Monday, September 27, 2010

Konkani tiatr “Kal ani Aiz” to be staged on 29th September

“Kal ani Aiz” to be staged on 29th September

“Kal ani Aiz” a Konkani tiatr written by Tomazinho Cardozo will be staged on 29th September at 7:00 pm at the DMK Auditorium of Kala Academy in the 36th Tiatr Festival organized by Kala Academy Goa.

Goa is going to complete 50 years of its liberation in the next year 2011. Is Goa developed in the true sense of the word during the last 50 years? This is the question asked by many Goans when they compare the situations in the Goan society in the Goa of the past and of the present times.

Tomazinho Cardozo’s “Kal ani Aiz” deals with issues on social, political, religious and economic fields that are faced by the Goan society during the last 50 years and highlights the rapid changes that have taken place in the Goan society.

Mathias Mascarenhas and Irene Cardozo arein the lead roles lead roles while Anthony Carvalho, Sheik Amir, Simonia Cardozo, Jocelyn Mesquita, Larisa Fernandes, Shivanand Naik, Assis Cardozo, Tukaram Naik also feature in the play. Child artistes namely Karan, Josepha, Violet and Vhorty also act in important roles. Sucorro de Santa Cruz, Sonia, Maria Cardozo, Joao Cardozo, etc participate in singing which forms an integral part of Goan tiatr.

The music is provided by Louis Cota, stage setting by Timoty Dias, background music by Joy Fernandes, light effects by Dnyaneshwar Morajkar and costumes by Simonia Cardozo. The play is produced by Kala Mogi Candolim and directed by Tomazinho Cardozo.


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