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From: Domnic Fernandes [mailto:domvalden@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Dear netters,

The following Konkani article was written for Anjuna parish 3rd quarterly magazine ‘San Miguelicho Avaz’, which was released yesterday. I thought I would share it with you all. Rough English translation follows after Konkani version:


Devan munxeak aplea sarko rochla and taka muki kuddiche sande dileat zoxe porim – hat, paim, nak, kan, dolle, mendu, jib, adi.

Amkam don hat dileat ami koixtt korun jieonk, Devachi xeva korunk ani Taka donui hathanim dhumpavnk. Amkam don paim dileat ami Dev-bhirantichi vatt cholonk ani Tachea mondirant vochon Taka nomoskar korunk. Amkam ek nak dilam vaitt-borem hungonk. Don dolle dileat sobit ani boreo vostu polleunk, Rochnnaracho rupkar tantuntlean chitravnk ani Povitr Pustok vachunk. Mendu dila vaitt-borem chintunk, Devacho niall korunk ani Tachem raj fankaravnk. Don kan dileat borem aikonk - kanar vaitt sadovta tem ami eka kanan aikonk zai ani dusrea kanantlean bhair uddovnk zai, ani jib dilea sot tem ulovnk ani Devachem utor porgottunk.

Heam kuddichea sandeam modekat amchi jib ekuch hathiar zacho jitlo upeog zata titli tachi dhar vhaddtta. Amchi jib ek dhakttulo sando zo donantlem ek rochta – sumell vo vegllochar; borem vo vaitt. Amchi jib hadd nasleli dekun ami tika zai toxe vapurtanv - dekunuch mhunnttat: “Kaddli jib, laili tonddak!” Hakach lagon zaite pavtt ragan uloilelem utor chukichem zavnk pavta; karann, rag ek dhoxea jeant bhejea poros jib rostin vavurta. Aiz-kal choddxe khun jibeche ruzvatik lagon ghoddttat. Kitle kazari ghorabe amche jibek lagon moddon poddonk nam zait? Dekun ghoddtta zalear tujem tondd bond dovor, punn dolle ugtte jeant tujean subej polleunk zatelem ani unnem ulovnk.

Devan amkam sonvsarant jieonk Sumurtiche Dha Upodes dileat. Devache Sumurticho Attvo Upodes amkam fott marunk ani peleachem nanv ubovnk advarta. Aiz-kalcho sonvsar bhov motlobi. Fottingponn vaddot asa. Fott marop amcho dhondo zala. Fotti viret kainch cholonam, zanv eka ghorabeant vo amchea dhondeant. Amchi jib vaprun ami heo fotti martanv. Toxech dilele soput ami kainch nhoi korun negar vetanv ani Devachem nanv gorje viret amche jiber haddun Taka okman kortanv. Peleachem borem dekche suater amchi jib vaprun ami taka xirap soddttanv ani tachem vaitt zavnk anvddetanv. Ghoddtta zalear vonddavnnechea vonttantlean doiallponnanchim utram uloi. Sodanch sot uloi ani Dev jerul tuka sasnnanchea sukacho visov ditolo.

Amkam sonvoim jib vaprun dusreancheo gozali korunk. Hea sonvsarant gozaleam poros paixtt anik kainch nam. To/tem oslo/oslem ani toslo/toslem mhunnon ami peleak kikont kortanv ani tacho abru-man uboitanv. Amchea ghorcheancheo, seza-samareancho ami gozali kortanv ani tanchea kuttumbar kallo dag ghaltanv fokot amchea jivak borem dista dekun. Internet-ar pasun gorje viret ami peleacho abru-man uboitanv. Amkam dista peleacho abru-man uboilear ami jiklet oxe; hem chintop sarkem nhoi. Peleachem vaitt chintche bodlek ghoddtta zalear taka borem mag; taka xirap soddinaka ani tachem padd ghalinaka. Varear ublolo kapus portun hatan einam. Ugddas dhor amchea dhor eka kortubacho ixeob ami Devak divnk zai.

Tuka zai dusreanim tuji thoknnai keleli? Tor tum aplich voddvik kednanch korinaka. Ami dusmanancho mog korunk zai ani nhoi kanttallo. Kanttallo mogan bodolta jednam amchem vaitt chinteleank ami borem anvddetanv. Amkam soglleank bhogsonneanchi goroz dekun ami sodanch peleak bhogsunk zai.

Devak rozar kelearuch ani sodankal ghorant Saibinnincho ters kelearuch puro nhoi; ami amchea peleachem borem chintunk zai. Igorje misak gelearuch ami bore Kristanv zainanv. Dekunuch Povitr Pustok mhunntta: Zorui tuvem peleak vaitt kelam ani tachem lagim tum uloinam zalear misachi bhett sodd ani poilem tujea dusmana lagim bhogsonnem mag ani tednanch ki tuji misachi bhett Devak manovteli. Oxem ami kortat kai? Zorui dusmanank bhogxinanv zalear ami Amchea Bapachi adnea pallinanv.

