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Mathew Araujo's 2nd Konkani film "SEE YOU AGAIN"

‘Flying Higher’

‘Flying Higher’:

Forefront, Goa’s number one band is all set to release their second music album titled ‘Flying Higher ‘ at Tito’s, Baga-Calangute today. It will be released by south Goa MP Francisco Sardinha and Goa’s top compere UPdesh Swar will host the release. [Gomantak Times]



Date: Sunday, November 29, 2009, 5:53 AM

Wishing all members of the Kuwait Konkanni Kendr on the eve of the silver jubilee of your cultural institution on 30/11/2009 all good wishes and strenght to pursue issues dear to Goans and Goa as you have done in the past.

Goans worldwide are on the treshold of completing 50 years of our Liberation from the erstwhile 451 years of Portuguese rule in the "Velhas Conquistas" and 198 years of Portuguese rule in the "Novas Conquistas" on 19/12/2011.

There is an alarming distortion of the demographic composition of the State; visible more particularly in the "Velhas Conquistas" .

Among several reasons one of the most important being that "what exactly is Goan identity" continues to elude us and be in a state of flux.

The enemy is identified as within us. There is a miniscule but dominating and influential section of the majority community among Goans who have since 1925 clandestinely working overtime to consign the 451 years all of the erstwhile Portuguese rule as an aberration and a blot on pre -conquest ( 25/11/1510 Feast of St Catherine) cultural identity. That cultural identiy they envisage is the rule of Ram or "Ram Rajya" making Goa the "Kashi of the South". At the same time these votaries propagate the cultural symbiosis of "East meets West " only to project the State as a tourist destination. to fill their economic coffers.. Carnaval celebrations is promoted towards this end, by the Department of Tourism and not Department of Art & Culture for this does not according to them fit into "Ram Rajya" The present Government too advocates this policy under the garb of a "secular" outfit.

Kuwait Konkanni Kendr will recollect that its efforts during Konkani agitation since 1984 eventually resulted in Konkani in devanagari script being granted the official status and Konkani written in the English script wiped out on 4th February, 1987. Today short of lip sympathy and doles there is no effort made to grant official language status to Konkani written in the English script. Most of the enthusiastic leaders have been "silenced" with loaves and fishes by the present dispensation.

Ironically elected representatives of our Legislative Assembly who write Konkani written in the English script have shied away from pursuing this issue to its logical conclusion even 23 years after the first martyr Floriana Vaz sacrificed his life on 20/12/1986. A statue is being erected at the Gogol junction (traffic island) Fatorda Salcete Goa but this gesture amounts to a mockery without official recognition to Konkani written in the English script.

The Tiatr Academy of Goa has been constituted on 16/2/2009 . Yet without official recognition to Konkani written in the English script. It will be a matter of time but definitely well before the end of 2020 when the present crop of Konkani playwrights fade into oblivion and the new crop of Goans conversant only with Konkani in devanagari script that will conitnue to emerge in large numbers from our campuses the Tiatr academy of Goa will not have any takers for those conversant in Konkani in the English script. Konkani Nataks will be the order of the day.

If one reads carefully the emphasis laid on "Konkani in the Roman script " in the Constitution of the Tiatr Academy of Goa one will understand the sinister design of the one language one script ideologues which will be a reality by 2020.

In the Konkani film industry already films like Alisha, Savariya dot com, which do not register audiences in cinema houses are given national recognition .
No doubt the contents of such film do merit awards but are they meant for the archives then why spend State funds on cinema which the Goan audiences hardly or never view? If Amchem Noxib, Nirmonn receive rave reviews even to this day does the message not sound loud and clear of the injustice done to those conversant in Konkani in the English script?

Hence there is a need for the Kuwait Konkani Kendr to fire the first salvo against our very own elected representatives who have betrayed the cause of official recognition to Konkani written in the English script despite assurances given by the ruling dispensation on the floor of the Goa Legislative Assembly to discuss and sort out the issue at a specially convened session of the Goa Legislative Assembly, but which is yet to see the light of the day.

There is also a need for the Kuwait Konkani Kendr to lend moral support to the issue of getting the Indian Navy to allow the Catholic faithfull to celebrate the customary feasts on the Island of Anjediv (still a part of Canacona taluka ) located off the coast of Karwar Sate of Karnataka. Since 4th October 2004 the celebration of the Feast of St Francis de Assisi has been banned so also the Feast of Nossa Senhora das Brotas since 2nd February, 2005. To achieve this the Kuwait Konkani Kendr needs to petition His Grace Archbishop of Goa and Daman to move the Chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance -II Ms Sonia Gandhi to get the Defence Ministry to honour in letter and spirit the terms of use of the Island since Dec 1987 for its prestigious Sea Bird project by allowing the customary feasts celebration if need be by deploying the defence forces to ensure its smooth conduct.

Kuwait Konkani Kendr also needs to petition the Government of Goa to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the state by preserving the over 140 year old "House of Pai Tiatrist" of late Joao Agostinho Fernandes who pioneered the cause of "tiatr" having written nearly 30 original scripts and bringing about orderliness in this performing art which despite not being granted status of an industry till this date attracts the largest audience to witness this form of performing art both in Goa and world wide.

"Pai Tiatrist" is also credited for introducing his wife late Maria Regina Fernandes a native of Raia to act on stage ..thus being the first lady ever to set foot on stage, at a time when women making public appearances moreso on stage would result in such women being ostracised from society.

If the 140 year old house at Modsai Margao is preserved it would serve for future generations to understand the travails of the "tiatrists" who penned down immortal original scripts without the wherwhital available to present day "tiatrist"

It would also ensure that our rich heritage is preserved by making a part of this House a must visit destination to witness the works ( 30 original tiatr scripts now lying with the Goa Konknni Academy ) and humble settings of the noted tiatrist of those times (1871 - 1947)

Kuwait Konkani Kendr would also need to lend a helping hand to the cause of Mandos, Dulpods Dekhnis another form of Goan culture which needs to be preserved.

Presently the Goa Cultural and Social Centre has been conducting Mando festivals for well over 38years. It is necessary to document these songs, sing them at cultural events social functions to preserve this rich Goan cultural identity.

The Kuwait Konkani Kendr needs to ensure their support to ward off the rampant ecological damage caused to the State in the name of development. Let Goa remain exclusively for Goans and those who would want to make this tiny State their future home but not for real state speculators mega projects glass houses, box houses do not blend with the natural settings of the State and your support to activists who have spearheaded movements to save us from such travails will be needed.

If every state in the country is keen to maintain their own cultural heritage as Maharashtrians, Tamilians, Keralites etc why should Goa breed a new set of post Libearation --- population of "Goans" of Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Bengalee, Keralite, Tamilian, Gujarati origin and dilute the unique identity of indigenous Goans.

There are a number of non Goans who have usurped legitimate jobs which should rightly belong to Goans. If a Goan cant secure a job in other States why should we extend hospitality to others in our State. Kuwait Konkani Kendr should ensure that they lend their support to this effort of our Goan youth

It is hoped that a time bound programme formulated to achieve this before 19/12/2011 or we will miss the bus.

