GRAF) the cultural body of the popular Konkani-English bi-monthly The Goan Review, presents The Goan Carnival "GÕYCHO KARNAVAL" at St. Mary’s Jr. College Hall, Kalina, Santa Cruz (East) on 6th. February 2010 (Saturday) commencing at 7.00 p.m. in aid of Our Lady of Egypt Church, Kalina. and at St. Sebastian Goan High School grounds, Dabul, Thakurdwar on 7th. February 2010 (Sunday) commencing at 6.30 aid of St. Francis Xavier Church, Dabul.

The programme will feature the Goan Culture & Festivals: Then & Now - through Carnival Parade with King Momo and his entourage, Carnival Floats, Folk dances, Mando-Dulpods, Traditional Fell (Skit), Dancing Sessions to the beat of lively Music with lots of Spot Prizes & mouth-watering Goan delicacies.

For entry passes and further details kindly contact: GRAF Office: 22630139, Maureen: 9820738418, Domnic: 9821752011, Cleto: 9223590988, Roque Gonsalves: 9821565205 & Berthelino: 9820141740 or email

[As forwarded to on 16/01/2010]

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Dalgado Konkani Akademi to felicitate Konkani Poet Jess Fernandes

Dalgado Konkani Akademi to felicitate Konkani Poet Jess Fernandes

Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA), a premier institution espousing the cause of Konkani in Roman script will be felicitating Sahitya Akademi winner Jess Fernandes, at the hands of Shantaram Naik, Member of Parliament-Rajya Sabha on January 18th, 2010 (Monday), 5.00 pm at Woodlands Hotel, Maharaja Hall, Margao, Goa.

Central Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi, has announced its literary awards for this year. Well-known Konkani poet Jess Fernandes, are among 24 persons from across the country, to have been chosen for this national level award also.

Well-known Konkani writer and Folklore Researcher Dr. Jayanti Naik will be the guest of honour. The president of Dalgado Konknni Akademi, Premanand A. Lotlikar will preside over the function.

Dalgado Konknni Akademi requests all its members and Konkani lovers to attend the function in large numbers.

Jose Salvador Fernandes
Secretary, Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA)
Mob: +91 9881810832
Email: konknno at


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Micky - a gifted singer with a sweet voice

Micky - a gifted singer

Born in the picturesque village of Ribandar, Goa to a gifted family and proud parents - Joaquim Luis Fernandes & Maria Jesse Fernandes - Micheal Francisco Fernandes, fondly called 'Micky' is the only son [with five sisters]. Right from his school days, his interest and passion for singing was recognized and kept blooming! He first started his tiatr appearances at the tender age of 17 years under the stewardship of his his uncle, Luis Vicente de Ribandar, who is a wellknown "Mestri" in his village and surrounding.

Micky soon became a favourite among the tiatr loving populace. It was in 1987 that Late melody king Alfred Rose conducted the All Goa Singing Competition. Micky was adjudged the winner in the competition which had a large number of budding singers participating. Shortly his moment of pride came when Kala Akademy (Goa) celebrated the 100 years of Tiatrs and he was awarded the first place as the Best Singer. From then on there was no looking back for this talented singer and recognizing his charm and voice modulation, he soon peformed in tiatrs all over Goa with some of the best Konkani stage directors. Micky continued to be a regular singer for the tiatr competition organized by Kala Akademy and other organizations.

In 1994 Fr. Peter Cardozo from Pilar Seminary conducted an "Opera" on the life of St. Francis Xavier entitled “Mahan Porgottnar” and there was Micky singing most of the best solos among the finest group of talented opera singers from all over Goa.
Soon as was his destiny, he had to leave his hometown and landed in Kuwait. Initially he took a long break due to work commitments, but he could not distance himself for too long from the Konkani stage. Micky was first performed in Kuwait for KGTS (Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonsvtha)mega musical show “Konknni Machiek Noman” in 2006, and from then on he is a regular for their annual presentations.

During the silver jubilee celebrations of GULAB magazine in Kuwait organized by Kala Mogui Kuwait & Gulab Working Committee, Micky sang a classic English song 'Love in Winter Wonderland' to a thunderous applause. A memento for his dedicated services towards Gulab magazine was presented to Micky.

With his loving wife Aurora, who is very supportive, and his two daughters - Mercy and Myra besides him - he proudly says he is one of “ARTIST DE RIBANDAR”. My family provided me all the encouragement always, he flashes his smile!

During the presentation of Tony Dias' tiatr 'Mahanand - Monis vo Soitan' organized by the Kala Mogui Kuwait, Vicente de Ribandar and Micky will release their Konkani CD album "Sao Francis Xavier" on Friday, 15 January 2010 at the Daiya Fencing Hall. The music album has songs on varied subjects with scintillating music by Anthony de Velim and lyrics by Luis Vicente de Ribandar and sung by Micky, Albert Cabral, Antonette Pereira, Bony Alvim, Tony de Ribandar, Alanky Trio, Messiah Braganza, Comedian Joana, Domingos Vicente, and Ave D'Souza. Additional musical input by Succor de Mello and Philip Gracias and recorded at Audio Masters, and has an additional English number as a bonus track.

Composing his own songs is his forte, his distinct eye for detail and choice of lyrics, the solo song "Goa Konkani Goenkar" will surely prove his mettle and penchant for his mother tongue and Goa.

Gaspar Almeida

(Photo by Rewon Gomes,
archives of]

(c) All rights reserved. Circa 2010.

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Konkani Audio CD 'Sao Francis Xavier'

Konkani Audio CD 'Sao Francis Xavier'

Luis Vicente de Ribandar ani Saudik Talleacho Micky tumchea mukhar dovorta tanchi Konkani Audio CD zachem nanv "Sao Francis Xavier". Hea CD-in kantaram gaupi zaun asa Micky, Albert, Antonette, Alanky, Bony Alvim, Tony de Ribandar, Messiah, Joana, Domingos ani Ave D'Souza. Gitam ghodpi Luis Vincente de Ribandar, songit diupi Anthony de Velim, Recording korpi Audio Masters, zachem moll zaun asa Rs. 150/- and Goy V.P. Sinaris hanchea laguim meuta.

