Sunday, February 15, 2009


SOMETHING UNIQUE... PORTRAITS OF TIATRISTS-------------------------------------------

OF TIATR AND TIATRISTS: Alex A A Fernandes aka Portrait
Atelier informs that he has just completed his series on
contemporary tiatriste. The whole process took about
three weeks and was shot in his studios in Goa and Mumbai.
They will be on display and sale at the Fontainhas Festival
from November 26 till December 3.

Alex says he initially planned to display these pictures (of
34 various artist -- "who so graciously came forward to be
photographed" -- at the IFFI (International Film Festival of
India). He approached the authorities in charge of the
festival to give these artist exclusive coverage in terms of
gallery space at the INOX or the Kala Academy.

"I had decided to foot the whole bill for shooting the
pictures plus framing them and printing an introductory
brochure which gave a brief history for each artist. It soon
became apparent that the people responsible for the
organisation of the events at the IFFI didn't want to see me
or listen to what I had to say. Maybe I have to brush up on
my reading skills as I did not fully comprehend the meaning
of the abbreviation 'IFFI'. International Film festival held
in Goa for foreginers and out of state film personalities, at
the expense of Goan tax payers. (I pay my taxes to the CCCP).
Or maybe tiastriste (whom I consider very good actors) don't
fall into the category of actors. Either way, I would like to
invite all of you to see the portraits of these wonderful
people, and would appreciate your feed back. Also please
extend this invitation to your friends or any one who would
like to see these portraits with a unique flavor of Goa."

GOANETBYTES ADDS: The photos are real great.
Do try and take a look at them, or write to

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