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'Greatest Konkani Song Hits' - A 214-page Book & DVD

Francis Rodrigues, an expat Goan from Vasco, has put together this book that is due to be released shortly (in August 2009). It is titled 'Greatest Konkani Song Hits'.

The 214-page book comes along with a DVD and contains sheet music, lyrics, chords and translations of the songs. There are 30 songs in this volume.

Francis Rodrigues can be contacted at fcarodriguez at hotmail dot com


"The Greatest Konkani Song Hits - Volume I" international songbook being released on World Goa Day (20 Aug. 2009) is already generating rave write-ups from reviewers worldwide. It's easy to see why - so mind-blowing in concept, it literally takes your breath away.

Firstly - the original sheet-music, transcribed and notated in painstaking detail - covers popular music of the last fifty years, now made available for the very first time. This alone is worth far more than the price of the book. This is however topped by authentic and complete lyrics of blockbuster Konkani, Portuguese and Swahili songs, painstakingly cross-checked and researched from innumerable sources. And there's more to come!

Music chords with printed diagrams, decorate the sheet-music, so the songs can be accompanied by harmonic instruments like the piano, accordion, keyboard, guitar, etc. That's not all! Catering to bands and ensembles worldwide, separate music notations in tablature for the guitar are a stunning addition.

But the absolute coup-de-grace is the brilliant concept of the translations. Intricately researched and collated from a number of sources, the supreme touch has been setting them to verse, which not only increased their charm tenfold, but now enables these great gems to be sung in English too!

The icing on the cake is the exciting and detailed liner and program notes, which brings the reader the stories and background behind these fabulous songs and their composers. Much of the detail is original, and told with great charm.

To top it off, Canadian master-pianist Victor Martins has been filmed performing the songs on a DVD being distributed free as a bonus to all purchasers - worth more than the book itself!

This is a book of the most popular music sung or performed in the Konkani world in Goa, Mangalore and worldwide - you'll find all the great Konkani, Mangalorean, Portuguese, Damanese and Swahili hits here - music is universal, shows no difference!

For the very first time here is the music of Chris Perry, Frank Fernand, Wilfy Rebimbus, M.Boyer, Alfred Rose, H. Britton, Fadhili Williams, Henry D'Souza, B. Magno, Los Payos, Paulo Borges, Romeo Mendes, Manuel Alphonso, Silviano Barbosa, Reginald Fernandes, etc. - transcribed perfectly note-for-note, playable on any instrument!

Songs include: "Cathrina", "Adeus Korchea Vellar","Claudia","Mog Tuzo Kithlo Axelom", "Lisboa", "Kampala", "Adeus" (Bhuerantlo Munis), "Sacrament Zoddlo",
"Bandra Festak", "Mollbailo Dou", "Malaika", "Maria Isabel","Encosta Tua Cabecinha", "Cecilia", "Mogacho Divo", "Proud To Be A Goan", "Marialina", "Maria Pitache", "Calangute", "Bebdo", "Sweater Kori", Tambdde Roza", "Hanv Saiba", "Don Kallzam", "Cadiza-za-za-za", "Garacho Divo", "Ixttaghot", etc.

Changing the face of Konkani culture - documenting our music magic. team wishes Francis Rodrigues all the very best.

gaspar almeida
"TIATR AIRHOSTESS" - Directed by Menino Mario Araujo
33rd Tiatr Competition organized by Kala Academy (Goa) - 2007

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