Kherit dinvas dileat Aurora Fernandes, Albert Cabral, Maria Braganza ani Seby & Flavia Cardozo hannim CD kaddpak adhar kela. Hea CD album-ant Philip Gracias ani Soccour De Mello-n don kantarank songit bosoilam.

Hi CD-chem udgatton Tony Dias-achea tiatr "Mahanand - Monis vo Soitan" hea Kala Mogui Kuwait hanchea asrea khall 15ver Janier-achea 2010 Daiya Fencing Hall vosreant zatoleam.

Sogglea Konkani mogiank ek kherit divertiment ani borea kantarancho CD album vikto gheunk ek bori sondhi.

Xabas Micky ani Luis Vicente de Ribandar-ak amchim porvim.

Goa-World.Com Team


[You heard it first from]

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Konkani “Filmi Hitz” [Vol. 1]

C. Alvares Films & Ashterwayne Productions are back in action, they are releasing their new title “Filmi Hitz” [Vol. 1] a compilations of Song Videos from their 3 films: Ghutt, Faxi Mogachi & Atancheo Sunom.

The compilation also features bonus tracks remixed by DJ Gaurav Issar.

Capucina Alvares says, “I am really happy with the tracks that have been remixed by Gaurav, he has done a fantastic job and I am sure these tracks will strike a chord with the youth.

The release will happen in Goa mid January 2010. The VCD is being distributed by Ashterwayne Productions and will be available all over; copies can be bought online too at

Watch the promo on

Konkani Films
konkanifilms at

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1st Popular Tiatr Festival cum Competition 2009

1st Popular Tiatr Festival 2009

Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) will for the first time organize a tiatr festival cum competition of the commercial tiatrs at Joao Agostinho Fernsndes Memorial Hall, Ravindra Bhavan Margao from 22nd February, 2010. TAG has organized this festival with an intention of bringing an all round development of tiatrs with a competitive spirit.

Tiatrs produced and staged between 1st January 2009 and 31st December 2009 will be eligible for participation in the Festival. The tiatr must have atleast 20 performances to its credit in order to be eligible for participation. Only 10 tiatrs will be considered for the festival. If there are more than 10 applications then 10 tiatrs to be included in the fesatival will be decided on lots.

Participating dramatic troupes will be paid a lumpsum of Rs. 25,000/ - each for various expenditures including the transport. Besides there will be three prizes of Rs. 20,000/-, Rs. 15,000/- and Rs. 10,000/- for tiatrs standing first, second and third respectively in the competition. Individual prizes for direction, acting, script writing, lyrics, stage setting, live music, back-ground music, make-up, costumes, etc will also be awarded.

The last date to submit entries to the TAG office at S1/S4, Block A, Campal Trade Centre, Campal Panjim Goa is 11.30 a.m. on 18th January, 2010. If more than 10 applications are received then 10 tiatrs to be included in the festival will be decided on lots on the same day, i.e. 18th January, 2010 at 12.00 noon. The application form and Rules & Regulations of the 1st Popular Tiatr Festival 2009 are available at the TAG office during office hours.

Tomazinho Cardozo
President - TAG

- As forwarded to gaspar almeida, by TAG.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Colva Street Show

The Colva Street Show

By Augusto Pinto


I love theatrical productions, so I’m hugely pleased by what the
people of Colva did recently. I’m referring to the show they put up
in response to a CD produced by their tiatrist panch.
I have not had the pleasure of watching the CD, as it is now banned. But I’d love to; I’m ready to pay four times the cover price for it. From what I’m told, the people were excited because the CD took the Mickey out of the Colva parish priest.
But after that the whole show was a super hit Sex! Politics! Religion! Bigamy! Adultery! Violence! It had everything. What fun!
The Colva-ites who turned this explosive plot into a street play did a fantastic job. It was a come-one-come-all affair; everyone could play a part; anyone could say anything. There was no need for elaborate dialogue; no need to sing songs. If there was nothing else to do, one could gherao some cops; or simply fling a stone or two… or three. And it was all free!
I appreciate the Colva-ites for not consulting a lawyer regarding the CD. He would have told them to file a defamation case against the panch, instead of putting up a show. Sensible people know that this sort of case would have taken about a million years to resolve, if at all, by which time everyone would be dead. Thank God they did not resort to the law courts.
Also, it is a good thing Colva-ites are very elite and do not watch Bollywood movies like ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’. Nobody has heard of Gandhigiri in Colva. Gandhigiri makes one sentimental when one is angry. And it makes one do good to someone that is bad. It would have been a very poor show indeed if, like Munnabhai, the Colva-ites protested by flooding this apparently erring panch with bouquets of roses.
Apart from the fact that stones are much more economical than roses, the Colva-ites would have lost the pleasure of messing up the panch tiatrist’s house. One day, I also hope I get a chance to smash up the house of someone I hate, just like the Colva-ites.
I’d suggest that the Colva-ites continue their campaign by reviving the celebration of ‘Janeiro’ ‘Janeiro’, which involves parading in fancy dress in front of people’s houses to usher in the new year. The Colva-ites can use this ruse to disguise themselves, and safely stone more politicians’ houses with no one recognising them. This is all pure, traditional, good-natured Goan fun, of course.
I’d also like to congratulate the priest, the politicians and the police for not being so stupid as to go and try to stop the violence, as well as the disruption in the lives of those who were not in any way concerned with what was going on.
After all, it is human on the part of any wounded individual – no matter that he is a politician, or for that matter, a priest who is supposed to turn the other cheek when the first is slapped – to occasionally enjoy a little tit-for-tat; especially when a particularly pesky parishioner is taught a lesson.
One must also congratulate the Church for not intervening in the show and letting everyone enjoy themselves. Of course, some people may say that by keeping silent while the trouble went on, they conveyed to the public that they are not in control of the Colva street players. Others may even say that they instigated it. Let these fools say what they want. As everyone knows, it is a good thing that religious leaders do not interfere in worldly matters in secular India.
Besides, it is intensely boring when they start giving sermons to people and quote passages from the Bible like: “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.’ To the contrary, ‘If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.’ Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”
Finally the Magistrate who banned the CD must be praised. It’s common knowledge that once a work of art is banned, everyone then wants to see it. Tiatrists can now sing songs in praise of this Magistrate for making tiatr as an art form even more popular.



