Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiatr Review "KALL" - By J.P. Pereira (Navhind Times)


‘Kall’, the latest presentation from John D’Silva recounts a story of how life takes a full circle and sooner or later, evil begets evil. Extremely well recounted, the play keeps the viewer engrossed till the very end.

Aliston is a womaniser, “…he changes his women just like he changes his shoes…” Girls who get into relationships with him feel they will make a great future with him but are invariably deserted. Janice, daughter of a taxi driver is trapped in Aliston’s net but realises her mistake soon enough. Fortunately for her, Wilfred asks for her hand in marriage but trouble strikes again, in the form of Aliston, who tries to dissuade him. What happens next is to be witnessed on stage in this sleekly directed play with not a single dull moment.

The script is impressive, the direction perfect and the actors lend excellent performances. Newcomer Alifa makes a great entry as Janice. The girl is pretty, acts and dresses well and has a fine stage presence. Meeta puts up a fine act. Joe plays Aliston, Peter plays Wilfred and Ignatius de Xelvon plays Abel. Good acting from the three.

The highlight of the play is the laugh riot created by the three comedians. While John excels in the role of the taxi driver the talented Netto is immensely funny as the bill collector and so is Remmie. For once, the comedians don’t dress like buffoons. A particular sequence of the barking dog, the tortoise and the singing competition had the audience double up in laughter. Philip de Sanvordem provides the music, Meeta renders the opening song and there are melodious solos from Xavier Gomes, Ignatius de Xelvon, Joe, Netto as well as a beautiful duet from Meeta and Peter.

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