One way would be to network with a band of dedicated Goans who see merit in these causes which are dear to Goa and Goans . As a pressure group in the diaspora your support is valuable to causes Goan. Kuwait Konkani Kendr should ensure that elected representatives who are on overseas visit at the cost of your hospitality are asked to provide documentary evidence of their support to the above causes dear to Goans made by them on the floor of the Goa Legislative Assembly and not on public platforms which are intended merely to appeal to the emotive sentiments of Goans at such public gatherings and forget them later.

+91 98221 58584 (24 HRS)
gonsalvesgodfreyji at yahoo dot co dot in


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Alexyz's exhibition ON LAUGHTER

Alexyz's exhibition ON LAUGHTER
Event in Memory of Dr.Pedro Cabral Adao

The 3rd Annual Event in memory of Dr. Pedro Cabral Adao Former Consul General of Portugal in Goa will be inaugurated by Rev. J. Loiola Pereira, Secretary to the Archbishop of Goa. at Art Chamber – Galeria de Belas Artes, Gauravaddo, Calangute, on November 29, 2009, at 7.00 pm.
Alexyz, the irrepressible cartoonist, will be out again with another rare exhibition – “Laughter, The Jest Best Medicine”. The exhibition comprises Alexyz’s cartoons and caricatures relating to Laughter.

Thereafter the rib-tickling show will remain open for the art loving public till December 10, 2009 from 10.00 am to 07.30 pm every daily.

Says Alexyz, “In India, the importance of Laughter is as old as the Himalayas.
Our renowned yogis conceived the legendary Hasya (laughter) Yoga concept to maintain a truly healthy mind, body and soul. However, laughter as a therapy and medicine received a cracker of life after Norman Cousins (1915 – 1990), a popular USA author, professor and world peace advocate who cured himself with Laughter when doctors told him he had just six months to live. Thereafter he wrote the bestseller “Anatomy of an Illness “, which has inspired millions of people.

Laughter clinics, clubs and laughologists have since sprouted in almost every country. My exhibition is put up with the hope that it will tickle the funny bone of our Goenkars and to look at laughter seriously.’

The 50 odd exhibits comprising cartoons and caricatures of celebrities, selected for their experiences with laughter, from the year 4 BC to the present times. There will also be a few Alexyz installations on Laughter.

Besides the show there’ll be a screening of movies on Dec.2 and a Festival of Laughter for children on Dec. 5 and for adults on Dec. 6 . On Dec.10 there will a meet for all those keen on joining a regular ‘Just for Laughs’ initiative at Yolanda’s. Ha ha ! Hee Hee !!

Miguel Braganza, S-1 Gracinda Apts,
Rajvaddo, Mapusa 403507 Goa
Ph +91-9822982676;91-832-2255913

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Wilmix & Sharon wishes all Tiatrists a Happy Feast of St. Cecilia


Wilmix n Sharon
[Professional Stage & Screen Artistes, Playwrights Producers & Directors]

Off: Rhythm House (Goan Music Shoppe), 12A Ashirwad, Opp.Meenaxi Hotel, Margao, Goa 403 601 Tel:2714299
Res: T1/C, Kurtarkar Nagar, Near Stadium, Fatorda, Margao, Goa 403 602. Tel:2742844 Mobile: 9822386579

Ref :W.S/ Press Date:22. 11. 2009

Wilmix & Sharon wishes all Tiatrists a Happy Feast of St. Cecilia

To: Heres wishing all Tiatrists ( Actors,Musicians, Singers, Dancers & all Technicians/ Helpers associated with the Konkani Tiatro) and Tiatro-Lovers a Very Very Happy Feast of St. Cecilia (Patron Saint of all Performing Artists).

May St. Cecilia continue to inspire us all to take the Konkani Tiatro to newer heights.

From: Wilmix & Sharon
(Fellow Tiatrists)


St. Cecilia

Although Cecilia is one of the most famous of the Roman martyrs, the familiar stories about her are apparently not founded on authentic material. There is no trace of honor being paid her in early times. A fragmentary inscription of the late fourth century refers to a church named after her, and her feast was celebrated at least in 545.
According to legend, Cecilia was a young Christian of high rank betrothed to a Roman named Valerian. Through her influence Valerian was converted, and was martyred along with his brother. The legend about Cecilia’s death says that after being struck three times on the neck with a sword, she lived for three days, and asked the pope to convert her home into a church.
Since the time of the Renaissance she has usually been portrayed with a viola or a small organ.

Like any good Christian, Cecilia sang in her heart, and sometimes with her voice. She has become a symbol of the Church's conviction that good music is an integral part of the liturgy, of greater value to the Church than any other art. In the present confused state of Church music, it may be useful to recall some words of Vatican II (see below).
“Liturgical action is given a more noble form when sacred rites are solemnized in song, with the assistance of sacred ministers and the active participation of the people.... Choirs must be diligently promoted, but bishops and other pastors must ensure that, whenever the sacred action is to be celebrated with song, the whole body of the faithful may be able to contribute that active participation which is rightfully theirs.... Gregorian chant, other things being equal, should be given pride of place in liturgical services. But other kinds of sacred music, especially polyphony, are by no means excluded.... Religious singing by the people is to be skillfully fostered, so that in devotions and sacred exercises, as also during liturgical services, the voices of the faithful may ring out” (Constitution on the Liturgy, 112-118).

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Indian Ambassador attends first Goan Function in Kuwait

Ivor D'Cunha launches his website of Konkani songs and videos

Ivor D'Cunha launches his website of Konkani songs and videos

Ivor D'Cunha a Singer and composer of Konkani songs from Assolna, Salcette
has finally launched his website with konkani songs and Musical Show videos which he has produced of his own. Do check it out at:

The ALBUM page has songs from 3 of his albums released so far including his
latest album 'Nach Kumpasar".

The SHOW page has videos of songs and comedy skits from 4 Musical Shows
recorded live. Here you can watch the only videos available so far of late Robin Vaz, M.Boyer and H.Britton.

And Best of all here is the link for a special and beautiful song, sung by
Ivor himself for his sisters wedding.
Sacrament Zoddlo :

Please do log in write your comments in the contact us page....also pass
this on to your friends. Says Ivor in his own words: "Life’s precious moments have been truly exciting and full of fun and my Friends were my guiding force and encouraged me to go this far. The spirit kept me going and today as I launch my website I would like to dedicate it to my dearest friends for their undying support.

On this site besides my work, I have included my photo gallery which goes
down the memory lane, remembering the good times of the past.
I have also uploaded my Music Albums for your listening pleasure and my
Musical show Clips to entertain you.