Villagers vow to continue battle
Villagers vow to continue battle Demand resignation of Calvert from p’yat

Villagers of Colva on Tuesday have vowed to continue the ongoing battle through peaceful means and would undertake nine-day fasting and prayers near the Church premises from Wednesday.
The villagers have also resolved to demand the resignation of the producer of the controversial CD, Calvert Gonsalves from the membership of the Colva Panchayat and to boycott him in the village.
A public meeting held near the Colva Church on Tuesday evening have resolved to continue the ongoing battle peacefully and warned that the people would not keep quite if any attempts are made to insult the Catholic religion.
In his address, the Moderator of the Colva parish Council, Jason Andrade called upon the people to continue the battle in a peaceful manner. Explaining the people the outcome of the meeting with the Archbishop, Filipe Neri Ferrao on Monday, Andrade said the Bishop has called for a peaceful approach to the problem.
He appealed to the parishioners not to get disturbed or violent, saying the time has come to think on the issue peacefully.
Explaining the villagers on the outcome of the meeting with the District Magistrate on Tuesday, Andrade said the Magistrate has been told that the villagers would continue with the battle peacefully for the cause of religion. “Today, this has happened in Colva and will happen somewhere else. There should be a law prohibiting anyone from targeting any religion”, he added.
Saying that the ongoing battle is a battle to protect the religion, Andrade appealed to the people not to bring personal matters into the agitation and united fight the battle.
In his address, Tiatrist Menino-de-Bandar said the tiatrist or singers have no right to target any Priest or religion. “We Tiatrist have been questioned everywhere because of the CD. I will never take the singers in the CD in my shows”, he asserted.
Ethel Lobo warned that the people will not tolerate if anyone tries to fool around with their religious sentiments.
Saying that a Panch member is expected to know the responsibilities and duties, Lobo said the villagers would submit a memorandum to the Panchayat Minister and the Director of Pancahayts to press Calvert’s resignation.
Colva Sarpanch Angela Soares expressed her support to the agitation and called for unity amongst the villagers.
In his address, Elvis Gomes came down heavily on the police for the failure to arrest Calvert and demanded a probe into the benami transactions of Police officers who have served at the Colva police station. “Matka gambling, massage parlours are openly operating in Colva, but the Colva police have turned a blind eye”, he added.
Gomes unveiled the agitational program before the meeting, beginning with fasting and prayers from Wednesday.
Others who spoke on the occasion were Camilson Fernandes, Tiatrist Agostinho, Terezinha.

Check CDs before release

Check CDs before release

I hung my head in shame on reading about the horrible riots in Colva. Some of my Hindu friends laughed about the whole thing, saying that such religious matters could have been resolved within the church rather than reaching the streets. It was quite surprising to see that the Church or even the Bishop didn’t have any say in the matter. Where is our Christian teaching of forgiveness? Offenders deserve punishment, but isn’t there a civilised way rather than being violent, destroying things and setting them on fire? Is this our Christian congregation?
Are our Goan tiatrists and Konkani composers running short of topics? Why make a joke of entertainment by composing songs on horrible topics? Why is religion used in songs for entertainment? The Tiatr Academy should check the kind of albums singers intend to release.

Antone Almeida, Vasco

FOOTLOOSE: An ode to Colva

FOOTLOOSE: An ode to Colva

By Derek Almeida

The brand of Christianity practiced in Colva is not for the meek and the kind. It is for the tough and the ruthless. The chaps who can throw stones and torch gaddas and then go for confession and wipe the slate clean.

So I decided to compose a poem in honour of the Colva Parish Council who recently celebrated Christmas by pelting stones on the residence of their neighbour.

If you happen to be the type
who beats his chest at night and says,
‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’
Colva is not the place for you.

Ever heard of the man called Jesus?
He said to turn the other cheek.

I love this law, I love this teaching,
But in Colva they prefer to do the slapping.
They are willing to cast the first stone.

They are willing to break the first bone
Just name the chap, point to his place.
And they’ll work wonders with his face.

We believe in forgiveness.
We know love is strong
But on that Monday afternoon
They did what was wrong.

PI Edwin, he is a great dude.
He never made a sound, he made them feel good.
And when it was time to stone the tiles.
Good Edwin was far, far away by miles.
Every morning for church they depart,
To receive His grace with humble heart.

And to God in heaven they firmly pray,
To please take Calvert Gonsalves away.
In high respect they hold Diogo father,
And believe not that he met a mother.

For him they will fight and set afire,
That he may enjoy to his heart’s desire.

And what can we say about our CM?
Who carefully ignored all this mayhem.
He knows how to close his eyes and avoid the sight,
of Colva parishioners having a fight.

Oh church leaders why do you not act?
Are we to believe that there is a pact.

To protect Fr Diogo and the council’s fair name,
And leave the rest of us to hide in shame.

For violence Jesus said, is not a game,
To play and play in his dear name.

Dear church leaders it is no sin
To curb the deadly rot within.

Someday when time has passed us by,
We will look back with cautious eye.

And then, let it not be said
That our dear church leaders,
our guiding light
Failed to stand by what was right.

And for Calvert we have something to say,
It would be better if you are kept at bay.

If you want to sing, dance and make merry
Take trip to Antarctica on a one-way ferry.

First published in the Gomantak Times (Weekender), Goa - January 3, 2010 adds:
Derek Almeida is the Executive Editor of Gomantak Times (GT)
A Sakaal Group of Publications.
Gomantak Private Ltd.
Gomantak Bhavan, St. Inez, Panaji, Goa 403 001, India
Tel: +91 832 2422701/04
Fax: +91 832 2422700
Mob: +91 98 50209604
with offices in Margao, Corlim, Ponda and Vasco.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mhojea Monantlem………Nakesh Borker

Mhojea Monantlem………

Him Motiam Amchim…..Utorddechim
Borovpi: Nakesh Borker

Eka vorsa uprant, Setembrachea mhoineant hanv Kuwait thaun mhojea ganv-ghara paulo teddna mhoje khoxek ani umedik xim-mer nasli. Familik, chodd korun mhojea bhurgeank vengent ghevpachi umollxik chodduch lagleli ti purai zali. Ganvant bhovtana pois zal'le ixtt-mitr porot mevle ani jivak anond zalo. Osoch ek dis Lourdes Saibinnichea Igorjexim vetana mhoji ani John Elvin Silva hachi bhett zali. Khobor ghetlea uprant apunn Padri zata mhunn mhaka tannem kolloilem. Mhaka anond zalo. Buffelo Soldier hem Inglez git tannem ek pautt machier gailolem ani teddnachean to ak'ke ganvant famad zal’lo.. Mhoji ani tachi chodd pavtt bhett zaunk nasli, kharann to Pilar aplem padriponnachem xikop ghetalo. Zaitea tempan porot amchi bhett zali, ti yadostik zaun,kallzant urli.

