Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pushing Konkani Cinema Ahead - Wilmix & Sharon to present Konkani Film "Tum Kite Kortolo Aslo?"

Pushing Konkani Cinema Ahead


The famous and much loved tiatrist duo of Wilmix and Sharon were on a four-year break. Yes, a break from music albums and tiatrs but not from creativity. The duo, who have been entertaining Goan audiences for the past 40 years or so, are back with a movie ‘Tum Kite Kortolo Aslo?’ - an intriguing title that will leave the audience with questions and answers to choose from.
The story revolves around relationships, says Claron Mazarello, the son of this talented couple, who is making his debut in the realm of movie making. It speaks of the attraction and love of a husband-wife relationship. It has a typical Goan setting, with Goan elements, like the motorcycle pilot continues Claron. Claron is of the opinion that Goa has a lot of talent. “We went to Mumbai, sat through shoots, saw what it takes to call shots. In all, it has taken us four years to get this movie going.”
Ask him if he is optimistic of the outcome of the movie considering that the Goan audience ironically do not go out in large numbers to watch indigenous movies, he says, it is not the idea of making a movie that is paramount, what matters is that we are doing what we really want to do from our hearts.
The cast of the film are famous personalities from the ‘tiatr’ world. Agnelo Lobo, Wilson, Humbert, Fermeeno, Effie, Eddison, Michael, Roseferns, Menino De Bandar, Prince Jacob, Pradeep, Franky, Jimmy, Jose De Velim, Ancy Gonsalves to name a few. Claron Mazarello and Sharon as well as other talented artistes will be a part of it.
It was not easy to make the movie, which will soon be wrapping up its shooting soon. Finance plays an important role. “The budget is somewhere around 55 lakhs, out of which around 20 lakhs or so will be financed by government’s schemes for film makers. We are trying to get a sponsor. The remaining money is from individual contributions,” he states.
The movie has beautifully captured the scenic beauty of the locale in the interiors of Goa. Says Claron “We wanted a quiet place, where there wouldn’t be many people, so that we could shoot in peace.”
Assisting them in the production of ‘Tum Kite Kortolo Aslo’ is Dominic Dias, Gilbert Mascarehnas, and a unit 26 other technicians.
Goan Images, a folk troupe will also be seen in the movie. Through this movie we would also like to dispel people’s attitude towards dance. “Many do not send their children to dance because of a certain perceptions, but in reality, through dancing you can earn a lot of money and learn a lot”.
The movie employed a technique of telling the story via flashbacks. An unconventional method but at the same time a change for audiences who are used to regular ways of telling a story.
Something has to be said on the music front. The music director for the movie will be Baltazar Fernandes from Chorao. The same man who wrote music scores for Bollywood directors like ‘Kalyanji Anandji’. Each song will have elaborate music arrangements. Siddhanath Buyao and Shantanu have done the music recordings at Buyao Theatres.
Despite what critics and others might say, Claron and the team behind ‘Tum Kite Kortolo Aslo’ are confident of hitting well with the people. “My parents have been entertaining people for so long. I trust them to know the pulse of the people,” he says.

(The Navhind Times - Saturday, 18 July 2009)

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