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Tiatr Day 2007 Celebrated

Tiatr Day 2007

Kala Academy Goa Celebrates 'Tiatr Day' on 17th April every year since
1996. On this day KA felicitates selected tiatr artistes for their lifetime
contribution to the field of Tiatr..

Some highlights:
- Ophelia in her speech said Miss Mohana, her sister, was the first female
artiste to act on stage.
Ophelia (see video clip) disclosed that the daughter of Late C Alvares is
making a film titled ' DISON KUDDO AIKON BHERO'
She as usual, finished her speech by singing a few line from the popular
patriotic song (see video).

- Jr. Rod was not seen (it appears that he has boycotted the ceremony as his
father Minguel Rod never honoured by the state.

A general question to all Was it Tiatr Day Celebration or the 115th
Anniversary of Tiatr? Everyone knows that a Cat take the place of a Dog, so
is the case of our Kala Academy in Goa, there are non-tiatrist and non-goans
warming the big seats, these seats must be occupied by real tiatrist in
order to organize such celebrations.

1. Bai Ophelia I'm extremely Happy that you have been felicitated for
your lifetime contribution to the field of Tiatr, in your speech you
mentioned your Sis. Mohana as the first female artiste to act on stage, just
see here below the history of our Goan Women in History, which I feel is a
brief answer to clarify the point, No offence please.


"Women's Day" was celebrated worldwide on 8th March 2005 and a tribute was
paid to all women living and dead as well. There were a lot of reports on
every News Paper, lot of debates on the TV broadcast, etc. etc.

While reading one of our Goan Newspapers "THE SUNDAY NAVHIND TIMES" dated
13th March. 2005, I was really surprised to read one particular article on
"Panorama", I'm sure you too will be astonished.

Many may even have just neglected the article, but all those who are
preserving the Goan History records, this could be very vital, specially to
Tiatrist and students of present times. The article was written by "Mr.
Prajal Sakhardande" (Pages from the past), and the text reads as follows:-

A Tribute to Women in Goan History.

The first Goan woman psychiatrist was Dr Ms Adelia Costa and Laxmibai
Talaulikar, Gawdulaka Kholkar were the first voijins.
The first Goan woman scientist was Dr Ms Beatriz De Menezes Braganza.
The first women Sports Director of Goa and a Phd in Sports was Dr Ms Suzana
The first professional Goan Women Photographer was Palmira Coutinho.
The first Goan model was Sooranga Moolgaokar for Raja Ravi Verma's paintings
in the 1870's.
The very first woman actress on the Indian screen was a Goan from Asnoda,
her name was Kamlabai Kamat (Gokhale). It was a silent film produced by
Dadasaheb Phalke, the the father of Indian Cinema in 1913. People hardly
know this fact.
Durga Khote (Lad) another Goan from Sanvordem followed soon and became

The first Goan womam to act on Marathi stage was a classical singer named Jyotsna Bhole.
The first Goan woman to act on Konkani stage (Tiatr) in the first Tiatr Italian Bhurgo in 1892 was Regina Fernandes.
The first Goan girl to act in the first Konkani film Mogacho Aoundo in 1950 was Lena Fernandes.
The first Indian to win the "Miss World" title was Goan Ms Rita Faria in the year 1966.
The first Goan painter was Prafulla Dhanukar.
The first Goan woman classical singer Kesarbai Kerkar was bestowed the title
"Surashree" by Poet Laureatte Rabindranath Tagore.
Mohana Palkar was the Goan dancer at the court of the Peshwa in the year 1875.
The first woman historian of Goa was Maria Ermilinda Stuarts Gomes and almost contemporary to was Propercia Correia Afonso Figuerido in the late 19th and early
20th century.
The first Goam Woman Teachers were Ana Joaquina D'Souza Correia and Piyush
Imelda Tavora was the first Goan Radio Star among women.
Ashatai Phadke and Radhabai Kamat were the first women Kirtankars of Goa.

The first Goan women poets were Gokulbai Talaulikar, Godavaribai Naik,
Seetabai Kundaikar and Sosuaka Kenkre.
The first two wrote Marathi poems and the last two wrote "Abhangas" and
"Ovyos" respectively.
The first Konkani woman poet of Goa was Smt. Vijayabai Sarmalkar.
The first woman Konkani Prose writer of Goa was Sheila Kolambkar Naik.
The first Konkani woman writer to win the Sahitya Academy Puraskar for her
work "Sapanphullam" was Meena Kakodkar.
There have been Goan Women journalists, nurses, singers, sports women,
social activists and workers, caterers, councilors, educationists, bankers,
women in technical fields, fashion world, historians, librarians, women
running tea-shops, hotels, businesswomen, columnists and so on.
We cannot forget the women who composed the Dhalo, Jugdyo, Ovyo, Davlimandi,

To all of them my humble tribute and salute on the occasion of "Women's
Day" - 2005.

2. In the second place Jr. Rod has every reason to be upset, it was these tiatrist like. Miguel Rod, Kid Boxex, Anthony Mendes, Young Menezes, Souzaline, Valente Mascarenhas, M. Dod, Airestides, etc who kept these tiatre alive, but how many of them have been felicitated? They are totally forgotten, but new comers who have influence in Kala Academy and those who do chamchagiri have been falicitated although to date these new comers have done not much for the welfare of Tiatr. The rest is history.

Mog assumdi,

Tumcho khalto,
Sanny De Quepem - Kuwait.

Great tiatrist Remmie

- Jerry Fernandes, Vanxim

Recently Remmie J Colaco, the famous tiatrist of yesteryears, celebrated his 83rd birthday. May God give him many more years. Remmie is a tiatrist par excellence. His songs, which AIR plays, depict the kind of a person he is. The songs always have a good moral like “Borim Follam”, “Chedeacho Fuddar”, etc. His religious songs “Ankuar Moricche Dukh” and “Mog Jezucho” are masterpieces. AIR should play his songs often and should dig out more old records of his as his songs have a message for young the old alike.

In his heyday, along with M Boyer and Jacinto Vaz, Remmie made a deadly trio. His political songs were well appreciated by the audience. “Ghorachem Sukh” was one of his lovely tiatrs, which people like even today.

Thank you Remmie, for doing yeoman service to the Konkani stage. Your message through your songs will always be remembered by us.

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