Wednesday, February 11, 2009

50 golden years celebrations of Santan H Viegas

50 golden years celebrations of Santan H Viegas

Chief Minister of Goa Digambar Kamat is seen felicitating Santan H. Viegas for completing 50 years in Konkani music Kala Academy Campal in the presence of Parliamentary Secretary Francis Silveira, Peter Figueiredo Secretary KSSKK and Armando Almeida

Konkani Songit Somajik Kala Kendr, Taleigao in collaboration with Kala Academy Campal felicitated Santan H. Viegas for completing 50 years in Konkani music. Viegas was felicitated by Chief Minister of Goa Digambar Kamat at Kala Academy Campal. Also present on the occasion were Parliamentary Secretary Francis Silveira and Peter Figueiredo Secretary KSSKK.

Kamat praised Viegas for his rich and varied continuous contribution to the Konkani music and told him not to put an end to his work and go on uplifting the young generation. Mr. Armando Almeida said that Viegas is a true son of Goa proved himself by his work in music and theatre. He has written and composed 1200 songs comprising a great deal of variety like comedy, social, political and of course dramatic themes. No credit was given to him by those who sang his composition. Famous tiatrists like Mil-Mel-Nel sang to his composition for the last 30 years which are outstanding. Others like F.X. Pereira, Rafeal Araujo, Xavier Almeida and Late Piety also sang his composition which were meaningful and family –oriented, every members can enjoy the lyrics without fear of listening to any kind of slang or vulgar words which is a norm today. One can truly get mesmerized by his songs. His songs not only makes one standup in awe and tiatr –lovers would time and again request for his songs to be sung again, all this has earned him prestigious awards, at a Kala Academy Tiartr and singing competition and also at a competition organized by Vandhana production, Margao, and his solos, duets and trios have won him the first place besides various other prizes.

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