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Goa Govt. to set up a Tiatr Academy

Tiatr academy

PANAJI: The Goa Government has decided to set up a tiatr academy for the overall development of tiatr and formed a committee under the chairmanship of Minister for Art and Culture Digambar Kamat to do the preliminary work and frame the guidelines for the same.
(The Hindu / 13 March 2007)


Tiatr will survive at least for next 100 years
(A report on KA Tiatr competetion)

Kala Academy Tiatr Competition 2006
(18th Sept. to 3rd Oct. 2006)

-Total of 11 groups/Tiatr participated
-All tiatr were going better and better day by day
-More and more new and talented child/teenage actors seen in every tiatr
-Many people/kids shown on stage as ‘Extras’ too. Like School/College premises, playground, funeral, Parish council meeting, beach/drugs parties etc etc
-Almost all the Tiatr were 100% houseful but some were up to 130%
-Although most shows were house full even a day before, auditorium was looking half empty at 7pm this is because our Goan ‘sucegadponn’ by 7.15 it was over packed. However, shows always started on time i.e. 7pm
-Kala Academy Hall seems too small to accommodate too big crowd.
-People seen standing/sitting all over the corridors/alleyways and even seen sitting on the steps near the dais / stage and thye dummy windows interiors of the auditorium.
-One could buy tickets only 3 days in advance but some were declared housed houseful two days in advance.
-One tiatr from Merces Club, PMHD, all tickets were gone by noon (or earlier) of the first day of booking (3 days before the show). It was later on understood that the over 600 tickets were taken by the Merces Club leaving most regulars tiatr goers disappointed.
-There were some talks that some people were selling tickets in black, small small groups were seen selling tickets but could not ascertain whether they were actually selling ticket in black.
-KA should review it policy so that no Tiatr group is given more than 10% of the total tickets.
-Judges amongst the others were CD Silva, Anthony San. Tomazin Cardoz also seen.
-Also seen Premanand Lotliker, Irene Cardoz etc as guest of honour.
- Some tiatr were with majority of professionals and sang songs which were already sung by them in some other tiatrs viz.Lawry Travasso, Roshan, Osvy Viegas, Xavier Gomes, T Briton, Child Actors etc
- On two occasions, I heard people sitting/standing back rows greeted some tiatrists with ‘Usshh’ viz.When some one sang a song partly in favour of Mr.Parrikar for his developmental work during IFFI and at the time when there was a funeral shown on stage. I am surprised, to see such people/Audience acting this way even now. Shame on them!!! Perhaps, Rs.15 tickets were too cheap for such cheap people. They could even be from the rival groups/competitors.

Ok. Let’s go briefly here tiatr by tiatr (with photos link)

OSADD by Derrick D’Mello/Britona Dramatic Gorup.
Live Fashion show on Stage.
Plenty of Kids/Teens etc

See some pics here (these pics were bought from a local cameramen there who was doing brisk business by selling Rs.20 per copy (4x6size) normally, Rs.5/per copy. Mostly bought by tiatrists and their friends and family.

UDVADDAN BHORLEM by Cyril Almeida/Quitula
Again, with plenty of Kids singing.
Also with professional like Sharon, Agnes, Lawry, the two comedians etc
See pics here

ZOBORDOSTI by Minino Mario Araujo/St. Cruz
Plenty of School/college Students with uniform shown on stage (school/College building entrance also shown)
Professional actors like Aplon, Buska, Rosario Botelho.
Rosario’s acting as a father, was the best so far.
The other title I would have suggested was ‘Mobile Phone’ as the whole story revolves round it (mobile Phone).
See pics here..

GORV by S. Salvador Fernandes/Karmalli
It is a typical story of two brothers, where they are united and firm before getting married and then separated and divided after the marriage due to elder brother’s wife dominant rule

See pics here

5. PISSOLIM by Alfred Fernades/Alfi Production Divar.

This is the one which is still my No. 1.
After his wife dies, his life is shattered and 3 children scattered every where.
The father sticks to drinking only does not even bother he has 3 children to look after.
One of them is Blind and she is always indoors and her only companion was her ‘Electric Organ’ and the father does not even spare here organ when it come to drinking/money. The youngest (about 7) run away and never comes back, the eldest about 14 dies of snake bite when she was doing part time at landlord’s farm yard. And in the end the only blind girl goes into a sshock, lost hearing power too.

This tiatr is very family oriented and ideal for village/church performance etc.
All songs were good and with no professional actors.
It appears that Alfi (Alfred) whole family acted in the Tiatr including his wife and kids as other day I saw him with his family at KA.

See pics here

JIVITACHO ROSTO by Eusico Fernandes/Dona Paula
This one deserves prize for its best natural scenery on stage.
Oak Tree with its roots hanging etc beautifully shown on stage.
There were at least o 4 priests acted in the tiatr singing Trios & Duos etc. In the audience too there were over a doz of nuns (there could be many priests too but unable to identify as they come in civil dress)

Our Sheikh Amir also sang song imitating amongst others, C D Silva & Anthony San whos were actually present in the auditorium siting on the third Row from the stage as judges for the tiatr competions.
See pics here..

SONKOXTANT UZVADD by Peter Vaz/Taleigao
This one also good with no professionals.

See pics

DENNEM by Diog Fernandes/Ribandar
This one had plenty of professionals like Jessica, Juana, Selvy, Mathew, bab Andrew and his Trio sang which was earlier sung in the tiatr ‘Daddy’ I think about Jack Siquera (See pic).

This one too had plenty of professional like Peter-Roshan, Com.Brian, Luis Bachan, Oswy Viagas, Xavier Gomes, Anju, Carmina, Elvis etc etc
This one is a suspense thriller or a murder mystery. Although there were 5 suspects, no one knows who is the killer. The tiatr kept entire audience guessing, so guessing that none had realized the tiatr actually come to an end.

In the end there wasn’t any murder at all. The ‘sasumaim’ was dreaming about the whole thing in front of the TV, perhaps, she was watching similar movie. As said earlier, Boxing Ring was shown live on stage and the entire funeral team with about 40 people on stage including the Priest, Pedo, Irmao/opmus, Coffin, singing popular funeral hymns, spade, flowers etc etc

PUTA MHOJEA HATAK DHOR by Joaquim Dias/ Merces Club
This is the one who bought two third of the total tickets (over 600) even before they were actually made available for sale to public (this was not very nice), if they really wanted to show to their own people then they should have staged the tiatr in their locality for free.
Many regular tiatr goers had to go back home disappointed.

Just after 7pm. Ticket less Crowd (including ladies)seen outside the entrance hall hoping door keeper will let them all in. See photos here

11. MONI KILANCH by Joaquim Dias/Meces Vaddy
To be stage on the 3rd Oct
(for photos, visit the site again after 3rd Oct..)

Finally, a big thank you to all tiatrists (young and old) for giving us your best tiatr.

Keep up the good work.

We are always on your side.

A big ‘ thank you’ to Kala Academy too.

I was under the impression that our Tiatr culture might soon die, but now, seeing our more and more young (and very young) talented tiatrists on stage etc I am pretty sure that at least for next 100 years nothing going to happen to our age old Tiatr Tradition/Culture.

I was very lucky to be in Goa to watch all these 10+1 tiartr at KA, Panaji-Goa.

Jai Tiatr
Jai Tiatrists
Jai Kala Academy
Jai K o n k a n i

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