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TIATR REVIEW: Ami Jikle vo Harle?

TIATR REVIEW: Ami Jikle vo Harle?


Many times Goans harbour a feeling of regret. Did Goans really benefit from the liberation? Or was it better under the Portuguese rule? In his latest tiatr, "Ami Jikle vo Harle?", Tony Dias presents a tale of dreams many Goans had when they fought for liberation.

This is also about those Goans who had a premonition, that this tiny gem-Goa would one day see a lot of corruption and its fallouts.

There is Mr Figueiredo, a rich land lord who does not want Goa to be liberated. His son Armando and daughter-in -law Isabel support the freedom fighters. Goa finally is liberated from the clutches of the Portuguese but soon finds itself trapped into a web of corruption, rape, misuse of power and rampant availability of drugs. Goans, who had expected jobs in the administration, watch helplessly as non-Goans grab the best employment opportunities. The Goan youth opt for Portuguese passports and leave the land to work abroad. Besides these problems, there are many others that the people have to face. Watch it all on the stage.

The direction is top-notch. There are beautiful settings. The cast is near perfect which all goes into making this play worth watching. The opening scene in a setting of an Indo-Portuguese styled house is a treat to the eyes. The wedding scene and the special effects of the tiger and the goat are well done. The cast has veteran Clara, cast as the elderly spinster. She does a good job. The young Andrea is pretty, has a good dress sense and executes her role, as the young lover in style. Filu plays Isabel and later a reporter. Willie Silveira is back and is cast opposite Andrea. He plays a fine role of the young man in love but wants to seek employment abroad. The pick of the cast is Premanand Sangodkar, perfect as Mr Figueiredo. He has great acting skills and dialogue delivery. It is great to watch him. Ronnie acts well as the minister, Filipe Almeida plays various roles well, Trindade and Rocky Dias are the freedom fighters. It is good to see Janet, back on stage, providing the humour along with Jane, Valencia, Caetano, Piety, Jeson and Aurelius. Ambe is superb with a perfectly natural act that is packed with humour.

A D Diniz and his band provide the music. In between the acts there are songs by Filu, Valencia, Janet, Filipe, Cielo, Trindade and Francis. Solos by Felcy, Abel (good voice and modulations), Nazario, Ignatius de Xelvon and a trio from Ignatius-Felcy-Abel need a special mention.

Those who have nostalgic memories of the good old days should watch this drama. Many will agree with Mr Figueiredo. To the others, the show is definitely worth watching.


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