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‘Apurbayecho Kunvor’ – a touching tribute to Dr. Francisco Colaco

‘Apurbayecho Kunvor’ – a touching tribute to a beloved son.
Daniel F de Souza

Adorable Dr. Francisco Colaco needs no formal introduction to Goans, he is not only Goa’s eminent Cardiologist with a very humane heart but a passionately true Goan in every sense of the word. Whenever he speaks his heart out at any public function the audience listens not only with rapt attention relishing every word that comes forth, but with love and respect. And when he writes on any social issues, whether it’s the language or the land and its people he pours out his heart out with his pen. God has gifted him with special genius not only to diagnose bodily ills, but also ills that plague Goan society. Gentle, loving, warm, sincere and compassionate, Dr. Colaco is simplicity personified in letter and spirit.

I am not writing to profile this kind hearted doctor, but to highlight a gesture which many fathers who have gone through similar life situations would have loved to emulate. It was on that fateful day on 17th Nov 1996 that fate dealt a severe blow and snatched away his most beloved son Dr. Melvin Pablo Colaco after he suffered a brain injury in a road accident. He was dong his first year Residency at the GMC then. The tragic incident shattered the entire Colaco clan, for Melvin was the apple of their eye. He was a qualified Doctor who was pursuing his post graduate studies in Medicine at the GMC. He was loving, pious and obedient any parents would be proud of. Melvin was an exemplary boy, soft spoken, humble, very religious, without any vices and was extremely charitable and helpful towards his patients and the poor and the needy.

Melvin’s charitable nature was such that he would even forget himself to help others. He would even spend from his own pocket to buy drugs to his patients. It was but natural that he was adored and loved by all his colleagues and the Staff at GMC. But, Almighty God had other beautiful plans and wanted Melvin Pablo to adorn His Kingdom in heaven. And God did not think twice before He made his ultimate choice. For it is often said, those whom God loves, die young. It was exactly so with young Melvin Pablo in the prime of his youth, thereby plunging the family in grief and suffering. Something they will never ever be able to overcome or erase from their memory with passage of time.

Precisely 13 years after this tragic incident and after having gone through all the silent pain and suffering, the memory still languishes silently like an overlapping shadow. It is on this note that a VCD ‘Apurbayecho Kunvor’ (Beloved Prince) comes as a tribute to the memory of his son who lives in their hearts and memories. The inspiration for this VCD came in a dream, a dream so real, a dream unlike the others, and a dream like never before.

Explaining the sequence of his dream Dr. Colaco says; “ It all appeared so real. He was sitting on a white horse like the prince of the fables and I went to hold and embrace him like before…. believing he was there like before….only to realize it was just a dream. And I broke into tears…….and a song”. The next moment without wasting anytime he wrote the entire melody with the notes on a score. And later with the guitar he penned down the chords. Remembering those moments he says “I later penned down the lyrics in Konkani, the language about which I am passionate about, I have written lyrics for other authors but never like this. This was entirely my baby.”

Armed with the lyrics and the chords he rushed to show them to musical stalwarts like Allan Abreo, Felipe Fortes and Darryl Coelho, they all liked the creative work and encouraged him to move on ahead. Thus began Doctor’s journey in giving a concrete shape to his inspirational dream. It was not easy task though, he had his own share of ups and downs till the right moment came.

‘Apurbayecho Kunvor’ a VCD dedicated to his beloved son Dr. Melvin Pablo Colaco is now ready for release. It is a unique tribute many will treasure for its beautiful outpouring of touching lyrics and sensuous singing. It is bound to bring goose pimples to the listeners, especially to those who have known Melvin Pablo intimately, as the mellifluous voice of Dr. Colaco flows out spontaneously from the heart in a song for his son.

Seasoned keyboardist Darryl Rodrigues a name to reckon with on Goan music scene has created the unique background music and the music orchestration for the track with a equally sublime classical touch. Goa’s legendary Saxophonist Braz Gonsalves a long time family friend of the Colacos, makes his presence strongly felt with his artistry on the Saxaphone. The video is by Spirit and edited by ‘frezio’ with Presley Digital Innovations landing a touch while Aurville Rodrigues has recorded, mixed and mastered the VCD.

The VCD jacket includes a booklet with messages of consolation to the parents who may have lost their children under tragic circumstances and how to cope with it. The VCD is not for any commercial venture but purely for private circulation among family and friends.

The video is scheduled for release at a private function on 29th December 2009, at Daddy’s Home Auditorium’ Gogol Margao. This release function will be preceded by a music programme by artist-friends. Dr. Colaco is thankful to all those who played a role in giving shape to his dream tribute and especially grateful to his wife Fernanda, and daughters Elaine and Anabelle. A word of thanks also goes out to Rajan Narayan, Rev. Fr. Valmiki Gonsalves and Walter Menezes for their guidance.

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