Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FOOTLOOSE: An ode to Colva

FOOTLOOSE: An ode to Colva

By Derek Almeida

The brand of Christianity practiced in Colva is not for the meek and the kind. It is for the tough and the ruthless. The chaps who can throw stones and torch gaddas and then go for confession and wipe the slate clean.

So I decided to compose a poem in honour of the Colva Parish Council who recently celebrated Christmas by pelting stones on the residence of their neighbour.

If you happen to be the type
who beats his chest at night and says,
‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do’
Colva is not the place for you.

Ever heard of the man called Jesus?
He said to turn the other cheek.

I love this law, I love this teaching,
But in Colva they prefer to do the slapping.
They are willing to cast the first stone.

They are willing to break the first bone
Just name the chap, point to his place.
And they’ll work wonders with his face.

We believe in forgiveness.
We know love is strong
But on that Monday afternoon
They did what was wrong.

PI Edwin, he is a great dude.
He never made a sound, he made them feel good.
And when it was time to stone the tiles.
Good Edwin was far, far away by miles.
Every morning for church they depart,
To receive His grace with humble heart.

And to God in heaven they firmly pray,
To please take Calvert Gonsalves away.
In high respect they hold Diogo father,
And believe not that he met a mother.

For him they will fight and set afire,
That he may enjoy to his heart’s desire.

And what can we say about our CM?
Who carefully ignored all this mayhem.
He knows how to close his eyes and avoid the sight,
of Colva parishioners having a fight.

Oh church leaders why do you not act?
Are we to believe that there is a pact.

To protect Fr Diogo and the council’s fair name,
And leave the rest of us to hide in shame.

For violence Jesus said, is not a game,
To play and play in his dear name.

Dear church leaders it is no sin
To curb the deadly rot within.

Someday when time has passed us by,
We will look back with cautious eye.

And then, let it not be said
That our dear church leaders,
our guiding light
Failed to stand by what was right.

And for Calvert we have something to say,
It would be better if you are kept at bay.

If you want to sing, dance and make merry
Take trip to Antarctica on a one-way ferry.

First published in the Gomantak Times (Weekender), Goa - January 3, 2010 adds:
Derek Almeida is the Executive Editor of Gomantak Times (GT)
A Sakaal Group of Publications.
Gomantak Private Ltd.
Gomantak Bhavan, St. Inez, Panaji, Goa 403 001, India
Tel: +91 832 2422701/04
Fax: +91 832 2422700
Mob: +91 98 50209604
with offices in Margao, Corlim, Ponda and Vasco.

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