Please log on to

ivor dcunha can be contacted via email ivordcunha at hotmail dot com

( As forwarded by Edward Verdes )

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Goycho Mando Prince - Elvis Goes

Goycho Mando Prince - Elvis Goes

Dor ek Goykar soimbinch ek kolokar koso zolmota, oxe toren hea borovpak survat dili zalear, khorench; tiatr ani songit mollar hem Goykaramni sid'dh korun dakhoilam mhunn sangpak, tum fattim ravchonam. Dor ek Goychea ganvant zomant ail'lo kolakar, nhoi Goyant vo Bharotant, punn ontoraxtrik mollar porian apli kolen pollzolleat ani pollzotat.

Goychea dor ek ganvant khubuch torechi kola, zoxe porim songit/dans/khell/tiatr, loknach/gitam, bhajan/kirtan, film/chitr-kola adi-adi., veg-veglea kolakoranchea angan bhorun asa ti ganvche kolakar fuloit ravtat ani oxe toren aplea ganvank ani Gأµy Rajeyak nanv mellun ghetat. Ani osle torecho soglleancho vollkicho Kepem ganvcho ek borovpi, kantaram ghoddpi, xikxok ani songittacho vhodd onbhov aslolo kolakar ani Kempemchim Kirnnam-cho voddill Evaristo Cirilo Goes alias Elvis Goes zaun asa.

Elvisacho zolm Cusmane-Kepem ganvant Mayeache 29ver,1969 vorsa Shri Pedro Paul ani Shrimati Escolastica Goes kuttumbant zalo. Pope John XXIII High Scholl-ant) tannem mullavem (X-vi) meren xikop kelem ani uprant Chowgule Kolejint Maths vixoyant fuddlem xikxonn ghevn BSc-chi podvi mellun ghetli. Lhanponnich thavn taka songitachi, tiatrachi, loknach ani gitanchi avodd asli. Tachea angant he gunn bhorpachem kharan mhonnlear songit ani tiatr mollavoilem tanchem kuttumb. Tacho xapai, Minguel Francis Goes tennacho ek vhodd khell xikovpi ani Bhat Minguel hea add nanvan taka ani tanchea kuttumbak ollkotale. Elvisacho bapui Pedro Paul ek koddegant partist ani kantorist aslo. Ten'nachea Minguel Rod-a oslea famad ani yer digdorspeam sangata to nhesla. Oxem toren rongtantuch asloli kola, Elvisan; apnnalea ikmotin ani huxarkayen fuddem veli. Lanponnim than, ganvchea igorjent tannem gayon-monddolacho polim vangddi ani magir mhukheli mhunn vavr kelo-ani korit asa.

1987 vorsa, Goa Cultural & Social Centre he sonvsthen Moddgonv xarant ghoddun haddlolea Akhil Goy Konknni Gavpache Spordhent, sabar fanki kolakarnak fattim ghalun, Elvisan poilo inam' jikhun ghetlo ani tea uprant to kenanch fattim vollun polevnk nam. Zoxem zhorichem udok vhaun veta tech toren tachea rogt-xiramni Gأµycho poromporik Manddo-Dekhnni-Dulpodd hem Gأµychem sonskruttik daiz bhitor sorun tannem 'Kepechim Kirnnam' he sonvsthecho vavr anik nettan fuddem vhelo. Kolejintle lecturers, tticher, dhondekar, lekhok, kovi hancho aspav asun ani kuttumbanchea vangddam sohokaran, 1995 vorsa, hea lokh-nach ani gitanchea pongoddachim sutram aplea hatan' ghetlim. Ani az, girest daiz sonsskruttik molavelean Gأµy Rajayachem nanv sonvsarachea mapar fankaroilem. Goa Cultural & Social Centre-an ghoddun haddlolea Manddo Utsovant taka The Mando Prince of Goa ho mukhuttui sabar pavtti favo zala. Elvis-an aplea pongddak Kala Akademichea vorsavollichea Carol Singing Contest-ant segid tin vorsam (1998, 1999, ani 2000 inam' melloileat.

Manddo zaun asa mukhel khaxele gunn (forte) Kepemchea pongddache. 'Kepemchim Kirnnam' Thiruvanthapuram hanga ghoddun haddlolea 'National Youth Festival' Raxttrik mollar Elvis-an svota ghoddil'lo (best original song) Kalliz Pinzta ho Manddo ghaun 2003 vorsant Goy Rajyeak poilo inam mellvn dilo. Goychea Mandde Utsovache 3 vorsam
(1997, 1998 ani 2000) poilem inam jikhun bhov manacho Mrs. Ligia Goes Manddo Award favo zalo. Mungllur, Manddd Sobhann he sonvsthen ghoddun haddlolea World's Longest Singing Marathon by Multiple Singers hatunt 'Kepemchim Kirnnam'-an vantto ghevn her pongddam borobor, aplem nanv bhangarache okxoramni Guinness Book World Records-an boroun dovorlem. Songitak dil'lea vhodd yogddanam ani karya khatir tacho sabar toren sotkar kela. Gأµy Rajya torven Yuva Srujan Puroskar (Youth Achiever Award) favo zala.

Mukhel Montri Digambhar Kamat hanchea hatantleant Elvis,Yuva Srujan Puroskar ghetana

Borovpi, kantaram ghoddpi, xikxok ani songitacho onnbhov aslolo Elvisacho Kempechim Kirnnam pongodd Indian Coucil for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India-achea asrea khal Bharotache ani bhailea desant mothvachea sonskruttichea dobajeamni vantto ghetla. Desachea chear-ui kon'xeamni Kepemchea Kirnnam-ni Goychea lok-kolecho pormoll ani porzoll xinvraila, zoxe porim Paramparya Festival, Quilon-Kerela, Manddo Utsov-Mungllur, All Indian Sammelan Calicut-Kerela, toxench Quilon, Puri Beach Festival, Goan Cultural Festival, New Delhi ani Goan Cultural Centre-Kuwait, Republic of Seychelles, Vientianne-Laos ani Phnom Phenn-Cambodia hea desamchi bhonvddi korun karriokram keleat. Halinch tanchea vannteak ek vhodd bhag favo zalem: Goycho lok-nach ani gitam sador korpak bhov-manachea (prestigious) Opera House - Cairo ani Opera House - Alexendria, hanga ani tech bhaxen Embassy of the Russian Federation-Addis Ababa, Nazareth, Bahir Dar, Khartoun ani yer Afrikachea vhodd mukhel xaramni.

Goyche sonskruttik girest daizachem mothv zannam aslolea Kuwait-chea Goykarank ek anondit gozal mhonnlear, Manddo Prince Elvis Goes ani tacho pongodd Kepemchim Kirnnam Novembrache 20ver GWS hannim ghoddoun haddil'lea Kuwait-Goa Day somorobhant Manddo-Dulpodd-Dekhnni, Lok-nach/gitam ghevn vantto ghetole.

Bhatmidar: LAPITT

[As forwarded to Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter of
on 19/11/2009 - Additional input: sources].

Kepemchim Kirnnam pongdak sompork korunk:
Email: elvisgoes29 at
vo kepemchimkirnnam at

(c) All rights reserved.

