Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiatr Review: Amchi Bhumika Sompta


The world is a stage and we are the performers. Oldrin Sequeira, in his maiden presentation titled ‘Amchi Bhumika Sompta’, presents the tale of a man who is a stickler for the truth but ends up messing his life as well as that of his family.

Mr Sapeco, a widower with two children, Kenneth and Lizzie, is a businessman. Kenneth hates liars and is ready to cut off all relation with anyone who tells lies. Mitsy, the only daughter of Sapeco’s friend, marries Kenneth and the household is extremely happy. One day Mitsy tells Kenneth that she wants to visit her father and instead goes to see a friend due to some emergency. When this is revealed to Kenneth he accuses Mitsy of lying without even asking for an explanation and cuts of all relations with her. The father intervenes and using the support of another lie tries to bring about a reunion between the estranged couple.

The script has some good lines and the presentation is quite sleek. In fact, Oldrin scores in the direction extracting good performances from the entire cast. Tracy does a wonderful act as Mitsy. Watch her emote, especially in those scenes depicting pain and helplessness. Olga is Lizzie, also playing the hearted sister well. Mini Mario is perfect as Sapeco and so is Anil Pednekar in a subdued performance as Kenneth. Oldrin and Anthony de Verna lend good support.

Jane, Marcos and Pedda provide the humour. The comedy plot is based on retired Kuwaitkar who now runs a Bar in Goa. The sequences of these three - Cyril Almeida and Marcus with Oldrin - are extremely funny.

A D Diniz has given good music for the opening song by Olga as well as other songs by Jane, Anil, Coney-M, Marcus, Inas and Mini Mario. Solos by Oldrin and Cyril Almeida need mention. The play has a different story and is definitely worth watching.

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