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Romi Konkani move elicits mixed reaction

Romi Konkani move elicits mixed reaction

28 Sep 2008, 0544 hrs IST, TNN

PANAJI: The recommendation of the advisory board of the official language cell to allow the use of Konkani in Roman script for official communication received a mixed response, but some felt it would help dispel the friction between groups over the controversy over use of scripts.

"It is a good step as it will help unite both camps and help the cause of the language," Vincy Quadros, a Konkani writer and poet said. Stating that people in any section should not feel discriminated, he said that the row over the script had unnecessarily created bad blood in the Konkani world.

Agreed N Shivdas, Konkani novelist, "If people need a certain script for their understanding, why rake up a controversy over it?" Naik pointed out that the use of Roman script by government agencies or for official purposes is nothing new. In the past slogans, pamphlets and matter for wider coverage through public displays, especially by the health department was being written in the Roman script.

Konkani lovers feel that if the government assures them that their correspondence will be replied to in the Roman script, many will use it for official purpose. "Those conversant with it will use it and not English as some do now," Quadros said.

However, N Shivdas, who has written in the Roman script for many years, pointed out that the Official Language Act should not be amended at all. "It is better to maintain status quo on the language issue, but Roman script needs to be protected," he said. The government has recently pursued a couple of initiatives, especially setting up of a tiatr academy, bowing to demands from protagonists of the Roman script.
Naik also points out that the issue of the Roman script should not be identified with any community or religion. "Identifying the script with a particular religion or community is bad. Anybody can write in any script," he said.

Prashant Naik said that approving of the use of the Roman script for official communication will spur other linguistic groups. "We may end up with demands from every section to reply to communication in their own languages," Naik said.
Awe-inspiring ‘Police’
Savio Falleiro, Margao
Congratulations to Director/Producer/Comedian Agostinho and his entire troupe for the awe-inspiring feat of 150 shows of the beautiful and meaningful theatro/drama ‘Police’. May the New Year see the success reach yet another milestone – the double century.
‘Police’ is a must-see for employees in general, and for police, government servants and elected representatives in particular. The drama conveys an excellent message for all those who allow themselves to be suppressed by their political masters and/or obsessed with their personal objective of making a fast buck. ‘Police’, besides giving a boost to the righteous not to despair on account of disorientation or disillusionment, also shows the power-hungry the ultimate futility of addiction to power at any cost. Incidentally, the director rightly shows that all public servants (the police in this case) are not bad, and that standards set by exemplary cops should in earnest be emulated by all others who blindly succumb to pressures and temptations.
All tiatr/drama directors and producers like Agostinho, Fr Nevel Gracias, Mario Menezes and others, ably assisted by their support staff, musicians, stage artistes etc, need to continue their wonderful work of conveying their strong social messages, especially in the present times of deep turmoil and dilution of values. Keep it up during 2009 too.

-gaspar almeida

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