IFFI 2009 (Pic:



When the countrys first woman President, Pratiba Devsingh Patil arrives on her first official four day visit to Goa from 21st November, 2009 to 24th November 2009 it would perhaps interest her to know that like her historic accomplishment as a woman --- the first woman to act on stage on 22.11.1904, at a time when such public performances by a woman attracted social stigma and obvious ostracisation from society, was indeed a 23 year lady Goan Maria Regina Fernandes ( born on 16.11.1880 died on 20.12.1908 ).

Hailing from village Raia in Salcete, she was married to Joao Agostinho Fernandes a tiatrist hailing from Modsai Margao Salcete . Joao Agostinho (born on 14.12.1871 died on 29.08.1947 ) a Konkani playwright (tiatrist) and dramatist who earned the sobriquet “Pai Tiatrist” i.e Father of “tiatr “ wrote nearly 30 original plays unlike others who merely resorted to adaption of plays written in other languages. The seven act play accompanied by 18 side-shows was his format now adapted for staging tiatros by tiatrist (Konkani playwrights). He endeavoured to undo the gender inequality and vowed to reverse the role of males who would otherwise perform the role of women in “tiatrs”. Thus he is credited for creating history by introducing his wife Maria Regina to act on stage in his tiatr “Bhattkara de Panzare-I (Landlord of Panzare – I) written and directed by him.

The show was staged in Gaiety Theatre (now Capitol Cinema, Mumbai). Her sterling performance on stage raised eyebrows because no female had until then ever ventured to perform on stage. Even on the Marathi stage no such instance of a woman acting on stage was heard of until several years later. Her performance on stage and the role in the “tiatr” itself won rave reviews and sent shock waves wherever it was staged in places as far as Bhusawal, Igatpuri, Pune and Jhansi. It is a sad commentary that 104 years later on this red letter day (22.11.1904) in the annals of “tiatr” history neither the State Government nor the newly constituted Tiatr Academy of Goa (on 16th February, 2008) have thought it fit to either a) award her posthumously or b) display a portrait of hers in the Tiatr Academy of Goa office for her pioneering role or c) institute an award in her name to encourage women to take up “tiatr” as a profession.

“Tiatr” is a form of performing art in Konkani language which is mainly prevalent in the Catholic dominated talukas of Goa and is staged world wide where the Goan community have ventured. Even in the today’s westernized society that has influenced Goan society tiatrs attract huge audiences even though it has not been granted the status of industry. For the records it may be noted that it was only in 1913 that the first woman Bhasmasur Mohini ventured to act in films. Much later in 1932 i.e 28 years later after Maria Regina maiden entry on stage that another Goan Kamalabai Rambhau Gokhale (marital surname) and daughter of sitar musician Durgabai Kamat from Assonora Bardez Goa ventured to act on Marathi stage.

It is hoped that the President of India recommends to the Govt of Goa to do justice to the immortal memory of Ms Maria Regina Fernandes.

403 602, GOA. (INDIA)+91 98221 58584 (24 HRS).

20/11/2009 (22/11/2009)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Prince Jacob wakes up Goans in Kuwait!

Prince Jacob wakes up Goans in Kuwait!

It is certainly one of the best Konkani dramas that I have seen – vividly diverse from the regular lineage of emblematic Goan scripts!

By Gasper Crasto for Team Mangalorean

Kuwait Nov 17, 2009: Prince Jacob’s drama ‘Zaiat Zage’ was more than what one could expect from a seasoned, professional showman of the Konkani stage.

The drama has more in it than just entertainment. The message is a hard-hitting clarion call to all Goans to wake up and unite, or perish. The tale enacted with plenty of humor is presented in fluent style and is a real treat for the audience. This tongue-in-cheek drama looks at how people from other states flock down to the beautiful state of Goa and set up their businesses there and how Goans grow to become dependent on them.

The well attended show staged on 13th November 2009 at the Daiya Fencing Club Hall, Kuwait, was organized by Kala Mogui Kuwait to celebrate the 7th anniversary of its existence in Kuwait. Dominic Araujo and Felix Fernandes were the main coordinators of the event.

H.E. Shri Ajai Malhotra, Ambassador of India was the chief guest on the occasion, the first Goan event that His Excellency has attended in Kuwait and surprisingly his first ever Konkani drama which he took pleasure in watching for over 2 hours till the half time.

Alban Pinto was the guest of honor. Other special invitees included Muriel Alphonso, President - IWA, Fr. Teo Fernandes, Fr. Frank, Fr. Lionel Braganza, Fr. Melwyn D’cunha and Joseph & Elvira D’Souza.

The evening began with the lighting of the traditional lamp at the hands of the ambassador and other dignitaries present. Anjali Amonkar of Kala Mogui Kuwait compered the function.

Earlier, at a privately held get-together of Konkani writers and Konkani literature lovers, Pio Esteves’ Konkani book of short stories titled ‘Kaddyo Boddyo’ was released at the hands of Gaspar Almeida as part of the anniversary celebrations of Kala Mogui Kuwait. The ceremony was held at the premises of Kuwait Continental Hotel, the main sponsor of the drama. Others who co-sponsored the show were Gulfmart, Winners Restaurant, Exotica Beauty & Spa, Expression &, etc. Qatar Airways, world’s 5-star airlines sponsored a return Kuwait-Goa-Kuwait air-ticket (won by Xavier Dias) for a housie game. A power-point presentation highlighted the sponsors of the event throughout the evening.

During the interval, a memento was presented to the director of the drama Prince Jacob at the hands of Albano Pinto. A memento was also announced for Kamal El-Din Hussein of Kuwait Continental Hotel.

Prince Jacob is known for directing Konkani tiatrs beginning with the alphabet ‘P’ doing dramas from ‘Pinzrem’ to ‘Padri’. After exhausting with ‘P’ he went on to ‘R’ starting with Rodonaka. Today he commands a dedicated fan following not just in Goa but across India, Gulf, UK, etc. To tiatr loving Goans spread over the world, Prince Jacob represents a vibrant brand ambassador of contemporary dramas. He has dared to bring bold innovations to Konkani stage and tiatrs – from making a doberman act in ‘Pavnnek’ to doing magic in ‘Raza Raani’ and four roles in ‘Rupnem’. Jacob's works include 16 centuries (100 shows) in tiatrs which have been appreciated by his countless fans who have helped him bag recognition in the form of prestigious Goa Post Award, Gulab Award and Kala Academy Awards.

Surprisingly, it was after a gap of 12 long years that Prince Jacob with his full production troupe has performed in Kuwait. It is to be highlighted that it was Kala Mogui Kuwait who had screened Prince Jacob’s much acclaimed Konkani film ‘Padri’ in Kuwait. One of the major activities of Kala Mogui Kuwait in previous years have been the Konkani monthly magazine Gulab’s 25th anniversary celebrations which took place in a series of three events – a Konkani drama presentation by Mario Menezes, a Konkani Variety Show and the 1st Konkani Carols Singing Competition. Mr. Fausto V. Da Costa, GULAB’s editor was the specially invitee from Goa.

