Wednesday, September 29, 2010

‘MUSICIAN’ – a new Konkani Video Film shot in Kuwait

‘MUSICIAN’ – a new Konkani Video Film in Kuwait by Shahu Almeida

Musicians usually specialize in particular types of music although there can be the opportunity to move between the genres. The job requires high levels of skill, expertise and dedication. Most musicians do their job as they have a passion for music.

Kuwait based Goan musician Shahu Almeida, first Goan musician to play a one-man band in dramas, has been playing a variety of music right from his young age. He ventures his skills into direction and singing in a Konkani songs video (DVD) album comprising select Goan artistes based in Kuwait.

The album, entirely shot and produced in Kuwait is scheduled to go public on 1st October 2010 at Kuwait Medical Association Hall, Jabriya, Kuwait.

For decades Konkani language songs 'Cantaram' on radio and on stage have been taking their cues from real life. Konkani singers are quick to get across their views, on life and day-to-day issues, with stunning boldness, criticism and satire.

However, in a video film, the challenge any videographer faces is to create a video that keeps the ‘watcher’ captivated. It requires an extra effort spent on special effects and specialized editing techniques. Those who are new to the business may not have time to develop such techniques as they refine more basic capabilities—like learning to shoot efficiently or streamline their editing workflow—before finding the specialities. Ignatius Fernandes, the editor of the film realizes the time and burden that these demands add to a typical edit and has covered it up with a very decent cinema-photography.

‘Musician’ doesn’t have creative elements to boast of but it definitely portrays fabulous artistic quality in both Shahu the musician and Ignatius the videographer. The DVD has sparkling quality in clarity.

Being shot in Kuwait, many would expect the unexpected with Ignatius to exploit what the structural beauty of Kuwait City has to offer. Still, Shahu and Ignatius have done a tremendous job. Shooting a video-film in a country like Kuwait, known for it’s strict legislation for outdoor filming, is difficult indeed. But Ignatius, the young, budding filmmaker shows great potential and professionalism with a more than average creation.

Report: Gasper Crasto

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