Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sharon Mazarello flies to Ethiopia

Sharon takes Konkani Film to the World

Sharon Mazarello the Producer and Director of the film ‘TUM KITEM KORTOLO ASLO? flew into Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) this evening to participate in the Addis International Film Festival 2011, accompanied by Wilmix Wilson Mazarello, the Co-Producer of the film. Sharon’s Konkani Film “TUM KITEM KORTOLO ASLO?” has been selected to be screened at the Addis International Film Festival 2011.

Although the Film Festival will take place over four  days from the 23rd June to 26th June 2011, the second day of the Festival [24th June 2011] - 2.05 pm to 4.05 pm will be a proud moment for all of us Goans and Konkani lovers as TUM KITEM KORTOLO ASLO? will actually be screened at Gullele Sub-City Youth Center Cinema Hall, in the presence of an elite group of filmmakers from all over the world. Till date TUM KITEM KORTOLO ASLO? is only the second Konkani film to be screened at an International Film Festival, the first being PALTADDCHO MUNIS by Laxmikant Shetgaonkar.
Best wishes from Goans and Konkani speaking people all over the world go with Sharon & Wilson as they travel to the African Continent as ambassadors of the Konkani Film Industry of Goa.
Sharon, whose fans identify her as the “Voice of Goa”, revolutionized singing in Konkani Tiatrs now brings more name, fame and recognition to all Tiatrists of Goa, with this rare 'filmy' achievement.

Out of over more than a 1000 Films submitted for selections at the Addis International Film Festival TUM KITEM KORTOLO ASLO? was among the few that reached the final round of selections and was selected for the Festival.  Along with Sharon Mazarello’s Tum Kitem kortolo Aslo?’ from Goa (India) some of the other films that have been selected at the Addis International Film Festival include: Water First by Amy Hart (U.K), Woman in White by Gry Winther (Cuba), The Trial by Joan Robinson (Australia),  The Wages of Debt by Jean Pierre Carlon (France), The Son of the Sea by Roberto Aznar (Spain), The New South of Italy by Pino Esposito (Italy), The 10 conditions of Love by Jeff Daniels (China), Second Chance by Busang Motsumi and Shike Olsen (South Africa), Presumed Guilt by Roberto Hernandez & Geoffry Smith (Mexico), and  No One Bothered by Josephine Boxwell (U.K.)

When asked how she felt about receiving this rare honour, Sharon humbly answered “It is an honour for Goa and Konkani” and then added “When put to the test Goan Filmmakers CAN measure up to any international level”. While at the Festival, they expect to learn a lot more on films by interacting with all the International Film Producers of the World.

Incidentally this was the first Konkani film to be premiered outside India.  The film was well received at the premiere show by the Konkani film lovers in Kuwait, which was screened by the Kuwait National Cinema Company.
The  film has just completed 100 public screenings in Goa recently and to mark this occasion, ShaMaz Films, in association with Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, organized a function to felicitate the artistes featuring in the film of the film which was followed by a public screening of the film at the Pai Tiatrist hall at the Ravindra Bhavan.
The artistes from the film who were feted were Claron Mazarello, Franky Gonsalves, Pradeep Naik, Fernino Goes, Virginia Morais, Roseferns, Menino de Bandar, Trinidad, Comedian Jimmy, Franky Gonsalves, Remy de Welly, Tivena mazarello, Clinton Mazarello, Anthony, Elvis Mascarenhas, Kevin D’Mello and Frazer Fernandes.

The film’s producers ShamaZ Films (Goa) have decided to take things to the next level with a contest. The question will be based on the film itself. Given the situation it portrays, males will have to answer the question posed by the woman in the film. “If the man were to be in that situation, what would he do? is what we’d like to know from the answers to this contest,” informed Sharon. Renewed with new vigor, given the response Sharon has received from the Goan audiences as well as abroad, the film is about emancipation of women. As such, in an endeavor to orchestrate change in attitudes towards women through her film, Sharon Mazarello has thrown a question open to all males. Three winners will receive gifts worth Rs 1000 each and their stories will be published along with their photograph on a local daily, besides the next souvenir after 200 screenings of 'Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?'.   Entries will be accepted till 1st July 2011 to be mailed to Rhythm House, 12-A, Ashirwad building, near Meenakshi Hotel, below City Hospital, Margao, Goa.  The feature film is the first Konkani film to be directed by a woman and first Konkani film that is 100 per cent Goan – the producer, director, screenplay writer, cinematographer, music director, editor, choreographer, musicians, singers and actors are all Goans and the film has been entirely shot in Goa. It’s the first Konkani film to use professional choreography, also involving Goan fire-dancers. ‘Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo?’ is also the first Konkani film to use an orchestra of 35 Goan musicians and the first Goan film with a Dolby-sound.

Three Cheers for Goan Film Producers! 

To know more about Tum Kitem Kortolo Aslo? on the official Addis Film Festival website, visit http://www.addisfilmfestival.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&layout=blog&id=2&Itemid=2&limitstart=72


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