The drama ‘Zaiat Zage’ (Wake up!) is a complete entertainment with excellent performances from Jacob, Humbert, Annie, Alice, Rafael, Eknath, Joe Rose, etc. It was indeed a delight to watch this ‘established’ show with good direction, fine script and songs on various themes and subjects relating to Goa and Goan lifestyle. The drama has attractive settings and a huge star cast.

Annie Quadros heads the cast as the panch of the village with her strong acting and charming dressing. The only thing that demeans her role on stage is perhaps her diction of the ‘Saxttikar bhas’; a ‘Bardez’ accent would have brought much more richness and beauty to her acting. Diana’s acting as Saku is super while Alice with her Bihari and alien Konkani was perfect as the migrant Rabadi. Humbert is seriously super as the ‘Susegad Goenkar’ while Jacob is ideal in his act as the migrant Bihari. Both the comedians have kept the chunk of the dialogues for themselves and provide plenty of laughter with fine timing in the humorous sequences.

The entire drama runs on the sets of a village ward where two brothers played by Mario and Jacinto are seen arguing with each other over their share in the ancestral property. Padri fame Newton plays the role of Mario’s son who in love with Joe’s (Joe Rose) daughter Sonia played by Filina. Their neighbors include Rafael in the character of Subramaniam, a Keralite settled in Goa, and a Hindu couple - Jairam and Saku. Their son Anil, an electrical engineer does not want to work in Goa but dreams only of working on a cruise liner.

Maria, played by Annie Quadros, as the panch, rules over the villagers and her husband Salu (Humbert) with an iron hand. Into this neighborhood enters Jai Prakash Yadav, a migrant from Bihar who starts a small store in the area by bribing the panch. Soon he is joined by his wife Rabadi and their trade flourishes. The play continues to end with forewarnings of unthought-of predictions on the fate of Goa and Goans in years to come!

The opening song, fantastically choreographed will bring about memories of Golden Goa to any Goan living abroad with the traditional ‘gummot’ drum rhythm. In between the acts there are songs by Joe Rose, Rafael, Sanyo, Annie, Alice, Filina, Jr Reagan, Jacob, Humbert, etc. Joe Rose’s song on the tunes of M.Boyer’s ‘Bhurgim vo Baulim’ was the pick of the songs with some philosophical lines. Musicians Dominic de Arambol and his troupe were loud and clear. Full marks for Anand D’Souza for his excellent sound system.

The unique stage set presented for the drama needs a special mention too. People who worked behind the scenes to make this possible for a one off show in Kuwait included Felix de Merces, Benny Rebello, Lorry Fernandes, Joaquim Rodrigues, Sushil Amonkar and Dominic Araujo. It took hours of ground work, carpentry, decor and painting and a full day’s erection labor and a touch-up till the dawn. Agnelo Rebello, Benny Vaz and Nicholas Rodrigues were some of the other field supporters who worked for the success of “Zaiat Zage”, together with the team responsible for press and publicity.

The organizers Kala Mogui Kuwait have gratefully acknowledged the generous support and cooperation of Kuwait Continental Hotel, Air Arabia, Daiya Fencing Club management, Gulf Mart, Winners Restaurant, Qatar Airways, Reaven D’Souza,,,, Arab Times, Kuwait Times, The Times,, Al Watan, B.M. Viegas, Lino B. Dourado, Goan associations, and all Konkani lovers in Kuwait.

Monday, November 16, 2009

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tiatr ani Khell-Tiatr

Tiatr ani Khell-Tiatr

Halinchea vorsamni Gõyant amchi Konknni machi bhorpur girest zalea ani zait asa, oxem mhonnlear fott zauchi na. Eka kallar fokot bottancher mezpa itlech tiatr boroupi, digdorspi asle zalear, aiz tech Konknni machiechea rukhak kitleoch komreo yeun, fantte ani fulam ful'leant ani bhorpur follam diunk lagleat.

Kaim vorsam fattim, favo titlo arthik adar toxench goroz tednam favo tosleo sovloteo-i naslolean Konknni machier ek tiatr sador korunk eka tiatristak aplea nakantlean kitleoch xinko kaddcheo poddtaleo. Torui astona, soglleam
addkhollink fuddo korun, apleach pinzlolea bolsak ek chimtto kaddun, amche tiatrist bhav aple tiatr, khell-tiatr ganv-ganvamni sador kortale ani ganvchea lokak thoddem bhov agllo-vegllo divirtiment diun, tankam te umedir dovortale.
Punn Konknni machier aiz ti poristhiti uronk na. Urfattench zalear, chitr bodlun, Konknni machiechi progoti ani udorgot bhorpur zalea. Ani tacho puravo xaramni, ganvamni zatole hispa bhair tiatr ani khell-tiatr. Nove tiatr, khell-tiatr boroupi, digdorspi toyar zaun, aiz amche Gõyche porjek kitlech tiatr, khell-tiatr polleunk melltat
Thoddea tiatr boroupeank, digdorspeank tiatrachem madheom ek vevsay zala. Tiatramni nhestoleam choddxea amchea kolakarank to ek vevsay zala. Zaitea amchea tiatristamni tiatrantlean aplo ghor-sonvsar kela, aplo ghorabo choloila ani aiz meren tim choloit asat.
Konknni machier dusrem bodlop: tiatranche vixoy. Eka kallar 'bhattkar-munddkar', 'saumaim-sun' ani adi. vixoy gheun, thodde amche tiatrist aple tiatr Konknni machier oxech zoroitale. Punn kalla pormannem mathear kurponnem mhonntat te bhaxen, aiz somajik, rajki mollavele nazuk vixoy gheun ani kelloun, prexokank (audience) boro sondex ditat. Punn eke vatten ami tiatrachi udorgot mhunn polletanv, zalear dusre vatten kaim karonnank lagon tiatr, khell-tiatrachi durdoxea-i zata, oxem mhonnlear fott zauchi na. Tiatrachi kothach bori aslear purona. Tea xivay, tiatrant hanga-thoim misoll kel’li komedi gorjechi.
Punn kaim tiatr, khell-tiatramni komedi pollelear, ek vittechi ani hollxigechi gozal mhonnlear zata. Ani te-te pochpochit komedi vixim tiatristank xiddkailear, tanche dolle ugoddlear, “amchea Gõykarank toslich komedi manovta nhoi?” oxem te sangtat. Kaim tiatramni kantaram udexim hea-tea tiatristank katrop, tanchem mhellem sobhemazar dhuvop amkam Gõykarank sobona.
Konknni machi sudortoli ani unchlea dorjear pavtoli zalear amche tiatr, khell-tiatramni nove, taje somazak lagu zatole vixoy gheun, tore-torechim novlam bhitor kaddop mhotvachem. Toslo kall aiz amche modem udela. Komedicho-i dorzo bhorpur vaddcho asa. Toxem kelear-uch Konknni machi odik girest zatoli ani tiatr, khell-tiatr amche modem sodanch jive urtole, vaddtole. Urum ani vaddum

P. Agxekar
Release of "Another Goa" (Margao, Monday, Nov 16, 2009)

Just a few lines to share with you the news about the upcoming release of my book, called 'Another Goa' (Broadway and Goa,1556, Pp 192, 2009). This book contains some of my favourite work on Goa, and is being released on Monday, November 16, 2009 at a function on National Press Day at the Ravindra Bhavan Margao.