May 5ver 1987 vorsan, hea disa, amkam Utod'dekarank Padri favo zal'lo to zaun asa Fr. Lourdin Pereira. Tachea adim anikui amche ganvche Padri zaleat. Punn, 22 vorsam uprant amkam Fr. John Elvin Silva hachea rupan Padri favo zala hi ek khoxechi gozal. Zonn eka Utod'dekarak obhimanan bhorpa sarki gozal. Otumbrache 9 tarker, sanjechea 3.45 vorar Padriponnak vengoupacho dobazo Lourdes Saibinniche Igorjent suru zal'lo. Mhojean to kosoch chukounk zalo na, tea pasot survatek te xevttak porian hanv hea dobajeak hazir ravlom. Suvallo ekdom vevosthit toren ghoddoun hadlolo. Bhoumanest Archbishop Rev. Filipe Neri Ferrao hachim godd godd utram ani Fr. John hachem kantar ani dinvasnnechim mhovall utram aikon mon ani kalliz dhadoslem. Xevttak Fr. John Elvin hachea hatacho umo ghevun hanv ghara portolo. Mon trupth zalem. Kallzak khos bhogli. Amchea ganvank anik ek moladik moti favo zalem mhunn. Punn ek monant vichar azunui addkollta. Ani kitlea vorsamni Utod'dekarank novo Padri favo zatlo kai? Beginuch zalear puro.
Utod'decho amcho ganv lhan khoro, punn Lourdes Saibinnichea axirvadan motiamni bhorlolo. 2008 vorsant, amcho Utorda ganv, chodduch fanklo. Lino B Dourado hachem, "Aitaracheo Katkutleo" hem nibondh pustok, toxench khas mhozo "YAD TUJI" ho kovitancho jhelo prokaxit zalo. Goa Arts and Cultural, Social Centre hannim ghoddoun haddlolea All Goa Mando Festival, 2008 hea spordhent, Mestri Alvaro Pereira, hachea fuddarponna khala Harmonizer's Choir Of Utorda hea Utod'dechea pongddak poilem inam favo zalem. Pai Tiatrist, Joao Agustinho Fernandes hachea ugddasak Goa Konknni Academi hannim ghoddour haddlolea Tiatr Script Writing spordhent, mhalgoddo tiatrist Shri Vitorin Pereira hankam poilem inam lablo. Toxench Shri Master Vaz hancho put Shri Marcus Vaz hankam, Jack De Sequeira Award ho puroskar favo zalo. Ami heo gozali aikoleat ani vachleat, punn porot ek pavtt osleo godd gozali vachtoch, amchea kallzant Utod'dechem vhoddponn tajem zata oxem mhaka dista.

Utod'dekaranchea noxibant anikui godd gozali ghoddleo. International Youth Orchestra, Sonidos De La Tierra (Sounds Of The Earth), zo Switzerland, Austria ani Germany hea desant ghoddoun hadlolo. Hea orchestrant purai Bharatantlean 6 zannachi nemnnuk zaloli. Tantlim dogam zann Goenchim aslim ani tantuntlem ek Utod'dechem, Shri Alvaro Pereira hachi dhuv Ms. Sacha Pereira hicho aspav aslo. Amkam Utordekarank hi ek obhimanachi gozal.

Toxench novich ghoddoun haddloli Tiatr Academy of Goa, he sounsthechi ugtavnni amcheach ganvcho adlo gazlolo tiatrist, Shri Master Vaz hannem keli. Goy serkaran Shri Master Vazak jivit-puroskar bhettoun bhoumanui kelo. Tea uprant, Utod'dekarank ani ek vhoddponnachem ani tust korpa sarkem chepem favo zalem. Keith Jack Antao hannem Kingfisher Voice Of Goa¬ 2008 ho pezadik nanvvosto puroskar zoddlo ani Utod'dechem nanv Goybhor gazoilem. Keith-bab jedna apleo suttio monoupak halinch Kuwait ailolo teddna, United Club Of Utorda-Kuwait, hannim mogachi bhett divun tacho bhouman kelo.

Oxinch zaitim motiam amchea Utod'dechea ganvant utponn zalim, porzollim ani Utod'dechea ganvchem nanv tannim famad kelem: Footballachea mollar amcho Marcus Pacheco porzollo ani porzollot asa.. Shri Alvaro Pereira ani tachim bhurgim toxench Tony Rodrigues, Celso ani Brauleo Soares, Kevin Juliao toxech anikui zaite songitkar songitachea' mollar porzolltat. Tiatrachea mollar, Shri Master Vaz, Marcus Vaz; Shri Vitorin Pereira, Bonny/Antonette Pereira, Epa de Paroda, Constancio ani Edward, Estibeiro, Pal Soares ani herui zaite tiatrist porzolle ani porzollot asat. Toxech zaite Utod'dekar Dotor, Izner, Vokil, Padri adi adi zaun amchea Utod'dechea ganvak tanni prosid'di haddlea. Soglea Utod'dekaranchea votin mhoje tumkam pronnam. Lourdes Saibinnin amchea ganvcher kurpa ghalchi, amchi rakhonn korchi ani oslinch zaitim motiam amkam favo korchim. Punn azunui mhaka dista... Sorgest Maestro Martin Dourado, toxench borem gavpin ani tiatrist sorgest Bai Caroline Rodrigues, hanchea sarkim motiam amkam Utodd'dekarank anikui favo zaunk zai

Sogleank tumkam Lourdes Saibinnichi porob, khoxechi umedichi zaunk hanv anvddetam. Amchea ganvchea porjek, chodd korun tornatteank, Lourdes Saibinnin ghottai ani bori bholaiki diuchi, soroll vatt dakhounchi ani amkam Padri, Songitkar, Khellgoddi, Xikxonntadnya (Educationists), Dotor, Izner, Vokil ani borea monache Utod’dekar Lourdes Saibinnin favo korche hech amche anvdde zaumdi. Kiteak amche tornatte vegllea vegllea kxetranim (fields) porzolle tor, ani konnem-i amkam vicharlem zalear tankam gorv-obhimanan sangonk melltele, Him Motiam Amchim Utorddechim.

