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Tiatr Reviews by J P PEREIRA

Tiatr Reviews by J P PEREIRA

Published on: April 29, 2010
(The Navhind Times)

‘Fattlean Poi ’
‘Fattlean Poi’ is the latest presentation from Menezes theatre production. This ‘tiatr’ written and directed by Mario Menezes, is a scathing attack on the moralistic society, that only talks and criticises but does nothing to help the downfallen.

Darryl is in love with Liza. He is working on the ship. Liza is an orphan working as an accountant in a hotel. Darryl’s mother Genetra and brother, Dixon who is a police officer, are against this marriage. His father does not mind it, though. Inspite of the opposition, Darryl goes ahead with the marriage and ten days later, leaves to join the ship. Liza’s troubles begin and Travasso, a local goon is hired to get rid of her. The rest is to be watched on stage, in this beautiful presentation that points out to the hypocrisy in society, victimisation of women and false pride in individuals.
A fine script, good direction and continuity coupled with a nice set, keeps the viewer’s interest on. There is tragedy and lots of humour too. Rosy Alvares plays the domineering Genetra and Agnes, does a perfect act as the orphan Liza. Right dressing and a beautiful display of emotions, is what this tiatr is all about. Victor is Darryl, Mario de Vasco, the evil Dixon and Mario Menezes, the father. Lawry Travasso steals the show as the goon. A great performance. There is plenty of humour from Joana, as the vegetable vendor, who converses in English. Ben is great as her husband while Bobet plays a great supporting role too.
Augusto de Panchwadi provides the music, with good background score from Frampton, on the keyboards. Lawry sings the introductory song and there are good songs in between the acts from Rosy Alvares, Agnes, Joana (especially the humorous solo), Victor, Mario de Vasco and Mario Menezes.
The tribute by Rosy and Lawry to the late Edison, the young talent who recently passed away pulls at your heartstrings.
The show is educative and entertaining. See it with the family!

‘Chol-Ia London’
Roseferns presents another winner with ‘Chol-Ia London’. The craze of Goans to settle abroad and the reality that all is not the way it appears, has been presented well in this entertaining show.
There are two brothers, Antonio and Mariano. While Antonio is a farmer, Mariano dreams of settling in London. Isabel, Antonio’s wife and their son, Allen are supportive of the father while Nikhil, Mariano’s son is in London. Allen is married to a vixen of a woman, Asha, whose father runs a business in London. One day, a terrorists lands in Goa and due to false allegations, poor Antonio is accused of helping them. What happens later is to be watched on stage.
The tiatr is directed with lots of sleekness, the continuity is apt and the script leaves the viewer thinking.
The set looks good and there are twists in the plot, leading to a fitting finale. The cast has Roshan, great as the submissive Isabel. Watch her in the sequence where she challenges her daughter-in-law, who calls her uneducated. Antonette is the heartless Asha, displaying an evil streak. Victor plays Nikhil while Tari dons the role of Allen. Peter does a great act as Marian, impeccably attired and looking quite dignified. Roseferns, as usual, is perfect as Antonio. Costy plays three roles and does them very well. There is plenty of humour. Brian’s boisterousness is a perfect foil to the calm and controlled Sally. The two have the audience rolling with laughter.
The opening song is a treat. The special scenes, the characters and the lyrics sung by Antonette, Tony de Ribandar, Brian, Costy, Roshan and Victor are top rate too. Besides, the other songs by these actors, there are songs by Tari and Peter. A solo by Roseferns and one by Brian (a hilarious one) need special mention. A word of praise for the musicians. Anthony’s blasts on the trumpet, James’ perfect support on the keyboard, Angelo’s pounding bass and Ivor’s rolls on the drums adds plenty of punch to the music. The tiatr is a great entertainer and an eye opener. Don’t miss it!

‘Tin Horancho Raza’
‘Tin Horancho Raza’, a tiatr by Samuel Carvalho , presents a tale of fame and hardships faced by writers, actors and directors of Konkani drama and also discloses the dark underbelly of the tiatr world. The ‘Raza’ (king) mentioned in the title refers to the writer, director and actor.
The story revolves round various characters. Joe, a successful writer and director of Konkani plays, his selfish wife Flavia, daughter Zarina and his unfortunate parents. A successful director who is currently jobless, who is always in a hurry, a young actress who is used, her tough mother, three humorous characters and a politician. Their lives are intertwined to weave a story of deceit, false promises and the tiatr unfolds what happens behind the scenes.
If the details are true, then one sees a very sorry picture of the tiatr world. One only wishes, it were not so. The script is good and the setting, attractive. The cast has Chitra making a comeback on stage. She is perfect as the old mother. Cynette is cast well as the scheming Flavia while Meena, Sonia and Sybel are the ladies, playing the tough mother, the actress and the daughter respectively.
Neville is the successful director, Socorro de Santa Cruz, his ailing father, Samuel, the director in a hurry and Joaquim Cabral, the politician. Good performances from the four actors. The young Velbert along with Michael and Marcus play the three humorous characters and do make the audience laugh.
Joaquim Cabral renders the opening song. There lyrics, music and singing is top class. In between the acts there are songs by Sonia, Sybel, Chitra, Meena, Osvi Viegas, Xavier Almeida and an interesting trio from Michael with Velbert and Marcus. The play is definitely worth watching.

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