I am grateful to Goanet for encouraging my growth as a writer and enabling me to get feedback (both positive and importantly critical too). This network has also helped spur me on to focus more on a Goa where the returns in mainstream journalism can otherwise be disencouraging.

Thank you warmly for being part of this journey.

The cover of the book -- done artistically by Bina Nayak -- is visible
online here:

Regards and hoping to see you if you're around Margao! FN

PS: The National Press Day function begins at 10 am, with a talk by
noted journalist P. Sainath, and a panel discussion. The book release
should be later in the morning.

Frederick Noronha :: +91-832-2409490
Writing, editing, alt.publishing, photography, journalism

TAG’s Tiatr Festival in Mapusa Concludes

Victor de Sa
Tiatr Academy Goa

Press Note
for favour of publication

Panjim: 14 / 11 / 09

TAG’s Tiatr Festival Concludes

A four-day Tiatr Festival of award winning tiatrs organized by Tiatr Academy Goa concluded yesterday at Hanuman, Theatre Mapusa. In all 4 award winning tiatrs namely “Asro Zai” - winner of Kala Academy’s third award for performance - by Agnelo de Borim, “Kallokhi Uzvadd” winner of 2nd award by Derick D’Mello, “Rinn” winner of consolation prize by Peter Vaz and “Eksiddentt’ winner of 1st award by Tomazinho Cardozo were staged in the Festival.

The Festival was inaugurated by a child artiste Miss Chikita Fernandes by lighting the traditional lamp. Shri. Ciriaco Dias, a veteran tiatr artiste was the Chief Guest on the occasion. In his brief address, Shri. Ciriaco praised the efforts of the amateur tiatr artistes for introducing innovations on the tiatr stage due to Kala Academy’s yearly competitions. He also had a word of praise for TAG for organizing this festival in Mapusa which showcases the efforts of young tiatr artiste in the development of Tiatr.

Tomazinho Cardozo, President of TAG, in his welcome address stated that organization of the festival of award winning tiatrs will be a yearly feature and that the festival will be organized in different parts of Goa every year so that the award winning tiatrs are witnessed by tiatr lovers in different parts of Goa.

Victor de Sa, the Member Secretary proposed the vote of thanks. Shri. Joy Fernandes compeered the function.

Victor de Sa
Member Secretary

Prince Jacob's new tiatr "TUM ani AUM"

Prince Jacob has announced that his next Tiatr "TUM ani AUM" will be staged after Easter in Goa, but released in Mumbai before Lent, during a short 'thank you' address to the audience at Daiya Fencing Club Hall in Kuwait on Friday, 13/11/2009.

GW News
(as archived by gaspar almeida)


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Chuck Konnachi - Konkani Tiatro in Toronto

From: "Brian Costa"

Chuck Konnachi - Konkani Tiatro in Toronto

O Portugues foi mas a nossa lingua Konkani esta

Viva O Konkani, Viva O Goa

(Review and Interview with Director Marshal Fernandes)

October 24th, 2009; History was created at Michael Power High School by Producer
Sandra Menezes, Director Marshal Fernandes and their entire cast and crew of the
Konkani Tiatro "CHUK KONNACHI".

I have attended Konkani Tiatros in Toronto for the past several years and I must say
nothing ever came close to this fantastic and extravagant performance. My hats off
to Sandra Menezes and Marshal Fernandes for giving the Goans of Toronto something to
remember for years to come; Sandra has produced this sold out event and Marshal has
casted the best cast ever and directed this play at its best.

I had nothing but praises and compliments to the team of Chuk Konnachi. My personal
review begins when I reached Michael Power School at 1:50 p.m. After a few rounds in
the parking lot I managed to find a spot and was surprised to see a full parking
lot. I entered the school at 2:05 p.m. and was surprised again to see the crowed
hallway. People were lining up to enter, some to grab goodies given by Kevin D'Souza
(Platinum Sponsor) and some to view the Konkani Song Book by Francis Rodrigues.
Ultimately all present were soon to be witnessing the best drama ever staged in
Toronto. Some people were looking for tickets, but in vain. This show was apparently
sold out weeks before October 24th. The hall management was smooth and superb, only
to find out that Silviano Barbosa, Roliffe D'Souza and their team was responsible
for this efficiency.

Once seated in the auditorium, it was 2:20 p.m. and I expected the show to commence
at least at 3:00 p.m. To my pleasant surprise, Dr. Lucina Pinto came on the stage at
2:30 p.m. sharp to render the national anthem "O'Canada" in Konkani, What a delight!
I was given to understand that this anthem was translated by the director, Marshal
Fernandes - another great feat.

Soon after the national anthem, Joe Vaz, Rhio Gracias and Marshal Fernandes sang one
of the best composed songs, M.Boyer to whom this Tiatro was tributed and the song
was composed by Marshal Fernandes. From then on there was no looking back; the play
went on with beautiful ear pleasing songs. The timing and the flow of the scenes
were impeccable. There was no time for boredom nor to think of what was coming up
next. It was smooth sailing throughout the Tiatro.

I cannot pick nor point any single individual that did not perform at his/her best,
and for that performance, the audience was pleased, satisfied and went home with a
memory that will last for years to come. The stage sets were so simple, yet brought
out the reality of homes in Goa and was a pleasant sight to the eyes of the viewers.
I believe this credit goes to the stage manager, A.C. Pereira and his team. A.C.
also received a "Dedicated Contribution" award for his past work contributed to the
Konkani stage; a well deserved one.

Before I get into the review of the play, I'd like to comment on the songs which
were so beautiful and pleasing that I must congratulate all the singers who did a
wonderful job. This is the first time I have ever heard so many locally composed
songs, I can see that talent is in abundance in Toronto and I thank the composers
for bringing their talent on stage. I would like to recognize these individuals as
it takes a lot of talent and sacrifice to compose songs and train individuals to
perform them on stage.

