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The Govt of Goa is inaugurating the Tiatr Academy on 16th February, 2009 at the "Pai Tiatrist" Hall Margao. They have advertised for premises only on 4th February, 2009 and it is not clear whether the infrastructure for the same is in place.

Meanwhile the inaugural function does not seem to be on a sound footing. This appeal has been made to the Chief Minister of Goa, who also holds the portfolio of Art & Culture.
In case if netizens and others agree with the contents of this letter, they could also extend support to the issues .

Kindly circulate the same to evince support for the same



Shri Digambar V Kamat,
Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa,
Altinho Panaji Goa


It is learnt from the Directorate of Art & Culture, GoG, that 15 Konknni playwrights will be awarded on the ocassion of the inauguration of the Tiatr Academy on 16/02/2009. The criteria adopted for their selection is not known, as there are many others who have faded away unrewarded for their roles, in the over 117 years of tiatr history and some of the present ones have already received National or State awards.

Those presently listed to receive the awards hailing both from Mumbai and Goa are :
Ms Ophelia, Ms Antonette, Ms Titta Pretto, Ms Anita, Ms Clara , Lucasa, Star
ofArrosim, Mr Antonio Moraes, Mr C D Silva, Mr Thomas Antao, Mr Remmie
Colaco, Mr M Boyer, mr John Claro, Master Vaz and Philomena Crasto.

However, it is the humble opinion of several individuals that no Tiatr Academy can be constituted or be on a firm footing without honouring posthumously, those pioneers that have played a stellar role in the field of tiatr. These are

a) Mr Constancio Lucasinho Caridade Ribeiro alias Lucasinho Ribeiro n/o Assagao Bardez who staged the first play “ Italian Bhurgo “ on 17.04.1892 ( now observed as Tiatr Day )

b) Mr. Joao Agostinho Fernandes ( 14/12/1871 to 29/08/1947 ) n/o Modsai Borda Margao who earned the sobriquet of “Pai Tiatrist” for his inspiring role in staging Konkanni tiatrs bringing discipline , good performance , and original scripts in tiatrs ( he has since been gracefully honoured on 20/07/2008 by the Govt. by naming the 1150 A/c indoor auditorium and his portrait prominently displayed in the hall)

c) Ms Regina Fernandes n/o Raia, wife of Mr Joao Agostinho Fernandes who was the first woman to act on Konknni stage on 22/11/1904 even before any other women set foot on stage and whose death (on 30/12/1908) centenary was observed last year.

Their portraits should also adorn the public places of performing arts in Konknni and also the Tiatr Academy premises, so that their contribution to ‘tiatr” will not only be remembered for posterity to inspire coming generations to come into their foot steps.

Kindly do justice to this proposal before the event at the “Pai Tiatrist “ Hall on 16/02/2009.

+91 98221 58584 (24 HRS)

-gaspar almeida

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