(Utod'dechem nanv prosid'd korpi sogleach monxachea nanvancho havem ul'lekh korunk hanv xoklo na. Tea pasot, konnech khont dhorchi nhoi. Dev Borem Korum).

The writer, based in Kuwait, can be contacted at

[Photos/pictures added from Net resources].

Sunday, January 3, 2010



Lamb-vatt cholun cholun
boroch fuddem pavlom
unch-unch uddun vochun
vattuch hanv sanddlom.
Chodd vegan dhanvtana
thokun poddlom
Jivitan mhojea, hanvuch
faroun urlom.
Soreache kodduksannen
Sigarachea dhunvran
itlo ghuspolom.
Tornne moujechea nadar
boroch uddlom.
Jiv hatant dhorun
zayte infern bhonvlom.
Nachta-uddta astanach
mornachea daracho
avaz zalo
Ani hanv mhakach bhieun

Selza Lopes

Konkani books to be released on May 28, 2009
PANAJI - The president of Goa Konkani Akademi, Mr Pundalik Naik, will
release two Konkani books in Roman script namely "Kombreo" written by the
young writer Selza Lopes
and "Polloilam Tem Boroilam" by Mr Tomazinho
Cardozo on May 28, at the Institute Menezes Braganza hall. Selza Lopes'
"Kombreo" is a collection of essays on various social, political, cultural,
educational, and other issues affecting the Goan society today while Mr
Tomazinho Cardozo's "Polloilam Tem Boroilam" consists of the selected
write-ups published in his weekly column of the Konkani weekly
"Vavraddeancho Ixtt" for the last two years.
The principal of St Xavier's College Mapusa, Prof Newman Fernandes, will
preside over the function, editor of Konkani monthly "JIVIT", Mr Michael
Gracias will speak on the book "Kombreo" while a veteran Konkani writer, Mr
Yusuf Shaik will share his views on the writings in "Polloilam Tem
Boroilam". Both books are published by Omor Prokaxon, Candolim under the
schemes "Poilo Chonvor" and "Sahitya Prabha" of the Akademi.



Deva mogalla, hat zoddun Tuje mukhar
Magnnem korunk toyar zalam
Bhettounk tukam fulancho turo
vatincho puddo na.
Dan pettiyent ghalunk
Bolsanchi sokot na
Tust Tuji gavunk,
Rosall utranchi mall na
Gorib zaum, lhan zaum,
Tujeach hatanchi rochnna hanv
Jivit, hem Tunvench dil’lem dennem
‘Bapa sodanch Tuji khuxi zaum’.
Tuzo povitr svas mhojeant ghal
Mog, Moipas, Xanti di.
Lhanvik-khalti mhaka kor.
Kalliz mhojem Tujea kallza sarkem kor
Puro! Itleanuch girest Tum mhaka kor.
Hat Tuzo vistarun axirvad, kurpa mhojer denvoi
Mhoje vorvim Tuzo rupkar Saiba
Soglleank bhogunk pavoi.


Seven JIVIT awards were also presented to its contributors. Selza Lopes, Cyrilo Fernandes and Lino Dourado, were awarded the JIVIT Puroskar 2008. Albino Fernandes was awarded the late A R Souzaferrao memorial award 2008, Neville Alphonso was awarded the late Luzia and Mousinho D’Silva memorial award 2008, Konkani Lecturer Jasmine Rodrigues was awarded the late Eslinda and Braz Alemao memorial Konknni Seva Puroskar 2008, while Peter Peixoto was awarded the late Santana and Tomas Alcasoas memorial award 2008, for his excellance in Konkani writing.'+Honours+Conferred

Konkani Bhajan - Raak-re-venkataramana

Saturday, January 2, 2010



On the 147th birth anniversary of Costancio Lucasinho Ribeiro (2.1.1863) a function was held under the auspices of the Tiatr Academy of Goa, under the stewardship Mr Tomazinho Cardozo at the Black Box of the Kala Academy Panaji this evening.

Mr Ribeiro was the first musician director who staged the play "Italian Bhurgo" at the then Alfred Theatre in Bombay (now Mumbai) on 17.4.1892. Most of his dozen plays were translations not original scripts. The credit for orginal scripts goes to Joao Agostinho Fernandes "Pai Tiatrist" according to Mr Cardozo.

Mr Yuri Ribeiro the greatgrandson of Lucacinho accepted the portrait of Lucacinho Ribeiro presented by the TAG . Another caricature of Lucacinho Ribeiro was presented by noted cartoonist Alexyz to the TAG which was well appreciated by the motely audience.

Mr John Claro veteran tiatrist paid rich tributes to the memory of Lucacinho Ribeiro and elucidated in great details the history of this great man who unfortunately died at an young age on 23.1.1928

Mr Cardozo assured the members of the audience that TAG has formulated several schemes for promoting documenting " tiatr " and he appealed to the audience to promote these schemes to take tiatr to the national level.

Mr Cardozo also stated that the TAG has decided to celebrate the birth anniversary of Maria Regina Fernandes this year on 16th November, 2010 (b: 16.11.1880 died 20/12/1908) ). Indeed she was the first woman to appear on stage on 22.11.1904 in a play staged by her husband Joao Agostinho Fernandes at a time when no woman even from the Marathi theatre would venture on stage for fear of social ostracisation.

Director of Information Mr Menino Peres the Chief Guest on the ocassion pleaded with the audience to see the tiatrs instead of looking down upon tiatr as a means of cheap entertainment for the lowly placed in society.. He said the Government has been giving a lot of encouragement and it is now time opportune for Goans to grab this opportunity.

Vice President of TAG Mr Roseferns also spoke on the ocassion. The function was compered by Ms Cardozo and vote of thanks by Member Secretary TAG.