O'Canada - Composed by Marshal Fernandes, performed by Dr. Luicna Pinto
M.Boyer - Composed by Marshal Fernandes, performed by Joe Vaz, Rhio Gracias and
Marshal Fernandes
Bhagientlem Full - Composed by Chris Gomes, performed by Hazel Jacob and Chris Gomes
UK- Canada - Goa - Composed by Jack Fernandes, performed by Tony D'Silva, Olavio
DaCosta and Jack Fernandes
Amche Musician - Composed by Marshal Fernandes, performed by Joe Vaz
Fuddlem Xincop - Composed by Chris Gomes, performed by Clema Fernandes and Chris
Jinga Mummy - Hit Song of the evening - Composed by Marshal Fernandes, performed by
Rhiza Gracias and Sylda Gracias
Hot Pants - Composed by Jack Fernandes, performed by Jack Fernandes
Ami Goeankar - Closing Chorus - Composed by Marshal Fernandes, performed by Joe Vaz,
Rhia Gracis, Olav Da Costa, Yolanda Gracias, Hazel Jacob, Tony D'Silva, Sandra
Menezes and Marshal Fernandes
Mog Mog Mog (Canto) - Composed by Marshal Fernandes, performed by Sandra Menezes and
Olavio DaCosta

Other hit songs included:
Mobile - Olympio Fernandes
Johnny Zai - Hazel Jacob
Football - Olympio Fernandes and Ruth Kumar
Mog Mozo Kortai - Auggie Pereira
Putachem Cazar - Staphanie Manezes, Rhio Gracias, Sandra Menezes and Marshal
Tribute to Lorna – Performed by the melodious Ruth Kumar

Congratulations! to all composers and singers for a job well done and displaying a
talent one would only think of finding in Goa - KUDOS!

Now for the play, what can I say, this was a drama where the audience was dazzled
with the story line and comedy that left no room for anything but praises and
compliments. Right from start to finish, it was fantastic and people in the
auditorium were roaring with laughter throughout. One point of recognition goes to
the director for selecting a cast that played their roles to the fullest and at the
highest level.

Beginning with Pai (Bonfilio Pereira), a new found talent by Marshal Fernandes,
performed his role flawlessly along with his stage wife (Yolanda Gracias) who
demonstrated her feisty and rich lady role to perfection. It was a perfect match for
a household couple. Their children, Rhiza, who made the audience cry, along with
Bonfilio were simply great. Grace Almeida, who played a flirtatious role caught the
eye of the audience. Sandra Menezes, the third daughter, played her part so well, it
suited her personality and I felt that she depicted her character as best as it
could be played. Joe Vaz, Tony D'Silva, Olavio DaCosta and Benny Pereira who played
as Husbands, Fiancée, and Boyfriend were superb and demonstrated their roles to
perfection. These couples were like matches made in heaven and to my eyes, I felt
that I was watching an everyday life story of a household. Great Job!

Chris Gomes, in his multi-personality role, played as Grace's Boyfriend brought in
the character that not many could perform. His dashing life style in the play (a
playboy) brought life to the whole event. Dr. Menezes, played by Stephanie Menezes,
was a small but crucial role to fill in the storyline. Stephanie, a young talented
actor and singer showed that young talent can be groomed and made ready for the
Konkani Stage. Congratulations Stephanie, keep it up. Olympio Fernandes, who made a
cameo appearance as a priest closed the play in a memorable manner.

I could go on and on and on, but the above was a simplistic view of the drama.

The Comedians that left the audience roaring with laughter every minute they were on
stage were simply terrific and deserved a standing ovation in my books. Agnelo
Gracias, who played as Mama (Uncle) was impeccable with his flawless command of
xasti Konkani and the control of the stage. His performance was just outstanding. He
was paired with Sera Barbosa (Consu), whose simple appearance itself was enough for
the audience. Sera was outstanding in her own brilliant way of comedy that made the
people wanting more and more. Agnelo and Sera combination was a sight for sore eyes.
Marshal Fernandes (Leitao) who played a simpleton (Lollo) was just too good. His
appearance, comedic mannerism and the comedy itself brought the house down with
laughter. I must say, Agnelo, Sera and Marshal paid us back in full and was worth
every penny.

The event was closed with the fantastic rendering of "Ami Goeankar" a song composed
by Marshal Fernandes, showed unity among Goans and the love for Konkani. The
audience, I am sure were left with hunger for more. Unfortunately, there is only so
much these talented folks can do within the allotted time. I am positive that our
hunger and thirst will be quenched by this team, in the near future by giving us
another of their extraordinary performance.

In speaking to some of the people in the audience, during intermission and after the
Tiatro, here’s what some of them had to say:

"Anson Pott Borlem"
"The best we have ever seen"
"Nothing short of perfection"
"Need more Tiatrs such as Chuk Konnachi"
"Jinga Mummy was the best song"
"The whole package was fantastic"
"They should do a second show"
"Never before we have seen a Tiatro without boredom and gaps"
"Perfect timing, unlike in the past"
and much more................................

I was so pleased with the whole show that I had the urge to find out the factors
contributing to such a huge success. Unfortunately, I could not speak to the
Producer, Sandra Menezes, hence I took the liberty to interview the Director,
Marshal Fernandes, who I believe was Sandra’s right-hand man and driving force
behind this production.

I-Interviewer / M-Marshal Fernandes

I - Marshal, since when did you start working on this project?
M - This Tiatr was scheduled to be staged a few years ago, unfortunately was
cancelled due to SARS. Since we had worked so hard on this, I could not see it go
unperformed. Hence, Joe, Agnelo, Sandra and I got together and decided to stage it
in 2009. To answer your question, we began rehearsals on July 05, 2009 with breaks
in between. Prior to that there were months of planning administrative work as well.

I - How did you to select such a perfect cast?
M- I have worked with most of the cast over the years and have a very good idea of
what each individual is capable of. I had help from Agnelo Gracias and Sandra
Menezes in selecting some of the cast members. Bonfilio Pereira and Sylda Gracias
were the only new members of our team and there are no regrets.

I - How did you manage to have such a perfect timing from start to finish?
M - It was our objective from day one that we would begin the play on time and we
did it. In fact, someone told me that we actually began the play a minute earlier
then scheduled. Never before has this happened. This is attributed to the hard work
and efficiency of the back stage crew, the play coordinator, the prompter, actors,
singers, etc, who were thoroughly focused on what each one had to do. Great Team!

I - What kind of marketing strategy did you put in place to have a sold out
M - Trade Secret my friend, Trade Secret, just kidding. I had the best team ever,
what can I say, each one put in their 100% to promote this event and pushed hard to
sell the tickets. The tickets were well distributed across GTA, the event was well
publicized months before, and most importantly word of mouth goes a long way. My
family, especially my Mom played a big role in promoting this event. I would like to
quote my Mom in one of her telephone conversation " Mojea cheddeacho Tiatr assa
Octoberant, soglin evunkuch zai, ekdom boro tiatr" then she continues "Ticketi zai
zalear maka sangat" and this type of promotion went on in most of the conversations.
In speaking to my Mom, she told me that the reason we had a good and sold out show
was due to the fact that she prayed that the Tiatro would be a success, and Yes! God
did hear her prayers. I joked with her and said that she prayed too hard as the
tickets were sold out three weeks in advance. Jokes aside, God’s blessings were with
us throughout the tenure of this project. But, keep in mind, one person cannot
achieve this type of success; it's simply the best team work I have ever seen.

I – I had the opportunity to speak to some of the actors and the one comment that
most of them made was “Marshal is always so calm and composed that we had no
pressure to deliver what we were set out to accomplish” What do you have to say to
this effect?

