Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Rare Opportunity for Connoisseurs of Konkani Films

A Rare Opportunity for Connoisseurs of Konkani Films

You must be aware that the recently released book entitled “Konknni Cholchitram” by award winning author Isidore Dantas is the product of research on all the Konkani celluloid in films produced so far. The book has been released in Goan Diaspora as under:

At California on 4th April 2010 by Goa Sudharop (USA)
At Panjim on 17th September 2010
At Doha on 30th September 2010 by Goan Welfare Association (Qatar)
At Farwaniya on 17th November 2010 by Goan Cultural Centre (Kuwait) at the Global Goans Convention.

The book in colour comprises of:
31 Konkani celluloïd films
284 pages
269 photos
109 songs
85 musical notes

The book and the author has received rave reviews from the media, both in India as well as overseas.

The book has been autographed by leading Bollywood stars as detailed below who have sent their good wishes on this venture.

Good wishes autographed on the Konkani filmbook by:
1. Salman Khan - Bollywood star
2. Lara Dutta - Former Miss India and actor
3. Helen Khan - Bollywood legend
4. Mahesh Bhupathi- Tennis Champion
5. Deepika Padukone - Bollywood actor
6. Anita Raaj - Bollywood actor
7. Shashi Kapoor - Bollywood actor
8. Salim Khan - Bollywood story writer
9..Nadia Moidu (South Indian Actor)
10. Malaika Arora Khan - Bollywood actor

Connoisseurs of Konkani films and filmy buffs who desire to have this copy as a memento can contact the undersigned with their letter of offer.

Please remember that your generosity for such a venture, which is a costly proposition needs to be preserved for posterity and will go a long way for its promotion.

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