Prominent among the audience was Teotonio Pereira ex MLA Fr Conceicao Silva of Mandur Ana Maria Carolina Quadros Fernandes daughter in law of Joao Agostinho Fernandes and her daughter Sharmila Fernandes, Mr Octavio of Goa Social and Cultural Centre Mr Prajal Sakhardande Goa Heritage Association Premand Lotlikar, President DKA and others.

There was a brief entertainment programme but the ineffective sound system played spoilsport.

This writer earlier met both the spouse of late Joaquim Ribeiro ----one of the three sons of Lucacinho Ribeiro the others being ( Teofilo and Caetano Paul ) ---Ms Cecilia D Souza and her son Bernand D Souza at their residence in Staywell Apartments at Khorlim Mapusa.

Speaking to this writer, she said she was pleased that Tiatr Academy of Goa was remembering Mr Ribeiro her grandfather . To enable the youngsters to understand the contribution of this icon the TAG could have a library etc named after Lucainho Ribeiro felt Mr Bernard D Souza her son a musician. According to Cecilia the family lived in Mahim and later after her husband Joaquim Ribeiro retired returned to Khorlim Goa

When this writer visited the site of the house of Mr Ribeiro at Sokolwado Assagao just beyond the primary school, it was noted that the 3000m2 plot did not have any vestiges of the house. Accompanied by her son Bernard he said that the property is in dispute and there is nothing that remains of the house.

On an earlier ocassion this writer spoke to the next of kin of Caetano Paula a great grandson Yuri Ribeiro a DJ who resides at Pelewado, Ucassaim. He was happy to learn of TAG's function today and was proud to be there.

from the Black Box Kala Academy Panaji

+91 98221 58584 (24 HRS)


a) Ms Cecilia D'Souza grandaughter of Lucacinho Ribeiro and her son Bernard D'Souza
at their residence at Khorlim Mapusa Bardez Goa

b) remanants of house of Lucacinho Ribeiro at Sokolwaddo Assagao Bardez Goa

c) Costancio Lucainho Carridade Ribeiro (b 2.1.1863 d 23.1.1928)

d) Yuri Ribeiro great grandson of Lucacinho Ribeiro receiving the portrait from TAG President Tomazinho Cardozo

e) audience at the Black Box Kala Academy Panaji on 2/1/2010 seen also Ana Maria Carolina Quadros Fernandes daughter-in- law and Sharmila Fernandes grand-daughter of Pai Tiatrist (left second row)

+91 98221 58584 (24 HRS)
gonsalvesgodfreyji@ in


Chaos and confusion in Colva over a Konkani CD

Chaos and confusion in Colva

The case of the CD that allegedly casts a priest and a politician in bad light is getting, as Alice says in Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, curiouser and curiouser with each passing day. Two days ago, South Goa Additional District Magistrate Prasanna Acharya issued an order preventing the media from reporting on the case. The order read, “I hereby direct all the TV channels broadcasting the issue…to discontinue the broadcasting of this story forthwith in South Goa district.”

The media reacted with understandable outrage to this attempt to prevent it from doing its discharging its duty. When questioned about this order, the ADM clarified that this order was with respect to the electronic media only and that it relates to a specific news item “in which the facts of agitation were wrongly quoted in the story”. He went on to state, “…the press is free to cover any story/news item with respect to Colva incidence (sic) except the story referred to in the order issued under section 108 of CrPC 1973 for the reasons mentioned in the order which is based on the police report.”

What exactly does this convoluted clarification mean? The media is free to report only a particular version of events? In a controversy as complex as this, with as many conflicting versions as there are participants, the authorities will decide what is the ‘true’ version of events, and prevent the media from presenting any other version or viewpoint?

This ham-handed attempt to muzzle the press is part of a pattern that has characterised the administration’s handling of the entire case from the very outset. The Margao Sub-Divisional Police Officer, DySP Umesh Gaonkar, has clarified, “…nowhere have I asked the Magistrate to direct TV channels to discontinue broadcast of the ongoing agitation.” Yet, taking cover under the tired excuse of maintaining law and order, the administration is trying to muzzle the press, and is now moving to ‘ban’ the controversial CD itself.

Certainly it is the duty of the administration and the police to maintain law and order, but they have abjectly failed to do so – not because of anything the press has done, but due to their own failure to act when needed. The time to maintain law and order was when the house of Colva panch and producer of the controversial CD Calvert Gonsalves was vandalised. The time to maintain law and order was when mobs beat up Tarun Bharat reporter Mahesh Konekar outside the house of Calvert Gonsalves. The time to maintain law and order was when violent groups blocked roads in Colva, inconveniencing locals and tourists alike. Instead, the administration is now pointing fingers at the media, and trying to prevent it from doing its job.

The case of the controversial CD highlights much that is wrong with the way the administration functions in Goa, particularly the dangers of political interference in the work of the police. The same problem was witnessed most recently in the case of the alleged rape of a Russian tourist in South Goa. Police officers, with loyalties to one or the other politician, have been neglecting their basic duties in their efforts to please their political masters. And the biggest casualty of this approach has been law and order, to the extent that Goa, at the height of the tourist season, has acquired the reputation of an unsafe tourist destination in the national and international media.

In fact, nobody has come out of the Colva episode with any credit. When it is common knowledge that the entire episode is the result of political rivalry between Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco and his one-time mentor Calvert Gonsalves, why are ordinary people letting themselves be used as cannon fodder in this proxy battle? If the CD is objectionable and defamatory, as alleged, why are people resorting to extra-legal means to tackle the issue? And why are the religious authorities remaining silent? The very least that should have been done was to counsel restraint and to preach against the use of violence. But the silence on the issue has been deafening.


Congratulations Xavier Gomes

Congratulations Xavier

The Konkani stage artist-singer Xavier Gomes has left an indelible mark and deserves our admiration, appreciation and encouragement. He qualifies as the best composer and singer in the exalted category of Alfred Rose.

His themes and lyrics are thought-provoking, intellectual, and his style of rendering messages is neither critical nor sarcastic. He conveys his thoughts deeply with maximum of educative, philosophical, moral content along with social emphasis. The standard of Konkani stage is raised to a higher level with his compositions.

He has so far refrained and resisted the temptation to appeal to cheap basic instincts. He has left a message for everyone through his various songs, which are worth listening to and pleasurable to the ears.

