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Milagres de Chandor to present Mother's Day in Dubai and Kuwait

Tiatr Review - Mother’s day

Published on: July 4, 2011 -

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‘Mother’s Day’, a drama from Milagres de Chandor, tells the story of an ungrateful mother, who creates enmity between brothers and in the end, has to pay the price for her misdeeds. Dylan and Olavio are brothers who care for each other. Their mother has taught them the importance of love between siblings. Dylan has worked in Europe, looked after his mother and brother, has build a double storey bungalow and on mother’s day, hands it over to his mother. The mother wants another gift from both her sons; she wants them to get married to beautiful women. While Olavio brings home Manavi, a good looking girl, Dylan wants to marry Suzanna, whose face is covered with burn scars. The mother loses her head and demands that Dylan should either leave his lady love or leave the house. Then begins a display of cruelty, first to the scarred girl, then to the other one as she is unable to bear a child.

The setting displays a two storeyed bungalow although most of the action happens outside. The pre-interval scene is enacted well. The dance sequence by Hazel and Franky is new to the Konkani stage and some of the jokes are very amusing. Annie Quadros is perfect as the evil, cruel and dominating mother. Crostina as Manavi does her role well and Sunita is perfect as the ill treated Suzanna. Hazel is fine in the character she plays. Mathew does a great act as Dylan. Frankie as Olavio and Milagres as Shamir play their roles well.

Ben Evangelisto, Humbert, Brian and Doretti provide the humour. The sequence when Humbert comes dressed as a woman is extremely funny. Doretti displays good talent and a fine sense of dressing at times, Manu, Vincy (trumpet), Ashley (bass), Wilson (drums) and Elffio (Keyboard) provide the music. Elffio does a good background score during the acts and in between the acts there are nice songs from Hazel, Annie, Lawry Travasso, Francis de Tuem, Xavier Gomes, Marcus Vaz and Ben Evangelisto.
For more details, contact Milagres de Chandor
+91 98 22 387 884

Mog Mogan Jiye

A Tiatr with a Class of its Own

Comedian Domnic & Luis Bachan's

Releasing in October.
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Bold and Beautiful

John D'Silva's Tiatr "VOLLOKH"

Mark the date: 4th November 2011
at 3:30 p.m. at Al Ghazal Club, Doha - Qatar
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Venchik Lok Kannio

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