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Goan Welfare Association will be organising Comedian John D’Silva’s new Konkani Musical Show “VOLLOKH” on 04th November 2011 at Al Ghazal Club Hall (QP) at 4.00 pm onwards. The Goans will be celebrating concluding ceremony of World Goa Day 2011 on 4th November.

The cast in the Konkani musical show will be Natty, Mita, Joe, Anicet, Peter De Pedda, Socorro De St. Cruz, Nato and Comedian John D’Silva.
Recently, John D' Silva is bestowed with the Tittle “THE EMPEROR OF KONKANI STAGE” by Magazine, Hello Margao, Hello Panjim, for his immense contribution in the field of Tiatrs. In a short span of years he has achieved a landmark  in the Tiatr field.

John is the first Tiatrist to enter “Limca Book of Records 2010” for acting, writing, directing and producing 25 Tiatrs having a double alphabet in their titles and thereby taking Tiatrs to the greater heights and popularising it throughout the world. And for achieving this great feat, he was congratulated in the Goa Legislative Assembly. He is the first one to receive the first “YUVA SRUJAN PURASKAR” Award from Art and Culture, Govt. of Goa for his immense contribution in the tiatr field.

As his Tiatr are always written with Thought provoking dialogues, powerful moral and message, the script of his Tiatr "BOVALL" was selected by Goa Konkani Academy and "Bovall" Tiatr Book was published. He is the first one to enact triple role in his VCD film "Fugddi" and double role in VCD film "Lofdde".

He is the first one to release his 25th Tiatr "Nattok" in London and Germany and thereafter to stage it through out Goa. When he made his debut on the konkani stage, he was doing serious roles like Villain and other characters with negative shades, but in the year 1999 he switched to main comedy role in his Tiatr "UMANNEM", which was a huge Hit and thereby creating  a Great Record on the konkani stage. And today, he is regarded as the Top most comedian and one of the best writer of the konkani stage. John D’Silva is an household name in Goa, as his mere presence on the Konkani stage  sends peels of laughter among the  audience. In the month of September 2011 he performed in London in Fr. Lucas Rodrigues Tiatr "Mhaka Zabab Zai" and after returning back from London his new Konkani Musical Show (VOLLOKH) will be released  today, 27th October in Goa.
The same will be staged in Qatar on 4th November. Official Airline is Qatar Airways.
More details  can be obtained from 55550491, 55804898, 66828980, 55529397, 33004799, 55325923, 55605755, 66586858, 66597619, 55844253, 55218480 and 55530823. Tickets are available at Designers Tailors - Tel: 44325478, Goan Art Tailors – Tel: 44421233 and Kebab King Restaurant – Tel: 44433118 / 44433 (Airport road) .
Resrv. Qrs. 75/- per head and Non-Resrv. Qrs. 50/- per head.

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