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Goa seen through Mando/Dulpod lyrics

Dear Goykars,

The lyrics Mando-Dhekni-Dulpod tell us something about the life and times of the people of Goa. If “Tarya Mama” and “Ghe re Saiba” tell us what one was prepared to pay for the ferry service from Raia or Loutolim in Salcete of the Velhas Conquista to “Shiroda” in the Antruz Mahal of Sondekar Raja while “Undra Mhojea Mama” spoke of the unequal battle between the colonizers and the colonized, the narrative of the “Voilea, Voilea Dongrar” is clear about the Devadasi or Kolvont, Mogrem.

A reading of the lyrics of the “Original compositions” at the 43 Mando Festival organized by the Goa Cultural & Social Centre [co-organizers with AICU-Goa of the apparently NRI Cell inspired debate on Church properties and the Concordat some months ago] is quite indicative of the social context of our ballads and songs.

Mariano Almeida of Curtorchim Sallkam [Lotus of Curtorim, Salcet] wrote these verses for the Dupod after their Mando “Sopna ani Xitna”:
3. “Goenkar festa fuloita konna kustari?
Puvozanchim battam vinkun danv marta ganttari!”
[How does a Goa finance his celebrations?
He sells ancestral property and migrates beyond the hills!]

6. “Monis zala axecho; poixo korta choriecho.
Koxei pori vodd zavpacho; dusreank sokoll uddovpacho.”
[Man has become greedy and amasses wealth by stealing.
He wants to get big and destroys others in the process.]

7. “Avaz yeta teng, teng , reng teng, reng teng. Narkasur yeta.
Avaz yeta dumb,dumb, du-dumb dumb, dumb, dumb; Konn-re to bomb galta.”
[The sound crescendos tang, tang, rang tang, rang tang. The Narkasur cometh.
The sound changes to doom. Doom, do-doom doom, doom doom.
Someone has planted a bomb.]
The Diwali eve bomb blast at the Narkasur [god of hell] parade at Margao in October, 2009, is implied here.

Fr. Cypriano D’Silva wrote for the Vell’lechim Sallkam [Lotus of Velim, Salcet] thus:
“Montichea dongrar voile munis ravtai; bhangar ghalun gelear suri dakhotai.
Bailea munxeancher koddok lailear dollo; Fonde, Moddganv, Vasku, bomb na futt’tolo.”
[The migrants living on Monte hill threaten to rob if gold you wear.
If surveillance is strict, to bomb Ponda, Margao or Vasco they will not dare.]

Mathew D’Souza of Merces Firgojecho Saad [Merces Parish Call, Tiswadi] penned his dulpods thus:
1.“Kaiborim sobit disot adlim tim ghoram?
Bolkanvan bosun khobranim vell sarit horam.
Atanchea ghoranmim rokddinch bond zata daram; Computer, internet vapddun vell sartat poram.”
[How beautiful were the houses of yore?
Chatting in the balcony we spent hours or more.
The doors of modern houses quickly do shut; The new kids spend time on their computers or internet.] 3. “Purtugez tempar itleo nasleo kirmi, chorio; Atam chintlearuch koplak podtat mirieo.
Bhaile zaun bhitorle, bhugeanch hatant surieo.
Toxench ganva-ganvant redde-bhoilam dhireo.
Bhurgeam, bhailancher zatai bolatkaru;
Goemche paddu poddta; sogloch kabaru.”

[So much thieving and crime was not there in colonial days; It creases one’s forehead to even think of these dangerous days.
Migrant and locals alike, young hands sprout a knife Every village has bullfights and buffalo strife.
Women and children are subjected to rape.
Goa’s gone ….there is no escape.]

Fr. Thomas Lobo hits the nail on the head for Dulerchim Sallkam [Lotus of Duler, Mapusa-Bardez]

1.Mega projects yevunk ganv-ganvanim konne dili porvangi?
Bhailea lokan ghetlim thoim flettam; ravchea adim mevlim ration karddam!
Doria prayo asleot kaiboreo, konne teo vibadd keleo?
Chollunk vatt na, torui pott bhorona. Soimba kodden amcho khell cholona.

[Who permitted the construction of Mega Projects in every ward?
The outsiders buy ‘flats’ and, even before occupancy, get their ration cards!
Who has screwed up our beautiful beaches?
Our greed does not end even when there is no space to walk on the beach.
One cannot play with Nature, and win.]

Dr. Elvis Gonsalves penned the following dulpods on the other burning issues in Goa, Casino culture, price rise and environmental damage.

2. Are monxea, kiteak aikonaim? Dongor, zadam katrunk bienaim?
Devan sobit sonvsar dilolo vibaddlear nisonttonn zatolem hem tum somzonnaim??”
[Hey Man, why don’t you hear
To cut trees and hills why do you not fear?
Why do you destroy God’s gift of a wonderful world?
That your deeds will ruin you is foretold.]

3 Are Santan cholleam sangatan; Casino ugoddla Digambaran.
Voi re Salaza, poddla pagar; Casino-nt vochon khelumia jugar.
Na, Na, Na Na, Casino-nt tumi vochum naka.
Bhurgeam-ballanche tumi pai; Oxe poixe ogddai naka.
[Hey Santan, to Digambar’s Casino lets go scramble.
Yes, Salazar, I have my pay packet, let’s go gamble.
No, No, No, No do not go to the Casino in haste.
You are the father of my children, you have no money to waste!]

4. “Margai choddlea ti margai; Xembor rupia dal ani donxim rupia chai Vostu zalea marog; Fokot munis mat sovai.”
[The price rise has gone through the roof Rs.100 for a kilo of dal and Rs. 200 for tea is enough proof.
Everything costs money by the heap;
Only men are going cheap!]

Mog asundi

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