Monday, December 7, 2009

Music concert at the Goa Velha

Music concert at the Goa Velha
Dec 3, 2009 evening saw a very interesting music concert at the Goa
Velha church grounds.

Everyone on stage was into rendering Konkani music: local artistes,
Fado singer Sonia Shirsat, the guitar-strumming journalist Sigmund de
Souza. The lady with the impressive stage presence and powerful voice,
Marushka Rebello. So was The Saskia Laroo Band (with her Dutch and
American players) and Harikumar described as "one if the most exciting
violinist in the country today."

Here are some photographs from the event:

The event venue: com/photos/ fn-goa/415648404 2/

All decked up, the St Andre's Goa Velha church: com/photos/ fn-goa/415635886 6/in/set- 7215762292797274 6/

Saskia Laroo, the live-wire, focussed on her Konkani notes: com/photos/ fn-goa/415648094 8/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415569808 7/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415645008 6/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415644823 4/

Marushka Rebello, the face to watch, the voice to keep tuned to: com/photos/ fn-goa/415566995 1/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415566860 7/

The setting: com/photos/ fn-goa/415561927 3/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415638753 4/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415637476 2/ com/photos/ fn-goa/415562242 9/

To get a better feel of the event, check out some of these moving images:

[*****] Undream mojea mama... an old Konkani song, with a new twist com/watch? v=b-Q1rOj5zJ4

Here's Fado singer Sonia Shirsat, singing in Konkani: com/watch? v=gMOmK_AlquE

You'll find more videos getting uploaded at com/user/ fredericknoronha

Kudos to Armando Gonsalves

(As forwarded by Miguel Braganza)

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