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Micky - a gifted singer with a sweet voice

Micky - a gifted singer

Born in the picturesque village of Ribandar, Goa to a gifted family and proud parents - Joaquim Luis Fernandes & Maria Jesse Fernandes - Micheal Francisco Fernandes, fondly called 'Micky' is the only son [with five sisters]. Right from his school days, his interest and passion for singing was recognized and kept blooming! He first started his tiatr appearances at the tender age of 17 years under the stewardship of his his uncle, Luis Vicente de Ribandar, who is a wellknown "Mestri" in his village and surrounding.

Micky soon became a favourite among the tiatr loving populace. It was in 1987 that Late melody king Alfred Rose conducted the All Goa Singing Competition. Micky was adjudged the winner in the competition which had a large number of budding singers participating. Shortly his moment of pride came when Kala Akademy (Goa) celebrated the 100 years of Tiatrs and he was awarded the first place as the Best Singer. From then on there was no looking back for this talented singer and recognizing his charm and voice modulation, he soon peformed in tiatrs all over Goa with some of the best Konkani stage directors. Micky continued to be a regular singer for the tiatr competition organized by Kala Akademy and other organizations.

In 1994 Fr. Peter Cardozo from Pilar Seminary conducted an "Opera" on the life of St. Francis Xavier entitled “Mahan Porgottnar” and there was Micky singing most of the best solos among the finest group of talented opera singers from all over Goa.
Soon as was his destiny, he had to leave his hometown and landed in Kuwait. Initially he took a long break due to work commitments, but he could not distance himself for too long from the Konkani stage. Micky was first performed in Kuwait for KGTS (Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonsvtha)mega musical show “Konknni Machiek Noman” in 2006, and from then on he is a regular for their annual presentations.

During the silver jubilee celebrations of GULAB magazine in Kuwait organized by Kala Mogui Kuwait & Gulab Working Committee, Micky sang a classic English song 'Love in Winter Wonderland' to a thunderous applause. A memento for his dedicated services towards Gulab magazine was presented to Micky.

With his loving wife Aurora, who is very supportive, and his two daughters - Mercy and Myra besides him - he proudly says he is one of “ARTIST DE RIBANDAR”. My family provided me all the encouragement always, he flashes his smile!

During the presentation of Tony Dias' tiatr 'Mahanand - Monis vo Soitan' organized by the Kala Mogui Kuwait, Vicente de Ribandar and Micky will release their Konkani CD album "Sao Francis Xavier" on Friday, 15 January 2010 at the Daiya Fencing Hall. The music album has songs on varied subjects with scintillating music by Anthony de Velim and lyrics by Luis Vicente de Ribandar and sung by Micky, Albert Cabral, Antonette Pereira, Bony Alvim, Tony de Ribandar, Alanky Trio, Messiah Braganza, Comedian Joana, Domingos Vicente, and Ave D'Souza. Additional musical input by Succor de Mello and Philip Gracias and recorded at Audio Masters, and has an additional English number as a bonus track.

Composing his own songs is his forte, his distinct eye for detail and choice of lyrics, the solo song "Goa Konkani Goenkar" will surely prove his mettle and penchant for his mother tongue and Goa.

Gaspar Almeida

(Photo by Rewon Gomes,
archives of www.goa-world.com]

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