Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiatr Review "Matiechem Bhangar Korunk' - By J.P. Pereira (Navhind Times)

‘Matiechem Bhangar Korunk’

Comedian Dominic along with Luis Bacchan has recently released their latest ‘tiatr’, ‘Matiechem Bhangar Korunk’, a family melodrama of love, sacrifice and ungratefulness.

Ms Preeti, a school teacher is being felicitated for her dedication to the school she is teaching at for plenty of years.
She loves her school, her students and her two brothers, Bholu and Ffloyd and won’t settle down with her fiancée Noel till Ffloyd, who is pursuing a course in Bangalore, finishes it. Ffloyd marries Tona, a vixen of a woman and brings her home with him without completing his education. Tona casts a spell of sadness to the formerly happy family and her husband does not have the courage to stop her. The play continues to depict how the family copes with Tona, until Preeti has to make a very difficult decision.

The ‘tiatr’ has a message of selfless love and fine performances from all the cast. Felcy plays Preeti and Aplon is Tona, the former makes you believe she is loving and caring, the latter convincing enough to hate. Sariton is perfectly cast as Ffloyd and so is Luis Bacchan who does a great humorous act as Bholu. Luiza, Albert, Andrew and Leslie support well. Dominic and Elias provide the additional humour.
In between the acts there are songs from Luiza, Felcy, Jr Rod, Andrew, Albert, Willie, Dominic and Luis Bacchan. A solo from the young Lascriya, Francis de Tuem and Elias deserve special mention.

(The Navhind Times)

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