Saturday, July 18, 2009

Konkani music album "JAMBO GOA"

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Jambo Goa, a Konkani audio album, coming from the former epicentre of Goan nostalgia--East Africa--has sent the Konkani heartland into raptures. There's something special, typical in Goa's ethnic music, which not many of our modern maestros can really grasp nowadays.

So many good musicians have rendered Konkani music, albeit excellently, but renditions of the original Goan way are rather rare. The kantar is a queer brand of Goan folklore, entrenched in satire and entrancing romance. Kenya Goan Michael Fernandes (popularly known as Miguel) has brought it out wonderfully, successfully in Jambo Goa.

Miguel has teamed up with his wife Joanita to produce the Kiswahili-titled album, which comes in plain audio cassette as well as CD. Featuring among the singers are their three children--Marietta, Davina and Denzil--who have been tunefully backed by tiatr stalwarts like Antonette, Prince Jacob and Humberto besides Miguel. In East Africa, Miguel has reigned supreme in scripting and presenting Konkani tiatr (dramas) for over three decades. Quite a lot of Konkani-loving Goans there will recall his famed performances. It's with the same undying zeal to wax lyrical, sing and entertain that Miguel has surfaced with Konkani music.

Goa Tuka Mhaka, British Passport, Patron Goencho, Portun Ieat-re, Piki-Piki, and UK, Canada & Goa are some of the songs, which overflow with Miguel's unstinted love and affection for his maimdhes as well as traditional tiatr. Enchanting background music for the album has been arranged by Goa's evergreen maestro Josinho de Souza.

The sequence of listenable songs begins as well as ends on a Konkani-Swahili note, with Jambo Goa and La La Salama respectively. Konkani jamborees in East Africa quite often featured a couple of Portuguese traditional hits in the jolly old days; this album includes a bit of it. The highly popular cassettes and CD are selling well in Canada (Joaquim Fernandes), London (Justino Dourado), Nairobi-Kenya (Tony Fernandes and Maria Fernandes) and Mombasa-Kenya (Egid Baretto), besides all the leading music stores in Goa.

Each one will love and enjoy the music for his own, personal reason as we did when we first heard it…for us it was a brief spell of quite authentic and utterly Goan music.

courtesy: GOANOW
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