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“Tiatr Akademi” kityak zai ?” - by WILSON MAZARELLO (WILMIX)



“Tiatr Akademi” kityak zai ?”


Konkani Tiatrak , ek-xem soulla vorsam bhorlim (116 years).
Heam, ek-xem soulla vorsant, Tiatristani khub vaur kela.
Konkani Tiatrant kitlinxinch bodolpam ghoddun haddlim.
Konkani Tiatr boroch sudhrailo.
Hem soglem, Tiatristani, aplea bolsantle duddu khorchun kelem.
“Tiatr- poloinnar”-anchea adharan kelem.
Tiatrachea moga khatir, kelem.
Konkani bhaxechya ani Goyche kole-sonskrutaiechya, moga khatir, kelem.
Serkaracho kosloch adhar nastana kelem.


Tor chintat , zorui serkaran il’lo punn tenko dil’lo.
Il’lem punn anudaan dil’lem, zalear Tiatristani, hoch Tiatr, anink kitlea unchlea paunddear pavoum xoktolo aslo to.


Punn itlim vorsam, Goychya ekai serkaran, Tiatra-sovem apleponn dakhoilem nam.
Konkani Tiatr, Gokarancho nhuinch zal’lea porim te vagtale.
Te somzotale , ki ek dis Konkani Tiatr kabar zatolo.
Konakni Tiatr Goyant urchona. Mortolo.
Punn, te noko zale Konkani Tiatrachim pallam, kitlim ghott assant tim.
Te noko zale, amcheam purvozani Konkani Tiatrachi bunhyad, kitli ghott korun dovorlya ti.
Tiatr kossoch kabar zaunk nam.
Velyan, Tiatr odhik ghott zait gelo.
Odhik fank zoddit gelo.
Konkani tiatr dis-an dis “Lokpriya’ zait gelo.


Tiatr marunk chintale, tanchya tonddant mati poddli.
Aiz konkani Tiatrak sor zai sarki, Goyant dusri ekui “machi’ nam.
Sorv dhormancho lok, Konkani Tiatr pollounk eta.
Hacher ekuch thavem zata, ki Konkani Tiatrant, kitem tori borem assa, jem lokank avoddtta.


Konkani Tiatr-an zorui Italia-chea Operantlean zolm ghetlo, torui Konkani Tiatran Goykarponn vengoilem.
Konkani Tiatran, Goyche matient “rig” ghetlo.
Aiz Goychya Tiatrachim pallam , goychea ikrai Talukeani pauleant.


Ojap dista, ek “machi”, serkaracho kosloch adhar nastana, itlem-sogott, koxe porim, korunk pauli kai mhunn.
Pauli ti paulich, ani hem “soth” aiz amcheam dolleam samkarak assa.


Alinch, tiatristanchem magnnem ttallunk zaina zaun , Goycho Serkar, Konkani Tiatrak, itlem tori , atensaum diunk lagla.
Ho, atancho, Goycho Serkar, Konkani Tiatr Goykarancho mhunn, manun gheunk lagla. Soth svikarunk lagla.
Oxem kitem tori, amkam aiz, dissunk laglam.
Khorem vo fott , hem beginuch kollttelem.


Goy Serkaran, “Tiatr Akademi” ghoddun haddpachi khoxi, dakhoilea.
Tor, Tiatr Akademi ghoddun haddli zalear, Tiatrak zaum tiatristank, koslo faido kai ?


Poile suvater, Tiatrachi udorgothi khatir, serkar duddu khorchitolo.
Kitle duddu khorchitolo, hem matr pollounchi goroz assa.
Konkani Tiatrachim, boroupam, digdorxon, bizle-vapur, machie-manddavoll, “technology”,songit adi. adi. sudhortelem.
Thoddkeant, amchean oxem mhunno-ieta, Konkani Tiatr-ancho “dorzo” unchlya paunddear pautolo.
Tea xivai , Konkani-Tiatr, team-team Goychyam vattharani pautolo, zuim aiz meren pavunk nam.
Soglyam tiatranchim pustokam xapun etelim, ani amche tiatr, fuddle pillgyank vachunk mellttele.
He amche aundde ani hem amchem sopon.


Punn hem sopon khoreponnich purem zatelem zalear, fokot, “Tiatr Akademi” ghoddunuch haddli mhunnon zaina..
Ti “Akademi” cholounk, Tiatranchi zannkari aslelech munis assunk zai.
Tiatrancho boro fuddar chint’tole munis, te Akademint, assunk zai.
“Romi Lipi”-echi, zannkari aslele munis, te Akademint assunk zai.
Tiatr, tiatr-rupantuch urunk zai.
Tiatrachem, “nattok” korpacho proitn, korunk favonam.
Nam tor tich Akademi, Tiatranchi “vatt launk” khori.


Sod’deak tor, “Tiatr-Akademi” zaupachi assa mhunn, voros maiz zalem, ami aikotam. Azun suru zaunk nam.
Ti kiteak suru zaina tem, serkaruch zannam.