Devan zonn ekleak rochla ani taka apli zababdari dilea. Zorui pelean patok adarlam zalear to aplea patkanchem farikponn ditolo – ‘korit to bhogit’. Ghoddtta zalear tujea peleak sozmai ani to vaitt rostear cholta zalear taka nitt rostear haddunk tozvit kor punn nhoi tachi ttika marun ani tacho abru-man ubovn. Ami moddvoll zavn dusreachim patkam dhuvunk favonam. Devan amkam sangonk nam dusreacheo chukleo kelear ani dusreachim patkam voir kaddlear Apunn sorgar vortolo mhunnon!

Setembrache 8ver Kristi sonvsar Ankvar Moriecho zolm dis monoitat. Hea mhoineant amche jibek ami talem marum-iea ani ti fokot Devachem borem utor porgottunk vaprum-iea. Tujea lagim ghoddta zalear peleachem borem chint ani borem kor; tachem padd ghalunk ani taka sokol uddovnk tozvit korinaka. Amchea dolleant vanso astannam ami dusreachea dolleantlem kuskutt kaddunk bhonvtanv; hem sarkem nhoi. Borem uloi ani boreo korneom kor. Oxem kelearuch ami sasnnanchem sukh bhogunk pavteleanv.

Soglleank khuxealborit Mont Saibinninchem fest anvddetam!

English translation:


God created man in His likeness and gave him main body parts like hands, legs, nose, eyes, brain, tongue, etc.

He gave us two hands to work hard, to serve Him and to incense him with both hands. He gave us two legs to follow the God-fearing path, to go to His temple and to adore Him. He gave us a nose to smell good and bad things. He gave us two eyes to see beautiful things, visualize Him through them and to read the Holy Bible. He gave us brain to differentiate between good and bad and to spread the word of His Kingdom. He gave us two ears to hear good things – whenever we hear bad things, we must listen to them in one ear and throw them away through the other ear; and he gave us a tongue to speak the truth and to preach the word of God.

Among all the above-cited parts, our tongue is the only weapon which grows sharper every time we use it. It is a small organ which creates one of the two – good or bad. Our tongue is boneless which is why we use it liberally; that’s why they say in Konkani: “Kaddli jib, laili tonddak’ (Use it the way you want!) This is why many a times a word spoken with anger turns out to be wrong, for anger is a state of mind in which the tongue works faster than the brain. Nowadays, most murders take place because of arguments. Similarly, many a families have split because of our tongue. Therefore, if possible, keep your mouth shut but eyes open so you can see more and speak less.

In order to help us live, God provided us with Ten Commandments. The eighth Commandment forbids us to tell lies and defame our neighbor. Today’s world is very tricky. Cheating is on the increase. Telling lies has become our business. We can’t do anything without telling lies, be it in our homes or in our businesses, and we do this by using our tongue. In the same way, we easily deny given promises and offend God by taking His name in vain. Instead of thinking positive of our neighbor, we use our tongue to curse him and wish him bad. If possible, utter words of sympathy. Always speak the truth and God will definitely accept you in His paradise.

It’s our habit to use our tongue and gossip about others. In this world there is nothing worse than gossip. We make a mockery of our neighbor and defame him. We speak ill of our relatives, neighbors and paint a black mark on them. Why? Just because we feel good! We even defame our fellow netters on the Internet unnecessarily. We think if we defame our neighbor, we win; this is wrong thinking. Instead of thinking negative of your neighbor, if possible, wish him/her well; don’t curse him/her and wish him/her bad. Once you let cotton escape from the grip of your hand, it’s difficult to get it back. Keep in mind we are accountable for every deed of our life.

Do you want others to speak highly of you? Then never praise yourself. We must love our enemy and not hate him/her. Hatred turns into love when we wish well to those who think ill of us. We all need forgiveness; hence, we must always forgive our neighbor.

It is not enough to pray to God and to say rosary every day; we must be concerned about our neighbor and think well of him/her. Similarly, we do not become good Christians only by attending a mass in the Church. This is exactly why the Holy Bible says: If you hurt your neighbor and you are not in talking terms with him/her, leave the mass offering and first beg pardon with your enemy and only then your mass offering will be acceptable to God. Do we do this? If we are not ready to forgive our enemy we are not fulfilling the will of our Father.

God created each human being and assigned him with his/her own responsibility. If your neighbor committed a sin, he will pay for it – one has to pay for his/her mistakes. If possible, try to make him/her understand and if he/she is following the wrong path, try to correct him/her and put him/her back on the right path but not by criticizing and defaming him/her. We should not become washer men and try to wash others’ sins. God did not tell us that if we become tale-bearers He will take us to heaven!

On September 8, the Christian world celebrates the birth day of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Let us lock our tongue in this month and use it only to preach good word of our Lord. Let us not defame and destroy our neighbor; instead, let us think well of him/her. Let us not try to find fault with others and try to remove the speck from others’ eyes when there is a log in our eyes; this is not correct. Speak well of others and think good about them. If we do so, only then we will earn eternal peace.

Wish everyone happy Mount Mary’s feast!


Domnic Fernandes
Gaumvaddy, Anjuna,
Bardez, Goa

Photo of Domnic Fernandes by Joel D'Souza


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