Nelson Lopes, Chinchinim

[See Xavier Gomes sing.....on various themes]


Lucazinho Ribeiro – Tiatracho Rochnnar

Lucazinho Ribeiro – Tiatracho Rochnnar

● Tomazinho Cardozo

Goycho Tiatr Mumboint zolmank ailo mhunttlear aikonk vichitr dista. Punn Konknni bhaxechea mollar - magir tem sahtiya zaum, potrkarita (journalism) zaum, kadambori/kovita zaum, git-songit zaum vo drama zaum hache vixim chodd pavtt survatechim panvllam Mumbointuch suru zaleant. Karan Goykar chodd koruna aplea pottak lagon Mumboint nokri korunk vetale ani thoim tancher koslo koslo na koslo probhav poddon tea tea xetrant tannim survatechim panvllam marlim. Hech porim Goycho tiatr-ui Mumboit suru zalo. Hea nanvlovkik tiatracho rochnnar mhunttlear Lucazinho Ribeiro zannem poilo tiatr boroilo, digdorsit kelo ani Abrilache 17ver, 1982 vorsa Mumboint machier haddlo.

1982/83 vorsa Goychea sorkaran, Goyche Kala Akademy votin, poilech pavtt Tiatr-achim xembor vorsam monoilim. Ponjent boreantli bori ek kariavoll ghoddoun haddli. He somoyear tiatrantlea mhalgoddea tiatristancho bhovman kelo. Tea vellar Tiatrachea itihasa vhoir ek program machier haddlo. Hea program hachi ‘script’ boroupachi zababdari mhaka dili. Tea khatir tiatracho itihas kholayen xikpachi mhaka sondhi mell’lli. Lucazinho Ribeiro hannem poilo tiatr boroilo mhunn mhaka John Claro hannem Inglez potrancher boroilolea lekhan vorvim koll’llolem. To Assagao ganvcho aslo mhunnonuim mhaka khobor asli. Tea khatir hanv Assagao gelom. Lucazinho Ribeiro hachi konn punn famil asa kai mhunn chovkoxi keli. Mhojea borea noxiban mhaka mhojea eka ixttan Assagao, Sokol vaddeant ek Ribeiro mhunn famil asa ani te familint tiatrist aslo mhunnttat mhunn sanglem. Hanv Assagao Sokol vaddeant gelom ani thoim Lucazinho Ribeiro hachi nat-sun ravta mhunn mhaka koll’llem. Hanv Lucy, Lucazinho-chi nat-sun, hika mell’lom. Tinnemn mhaka zaiti mahiti dili ji mhati Lucy-k tachea sasupain diloli.

Tiatracho rochnnar ticho vhoddil asa mhunn kolltoch Lucy ekdom khoxi zalem. Tem umedhin bhorlem ani tannem mhaka Lucazinho Ribeiro hachem moddlolem ghor dakhounk vhelo. Ghor moddlolem punn vontthi asleot. Fuddlean bolkanv asa tache sope asle, ‘pillars’ asle punn nolle konsllon poddlole. Cholpi vatter thavn bolkavant vochpak 12 te 14 panvdde asle. Lucy mhunnolagli, “ Mhojo sasupai sangtalo ki Lucazinho hea bolkavant machi kortalo, chedram lavn podd’dde lamboitalo ani aplea vangoddchea bhurgeank gheun kariavolli kortalo.” Lucychea sangnnea voilean Lucazinho-k bhurgeach ponnar thavn sonskrutik kariavollincho khub mog aslo mhunn mhaka koll’llem.

Mhaka ek tori Lucazinho Ribeiro hachi fottu zai aslo. Tanchea ghorant asa zalear ek kopi dhi mhunn hanvem magnni keli. Tea vellar ami fokot Lucazinho Ribeiro hachem nanv aikolem punn tacho fottu poriant pollounk naslo. Tanchea ghorant ekui fottu na mhunn mhaka Lucy-n sanglem. Lucazinho-chen ghor tor moddon poddlolem. Lucy adim Mumboint ravtalem tea khatir tem mhunno laglem, “ Mhaka dista Mumboint amche eke pettent Lucazinho Ribeiro hachea mornnachea vorsachea ugddasak Regist chhaplolo to asa so.” Hanvem Lucy-k vinonti keli ki to Rejist tannem Mumboi vochon haddcho mhunn.” Lucy jem khub umedhir aslem tannem rokddench amchem magnnem svikar kelem. Tem Mumboi ghelem ani Lucazinho hachea mornnachea vorsachea ugddasak chhaplolo rejist mhaka haddun dilo. To rejist azun popriant mhoje lagim asa. Tea rejista vorvim Lucazinho-cho fottu amkam pollounk mell’llo, to koso distalo ani to koso nhestalo tem pollounk mell’llem.

Joao Agostinho Fernandes, zaka ami ‘Pai Tiatrist’ mhunn pachartanv to Lucazinho Ribeiro Tiatrachea mollar poilo man favo zata mhunn sangta. 1943 vorsa jedna Joao Agostinho Fernandes hachea fuddarippona khal Mumboint Tiatrachi ‘Golden Jubilee’ somorombhli tedna Joao Agostinho Fernandes hannem ek lekh boroilo. Ho lekh ‘Ave Maria’ hea 28vis Novembr, 1943 disachea ankar chhapon ailo. Joao Agostinho lekh survat kortana oxem mhunntta, “ Jedna hanvem Tiatrachi ‘Golden Jubilee’ somorombhpachi zababdari ghetlea tednam tiatr zolmant haddpak poilo man konnank favo zata tem boroun dovorpachem mhojem kortovea asa.” Tea uprant to Lucazinho Ribeiro koso Mumboint ailo, eka Italiachea dramatic pongddan ‘back stage artiste’ mhunn sirvisek ravlo, koso tannem “Itilian Bhurgo” ho tiatr boroilo ani apleak ani dusreank gheun Abrilacher 17ver, 1892 vorsa machier haddlo tachi bariksanen khobor dita. Anui lekh sompoitamna Joao Agostinho oxemn mhunntta, “ Dubhavnastana tiatr mollar Lucazinho Ribeiro haka poilo zago favo zata. Hanv taka mhoji tokli bagoitam kiteak to mhojo margdorxok (guide) ani ‘Guru’ ani takach lagon hanv azun poriant dekhivont tiatr machier haddtam.” Joao Agostinho Fernandes hachea hea nivedhana (statement) vorvim Lucazinho Ribeiro tiatracho rochnar mhunn nischit zalem ani Lucazinho Ribeiro-k tiatr mollar favo tem sthan favo zalem. Joao Agostinho Fernandes hachea khalteponnan kedem vhodd vhoddponn asa tem mol korunk zaina.