Ek karann zaum eta , “Tiatr-Akademi” tor serkarachea “priority-list”-ar nanch.
Tacheaun, chodd gorjechim, serkarak, anink zaitim kama assant.
Serkarak” Tiatr-Akademi” ghoddun haddpachi “khoxi” assa, hacho orth osso zainam, ki serkarak, tiatrancho “mog” assa.
Oxem dista ki ,fokot, Tiatrist fattik laglyat mhunn, serkar hem korta.
Fokot Tiatristank “somadhan” korunk. Itlench.


Serkarak, tiatrancho “mog” assum, vo nassum, amkam Goykarank tor, amchea tiatrancho “mog”, assa.
Ami Goykarani, amchea Tiatranchea fuddarachem chintun, hi “Tiatr-Akademi” koxei porim , serkara-koddchyan, ghoddun gheunkuch zai.
Hi serkarachi “zabdari”, ani ho amcho “hok’k”

Wilmix Wilson Mazarello
wilson_mazarello at exclusive


The 34th Tiatr competition which commenced on September 9 to October 7 continues, daily at 7 p.m. at the Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir, Kala Academy, Campal.

Machi Mogi, Morjim will stage their tiatr "Axea" by Aleixinho John Fernandes on September 18 (Today)

"Pavsa-Assor Kor", by Joaquim Dias will be staged on September 19, by Vaddy Sports Club, Merces.

United Dramatic Association, Carambolim, will stage "Rinnkari", by Joaquim D'Mello on September 22.

Sancoale Drama and Cultural Association, Sancoale, will stage "Khotto Poisso" by Charles Fernandes on September 23.

Britona Dramatic Academy, Penha-da-Franca, will stage "Pissud-Nakat", by Augie D'Mello on September 24 whereas Sao Minguel Club, Dona Paula will stage, "Khon Guneanvkar", by Eusico Fernandes on September 25.

Paingin Kala Krida Sanskritik Mandal, Paingin, will stage "Hem Oxench Choltolem", by R B S Komarpant on September 26.

"Mhonvall Vikh", by Cyril Almeida will be staged on September 29 by Kala Bharati, Murgao.

The concluding show "Dev Ani Dhorm" by Carmina Fernandes will be staged on October 7, by Our Lady of Remedios Chapel Association, Ribandar.

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Do you know who I am?
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By Cecil Pinto


Forwarded by:
Goa's Pride -
Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter is presented by Ulysses Menezes, and moderated by Gaspar Almeida (since 1994)

_____________________________________________________________________________________13,Aug 2008

Act responsibly

The opening of the Rs 20-crore first phase of the Ravindra Bhavan in the Commercial Capital of Goa, Margao last month fulfilled the long cherished dreams of the Madgavkars and Shastikars of having a state-of-the-art auditorium.
Though Margao has been a cultural hub down the ages, since Liberation all the cultural activities were held in Kala Academy, Panjim, but the opening of the 1,150 capacity auditorium, which is rightly named after Pai Tiatrist Agostinho Joao Fernandes will give the Shastikars an abode to view the diverse cultural functions at Margao. It will be a boon to all khell-tiatr/tiatr lovers in South Goa.
The inaugural also perhaps marked the first time that all the artistes who performed were Goans and this was a good sign as the Government was encouraging local artistes. On that day, the State Government also announced the State Cultural Policy 2007, which would guide the roadmap for all cultural activities in the State.
The policy said that a Goa Tiatr Academy would be established in order to monitor the overall development of tiatrs/khell tiatrs in the State. This will give a major boost to all our tiatrists and budding artistes.
The formation of the Tiatr Academy should encourage more people to join tiatr troupes and showcase their talent as compared to the earlier part of the century where tiatrs were looked down by the elite and the middle class Goans.
The State Government has also taken a right direction by deciding to have a cultural centre at Upasnagar, Sancoale, the foundation of which was laid in the first week of this month.
However, it is not enough that only new auditoriums are built, the Government should also see to it that the local artistes preferably tiatrists etc. are given first preference to stage their shows, particularly on holidays and Sundays, rather than leasing out the auditoriums on the above days to host other events.
Tiatrists should not face hardships as they face at present. Sometimes tiatrists are put into lot of inconveniences as the Kala Academy Auditorium plays host to outstation functions like Lions clubs meetings etc. on the above days.
Tiatrists sometimes have to undergo hardships by even spending nights outside the Kala Academy office so that the next morning they can book their shows for the above days. Authorities should phase out the leasing of the auditorium on holidays and Sundays in such a way that all tiatrists get an opportunity to stage their shows and there is no bad blood among the tiatrist fraternity.
The Lions Club meetings etc. can be held at the Kala Academy auditorium, but tiatrists should be given preference to stage their dramas on holidays and Sundays as these are the best days the Goan families prefer to watch tiatrs.
It is also the responsibility of the people who go to these world class auditoriums to see that they are kept clean. Tiatr lovers should not take eatables, beverages etc. inside the auditorium and even if they do so, they should take the responsibility to ensure that no eatables or beverages are left inside the auditorium, which could affect the clean atmosphere.
Will the new Ravindra Bhavan help the tiatrists or not, only time will tell.

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