M – What can I say, my job as a director ended on Friday October 23rd, 2009. On
October 24th, I was one of the actors, however, giving a bird’s eye view to the
production along with Sandra Menezes. Whatever happens on the final day is
inevitable as I had full confidence in my actors and singers as well as the stage
crew. I have worked with most of the team for years and was positive that they will
do their job to the satisfaction of the audience.

I – What can you say about your team?
M – What I want to say cannot be put on paper; no words can describe the effort,
commitment, dedication, respect and hard work put into this production. It is
because of them that we have achieved this success. Right from the individual who
opens/closes the curtain to the people who do the projections, sound, band, stage
sets, transitions, actors, singers, prompters, etc are crucial to our success. If
any of them fail to do their job, this event would have failed. In addition, all the
folks who have helped in promoting this event, selling tickets, managing the hall,
etc were equally important. Last but not least, the families of the actors and
singers who have sacrificed their time with their loved ones are also contributing
factors to this success. To them I am and will be forever grateful. In a nut shell,
I cannot emphasize more on the three words – Great Team Work.

I – What are your comments about the rehearsals?
M – Oh, On July 05, 2009, and followed through every Sunday until October 24th. Of
Course, we had breaks in between, but the point is of dedication commitment. One
most important factor I like to consider is that we have fun, and that’s what we did
for 4 months. Yes, we had ups and downs and pressures, etc, but we were all
committed and the end result depicted the same. In addition to our talent we had a
great team that gets along with each other, respects each other and supports each
other in time of need. That in itself is sufficient to constitute the makeup of a
great team.

I – I heard that the Goan Folks are requesting a second show. I heard that people
came from Montreal, Halifax, Chicago, and Hamilton to watch this play, what are your
future plans?
M – Unfortunately, we will not be having a second show in Toronto. God willing, we
will all be healthy and ready to come up with another hit Tiatro in the near future.
As a matter of fact, Sandra Menezes, I and the team are in the planning phases of
producing an event that hopefully will be as successful as this. It is the biggest
compliment one can ever get, when your audience is comprised of various cities and
towns. I personally received numerous e-mails from fans who were more than satisfied
with our Tiatro. Similarly, all of the actors and singers received such e-mails and
phone calls as well. One, Mrs. Lamas actually wrote a letter to Sandra and me
congratulating the team on such a great performance. I intend to post all of the
feedback on some site whereby all can see the response of the audience.

I – Marshal, I have taken enough of your time and I thank you very much for speaking
to me. I’d like to congratulate the entire cast, musicians, sound, etc for a
fabulous job and giving us Goans an evening to remember.
M – It is my pleasure to speak to you and again, my thanks to all the people and my
crew for making CHUK KONNACHI a great success. If there was anything that was not to
your satisfaction, I take full responsibility as the actors and singers did what
they were supposed to do. A small request to all reading this interview, Keep
Konkani Alive and keep the oil burning to keep the flame of Konkani going in

“Tumcam sogleank Deu borem corum

Thank you

Brian Costa
Toronto/Borda, Margao

Sidhanath shines in new Konkani album ‘Valley of Colorz’

Sidhanath shines

Hats off to Junior Buyao for coming up with his new Konkani album ‘Valley of Colorz’, which has mesmerised music lovers. I appreciate Sidhanath’s gesture of supporting the flood victims of Canacona by offering to contribute the sale proceeds of the album. I also liked the idea of accepting orders through SMS.

Sidhanath Buyao has continued his father’s legacy of keeping the flag of our mother tongue, Konkani, flying high, and to take it to the prople through music and songs.

The highlight of the album is the last song, sung by Goem Shahir Ulhas Buyao a couple of months before he passed away. The song, ‘Zayat Zage’, which aroused Goans during the historic Opinion Poll is forever embedded in our hearts.

Custodio Araujo, Santa Cruz

Konkani dying in Goa

Konkani dying in Goa

It is said, “Amche mae bhashek aiz pasun konne jivi dovorlea bavani, voi tea padrini, toxench potrani, tech porim tiatristani, tika mannkam motiamni surngar korun dovorlea ghorib Goykarani.” (Konkani has been kept alive first by priests, then by the papers and finally by tiatrists, and it is the poor Goans who have honoured and cherished the language.)

But priests protected Konkani because they wanted to use it to propagate the Gospel and not because they loved the language. It is they who disgraced Konkani by bringing it to the level of cooks, sankistaos and pedos by conversing with them only for specific purposes, and otherwise using Portuguese to converse among themselves. Today priests need not use and protect Konkani because it is useless now that the Gospel is very well understood by the people in English, probably better than in Konkani.

Secondly, there was once a time when Konkani newspapers played a major role in the development and protection and promotion of Konkani. But now, since every Ladru, Pedru, Bostiao, Joku and Kotrin is fed on Konglish, what is the use of Konkani papers?

Thirdly, tiatr was once a huge movement in support of Konkani promotion and protection but now no longer. It is coming to an end because of lack of patronage by the new English-educated generation. Earlier, the average Goenkar was still not affluent, but with the acquisition of abundant wealth, the poor revolted against the so-called elite and educated Goans of yesteryears and emulated them by discarding Konkani.

Is it any wonder that Konkani is dying in Goa?

Reo Cunha, Moira
Letter to the Editor Columns/Herald/Nov. 14, 2009

‘T20 of Indian Cinema’ launched

‘T20 of Indian Cinema’ launched


With an aim to promote the ensuing annual International Film Festival of India to be held at the end of this month in Goa, the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) has launched a contest - ‘T20 of Indian Cinema’ to rate the top 20 among the 40,000 odd films that have been made in the country since the beginning of cinema in India 96 years ago.
ESG’s Chief Executive Officer Manoj Srivastava told reporters that the contest that began on 10 November and ending on 29 November is being run on a made-for-the-occasion website and is open to all.
The first twenty entries that match a master list merged from the choices of 10 prominent directors and an equal number of film critics from different film regions in the country will win for the entrant an all expenses paid trip to Goa. The first twenty entries that match the best film will also fetch a similar award.
Says ESG CEO Manoj Srivastava, “We want to create awareness about the richness of Indian cinema to today’s youth who are not even aware about the films made in the seventies and eighties.”
“Next year’s edition will call for the best 20 male actors, the year after that the best twenty female actors and then during the centennial year we will have a contest to rate the best twenty directors,” Srivastava adds.
“A contest such as this will definitely spread awareness about Kannada cinema, especially if one or more of Kannada films are picked among the top twenty best films ever made in India,” said Kannada Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) president and female actor Jaimala.
“It is an opportunity to bring awareness about the greatness of Kannada cinema and culture across the world,” she added.
ESG is the nodal agency appointed by the Government of Goa in 2004 in the auspices of the IFFI and its main objective is to frame a policy to help cultivate Goa into a world-class international entertainment nerve center of India and to work towards building global visibility and branding for the IFFI.


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