Tiatr Academy Goa Janerache 2rer Lucazinho Ribeiro hacho zolm-dis somorobhta. Hi kariavoll Kala Akademy-chem Black Box hantun 4.30 vorar zatoli. Soglle tiatr mogi he kariavollik hajir zaum-ea ani Goykaranche avddicho Tiatr zolmank haddpi Lucazinho Ribeiro haka man dium-ia.

(As forwarded to gasper almeida,
by the writer on 01/01/2010)

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Title Song 'Apurbayecho Kunvor' by Dr. Francisco Colaco - now on youtube



APURBAYECHO KUNVOR (beloved prince)

Dedicated to his son


a tribute from his family

Fernanda and Francisco (parents)
Elaine and Anabelle (sisters).

Music, words, sung by Dr. Francisco Colaco

Orchestration and Keyboards by Darryl Rodrigues
Drums and bass guitar programming by Tony Fernandes (Tidal Wave)

Braz Gonsalves on the soprano sax

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aurvile Rodrigues
Video by Spirit

Edited by frezeo

Special thanks to
Presley (Digital Innovations) and Seby
Rev.Fr. Valmiki Gonsalves.
and to Mr. Walter Menezes


(Info source: Walter Menezes)

LYRICS OF LOSS AND LONGING - A preview of Apurbayecho Kunvor


A preview of Apurbayecho Kunvor, Dr Francisco Colaço’s tribute to his departed son.

By Walter Menezes

He was bestowed with exceptional qualities of head and heart. Gentle, kind and humble, he was always full of compassion for the poor and the needy.

All through his school days at Loyola’s, Margao, he remained steadily focused on his goal. Two years in Chowgule College thereafter, when the doors of Goa Medical College opened up for him, he knew he would one day follow in his father’s footsteps.

But God sometimes has other plans…

After three consecutive night-duties in his first year post-graduation residency in Medicine, he was returning home on his motor-bike when the two-wheeler skidded at Kesarval and he suffered multiple head injuries.

A week later, on 17.11.1996, his ‘wheel of life’ stopped.

Melvin Pablo Colaço returned to the Lord!

The death of his bábá in the prime of his life left a horrible hollow in Dr Francisco Colaço’s heart. He was shattered. And so were Fernanda, his wife and Elaine and Anabelle, his daughters.

Losing a son around whom our lives - and our dreams - are built and centered is never easy. It was not easy for Dr Colaço, either. In a touching article on GT last year, he wrote of those final moments of Melvin’s journey on earth, ‘Friends, relatives and admirers, who had smiled and laughed with him yesterday but never thought he would say goodbye so prematurely - dutifully and heartbroken - came to be now his gentle pall-bearers. I vividly remember the awful empty feeling in the pit of my stomach when his casket was being lowered into the grave. The thoughts of ending my own life were uppermost in my mind, as friends and loved ones jostled to pull us – his inconsolable parents and his two sisters – away from the graveside.’

Time, sometimes, does not heal all wounds. As Dr Colaço confesses, ‘years of depression and sleepless nights followed…sometimes waking up early morning, and for just a blessed split second, thinking that everything was just like before.’

Thirteen years since that tragic night, Dr Francisco Colaço has been bravely carrying his cross, immersing himself in his Echocardiography & Ultrasound Centre at Margao, contributing articles to local newspapers and lending his voice in support of various social issues at public forums.

But when the day is done or when there is a pause and a quiet moment, through the cold recesses of time and tide, Melvin returns: sometimes as a star, shining brightly in the sky and sometimes like a prince from the fairy tale.

Dr Francisco Colaço’s VCD, Apurbayecho Kunvor (Beloved Prince), to be released on 29.12.2009 at Daddy’s Home Auditorium, Gogol, Margao, is in essence not only a tribute from a father to his departed son but is also a mirror of the special bond that existed between them and the lasting love residing in the secret chambers of his heart.

A great musician and singer, Dr Colaço’s lyrics, set to memorable music by Daryl Rodrigues and Tony Fernandes with Braz Gonsalves on the soprano sax, are sure to tug your soul-strings, long after the track is over.

There is an unusual prelude to the title song, the appearance of a prince on a white horse. There is anguish and pain, Dr Colaço’s voice choked with emotions, as he begins:

Kunvor kannyentlo
Dhovea ghoddear bosun dislolo
Sopon nhoi mhunn
Konn mhaka sangtolo

(The prince from the story
I see him, there he was
Riding on a white horse
Oh! Will someone tell me but
That a dream it was not?)

Dr Colaço then wakes up from his dream and he knows that even as he relives the memories of his son, kalliz kitlem doyall / utor kitlem mogall (how kind was your heart / how sweet your word), he must rise and face the world. Again and again. In moments such as these, he turns to his Lord and asks:

Di Dhonia mhaka
Alaxiro thoddo
Zodd zal’lo sonvsar
Korunk fuddo

(Grant me, Oh! Lord
Some comfort I pray
My world is burdened
Help me to face the day)

The deepest thoughts, the fullest emotions of loss and longing find their outlet in the words and voice of Dr Francisco Colaço in Apurbayecho Kunvor. The tribute and the track will leave you with tears in your eyes!

(This article first appeared on the Gomantak Times (Goa) - English newspaper
dated 22.12.2009)

Link article:
[Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter (since 1994)]

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Thank you

Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 14:15:57 -0800
Subject: [TGF] HAPPY NEW YEAR and Thank you

To all Goans especially the hard working Goans from the Gulf.

I also take this opportunity to, once again, say a special Thank you to you. Remember this, it is because of your hard work and sacrifice, countless Goan families have been able to make it.

A special wish to two of my favourite Goan friends: Gaspar Almeida and Rene Barreto. Thank you gentlemen for all the good work you do.

good wishes

(Dr. Jose Colaco/Bahamas)
The Goan Forum


[as forwarded by Domingos Araujo]


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